Trailer hitch hammock (aka the bumper thumper)

Over the last year, I’ve featured a couple trailer hitch inventions that totally rock. The trailer hitch stripper pole (a personal fav), tv stand, and who could forget last week’s bumper dumper – all creature comforts of home we like to take with us on the road.

Well I have found the mother of all trailer hitch inventions. How about Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand?

I mean, can you say ultimate tailgating party equipment to enhance your leisure and comfort?

And this hammock system is built to last. It’s made from durable steel and will hold 250 pounds on each arm. It attaches to any 2-inch standard hitch receiver and its 3-piece installation assembles in only minutes. Add a couple Ultimate Hanging Air Chairs (as featured in the picture) and BAM, you are set to swing on the back of your truck for hours.

OMG can you say MUST HAVE! I can picture hubby and I using it at all kinds of tailgating events this year. We are planning on hitting a few outdoor concerts. What better place to max and relax in our dual trailer hitch hammock system than in the parking lot awaiting entrance to the concert.

Or what about backing the truck up to the bank of a lake and casting a pole while swinging gently in the wind. Oh yes – my kind of fishing!

Or if a camp party gets a little stuffy, I’ll be able to just sneak outside and lounge around in my hammock chair. Get some air. Relax. Best yet, let’s say I get a little too drunk. I’d be able to take a nap and hubby could just hop in, drive us home and toss a blanket over me. Tada. Comfort AND convenience.

Or how about using this at work during those gorgeous summer days!!! Happens all the time where I am at work, all stressed out and even more PISSED because there I sit at my computer for hours watching the gorgeous summer day pass me by. Well no more. Now I can park the truck, whip up my trailer hitch hammock and give new meaning to the words break time and lunch! I can totally picture myself catching some rays. Shoot, maybe the wireless would reach and I could actually work from my hammock chair?!?!? You know, a happy employee means a productive employee.

Heck, I bet I could even RENT out the chairs at work while I am not using them and recoup the initial purchase cost and then some. Genius. I’ll make a fortune. I’ll be a hit, a superstar, everyone’s BFF! This little venture will put hubby’s Fry and Ride venture idea to shame!

And…the BEST part…with a little privacy the entire thing could be converted to one HELL of a bumper thumper. Oh yeah – put your minds directly IN the gutter with me friends! What FUN! Naked. Outdoors. Swinging. Squeee! I am in like flin! And I am sure with a few hints about all the “adult” swing fun and frolicking we could have; hubby will whip out his credit card for this one. We’ll be “just a swinging” in no time.

Where would you use the trailer hitch hammock system? Come on…share the wealth…

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

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Bringing a little Dominican-feel to the trails

Picture this. Hubby and I are out on the Rhino. There’s a gang of other ATVer with us. We stop to enjoy an adult beverage. Hubby cranks up the tunes and we’re all rockin’ it out! I drop the tailgate and in a few minutes, hubby and I have set up our very own MOBILE TIKI BAR!


Thasss right! Hubby and I will be whipping up drinks with our drill blender and serving up the crew in STYLE….in the middle of nowhere…with the HarKen Tiki Bar (HarKen is a combo of our two last names)! It’ll be like bringing a little taste of the Dominican Republic everywhere we go. I love it! Instant party!

When assembled the bar top is nearly 60” long and around 22″ deep. The counter height is 39″ tall. With the roof, the total height from the ground to the top is 86″.

So this is no tiny little bar – it’s packs a punch!

The makers of the Mobile Tiki Bar say it can be assembled in only 6 STEPS and in less than TEN MINUTES. Wowzers! Check out the video the guys at Mobile Tiki put together:

Impressive guys!!!

It’s custom built to order and made of solid wood and pvc so it’s sturdy while still very light!

Hmmmm…I wonder if it’s strong enough for me to dance on?!?!

HOLY balls – wait a minute!! I could purchase 2 Mobile Tiki Bars and create an L shape or get 3 and create a horseshoe shaped tiki bar. Then….I could whip off the roofs, fire up the ol’ karaoke, kick up my heels and I’ll be the Coyote Ugly of the trail!!! Woot woot!!!

I know, eh?!?! I’ll be PERFECT!

And best of all, when packed away, the Mobile Tiki Bar fits into a large duffel bag (included with purchase) and weighs about 60 pounds.

This bad boy has been featured in Consumers Digest and Tailgater Monthly so you know…it’s the real deal!

Unfortunately, the Mobile Tiki Bar ain’t cheap. It costs around $650.00 US plus actual shipping costs. But I think it’s totally worth it. If you are interest, visit the Mobile Tiki and order yours.

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

Could you use a Mobile Tiki Bar in your backyard? Ever Coyote Uglied it up? Come on…share the wealth!

Sunglasses that rock my beer!

Like a lot of you, hubby and I are beer drinkers. There’s just nothing like a cold beer on a hot summer day. Ok ok…a cold beer on any day really! Yum! And this year we got into the new Bud Lite Lime beer. It’s refreshing and goes down smooth with a delightful hint of lime. The only downfall is that the bottles don’t have twist off caps.

Honestly, there’s nothing more annoying than having to cart around a bottle opener everywhere we go. I don’t know how many times we’ve arrived, beer in cooler and no bottle opener. It’s just not our thing. Hubby ends up having to use his belt or sometimes his teeth (if he’s showing off) and that shit’s dangerous.

Well, fret no longer hubby, I have found THE solution! Brewsees.

Brewsees are sunglasses that double as a bottle opener. At the back, the bottle opener is integrated right into the earpiece. It’s reinforced with metal to give them “teeth” that can grab a hold of a bottle cap and take it off in no time.

Shut the front door!

And…of course the folks at put the Brewsees through their paces with a few tests. They swear they can handle all kinds of stubborn bottle caps without fear of breaking the frames, lenses or the earpieces. So not only are they highly recommended by the crew, but they got a “Tailgate Approved” stamp. Woot woot!

Check out this little demo they put together:

And these aren’t cheap ol’ sunglasses either. They have:

  • Polarized Lenses
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Polycarbonate frame
  • 6061 Airplane grade Anodized Aluminum

These are definitely a fantastic Christmas present consideration for hubby. I can just see him now. On the Rhino, canoeing, fishing…whatever! Anytime we stop for a beer, he can just whip off his shades and pop the cap right off. Trés sexy!

Brewsees retail for $39.95 plus $5 US postage. And…they come packaged with a free bottle koozie. The FUN never freaking ends!!! You can order yours here.


I am not sure if y’all saw it in the comments or not but…Team Brewsees wrote us a little note and offered MY READERS a 30% discount (for a limited time so act fast if you are truly interested in a pair). Check it out:

Hey everyone! Team Brewsees here and thank you for writing this great post! Also – happy to extend a short term discount for everyone by using the discount code: 30RACK for 30% off!! We love hooking up anyone and everyone who engages with Brewsees press!! Canadian orders will have to be processed manually – please email with the amount of Brewsees you would like and a google checkout invoice will be sent back to you. Thanks!

Thanks Team Brewsees!! I really appreciate your generous offer to my readers and here’s to your fahhhbulous product selling off the shelves!

Hands-free drink holder – shut the front door!

There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy food and drink simultaneously while at a redneck or tailgate party. I end up looking like a flailing chicken trying to juggle my paper plate loaded down with food, a drink, not to mention my fork, knife, and napkin!

This weekend’s pumpkin day potluck is a case in point. The drink station was located just before the food station which was located before the living room entrance (where I was going to sit to eat). Logically thinking, this was a great potluck line that ensured minimal kitchen congestion however, there I was, juggling a tipsy little plastic cup of juice, plate, napkin, fork and knife trying to dish out tasty delights terrified of spilling my drink into the broccoli casserole. What to do? It was a potluck booby trap…impossible….I was doomed.

We all run into this issue at potlucks, BBQs and tailgating parties. Well struggle no longer! I have discovered the Koozie Pocket Shirt.

Cool in style and loads of functionality, it’s a polo shirt with a koozie style front pocket that comfortably supports my favorite beverage in a can, bottle, or stadium cup while keeping my drink cool, me dry and, my hands free.

SHUT UP!!! I know!!!

Unbeknownst to most, it will look like I am wearing a regular ol’ polo shirt until I go HANDS FREE and stuff my beer can into the insulated front pocket. Then I will grab my plate and start loading up double fisted with grace and ease (and their eyes will pop with amazement – and jealousy! Come on – you know it!).

This is a pocket protector gone ultra cool. Geek chic meets urban redneck! Can you say uberlicious!?!?!

The pocket material is just like a can koozie so my drink stays cold just as it would in a koozie. As well, the pocket prevents liquid from soaking through the shirt. And wait….before you ask I already know what you are thinking “Natalie…come on…does the Koozie Pocket Shirt really keep your drink cold while wearing the shirt”?

Well you know my friends at have put this puppy through the tests and it passed with flying colors. After placing a Coors Light can in the Koozie Pocket Shirt and wearing it for 20 minutes, a digital thermometer showed that the beer was 43 degrees. When the same test was performed on another can of Coors Light in a regular can koozie, after 20 minutes the temperature was actually 44 degrees.

Sweet – now I really will have 3 hands when tailgating!

I think this delightful little treasure is the trashy cousin to the can grip.

You can get your very own Koozie Pocket Shirt for just $24.95 (USD) plus $6 shipping. It’s available green, red, blue, black and tan (yes…I’ve requested that they make it available in pink…HELLO!!?!??!).

I think this would make a swell Christmas gift for the man in your life, especially if he’s a big BBQ guy – think about it!

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

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A tow hitch TV to go with your hitch stripper pole?

Well, it’s Tuesday and it’s time to get a little twisted. Not a hard stretch for me. I’m a little twisted out of the gate. But you know what? I dig that about me!

So picture this. You are at a redneck party (tailgating or out in the deep woods) and you just finished your uberlicious performance on the trailer hitch stripper pole. You were hot. You rocked the pole. Everyone wants to be you.

But now it’s time to slow things down a notch. You’ve blended up some drinks with your new drill blender and you want to sit back, enjoy your frozen cocktail delight and catch up on the race, the game, or an appropriate redneck movie. But where in God’s name do you set up your flat screen?

You don’t want to have it on the bed of your truck because that isn’t really stable (and you know after a couple of drinks you’ll sure as shit knock it over). And you certainly don’t want it on the buffet table taking away precious food/drink space. So what do you do?

Well, easy breezy! You are going to whip off your trailer hitch stripper pole and assemble your Tow Hitch TV mount! Yes indeed!

In a matter of minutes you’ll be settled into your folding chair, enjoying snack and drinks, watching DVD replays of your trailer hitch stripper pole performances on your Tow Hitch Television. Does it get any better?!?!

The bracket fits flat screen TVs from 30 to 50 inches and supports up to 150 pounds. Sweet! We can bring the big bad boy TV with us.

And the tow hitch position makes it so your TV is perfectly placed at eye level when sitting in your comfy folding chair.

My god, they simply think of everything!

I know…I know…you want one of these delights for yourself! You can purchase your very own Tow Hitch TV directly from The cost of the unit itself (you supply the flat screen TV, of course) is $200 + $30 flat rate shipping anywhere in the United States.

Please note: you aren’t supposed to actually drive around with the Tow Hitch TV mounted – you install it once you are parked.

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

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Drill blender ooozes ultra urban redneck appeal!

Rhino - our touring toy!

When we head out on the Rhino touring around the great outdoors, our adult beverage of choice has typically been beer. It’s convenient and easy to transport and comes in its own container (and not to mention it pretty darn tasty too).

But lately, I’ve been watching friends touring around with delightful mixed drinks. Chocolate monkeys, frozen margaritas, pina coladas; all pre-mixed. Bring a cup, add a little ice and voila – classy cocktails on the trail.

For me though, it’s not the same.

Those drinks are what I call, blender drinks and without the blender, they just don’t cut it. I want frosty, thick, smoothy-like crushed iced making my cocktail sizzle. I want ice cream headaches! But try finding a power converter that is strong enough to mix a batch of margaritas in a blender in the great outdoors. Can you say impossible?

Not to mention, carting that bad-ass blender around is a pain and a smidge embarrassing. Y’all know I am an “urban” redneck but the peeps I travel around with on the weekends…well…let’s just say they are a wee bit more full-blooded redneck (shhhhh…) so if I show up with a blender, I am going to take a teasing!!

Well…sit down and grab hold of your panties cause I have found us the solution!

The Drill Blender!

All you need is a cordless drill (make sure it has at least 1100 RPM…) and voila, we are good to go with the Drill Blender.

Yip, it’s a completely portable blender system that can whip up a batch of margaritas in about 60 to 90 seconds.

How does it work? I am so glad you asked cause it’s sooo easy!

All you do is place the custom drill bit made especially for the Drill Blender into your drill chuck just like you would a regular drill bit. Then place the drill bit into the plastic base, pull the trigger and BAM – we are whipping up fav frozen drinks. Once the drink is blended, simply take off the blending attachment and replace it with a mug cap and straw and get the party started!

Can you say uberlicious? I am going to be the talk of the trail with this little ditty. I get my perfect blender drinks WHILE maintaining my ultra cool urban redneck reputation – it’s a win/win! Ummmm…hubby…can I borrow your cordless drill???

Now…you should note that when it comes to RPMs and the Drill Blender, more is better. Drills with 1100 RPMs (and most good quality drills – 12 volts and higher – turn at around 1100 RPM) will do a good job of blending but you will still get some M&M size ice pellets in the slush. Check your drill to make sure it puts out 1100 RPM or higher.

Other tips you should consider when using the Drill Blender:

  • Use more ice than liquid when mixing a drink. Just like your blender at home, if you put in a few chunks of ice they will just float around the top of the bottle.
  • For best results, fill your bottle to about the top of the handle with ice. Add your liquid to about 2/3 of the ice. This will give your Drill Blender blades something to grab onto and blend.
  • Even though it’s ultra cool to use one hand and jack that baby up into the air while blending, it’s advised that you USE BOTH HANDS; one holding the drill and the other holding the bottle handle.
  • Make sure your drill battery has a full charge.
      The Drill Blender 2-pack includes everything you need to get started:  two 32 oz. mugs with caps and straws; 1 drill bit; and 1 blending attachment set for 1 mug (includes the hard plastic base, blender blades and gasket).
And…a steal of a deal at just $29.95 (USD) plus $8.00 flat rate shipping to the continental United States. Get yours here.
Santa…would mind terribly adding this one to your Natalie list as well?
It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

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Woot woot…no more sneaking pints into the concert!

Ok. This newest gadget I am going to tell you about is…well…I gotta be honest. I can’t pull any punches. Flat out….it’s not sexy. It’s no hitch stripper pole. But what it lacks sex appeal, it’s makes up for in uberlicious practicality!

Let’s face it, paying $9 for a beer inside a stadium or at a concert is insane – who can afford that? Add to that, most stadiums don’t sell cocktails so forget about getting a rum and coke or a gin and tonic. And I don’t know about you but I am so tired of sneaking pints in my pants or buried dangerously at the bottom of my purse. Then heading off inconspicuously to the bathroom with my coke paranoid it’s obvious I am sneaking off to spike my drink (not to mention, that is so high school).

Well those days are over boys and girls. You heard it here first. Allow me to introduce you to the Booze Belly; my new fav gadget! Yes, I know in the photo it looks somewhat similar to a catheter but don’t let that scare you off. This baby is prime for functionality. It’s about making your party time a lot more affordable. Who doesn’t want that!?!?

You can wear this little gem around your waist and it holds about 32 ounces of delightful drink that is easily concealable and accessible. Can you say fantabulous?

The only negative is you really do need to wear something a bit baggie in the belly and it does kind of add a few pounds to an area we are never looking to add chunk. Never fear…I have the perfect solution; have hubby wear it for you! Woot woot. Hubby the booze belly hero!

Check out this video demo on how to use the Booze Belly:


I know, I know…GENIUS, eh?!?!

Get your very own Booze Belly for less than $15 (shipping included) and never pay for drinks inside again! To order yours, click here.

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

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Bringing class to your can

As most of you know, hubby and I take part in a lot of outdoor redneck activities. One of our fav past times is touring around in the mud and back woods in our side-by-side Rhino 700.

As a passenger, I like to indulge in the occasional beer and given our 4X4 travels, we always carry cans. The issues I run into with beer cans (until now…eeekeee) is keeping my beer cold while I take my time and savor my fav flavor. At the same time, I’d rather not freeze my hand off (given it comes out of a cooler of ice). Beer koozies are ok but I am looking for something that gives me a wee bit more class on the trail. You know….something a little more urban redneck style! So when I came across this next treasure, I have to admit I was more than a little excited.

Allow me to bring you the Can Grip, the latest craze in can fashion. It’s a plastic handle that snaps onto a 12 oz. can to make it look like you are drinking out of a mug. It will keep your can cold just as good as a koozie and adds that touch of urban redneck class, don’t you think?!

Now the big question I know you are asking; does it actually keep your can cold or would you be sacrificing class for coolness? Don’t you worry…have I ever let you down?!?!

My good friends at put this little ditty through its paces complete with digital thermometers to see if it really does keep your can cold and it passed with flying colors. Check out the demo and be ahhhmazed:

So, as you can see for yourself, you won’t have to compromise style for coolness. You can have both!

And, of course, there’s more. Another cool feature is that the flat base of the Can Grip acts as a coaster. Fabulous! I hate worrying about leaving water rings on someone’s table when I am touring camp to camp partying!

So your Can Grip makes your beer buddy look like an expensive import and keeps your beverage cool while your hand stays warm. Can you say uberlicious! And…wait for it…it’s available in blue, red, green, black and…of course…PINK! Woot woot! You know I am ordering a bunch!

You can order yours here for $3.99 each + shipping; 5 (in one color) for $19.95 + shipping; or a 4-pack of assorted colors (blue, green, black and pink) for $17.95 + shipping (price subject to change).

Steal of a deal if you ask me!

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

What’s cracked you up this week?

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