Real men wear tights

So, you find your man eyeing your sexy undies, your cute thongs, your darling little boy short bottoms. And not in any homosexual way but in a metrosexual “god those look cute and comfy” kind of way. He’s jealous. He’s a bit put out. I mean, what are his choices, right? Boxers, briefs, or thongs while we ladies get an eclectic array of undergarments to hold us in, make us feel hot (physically and psychologically) and even accessories our outfits.

If it’s undies he craves, send him over to read Jenny Hansen’s Undie Chronicles for a couple of ideas on an undie makeover that will leave him speechless.

But for the very fashion forward man in your life, why not hook him up with some mantyhose? Yes, you read that right. Mantyhose: pantyhose for men!

Mantyhose by Emilio Cavallini
Thanks to Kathy Owen for turning this little ditty my way!

Mantyhose haven’t really made it to mainstream fashion quite yet but according to the news pieces on Web (and we all know anything we read on the Web is true), they are gaining quite a following of men who like to wear hosiery to layer, stay warm, and be stylish. Think long johns…on speed.

Yes, Italian designer Emilio Cavallini unveiled his unisex line of hosiery in June of 2009, and it has turned out to be a success. He claims that purchases from guys makes up 2 to 3 percent of the million tights he sells each year. Well now?!?!

And although basic black is the bestseller, Cavallini offers an array of funky patters and style for that adventurous man in your life.

He can pair them with a pair of shorts or surprise you just before bed when he unveils his secret style as he strips off his business suit. Maybe he can channel his inner Robin Hood and you can be his trusted side kick.

Better yet, buy you and your guy a matching pair and make a real statement about your couplehood.

Couples who wear tights together; stay together!

To my male readers, think this is something you’d give a whirl – why or why not? Ladies, think you’ll buy your man a pair? Better yet, will he wear them? (Be sure to take some pictures…all in the name of fashion of course!!!)

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

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