Alberta implements indefinite license suspension for impaired drivers

I gotta say…Alberta has definitely got my attention.

In Canada, impaired driving kills between 1,250 and 1,500 people every year (that’s 4 people every single day) and injures more than 63,000. In Alberta alone, from 2006 to 2010, 569 people were killed and 8,530 people were injured in collisions involving impaired drivers. And this province is standing up and saying “NO MORE!”

As of July 1, 2012 (Canada Day) Alberta will become the first Canadian province to suspend an impaired driver’s license (driver found to have a blood alcohol over .08) immediately; a suspension that will stay in effect until the criminal charge is resolved before the courts.

I won’t lie. This makes me tingle in my special spot.

One of the most difficult things our family had to go through was knowing that the man who hit and killed Mamma K and injured The Dude was quite literally licensed to drive the DAY AFTER the wreck. He got drunk and stoned, drove, killed a woman and injured a 16-year-old boy and not 24 hours later, was back living his life as if nothing happened; no consequences what so ever. Driving, working, and living while our world was shattered. It took 20 months for this man to be found guilty and sentenced for his crime and in all that time, he was licensed to kill again.

For families affected by impaired drivers in Alberta that will no longer be the case. Hallelujah.

Now that’s not the ONLY thing Alberta is doing either. There’s more good stuff. I know…it’s like CHRISTMAS!!!

A person found to be driving impaired will also have their vehicle seized for 3 days and IF convicted, the driver will be required to install and pay for an ignition interlock device (a device where they must blow and pass before they are able to start the car) for at least one year.


It gives me goosies!

Except I am not sure why, if found guilty, the vehicle isn’t seized permanently given it was used in the commission of a crime. I mean seriously – think about it. My guess is that a person would only have to lose their vehicle once to really get the message that impaired driving won’t be tolerated. But hey…at least Alberta is moving in the right direction and enforcing an ignition interlock device is a great step in keeping impaired drivers off the road.

Alberta is putting in a variety of appeal levels in place:

  • Drivers will be able to request a second breathalyzer test by a different machine at the roadside.
  • Drivers charged whose licenses are suspended pending the court decision can appeal through the Alberta Transportation Safety Board.

The province’s new rules also target those caught with a blood alcohol level between .05 and .08. As of September 1, 2012, drivers caught at this level will have their license suspended and vehicle seized for 3 days. Graduated drivers (new drivers) will receive a 30-day suspension and a 7-day seizure.

The province expects that the new rules will stand up against any constitutional challenges. That made me give a little first pump. Hoorah!

I hope all Canadian provinces are taking note of Alberta’s commitment to implementing much tougher impaired driving laws that only work to make our roads safer.

What do you think? Do these new laws push the boundaries of “innocent until proven guilty in a court of law”? If so, do you think it’s warranted? Do you believe they will make the Alberta roads safer? How far should our countries/provinces/states go to make our roads safe from impaired drivers? I’d love to hear your thoughts….

On August 1, 2009, my beautiful mother-in-law’s life was cut tragically short by an impaired driver and my stepson’s life changed forever. In honor of Donna and Jordan Kennie, please don’t drink and drive. Impaired driving is 100% preventable. Think about it.

Support MADD Canada and follow them on Facebook, Twitter (@maddcanada), YouTube, and on the Web.

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Just shut up and cuddle

Are you single and miss those nighttime cuddles? Do you yearn to feel those strong arms wrapped around you? Or maybe you are married or in a relationship but your significant other leaves you cold at night, giving you the old butt luv? Or maybe his snoring cuddles leave you sleepless in Seattle?

Well ladies. Struggle no longer! I present to you, the boyfriend pillow!

That’s right; this cute custom cuddler will keep you warm and snuggled up tight all night long.  No more snoring in your ear or drooling on your pillow, the partner pillow will do the job silently and to your exact delight.

Swen (as I have lovingly named him) measures 22-by-9-inches for the body and 36 inches for the arm. You can drap yourself around him and he won’t complain about an elbow in his side or that you are making him too hot. Swen can take it. Swen will meet all of your nighttime needs providing you with firm sleeping support and all the snuggles you could ever want.

I mean…look at that firm hand, gentle fingers, and burly strong chest. Swen is the man to make all your dreams come true and you’ll wake restful and relaxed.

He even comes with a removable microfiber shirt and….is machine washable. How sweet is that?

Regular $45.95, Swen is on sale right now for only $34.95 plus shipping.

And of course, for my male readers, I am not leaving you out in the dark today. Nope. Not me. I’ve found you….Bertha Joe; the girlfriend pillow.

That’s right, snuggle up to ol’ BJ and she won’t say a word when you cup her soft, yet firm breasts. Not one word. In fact…she likes it when you nuzzle her nipples and drool on her.

Yes. Granted BJ does look a tad manly but trust me; she’s there to provide you with all the loving support you desire. Spray a little of your favorite perfume on her and you won’t know the difference. It’ll be like the little missus is right beside you, only better. BJ won’t complain about your snoring and you won’t be attacked by hand flapping aerial combat moves when you cop a feel. BJ’s insatiable!

And she’s ON SALE right now! Only $29.95 (reg: $38.95) plus shipping for all the evening entertainment you can envision.

Ever try a body pillow? Think Swen or BJ would help you get a more restful sleep?

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

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Urban Word Wednesday: Masturbaceous

Welcome to Urban Word Wednesday! New words, phrases, and sayings I am learning (and using in my day-to-day life) brought to you by ME…and the Urban Dictionary. You are gonna love these!

Masturbaceous: A female worthy of adding to one’s spank bank.

Examples Of Use:

Hubby and I were at the mall this week looking at some new clothes (ever since I discovered how good I feel in clothes that fit, I’ve re-engaged my shopping addiction). Not to mention the Xmas gift cards burning a hole in my pocket. I was trying on a sexy new top with a pair of new jeans (to wear out dancing for hubby’s birthday…eeeekkkeee….it’s January 27 BTW). I came out of the change room to the crowded fitting room to see what hubby thought. We turned some heads with our urban word conversation.

Me: baby, does this look ok to you?

Hubby: that looks fantastic sweetheart. I think you should get the whole outfit. Very hot!

Me: am I masturbaceous in it?

Hubby: didn’t you see me do the big blink a second ago??? I totally took a mental picture and added you in this outfit to my spank bank. You are 100% masturbaceous in that!

Me: sweet, it’s a keeper then!

Hubby and I got a good chuckle as the poor sales lady and couple customers looked at us sideways. Me oh my…we love to turn heads and raise some eyebrows!! Hmmm…I hope we don’t get banned from stores.

Got any outfits that make you feel masturbaceous? Ever been banned from a store? Or…boycott one? Come on…share the wealth…

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Links Out Loud…Blog, Write, Laugh & Live

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time to share the blog luv.

Blog Out Loud:

  • In my tremendous wana711 group (about 40 folks from around the world that took Kristen Lamb’s summer 2011 blogging class) we’ve been having a conversation about blog commenting etiquette. For most of us, with an average of 5 to 25 comments, responding to each and every comment with some sort of thought-provoking, “aha” moment type response is easy peasy. But what about when your blog gets 50 comments or 100 comments? Or….eeeeekkkk….what about when you start getting 100+ comments??? (A girl can dream…) Well have no fear. Jody Hedlund covered that very topic here and here. What‘s your take?
  • Another question that’s been on the minds of myself and my fellow wana711 peeps is the use of photos in our blogs. I mean, for the most part we are all just starting out in this blogging world (and are all starving artists…writers ARE artist you know!!!) so it’s not like we can afford a jag of credits from istock. So what do we do? What can you use and how do you credit the source? Well this week, Carrie Spencer turned us all on to a great article on 4 incredible free sources for photos to use in books/blogs by Joel Friedlander that answered all our questions and gives us some great photo resources.

Write Out Loud:

  • Kristen Lamb (social media guru) wrote about how self-publishing is the American Idol of the publishing world. I soooo want to be the next big winner but I fear I could end up being featured in the blooper reel talking trash about how Simon knows nothing and spouting rants that all of my friends “said I could write.” Yikes!
  • Chuck Wendig’s posted on 25 things to know about self-publishing can obviously go under this category but it could have easily gone under the Laugh Out Loud category. Dead on, tell-it-like-it-is knowledge, and hilarious. Not for the faint of heart. Enjoy!
  • Tawna Fenske talked about how she values feedback from a variety of sources (published authors, unpublished authors and even non-writers) on her material in her post on who has the right to say you suck?
  • Jenny Hansen posted a great article over at the Writers In The Storm blog about non-linear writing and how she’s come to accept and embrace her writing style; making it work for her. She gives us tons of writing resources that will have me reading for hours (hubby’s gonna get blog jealous again)! And while Jenny was writing about the non-linear approach, Laura Drake took the opposite end of the spectrum with her post on linear writing vs the scattergun approach.

Laugh Out Loud:

  • Ever been to a unisex bathroom? JM Randolph has. One with instructions on how to flush (yes, you read that correctly) and is equipped with an encased panic button. LOL! I’m with her; I’d have a hard time not pushing the button for fun. It’s screaming PUSH ME!!!
  • As promised, I’ve spent oodles our hours out there searching for new and exciting blogs for you to check out and today, I deliver. When I read Telling Dad’s post on buying his wife a toilet, I nearly died.

Life Out Loud:

  • “Do you make decisions without knowing why?” Linda Burke wrote a great blog post about how she had been making unconscious decisions in her life that were shaped by her childhood. Hmmm…sounds very familiar to me Linda. It never ceases to amaze me how unconsciously we all live at times; driven by belief, habits, or patterns we learned as children.
  • Angela Wallace is gearing up to release her new urban fantasy series called Elemental Magic (yeahhhh Angela – you go girl!). As part of her research, she explored the four classic elements and what they represent. After reading it, I realize I am a mixed bag of shit! Seriously, I think I need to go back into therapy. I am a total combination of 3 out of 4 of the elements; water, air, and fire. Hubby can attest to it…to all of it! 
  • It’s healthy to look back and Barbara McDowell did just that last week. When she was 17, she wanted to be the next Debbie Allen but ended up in a marketing communications career. Although there’s no telling what the next 20 years will bring. Go for it Barbara!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s line-up of fantabulous blog posts. Stay tuned for next week’s. I promise to go and spend oodles of time (time away from friends and family I’ll have you know…) to bring you this do-or-die information…My god…you guys must really love me!!

Got any ditties of your own to share? Let me know and maybe they’ll be featured as part of next week’s line-up…

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