Hubby’s Corner – Supply vs Demand

As this big ol’world turns, there is one constant concept that remains untouched – and that concept is supply and demand.

Many things will change in this world over time but the primal concept of supply and demand will always come out the winner. If you want it – there will be somebody there to provide it. Simple! Quick! Easy! Right?….Wrong!

As you may or may not know here at Hubby’s Corner we live our lives to the fullest. We are very active and have many interests. Some of these interests include: tubing, stock car races, canoeing, fishing, BBQing, kayaking, camping, bicycling, music concerts – you name it and we are into it. And at most events there is group that accompanies us and the one question that always arises at every activity/event is…

Who’s gonna be the Designated Driver?

And since we usually end up taking many vehicles we usually require many designated drivers! AH-HA! We have DEMAND!!!

It was at this point the hand of God reached down and touched my soul and presented a vision! A dream you might say! There in the corner of the parking lot of our local Canadian Tire shadowed by clouds and illuminated by a single ray of sunlight engulfing it entirely sat my chance to SUPPLY! There sat an old shorty school bus like the one here.

Yes! It needed a little work but at a mere $2000 purchase price, how could we go wrong?

I pitched the idea to my lovely wife that we could buy this bus, and transform it into a functional transport device that could take us and all our friends to activities and events and with only a single designated driver.

Voila! Perfection.

Natalie quickly thought about the idea….

And *poof* came back to reality and quickly opposed the idea as ridiculous. I on the other hand began brainstorming:

  • We could tie tubes down the sides.
  • We could put bikes on top.
  • We could put canoes/kayaks on top.
  • We could all go in on it together to reduce the cost.
  • The list went on and on.

And as Natalie’s eyes rolled back into her head – I was already off in fantasy land, conjuring up ideas and inventions on how to incorporate this vessel into our daily living.

I even came up with a way for it to become revenue generating by converting it into an “after bar” transport taxi called the FRY N’RIDE! My vision; for a “nominal fee” clubbers could get a French Fry and a ride home. This idea was followed by hideous laughter – not quite the support I was hoping for! And as the idea churned out the worse it got.

  • We could build a deck on the back with a BBQ.
  • Instead of shooter girls we were going to have “Fry Girls”
  • Disco balls, stripper poles, lights, music –  the works!

It quickly became a running joke between the two of us and eventually all of our friends and family. Every once in a while we’ll see some grease wagon or fry truck and it will resurface or the occasional dig; “If we only had the Fry N’ Ride!

So there I stood….one defeated man…ONE VOICE…ONE HEARTBEAT….ONE DREAM!

And then….



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About me and the superhero formula

I recently watched Clay Collins’ video on how he accidentally created one of blogopshere’s most viral “about me” page. I thought I’d take a crack at re-writing my ultra boring About Me page using Clay’s five steps superhero formula.

Superhero Formula

  1. Establish a common enemy with target market – fight against the enemy for them. You go to battle for them! Specific or idea.
  2. Super power – show it off – how do you make miracles happen for yourself and others.
  3. Purpose – your target market needs to know you are doing things not just for the money but for a larger purpose – and you must be truthful.
  4. Fatal flaw – your kryptonite – it will help target bond with you.
  5. Your original story – explains how you went from ordinary to extraordinary – how did you transform?

My answers:

  1. Common enemy: together, we will fight against boredom and bland colors.
  2. Super power: urban redneck powered by a tacky sense of fashion (who said a cowboy hat with stiletto heels wasn’t hot!?? Is there such thing as too much bedazzling???) and a stellar sense of humor. My secret weapon: hubby.
  3. Purpose: to entertain you, make you smile, make you laugh and bring you joy.
  4. Fatal flaw: procrastination and temper tantrums which can lead to occasional bouts of negativity.
  5. Transformation: Thanks to Kristen Lamb’s blogging to build a brand course, I transformed from a bland blogger using basic colors, a plain header, inconsistent and deadly boring blubbering to a blogger extraordinaire with a flair for color, content and consistency. The 3 Cs baby!

How I put the formula to use.

Natalie Hartford

Natalie Hartford is an urban redneck; a cross-breed of city girl and redneck. She loves high heels, bling, all things pink and sparkly along with ball caps, 4X4ing, camping, and drinkin’ beer. She often mistakes tacky for fahbulous! An avid golfer, don’t let the stylish and colorful outfits with matching clubs fool you; she’ll wrap that driver around a tree in a temper tantrum in 2 point 5 seconds (hello…she nearly got kicked off a golf course for her potty mouth).

By day, she sports dress pants, button downs, and suits putting her bachelor degree in journalism to good use working in public relations. She slings words for fact sheets, press releases, and powerpoints. From chairing meetings, to organizing and emceeing events, she rocks the corporate communications world.

By night and weekend, she used to flail around in cyberspace until she ate from the forbidden fruit and channeled super human blogging powers. Now her blog is a pink pallooza of fun bringing color and comedy to all the lands. Where once lived a bland blogger with inconsistent and deadly boring blabbering now lives a sparkling pink goddess blogger divine battling against the seriousness we all face in life spreading laughter, smiles, and zany word fun all over the blogosphere.

At the same time she sets fire to the page working on her first novel. Torn between chick lit, women`s fiction and paranormal, she`s getting to know characters, drafting scenes, sampling dialogue and plotting to her heart’s content.

She doesn’t do it alone. Her secret weapon, the Robin to her Batman, is hubby. He keeps her calm, neutralizes nap time, and blasts her procrastination. Second time around for both of them, they rock the romance by living and playing large. Best friends forever; you complete me; yin to my yang; K.I.S.S.I.N.G. When they aren`t having “shock and awe” fun sampling Natalie’s urban words in public, they sneak away to their rustic camp hidden deep in the New Brunswick countryside (so deep, there`s no cell reception or Internet). There they spend their days tearing up the trails in their 4X4 Rhino and nights pondering plot possibilities, cuddling and hanging with their trusted side-kick Tess (their beloved Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever). Ahhh…the life!

If you want more of Natalie:

Visit her at:
Talk to her at:
Follow her on twitter at: @NatalieHartford

What do you think? Did I rock the super hero formula or make a mess of it? Suggestions to improve? What do you think makes a kickin’ About Me page? Know of any fahhhbulous examples that rocked your read? Share the wealth…

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Forgiveness: it’s all about you

Some of my fellow bloggers have written some poignant posts on a tough subject; forgiveness. It started with a gut wrenching post by Diana Murdock on her journey to forgiveness and then Angela Wallace followed up with a great post about the key ingredient to reconciliation. Then just recently, I read an amazing post by Louise Behiel on her path to forgiveness. All are must-reads.

On Angela’s suggestion, I decided to repost (with a few edits) a post I did on the subject quite some time ago.

It all started when I watched Oprah interview Tyler Perry (Oct 2010) about his life. The interview took my breath away when Mr. Perry spoke about how he had forgiven his father for the abuse he suffered at his hands and how that forgiveness freed him to live his life according to his own truth. He said he called his father, and let it all out and then…let it go! I could imagine some of Oprah’s viewers were puzzled. How would THAT enable someone to forgive another? But I wasn’t confused. For me, it made perfect sense.

Over the years, many people have asked me that same question; how was I able to forgive my mother for being abusive and more pointedly…why? For me, the quest to forgiveness was very similar to that of Mr. Perry’s.

It happened almost by accident. From around 13 to 18 years old, I was an incredibly angry person. I was violent, mouthy, and aggressive. I had no respect for anyone in my life. I treated people poorly, was a bully, and was absolute tyrant towards my mother.

I knew that my anger had to do with how my mother had treated me growing up. She had been physically and verbally abusive for most of my childhood but stopped when I was around 11 years old. I knew that violence was second nature to me; that it actually felt good and comfortable to me. I understood that I lashed out in large part to gain a sense of control because for so long, I felt like I had none. I knew I felt the need to get even. I felt like the world and everyone in it had betrayed me and therefore owed me. I felt entitled and I felt justified. And as I got older, it got worse. The anger took over. I got to a point where I didn’t know how to control it or stop. I raged. I no longer knew how to not be angry anymore, how to let go and be free. I was possessed!

On my 18th birthday, I was living in an apartment and a party got out of hand. The police were involved and my landlord called my mother and told her that I was evicted. At that time, she was living 2 hours away and had been covering the cost of rent so I could graduate from my high school with my childhood friends.

After dealing with the landlord, we sat down at my kitchen table. To this day, I don’t know what happened to me or what prompted me to open up but I did. For over 4 hours, I unleashed everything. I told her everything I felt, every single thing I had done, every single terrible thing that had happened to me that she had no idea about. I let everything out; how I felt about her, how I felt about how she had treated me, how I felt about my father because he hadn’t stopped her. There was no detail of my life, my thoughts, or my feelings left unturned or untold. I bore my soul to her.

I was raw and exposed but surprisingly, at the same time, I was empowered in a way I had never known. I was stunned that I felt such relief to have gotten it all off my chest; to finally have unburdened myself and to have been, for the first time in my life, 100% honest with not only her, but myself!

And, in that moment, I forgave her.

Most importantly, I forgave her not because she asked, not because she was sorry, not because she wanted or needed me to. I forgave her because it was in that moment that I realized that the only way to release myself from the past, from the anger and pain, was to forgive her. I had to forgive her for myself. It was the only way to let go and renew myself! Hanging on to that pain, hurt, and anger was exhausting and it was slowly killing me.

From that moment forward, my life changed; I changed. I still stumbled and had ups and downs over the years but that “blast/opening” was the defining moment that set me on a course for real change and growth.

Like Mr. Percy in his interview, forgiving my mother wasn’t about “letting her off the hook” and I was in no way saying “how you treated me was okay.” It was about saying “what happened, happened. I wish it hadn’t happened but I accept that I can’t change it and I am done letting it control me.”

I came to realize and understand that my mother had done the best she could with what she knew at the time. And when she knew better, she did better. How could a person ask any more of another?

At that point in my life, had I not forgiven her and let go of the past, the only person I would have injured would have been myself. I would have found myself living a life of anger and blame; holding my mother responsible for anything bad in my life, for my poor choices and bad decisions and for any and every thing wrong in my life.

And sure, you know what, at that age and to a certain degree, it was true. Had she not been abusive, maybe I would have grown up with a more solid sense of self and self-esteem that would have propelled me to make different, better choices but that wasn’t the case. But at some point in my life, I had to become the ultimate keeper of the choice. At some point, the responsibility and the fault for the wreckage I was making of my own life laid squarely on my own shoulders – no one else’s. At some point, it was all on me otherwise I would never own the ability to make my life grand.

A life of blame would have meant life as a victim; frozen in time forever. Because being a victim left me powerless to be a champion in my life. Too focused on the past to see the potential of the future.

People often ask me if I’d change anything that happened. And you know what, I wouldn’t. Yes it was hard, yes it had its challenges but it made me who I am today. And it made my mother who she is. And the culmination of those experiences has allowed us to create a most amazing mother/daughter best friendship that without our experiences, we wouldn’t have.

We both did the best we could with what we knew at the time. And when we knew better, we did better.

How has forgiveness changed your life?

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Thursday’s blog love fest…

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time to share the blog luv.

Social Media Out Loud:

  • You’ve seen it around WordPress: Press This. I know…what the heck is it? Well our furry friend, Woodie (on behalf of Carrie Spencer) brings us the deets. Thanks Woodie…phew!

Write Out Loud:

Life Out Loud:

  • Last week I wrote about living our passion. This week I read an amazing post by Liza Kane on the art of letting go, which was super timely for me. It’s about letting go of the sometimes automatic overachiever in each of us so we keep the real priorities in sight.
  • So…I’m always worried after cleaning my bathtub how much residue is left behind that I end up soaking in!?!?!? Ever thought of cleaning your bathroom with a grapefruit and some salt??! I know…me either! Well, Myndi Shafter tested this little ditty out and says it works like a charm!! I can’t wait to give it a go!
  • This time of year, a lot of people lean towards the idea of giving puppies as pets. And who wouldn’t want to pass along that ADORABLE little face?! But is it the best idea?!?! Our resident pet expert, Amy Shojai, gives us some amazing tips and resources on puppy gift giving you must check out IF this is something you are considering.
  • Fears. They can wreak havoc in your life sometimes totally unbeknownst to you! Barbara McDowell wrote a fantastic post with some uberlicious resources on how to run toward your fears!
  • Have you heard of the Layaway Angels? I cried when I read this post by Diana Murdock and then the subsequent news piece. Wow. I had no idea and how cool is that?!
  • Christmas. A wonderful time of year for most people. But for some, it’s an extremely painful time of year dealing with grief and loss (my family still struggles with the pain of our third Christmas without Mamma K). Debra Kristi knows about that pain too well herself and she offers some most amazing suggestions on how to deal with grief through the holiday season. Thanks Debra – loved the candle burning idea!
  • Did you visit August McLaughlin’s blog and check out her ORIGINAL Holiday Tune (her gift to each of you). Ahhhmazing and beautiful!!! Thank you August!

Laugh Out Loud:

  • I nearly died reading Leanne Shirtliffe’s naughty letter to santa…OMG!
  • Piper Bayard and Holmes did another hilarious rendition of holiday survival advice that had me snorting coffee!
  • Are you at a loss at what to get that hard-to-by-for person on your list? Well then I have a real treat for you. Ellie Ann Soderstrom did a holiday gift buying guide for JUST that person…it’ll be just perfect! I nearly peed myself!
  • I don’t have children but I still got a huge kick out of Paige Kellerman’s post on how to have a cup of coffee after children. Thought all you parents out there might enjoy it!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s line-up of fantabulous blog posts. Stay tuned for next week’s. I promise to go and spend oodles of time (time away from friends and family I’ll have you know…) to bring you this do-or-die information…My god…you guys must really love me!!

Got any ditties of your own to share? Let me know and maybe they’ll be featured as part of next week’s line-up…

Spreading the luv. Posts you MUST read! Seriously…I have great taste!

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time to share the blog luv.

Blog Out Loud:

  • Ok, so we all get a zillion articles with “how to write great blog posts” over and over again but how many of them are really, truly useful. Susan Bischoff hits the nail on the head with her post on how to use your fiction skills to write more “engaging” blog posts. And isn’t that the key: to engage! What I liked was her suggestions are practical and I could see how I could apply her ideas – give it a try!
  • Our resident technical expert, Carrie Spencer, brought WordPress Woodie back for another fantastic article on users and contributors (basically permissions you can give to people who you might want to post on your blog). I had no idea! And today, Woodie delivered a fantastic post on WordPress screen options. Who knew?!?

Write Out Loud:

  • Ok, I could just fill this entire headline with articles by Kristen Lamb. She has been just pumping out knock-out must-read articles all week! If you haven’t seen them yet (I can’t imagine) be sure to check out her post on whether successful writers are lucky (actually gives me hope). LOVED this one on how writer’s need to KEEP it simple (phew…I am guilty of always trying to make it too complicated so this was a FAB read for me). And another BANG on article on ways to develop your unique author’s voice (…perfect timing for me…).
  • Speaking of finding your author’s voice, Nicole Basaraba did a great article with a really practical and easy way to find your raw voice. I LOVE the idea and am definitely going to give it a try!
  • Point of view is something I hear a lot about and I think Jennifer Eaton did a fantastic article on how to find and keep the appropriate POV at all times!
  • I have always wanted to be a Jedi Knight. To have the power to lift a lifeless boat out of the wrenches of a deep, ugly swamp using only the power of my mind! Who wouldn’t want to be able to do that?!?!? Well, Kathy Owen wrote a great article on how we can be the Jedi Knight’s of our writing with the power of Yoda-isms!

Laugh Out Loud:

  • Ok, I know most of you have likely read Jenny Hansen’s recent addition to the Undie Chronicles since y’all subscribe to her, right? But just in case….just on the OFF chance you haven’t…You have to read this week’s edition: an epilogue….”man-style”! RIOT and be sure to check out the comments cause they are half the fun! Can you guess what hubby is getting for Christmas?!?!?
  • Lani Wendt Young is embarrassing her children. I mean, isn’t that what they are for?! LOL! And before that she did a HYSTERICAL post on naked confrontations that kept me in giggles for about an hour. (Note to self: when losing an argument with hubby, use Lani’s “want me to get naked” diversionary tactic!)

Life Out Loud:

  • Do you let the negative voices in your head run your life? Elena Aitken did a great post on how they are LIARS (LOVE THAT Elena!) A definite motivational read!
  • I cried. My heart swelled. My heart broke a little bit. Tameri Etherton shared with us an incredibly painful story about a miscommunication that’s had a detrimental impact on her relationship with her Mom. Wow – gut wrenching. Go read and give her your support!
  • Three strikes and you’re out. Diana Murdock did a fantastic post about how the one time she ignored her inner voice, it came back to bite her with a terrible vacation (being chased by tornadoes no less). Where do you draw your line?

I hope you enjoyed this week’s line-up of fantabulous blog posts. Stay tuned for next week’s. I promise to go and spend oodles of time (time away from friends and family I’ll have you know…) to bring you this do-or-die information…My god…you guys must really love me!!

Got any ditties of your own to share? Let me know and maybe they’ll be featured as part of next week’s line-up…

Give back and go without (it’s not thatttt hard…)

It’s Thursday and I know you are all waiting with bated breath for a post with a pile of uberlicious blogs to go check out. I hope you’ll indulge me this week as I pay homage to one blog in particular; a blog creating a movement of hope, inspiration and giving back! 

I was over visiting uber-fabulous blogger Amber West recently and read about her #gowithout movement happening across the blogging community. Ahhhmazing!

So here’s her take on things. No matter what way you look at it, the economy (US or Canadian) kind of sucks right now. A lot of us are living paycheck to paycheck (I know I am). That can make it difficult to think about making any sort of monetary donation to charities. It’s hard to give to others when you are struggling to get by yourself.

But what if we could give up something up, maybe even something small, in order to give back? Could we look at our expenses and find something to spare in any given week in the name of helping someone with a greater need?

Ummmm…that’s easy…Big. Fat. YES!

This is what is Amber has called the #gowithout Movement and here’s how it works:

  1. Choose something to go without (as small or as large as you want) for a week.
  2. Blog (or Facebook/Tweet) about what you are giving up and who you are giving your $5/$10/$20/whatever to.
  3. Link your blog here and join the others participating in Amber’s #gowithout movement. The linky tool will be active for a month, so there’s plenty of time to join.

What can you give up for the week?

The ideas are endless; books, coffee, bottled water, tolls, eating out, favorite snack etc. It can be as big, or as small, as you choose.

What charity should you donate to?

Amber put together a couple of charities that allow text donations to keep it super easy. I’ve gone along and added some Canadian ones. But remember, you are free to donate to the charity of your choice.

You can find a pretty comprehensive list of other Canadian charities that accept text donations here. Or contact a local charity you love and drop off your $$$!

If you don’t blog, don’t worry! Anyone can participate in giving back.

  • Leave a comment at any of the blogs taking part and let us know how you will join in the #gowithout movement.
  • Post a photo on Facebook.
  • Visit Twitter and Amber’s hashtag #gowithout and tweet what you’re giving up and which wonderful charity will get a donation from you.

So what am I giving up to give to?

I am giving up eating out for a week! OUCH!!!

You all know my commitment to bringing an end to impaired driving so it’ll come as no surprise that I will be making a $25 donation to MADD Canada with my eating out cash.

And I will do a random act of kindness by picking the coffee tab for the person behind me in a Tim Horton’s drive-thru (I’ve been dying to do this…think it’s soooo neat!!) one day this week (guess it’ll be Friday).

#gowithout Blog Mashup

As part of this week’s blog luv, I’d like to highlight some of my fellow bloggers taking part in the #gowithout movement thus far:

  • Jillian Dodd is giving up Chick-Fil-A for a week and is sending her donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
  • Stacy Green is giving up her afternoon coke and is sending her donation to the American Diabetes Association.
  • Andrea S. Michaels is giving up pizza and is donating her money to Save a Jaguar.
  • Lyn Midnight reminds us that you can donate more than just cash; how about books, clothes, etc to those who need it.
  • Tiffany A White is giving up her Sugar Queen Cupcakes to send some cash to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.
  • Heidi has a very personal story about life changing moments and donated $5 to a hospital in Spokane.
  • Girl Parker is giving up salted caramel mocha and is firing her $5 to a charity called Triangle, Inc., an organization that supports those with physical disabilities and their families, even providing job training.
  • Ellie Ann is giving up non-essential beverages (aka, anything but water and coffee) for the whole month and giving that extra money to Living Water International.
  • My beautiful WANA Sista Barbara McDowell has a serious addiction to daily gourmet lattes that she’s giving up to donate funds to RAINN – the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, which is the nation’s largest anti-sexual assault organization.
  • My other beautiful WANA Sista Diana Murdock shows us that sometimes reaching out to a stranger is a powerful way to give.
  • Candice Bundy is pledging to go without a glass of wine on a night out once a week for the next month. In return, she’ll donate to one of the fine charities Amber listed.
  • Bella resisted lunch out with a friend and suggested they donate the money they would’ve spent on lunch to their favorite charity, UNICEF.
  • Beverly Diehl made us aware of several causes she is focusing on this month.
  • Kimby gives her time to others and spreads the word in a delicious way on her blog.
  • At Girls with Pens, Marcy has chosen to give up jelly beans. Lisa is giving up all iTunes purchases for a month. .99cents here and there add up. Both ladies are donating the money they save to the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Wow – that’s a lot of giving up and giving back! I LOVE IT! Woot woot!!

Huge thanks to Amber! Your #gowithout Movement is a reminder of just how easy  (and important) it is to make a difference in the lives of others!

What are you going to give up to give back? Come on…join in the fun!

Links Out Loud…more on blogging, writing, laughing and living

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time to share the blog luv.

Blog Out Loud:

  • In my wana711 group, we have been talking about the time commitment of blogging. For most, it seems to take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours to write a post (not a cutesy YouTube post…duh…I am talking about our 500-1000 word posts). And that is precious time away from the WIP (Work In Progress…keep up people…) In comes Michael Hyatt to save us all. His post on how to write a blog post in less than 70 minutes offers practical and useful suggestions that I am definitely going to implement in my blogging practices. And he’d know…he’s written like over 1000 posts. Talk about keener, eh?!
  • A great resource for all bloggers is the ProBlogger site. Check out this great post by Kiera Pedley on running a contest in 5 steps on your blog as a great way to generate new readership, reactivate stagnant subscribers, and increase the engagement of readers.

Write Out Loud:

  • Jenny Hansen featured a guest post by NakedEditor Tiffany Lawson Inman about the importance of finding your character’s voice and slammin’ it hard right out of the gate. I loved it and plan to run home and create the appropriate yellow stickies for my office.
  • Roz Morris touched on a fear of mine with her blog post on a critique group gone rogue. I am a real people pleaser with some self-doubts about my writing so my fear working with a critique group is that I would assume everyone knows better than I and that I should (and would want to) incorporate every suggestion into my writing; even at its own peril. Roz has some great advice.
  • If you hadn’t already heard (and if you were following me on twitter you’d have heards…right hand menu folks…click FOLLOW…duh?!?!!?) Steena Holmes is doing a FAB series of posts dedicated to formatting for self-publishing. The first installment on how easy it is does make it sound straight forward and it will help you start things off in the right direction. Follow her blog to get the rest of her installments or heck, click on her design tab and hire her to do your formatting.
  • And you’ve all heard me yang on and on and on about taking Kristen Lamb’s Blogging to Build a Brand course and how freaking incredible it was and continues to be. She’s going to be given the 2-month course again, starting Oct 1, 2011, and I highly recommend it (even to non-author bloggers – seriously – tons of good stuff to learn!) Check out her blog post and comments for tons of great info. Just to note, since taking and applying her course my blog stats have doubled (and are still climbing).

Laugh Out Loud:

  • Poor Laural from Laural Out Loud (yes…nice blog name, eh?!?!) is having a heck of a time at her house with mothagedon. An unfortunate incident that included rotten potatoes, maggots (god, anytime I write or say that word my skin crawls…eewww…) and a dryer vent venting directly into the laundry room/pantry. Go and lend her some supportive comments. Honestly…I think I would have just sold the house! LOL!
  • Have you been back to visit Jenny from the Blog? If you haven’t, you should. Her feature last week on how her husband is a metrophobic and her father is a metrosexualhad me in tears! Alas, the challenges we face in life! (Pppssttt…Jenny…yes this blog post is ALL about you girl…shhh…don’t tell anyone, I hate having people go into jealous temper tantrums – it’s between you and me girl! muah!)
  • And again Noa Gavin delivered up a stellar post that had me in hysterics. Seriously. I hate bad drivers and have been known to suffer from bouts of road rage at said stupid drivers. So her letter to death wish drivers was an absolute riot. I want to print it out and let it fly out my truck window!

Life Out Loud:

  • Amber West wrote a fantastic post about how not everyone likes you (what??? Shut up??? Seriously???) In all seriousness, it was a wonderful read on how standing up for what you believe in and who are you means that not everyone is going to like you…and that’s OK!
  • Life is what we make it. You are in charge of your destiny. Last week Marcia Richards wrote a gorgeous post about life being akin to one of those choose-your-own-adventure stories. She gave her readers three great tips on taking control of your life and making it your own best-seller.
  • Forgiveness, it’s a word that slides easily off the tongue but not always so easily from the heart. Read Diana Murdock’s gut-wrenching post on her battle with forgiveness.
  • Traci Bell is a year away from a big milestone birthday so this year she reflected on how she views life today versus when she was in her twenties and the lessons she’s learned. It is a great reminder to keep these things front of mind – we are only here once after all. I loved her note that nobody likes perfect people (what????) and that “this too shall pass” (an oldie but a goodie)!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s line-up of fantabulous blog posts. Stay tuned for next week’s. I promise to go and spend oodles of time (time away from friends and family I’ll have you know…) to bring you this do-or-die information…My god…you guys must really love me!!

Got any ditties of your own to share? Let me know and maybe they’ll be featured as part of next week’s line-up…

10 random fact about…ME…

Yip, it’s Tuesday and that means it’s time to get a little twisted but before we do, I gotta get Monday’s post up. Yes, you read right: Monday’s post. I was offline all weekend (yes, I had withdrawals…I am jittery as I type this…LOL) and wasn’t able to get yesterday’s post online – sorry gang – so here it is!

There’s a fun game of tag going around the blogging community right now, and I’ve been harassed tagged by the lovely Patricia Sands from my #Wana711 blogging class, which was presented to us by (as Patricia said best) social media Goddess and mighty fine lady, Kristen Lamb.

The rules of the game are as follows (and you ALL know how much I love rules!):

  • First, you must be tagged by someone, which I was.
  • Then you list 10 random facts about yourself.
  • Then you harass tag four more people (I suggest, as Patricia did for me and I did for my taggees, you email your tag victims for their blessing before you just TAG them. That way they hopefully won’t delete their subscription to your blog or stop following you on twitter).

Sweet…here we go!!!

10 random facts about…ME!!!

  1. I LOVE pageants. In my late 20s, I took part in a married woman’s pageant system; not once, but twice. The second time I placed first-runner up but then lost my crown…More about that in an upcoming post.
  2. I truly believe that someday I will win a multi-million dollar lottery. Don’t ask me why but I just believe that. Hence the reason I spend like the big pay day is ah comin’!
  3. I don’t have any children of my own. Not because I can’t, but because I have no desire to.
  4. I talk to my father all the time (he died when I was 16) and I believe he can hear me and that he guides me in my life. Likely plays a role in the lottery win delusion belief; of course Dad will someday “rig” my win! Duh….
  5. The book Conversations with God altered my beliefs deep within and gave me the strength to grow in love with myself and life. This book quite literally changed my life.
  6. Growing up, my mother insisted that we have dinner as a family every single night, at 6 pm. And we did. No TV. No reading. No distractions. We ate as a family, together, and we talked. Back then, I thought the entire exercise was useless and strange (none of my friends did it…) but looking back, I realize how it did build a sense of family. That mother of mine DID know what she was doing.
  7. I never really saw the importance of a university degree until I walked across the stage and earned my degree in journalism and got out into the workforce and realized how imperative it was to my career. Phew….good call Natalie!
  8. I am a huge reality TV addict. Right now I am swept up in all things Big Brother and the Bachelor Pad as I anticipate the start of another season of America’s Next Top Model and Survivor (both premiere on Sept 14 – O.M.G – big TV night at my place…) to name but a few of my shows of choice.
  9. My Mom is my greatest hero, inspiration, and best friend. I have learned so much from her and have the most profound respect for her. Together, we’ve overcome more than anyone can image to create a dream team mother/daughter relationship. It wasn’t easy but the critical factor that made it happen; SHE NEVER, EVER GAVE UP ON ME OR STOPPED TRYING! Thanks Mom – you rock my world!
  10. Television advertisers LOVE ME! Whatever I see on TV, I want. Hubby tries to limit my exposure to infomercials and the home shopping channel. Can you say DEADLY on the pocket book! I believe everything they say and immediately want to order. Sign me up for today’s showstopper, blockbuster, as-seen-on-tv offer!!!

So, wadda ya think? Interesting? In love with me yet? BLUSH, I don’t blame you, I am really quite fascinating!

Now for the fun part! I’ve actually got SIX keen bloggers waiting to share their random facts with you. Woot woot ladies – rockin’ my world! Tag…you are all IT!

Readers….your mission (should you choose to accept) is to show them some blog luv by visiting their blogs, get to know them, and give them some comments.

Tell me some random fact about yourself! The more “out there,” the better!

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