About me

Natalie HartfordI am a self-proclaimed lipgloss redneck; a cross-breed of city girl and redneck. I love bling and all things pink and sparkly, and I often mistake tacky for fah.bu.lous!

Once upon a time, I was an avid “doer” of all things outdoors, but since fibromyalgia blew up my world in 2016, saying I’ve had to make a few life “adjustments” is putting it lightly.

Back in the day, I used to wear dress pants and suits working in corporate communications, and now a big success is a day when I wear pants that have a button and zipper.

But I am deeply blessed. I don’t have to go this road alone. Along with an incredible support system of family and friends, I have a secret weapon…The Robin to my Batman, my “you had me at hello”…my amazing hubby. Given that we’ve always had a knack for finding (and being) the outrageously funny in life, it’s no surprise that we are using humour, sarcasm and good ol’ fashion fun to learn and create a new way of living that accommodates a loved one living with fibromyalgia.

This is our journey…

Arizona and Buddy

Arizona and Buddy

And…of course…never far are our trusted sidekicks Arizona and Buddy, our Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers.

If you want more of me, don’t be shy:



  1. Just stopped by to say, “hi” Hartford. I’m Barbara from the 31DBBB group. From reading some of your posts and this “About” section, seems like we have some things in common. I used to be in marketing communications and found the years I was actually being paid to write for work (proposals) are the years I was most away from my own creative writing. Funny how that works out. I also have many “is that my outside voice” moments. :-0

    Anyway, day 15 of the exercises says we should find a blogging buddy. Our blogs have some similar touches, so if you’d like to buddy up, I’m game.

    Take care,


    • Hi Barbara,
      I love your comment – thank you! Yes, it’s sad that our day jobs can seem to take us away from our creative writing….

      I took a quick peak at your blog and I agree, I think we have tons in common and I’d be thrilled to be your blogging buddy!

      Unfortunately, I have fallen desperately behind in the 31DBBB group because I had a major event to do for work that took up all of my time and then some for the last two weeks. But I plan to spend Thanksgiving weekend (ours in Canada is this upcoming weekend) getting caught up and back on track with the group and my own blog so definitely, count me in as your buddy and count on me to be much more active with the group this coming week!

      I look forward to “blogging together”!! 🙂

      Cheers and take care,


      • Funny…I’ve fallen behind a little too due to a company-wide event coming up in a month that I manage. Instead of 31 days, I’m on the “just keep going and it will eventually get done” plan. So okay, we are bloggers separated at birth (and by a border). 🙂

        Looking forward to keeping up on your blog!


  2. It’s funny when you write for money it’s work. But when you right for yourself it’s a pleasure. It’s great to find two kindred souls.

  3. “If I owned a bedazzler, I’d be dangerous.” L.O.L

    Good. Times. New fan and follower just from that. Thank Kristen and her awesome blog for pointing me in your direction. 🙂 Looking forward to lots of silly stuff.

    • Woot woot Kelly!!! Love it and am thrilled you swung by and commented. Totally made my night!! 🙂 I’ll have to send Kristen an uberlicious thank you tomorrow for sending you my way.
      I am off to check out your digs. Here’s to a fab friendship moving forward and all the laughs to come.

  4. Hi Natalie….I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award and you can see it at http://thomag2.wordpress.com The Poet’s Crafts/The Olding Poet Congratulations on a great site! my best, tom

  5. You’ve got an awesome blog up here! Well done!

    Keep writing and shining, lots of your readers will find your posts inspiring! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

  6. I like the blog.

  7. Julie Catherine says:

    Hi Natalie – after reading about you and your hubby on Tameri’s blog this morning, I just had to come over to visit. Love what I’ve read so far, and am following … so pleased to be pointed in your direction! ~ Julie 🙂

    • Hi Julie,

      Thank you so much for swinging by, commenting and following!! Soooo nice. It’s wonderful to meet you. I am thrilled that you discovered me (and hubby of course) through the uberlicious Tameri, isn’t she just THE best!

      I hope you enjoy the posts and join in on the fun! Squeee!!!

      Take care and beautiful blog yourself!!

      Natalie 🙂

  8. Congratulations, you have been nominated for the Sunshine Award! 😉

  9. Raani York says:


    I have given you the Most Influential Blogs 2012. If you’d go to my blog post and have a look at it…


    The rules are very simple and easy to follow.

    Well done!! I think I gave it to the right person and writer!!


  10. Hello, Natalie. We found you by way of August McLaughlin’s newest post. We’re a mother-daughter writing duo that’s just published our first novel and go by the pseudonym Inion N. Mathair, which is Irish Gaelic for daughter ‘n’ mother. We love your site and can’t wait to read more of your work. So excited that we found you. 🙂

  11. Great blog Natalie!

    Much success!


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  3. […] so excited this week because Natalie Hartford of Life Out Loud is spotlighting me on her blog. Natalie calls herself an urban redneck who loves […]

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