Four years…seriously!?! It’s been three years since I’ve written a blog post. Wow. I only meant to take a six month hiatus but life just took over and three years have blown by. Oops. So let me bring you up to speed.

  • MADD volunteering – hundreds of hours.
  • Bought a couple of old snowmobiles, blew one up, bought two more old snowmobiles. Lots of snowmobiling during the winter months.
  • A couple trips to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic to help pass the winter months (including a surprise trip for my 40th birthday).
  • Yes…I turned 40. And 41…
  • Tess, my beloved duck toller, died. Check out here tribute video.
  • Hubby launched his Bat Hubby persona (you are gonna get to see lots of Bat Hubby around here).
  • We welcomed a new duck toller puppy into our life, Arizona. Six month later, we adopted her three-year-old sire (father) so our home is now a two duck toller home. I am not-so-secretly hinting away for a third puppy but still working on Hubby.
  • We started feeding our dogs a raw diet (yes, raw…like chicken thighs, ground beef etc). I love it.
  • Put Arizona into agility. Finishing up her training this year and Buddy’s next in 2017.
  • If you hadn’t already noticed, became super obsessed dog person (follow me on Instagram, I post a ton of dog pics).
  • We bought and sold the camp, two tent trailers, two travel trailers and now own a fifth wheel camper. Love glamping.
  • Hubby bought a motorcycle – uber sexy!
  • I lost my job (well I didn’t lose it, I know exactly where it is…four hours away in another city and I didn’t go with it). I found a new job (woot woot) that I have fallen in love with it. Especially the peeps! Best work peeps evah!!
  • Spent a lot of time at beaches, camping, traveling, sight seeing, hiking etc.
  • Put on 30 pounds. Put another 20 this summer. More on that later…
  • Lost loved ones (death, divorce, choice) and found new loved ones (birth, marriage, choice).

Check out the slide show below from the past few years. You may notice a theme.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So now that we got that out of the way and are all up to date, what’s next?

Lipgloss Redneck
I retitled the blog as part of my re-entry into the world of blogging. A Lipgloss Redneck really sums me up. Deep down a country girl with a dash of city mixed in for good measure. Hope y’all like it. For more deets, check out my updated About Me.

What am I going to write about?
Let’s see…..SHOCKER….my dogs, since I am insanely obsessed with them. I’ll be sharing a mix of personal stories and hilarious lipgloss redneck fun! I am going to embark on a major lifestyle change (and it’s gonna get ugly and ya know I am going to share those deets!!). Urban Word Insanity will definitely be back! And yes….Hubby will be around with hilarity and insanity with Hubby’s Corner and Bat Hubby videos. He’s going to keep you in stitches!

When am I going to post?
I can’t say I am going to stick to a rigid blogging schedule. Part of what has stopped me from getting back into blogging is feeling overwhelmed by the idea of a heavy posting schedule with everything else going on in my life. As Hubby likes to point out, I am slightly OCD about things. I am usually ALL in or ALL out. He reminded me that blogging doesn’t have to be that way. For me, now, it’s about having a creative outlet to have fun with. So that’s how I am going to approach it. I hope to write fairly regularly but we’ll see how it goes.

For more deets, visit my updated About This Blog.

Also wanted to say that if I don’t reply to every comment, rest assured I read every single one and love and appreciate that you swing by on occasion and put your two cents in…If I don’t visit your blog every day or comment on every post, rest assured I do visit regularly and love your work!

This should be fun….

What have y’all been up to the last few years? How’s life? Any specific kind of post you’d love to see?




  1. Yay! This makes me so happy. Just had to toss that in. 🙂

  2. I am so glad to see you back….I had checked in periodically and was sad to see nothing for so long, which is funny becasue I too just came back from an unintentionally long hiatus. I even joined a FB support group for writers trying to return to writing.

  3. Good stuff. Welcome back. I love the slide show. Looks like you guys are loving life.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  4. karenmcfarland says:

    Good to see you back in the blogosphere girlfriend!!! You were missed! Hey, I understand how time slips by. Life happens and it gets easier and easier to not blog and well, voila! No blogging. But it was so good to receive your post in my email yesterday. I would have gotten here sooner, but I wasn’t at my desk yesterday. Yay, you did it! And now I hope to hear from you again real soon. Luv, Luv, Luv!!!! ((Hugs)) 🙂

  5. Wooo-hooooo! I’ve been saving some “group posts” for you, my friend. Trust me on this one…. 🙂

    Love the rebranding. You go, girl.

  6. Welcome Back Nat!!!

    Hope these entries will make sense!!

    I believe one of your new blogs was about being ‘terrified’?…I am terrified of my ‘crazy’ neighbor!!!!! Since last July when she actually opened my unlocked apt. door (laundry/SDM delivery) n up to May 26/16 @1:19 am she has tried to gain entry into my apt. 10 –11th time…..Absent landlord grandson (27 – 28 yrs of age) running the place is friends with ‘crazies’’ son (moved in Dec. 2015 into his own place). Went to SJPD with 4 dates of when she tried, but b/c I didn’t actually see her I’m now the crazy person. I’ve been keeping a ‘daily noise’ log for last 2 yrs., I’ve been tracking her movements, so I know it was her!!

    Police Officers joke!! “Are U on medication, What medication are U on, what for, are u taking it, n is it Dr. prescribed” + they wouldn’t give me their names (no name tags) or file # . So then I went to grandson asking for surveillance videos for 2 dates Aug./Sept. This surveillance as of Oct. 2015 never picked up!!

    Formal complaint to Chief SJPD. Rec’d letter back from NB Police Board Commission sent letter May 2016 saying Chief filed my complaint under ‘conduct’ complaint, NBPC stated it was ‘service complaint’ n put it back on Chief n or SJPB Commission. Haven’t heard nothing since.

    But I’ve since learned that the surveillance I requested was ‘deleted’, cover up come to mind???? Then with the May 26th event, again it was deleted, but I know ; for a fact that there is evidence. Have been followed – son of bldg. super n then last Sunday when I went to meet up with Sheila’s son for the Riverview MADD ceremony I was again followed, crazies friend at the end of the hallway, her son.

    June 1 – Aug. 4 had to take up couch surfing n then Aug. 6 landed in hospital! Waste of tax payers $..Health Care/Mental Health Care/Soc. Dev. systems so broken ppl like myself have fallen through the cracks n nobody gives a ‘flying fawk’.

    I’ve gone to Rentalsman, Ombudsman Office, Politician’s (1 recently told me to go live at ‘Hestia House’ – abused women/kids escaping situation, n also to get roommate.

    I never know when ‘crazies’ standing out side my door, afraid for my personal safety n things I’ve heard from other tenants interaction with ‘crzy’, she is not only a ‘danger to herself, but to us living here.

    I’m here under subsidized rent n SD/Housing is listening to the paint brush version from landlord rep/agent that I’m crzy n has mental issues!! They (housing) also believed this story they (Park Place Apt.’s) used on another tenant in another bldg. who they evicted for medicinal weed, yet guy in my bldg., for 12 –16 yrs lived here n is smoking medicinal weed.

    ‘Flight/or fight’ – I cant fight her especially with grandson protecting her, so I’ve taken flight – living in my bedroom for the last yr. And, without the $ to get proper surveillance equip. that I might be able to get to cover the hallway from within the apt., I’m at her mercy n afraid for my life!!

    On to your next blog on Depression…Thanx for coming out!!!!!!!! 1989 working as Correctional Officer, a female inmate made a serious threat on my life!!! so hospitalized for 1st time with Depression n PTSD (threat took me back to when I was growing up; not nice!!) So with the ‘threats’ from crzy trying to get in here, brought back the ‘flashbacks’!! Anxiety/afraid, right through the roof!!

    Own personal experience, ppl who we think will be there through thick/thin, ‘disappear’!! If they can’t see the band-aid, they don’t understand!! So Thank you for coming out. Nothing but best wishes/best health with your ‘fight’.

    Gotta run n get back in my ‘safety’ place!! Take care, Nat ((((((((((((((hugs; not hard))))))))))))) Sue Drive Safe, Drive Sober and if you suspect someone of driving impaired, please CALL 911

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