Urban Word Wednesday: Walk Blocker

Welcome to Urban Word Wednesday! New words, phrases, and sayings I am learning (and using in my day-to-day life) brought to you by ME, hubby…and the Urban Dictionary. You are gonna love these!

Walk Blocker: A person that suddenly stops when they are walking right in front of another.

Examples Of Use:

Although it wasn’t technically Black Friday in Canada, a lot of the stores in the mall had what I like to call fake Black Friday sales all weekend long. I call them fake because they aren’t really that fantastic a sale (saving $25 is not worth lining up for 3 hours people!!!) but they seem to elicit a shopping frenzy anyway.

Normally we’d avoid the mall this weekend but hubby signed up to do racquetball and he needed some new shorts and sneakers so it was off to the mall in the midst of the fake Black Friday insanity. You should know, hubby and I can get a little tense in large crowds…especially large crowds of morons. We were at the local sports store paying for our purchase when we enjoyed this convo.

Hubby: WTF…if one more person walk blocks me I am going to lose my shit!

Me: what is it with walk blockers anyway…like get out of the road if you need to stop for something.

Hubby: I think it’s the new digital age…people gotta stop where ever they are to see what’s on the phone.

Me: I agree…but what is it with people who just stop and conglomerate in the middle of an aisle to talk for an hour walk blocking the whole area?!?! I don’t get it…like step out of the aisle and enjoy your convo. I near rolled up on over some tweens back there who stopped to talk to their gal pals dead center of the aisle. I was going a good clip and nearly didn’t get stopped?! Like…WTF??? Oblivious!

Hubby: I am going to get a cart and get my Christmas plow on. Gonna just drive over those walk blockers. Maybe I should get sign for my cart that says “comin’ thru bitches!”

Me: and a horn…and lights…and definitely a t-shirt!!!! 

What is it with walk blockers? Ever come across them? How do you handle it? Ever been one??? Come on…share the wealth…

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  1. I want to hang out with you guys! Glad you survived the Mall Madness. How did racquetball go? I would seriously hurt myself trying to do that, LOL. #scaredofyoga

    Have a great week, and thanks for the Holiday Yum shout-outs!

    • You can join us in our insanity any time Kathy…the more the merrier!! 🙂

      I think racquetball just about killed hubby. He came home thinking he was having a heart attack or a stroke. I was amazed he was moving with such agility this morning. So proud of him. You will note…I did not go. Like you, I’d have hurt myself….He played with a friend of his. I am #scaredofexercise! LOL!

      Happy week!!!

  2. Okay! So! I love you guys. But, your convo sounded a wee bit like Clark Griswald after he opened his Jelly-of-the-Month-Club Christmas bonus. Just sayin’…

    Ho! Ho! Ho(!)ly crap don’t shop in front of Nat and Scott!

    This comes to you from a bauble-chasing, cart-abandoning shopper who lost her own cart five times in Michael’s three days ago while purchasing yet more Christmas decorations. And, guess where I typically leave it? Right where it happens to be when a bauble catches my eye or an idea noodles into my noggin.

    Or, when “I have to pee,” reaches critical mess mass stage. [I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that happens less often now that I’m a Kegel Master.]

    If you design a custom cart, can you please add a helium balloon option? Finding my cart would be so much easier. Please, and thank you.

    • ROFL!! You are one of those cart leavers?!?! Oh noooooo….LOL!!

      I hear ya. The baubles have been known to catch my eye a time or two and cause me to lose my bloody mind and go into a bauble-loving trance where I forget where I am, let along my cart and purse and hubby! LOL!!

      Ohhhh girl….you ARE the Kegel Master – luv it! LOL!!

      Balloons…got it…check! 🙂

  3. Walk blockers make me crazy, too! I need to write a short story where they get theirs. LOL! Virtual mayhem doesn’t get you strip searched. (grin)

  4. LOL. I get complete walkers-rage when this happens!

  5. Hilarious! Move to the side, people. Sheesh. A horn is must. Serial walk blocker offenders must install break lights on their jeans, or something. It makes me wonder what kind of drivers they are.

    • OMG…break lights! Genius. And you and I both know that walk blockers are likely moron drivers as well. They are the douche bags who hold up traffic and cut people off. Frankly, they should have to wear a sign…LOL!!!!

      I am so looking into a t-shirt that has a horn installed. ROFL!!

  6. Coleen Patrick says:

    Ok I have done this–SO embarrassing! 🙂

  7. Raani York says:

    A few years back I ended up shopping Christmas eve for a forgotten present and found myself in the middle of what seemed to be hundreds of walk blockers. I stood there with my cart, could move neither forward and back and what was in the cart was too big and heavy to carry.

    All of a sudden I started screaming from the top of my lungs…

    You wouldn’t believe how quickly they got out of my way… LOL
    I actually kept screaming until I was outside where I closed my mouth and calmly walked to my car where I loaded the package into the trunk and took off.
    I still giggle when I remember the faces… *grin*

  8. Please – not the mall – don’t make me go – or anywhere else where there are hoards of people, My only exception these days is going to the theater – and there’s no guarantee that’ll be civilized.

  9. Los Angeles if FULL of walk blockers! Who knew they had a name? 😉 Another fab post, lady!

  10. Oh yeah – walk blockers – they’re everywhere. So totally inconsiderate and oblivious as to what’s going on around them. These are no doubt the same folks who suddenly turn left in front of you when you’re driving. Like they just now decided this was the street they needed to turn on? Didn’t they see the entire lane set aside for those folks wishing to make a left turn?

    My dog is a walk blocker. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve damn near killed myself and wrenched my back because my stupid mutt stopped right in front of me. Seriously, stupid, keep moving. Especially on the stairs. You kill me you get no kibble.

    I love the shopping cart plowing idea.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • OMG you totally get it!!!

      MY DOG is a walk blocker too…and I didn’t even realize it!!?!?! OMG hubby is constantly talking about how the dog purposefully steps in front of him and STOPS or lays down….she is totally a walk blocker! Drives him crazy…

  11. I don’t often get busted in your WEdnesday posts, but this one nailed me. Sorry

  12. Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

    Nothings kills the xmas spirit more than walk blockers – we need to build a mall just for them…it’d be HUGE!!!

  13. “I am going to get a cart and get my Christmas plow on” I like the way your hubby thinks. He moves to the solution rather than focusing too much on the problem.

    Wow, if there’s anything in “retailville” worse than Black Friday it has to be a FAKE Black Friday.
    I can barely get myself to endure a retail experience on the best of days at the easiest of times. I just can’t see tolerating a fake Black Friday. You Canadians need to mob a few retail CEOs and drown them in maple syrup. Fake, disgusting discounted maple syrup made with corn starch would be best.

    • Oh yes…hubby is very “solution” oriented. LOL!
      I see you are a solutions man yourself. Deliciously, fabulous suggestion Mr. Holmes to drown those nasty, fake black Friday CEOs in fake maple syrup with corn starch…I think they’d get the message loud and clear then. If nothing else, it’d sure be FUN! LOL!

  14. Thank you for re-affirming to me the joys of internet shopping! Ahhhh – not a walk blocker in sight! And I can slip into the kitchen and whip up another of those fabulous Holiday Yum Blog Hop recipes. Ho! Ho! Ho!

  15. prudencemacleod says:

    Naw, just tell hubby to get a white cane and start whacking shins and accidently groping a few boobs; folks will get out of the way.

  16. Raani York says:

    I have nominated you for the Sisterhood of World Bloggers.

    If you’d like to accept this Award, please go to my Blog Site and follow the rules!

    Congratulations – I really think you do deserve it!! Your blog is GREAT!


  17. I do NOT like walk blockers. There’s just something about having to stop so fast that you come up on your toes, your body curving like a C, arms flying out to the side like you’re pretending to be an airplane that…just annoys me (mostly because I know I’m the one who looks like an idiot when it happens). So I’ve adopted a policy to not follow behind anyone too close (and I usually remember to keep my distance). It also offers some degree of protection from those who raise their fist and ‘perfume’ the air ahead of me, thus reducing the need to hurry home and have a shower. 🙂

    I’m with you two. I do NOT like crowds. Especially crowds comprised largely of morons.

    • ROFL!!!

      NEAR DIED reading “It also offers some degree of protection from those who raise their fist and ‘perfume’ the air ahead of me, thus reducing the need to hurry home and have a shower.” SOOOO TRUE!!! LOL!!!

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