Driving while…shaving?

There is a strong likelihood that most of you have heard of this story considering I believe it came out in 2010 but it’s so insane, it bears repeating! Thank you Trudy for sending it my way! And thank you Celia Rivenbark for your witty take on the story. ROFL! 

Now y’all know I am all about keeping my nest lean and mean but while driving?

Don’t get me wrong, I understand wanting to be “good to go” but was her date honestly going to tear a piece as soon as she walked through the door? Couldn’t she have just packed her razor and shaving cream in her purse and took a little bathroom break prior to getting her groove on? You see it in the movies all the time…the woman excuses herself to powder her nose and unmentionables, right?

Bloody insane…there’s no way I’d put a razor down by my girlie parts going 75 miles per hour trying to run the gas, brake and steer! I have enough issues trying to get a straight line and avoid razor burn shaving the girl in the shower where I can spread eagle, use a mirror and bend into a pretzel. Can you imagine taking a swipe sight unseen? Yikes.

And let us not forget her ex-husband, the real hero of the story. I mean, have you ever heard of such a gentleman before? He actually steered the car while she shaved her hooha in preparation for a date with another man. Then tried to take the blame by claiming he was the one driving after the accident…and they say gallantry is dead? I think not! This guy is a real peach. Why he is her ex is beyond me? She obviously had a real keeper in her midst. Slipped through her fingers…dang!

Given her long (and recent) criminal driving history, my only question is this…why wasn’t the ex driving? I mean…wouldn’t that have just made the most sense?

Although this story is meant to be entertaining, y’all know how serious I am about driving sober and alert. Enjoy the giggle but let’s all remember to driver sober and to put our phones (and razors) away while driving.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done while driving? Or what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen or heard about someone doing while driving? Come on…share the wealth…

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OMG…we are all going to eat like Kings and Queens….



  1. Dying. D.Y.I.N.G. over here! Ohmigawd, she seriously thought she could SHAVE while driving? What a complete flipping moron. I totally agree that she should’ve kept her ex-husband. He sounds like a right sweetheart. And a complete flipping moron as well. They’re perfect for each other!

    Okay, so this Blog Hop of Yum… yes please! They all sound fabulous, but why oh why do we get the rib eye the day after Christmas? I might have to get that recipe before hand so I can make it on Christmas Day. What a super fun idea for a blog hop!

  2. That is one of the wackiest driving stories I’ve heard. Thank goodness people weren’t hurt! Not to generalize or anything, but I wasn’t surprised that it went down in S. Florida. 😉

    I used to curl my eyelashes while driving, especially before auditions. I deemed it good luck until a cop friend shared horror stories of finding people with phones shoved through their faces post-accident… *shivers* Can’t wait to indulge in y’alls’ holiday yum!

    • ROFL!! S. Florida not a surprise, eh?! Luv it!

      NO way?!?! Curl your eyelashes. Brave girl. I’d have been too terrified to end up with the curler shoved in my eye…LOL! Glad a cop friend talked you into new habits. 🙂

  3. LOLOL! Oh my word! Yeah, wondering why the ex wasn’t driving and why he was with her in the first place! My worst sighting was a guy working on his computer while driving. Oh yeah, had some kind of set up that was visible as I eased past him. One hand on wheel, one hand on computer, both eyes…yeah, not good. Also remember reading or hearing of a woman who had changed her kids diaper while driving? I think it was a story about things people admitted to doing while driving? Definitely a great find! LOLOL

  4. This takes “dysfunctional” to a whole new level. I’m speechless. LOL. ROFL. LMAOROFL. Explain that one to your mother, right?

  5. Celia Rivenbark is genius. And I’m going to hell for this, but I so want to see the mug shot.

  6. Trying to catch a breath here…ROFL, Natalie! I love the commentator’s “raise hell with small watches” line.

    I hope they were able to keep that woman off the road finally!

    P.S. – thanks for the Holiday Yum shout out!

  7. My fave sentence in the post (besides all of Celia’s article) is this:
    “was her date honestly going to tear a piece as soon as she walked through the door?”

    “Tear a piece??!” This is how we describe it up in Eastern Canada? BAHAHAHA!! Killing me here…

    p.s. Thanks for the Holiday Yum mention. These recipes are making me hungry! And my GF Thanksgiving turned out FAB.

  8. Okay, I’m not proud. Crazies thing I’ve done while driving? Remove my pantyhose. On the highway. In Houston, Texas rush hour. Quite frankly, after commuting the hour home from downtown so often (25 years ago), I had it down to a science. However, I’m wiser: I would not do that again, and if my kid ever did something so stupid, the hammer would come down, baby!

    • SHUT THE FRONT DOOR?!?!? Your pantyhose….girl you are insane! ROFL!!!

      I love that you’d drop the hammer on the kids. It’s do as I tell children, not as I have done. Ain’t that the truth for all of us!!! LOL!! 😉

  9. As my kid would say, “Wow, just wow.” I don’t understand the mentality of some people. Eyes on the road people. We had someone weaving in front of us yesterday on our way home from LAX and the husband guested texting or drunk. When we pulled to pass as a safe distance I saw she had a car full of people. I was scared for all of them and wondered if she was incapable of driving while talking. I’ve seen my grandfather do this, veer to the side of the road when engaged in conversation. It’s a heart in throat moment. I see how they are trying to entertain, but I’m with you. When someone gets behind the wheel it’s the lives of others they endanger as well as their own. Scary stuff.

    • Absolutely Debra. Nothing infuriates me more than seeing someone not paying attention while driving. It’s the lives of everyone on the road we all need to keep front of mind…the least a person can do is pay attention!!

      I’ve taken to hand signals and horn blowing. One of these days, I’ll likely get told where to stick the sunshine. LOL!!

  10. Goes to prove – some will do anything. But, at what cost to others?

  11. Copying Tameri’s D.Y.I.N.G. KA-SNORT! When I opened the file, I thought, “Okay, some dude decided to shave the cheeks above his belt (IYKWIM) while driving to work.” Not a good plan, but we’ve all seen it.

    This story beats anything even my wonky mind could have imagined. I can hear the chat at the police department when they booked her. “Get a picture of the evidence? Are you kidding? Her face was enough to make he want to hurl my morning donuts.”

    Off to give that KB woman some blog love she richly deserves.

  12. Well, it ain’t called Flori duh for nuttin’! There’s a reason the “duh” was tacked on. Lots of stupid people stories come out of Flori duh.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  13. When I read her description of that particular stretch of road, I read “man-grooves” rather than “mangroves”.

    Be careful where you hyphenate, people. Completely different images there. 🙂

  14. makes me glad I’m getting to the age where the hoohah hair is thinning and falling out! shaving in the car???? only in america. LOL

  15. That is ridiculous! First, shaving your hooha. Ouch, with itch later. It really isn’t that expensive to get it waxed. And it’s a lot less dangerous! I wouldn’t feel comfortable putting on lipstick while driving, and that runs no risk of blood loss. I just can’t believe it. But, I LOVE that article. Thanks for sharing. It’s good to start the morning with a laugh!

    • I know, eh?! I would not put a razor down by my prized girlie part while driving…while doing anything! It’s simply too dangerous. 🙂

      The article had me in hysterics…so glad you enjoyed as well.

  16. Raani York says:

    This leaves me … speechless… and you better enjoy because this doesn’t happen very often… ROFL


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