Urban Word Wednesday: Kennie

Welcome to Urban Word Wednesday! New words, phrases, and sayings I am learning (and using in my day-to-day life) brought to you by ME (and hubby)…and the Urban Dictionary. You are gonna love these!

Kennie: the name for the inner ring of muscles surrounding the anus.

Examples Of Use:

Now I know you are all wondering how in God’s name this term, in this context, happened to come up between me and hubby. Buckle up peeps. It’s hubby’s last name. We were at breakfast on the weekend when we enjoyed this conversation…

Me: alright Kennie…you ready to go?

Hubby: did I mention I looked up what Kennie means in the Urban Dictionary.

Me: you searched your last name???

Hubby: I was curious, what can I say? And I was not happy with what I found.

Me: do tell!  

Hubby: Kennie is the inner ring of muscles in the anus!

Me: seriously?!?! OMG that’s perfect. *ROFL*

Hubby: I didn’t find it very funny!

Me *between giggles*: really??? Because I find it kind of suiting…you can be quite the ass…and it turns out you technically are one. How perfect!

*thought the waitress ringing in our check was going to fall over*

Hubby: you are disturbing!

Me: OMG the fun I am going to have with this. Come on Kennie, let’s get you home so you can relieve yourself. How are you feeling today Kennie…super stretched or tight as a drum? What’s coming down the pipe Kennie? O.M.G this is fabulous!

Hubby: I regret telling you already!

Me: you know you love it. Now get your ass together and let’s go…

Ever google or urban dictionary your first or last name? Any deranged meanings? Any nasty (meant with the greatest of love) pet names for your significant other? Come on…share the wealth…

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  1. He never should have told you that one. LOLOLOL!

  2. Hi Hilarious Hartford:

    LOVE IT!!! I know now that I’ll always be able to count on you two, for a good *roflmfao* or two, or three…..

    Where do I find on the internet a copy of this ‘Urban Dictionary’ LOL, I want to check this out ; – )

    Sorry I didn’t get this to you sooner (just so much going on!!), but what a beautiful job you did on Friday with the MADD Project Red Ribbon blog!!!!! Thank you so much!!

    I just got back from the Library. They called the other day to say the book I had put on the ‘reserve’ list, was in. I can’t wait to read it. From all reports it’s supposed to be hot, steamy, n sexy wooo hooo. Don’t know if you’ve read it yet or not. I’ll have to let you know. Avid reader here, as I don’t have any channels on my TV, so my reading is extensive. Go through 6 – 7 books before they’re due back at the library.

    Take care, n THANX again for Fridays’ blog. Keep up the good work!! Some time if you’re interested, I’ll send you copies of the ‘Letters to the Editor’ I’ve written n had published in the good old Telegraph Journal, about the laws, impaired drivers, etc…..


    PS: Tentatively there are 4 of us going up for Premier Alward proclaiming December 4th as Project Red Ribbon Day. Looking forward to seeing you all then. MADD SJ is having their ‘Sobeys Grocery Bagging Day’ on Saturday from 10 – 4, then the SJ Santa Parade (just have the MADD Mobile n a couple of us walking + we’ve managed to snare some of the TADD students from Simonds high school to walk also) at 6 pm so it’s going to be a long day. But so worth it!! Then next Saturday, there is the West side, Santa Parade at 1 pm n then at 6 pm is the Santa Parade for Rothesay. Drive Safe, Drive Sober and if you suspect someone of driving impaired, please CALL 911

    • We aim to entertain…ourselves mostly…just works out that y’all have a sick sense of humor just like us! WAHAHAHA!!!

      So glad you enjoyed the project red ribbon post. We got our boxes and ribbons tonight and are pumped to start putting them out.

      That is fabulous that 4 of you may attend Dec 4…I’ll be in touch with Karen or Raylene to confirm and finalize names before Nov 29th. Yeahhh!!! Sounds like you guys are working hard and doing so much great work – keep it up! 🙂

      Take care…

  3. ROFL! If anyone could do Kennie justice, it’s your helicoptering hubby! I mean that as a big ‘ol compliment. 😉 (He has a growing number of GB fans, by the way…)

    I just Urban Word searched August. It could use some grammatical tidying, but there’s at least a morsel or two of truth here:
    “Loves to be around people…cannot stand sleeping alone…music is there everything…cannot stand drama but are always caught up into it somehow….love the party scene…have very many friends….make to many bad desicions…love junk food and anything to do with chocolate…addicted to sex…and thats all there is to it.” (LOL!)

    I prefer that to the alternate definition:
    “That short German muscle guy that sits in the back of the bar who can drink everybody under the table.”

    • ROFL!! Helicopter hubby – love it! I haven’t been by to review any further comments or your most recent GB post but I’ll be swinging by tomorrow. Can’t wait. LOL!!!

      LOVE the urban dictionary definition…SPOT on or what?!?! Much less for the short Geman muscle guy…I agree…WAHAHA!!! Love it…

  4. Yeah, that one was a gift, Natalie! No way could you pass on that one! ROFL…you should record your convos sometime!

  5. Hubby aka Blog Heckler says:

    When will I ever learn? No fuel….no fire!

  6. I think it’s time more body parts had cute names.

  7. Well. I just learned something new today. 🙂

  8. Raani York says:

    This is hilarious. I laughed my butt off… (Whoops) – Any relation to your blog post subject was unintentional!!
    Let’s say: I laughed very hard. *grin*

  9. This is FANTASTIC! I laughed the whole time at poor Hubby finding out he’s a ‘you know.’ Thanks for including my Thunderwear Shirts for Horny hubbies in your post!!

  10. Okay, so I’ll read the other comments in a minute. Not quite sure what to say about the Urban Dictionary definition of Kennie. I’m thinking Scott might want to change his last name to Hartford though… 😉

    Why didn’t I read the comments first? Cause I had to look the definition of Kristy up before I forgot. I’m kind of torn between which definition I prefer (there are a number of them, but I narrowed the choices down to two)…

    1. Dangerously attractive and intelligent. A real femme fatale and master of seducing men. All men want her and all men get eaten by her. “Dude, that chic is so hott, she must be a Kristy.” (kind of sad that I had to do a little editing on the femme fatale, which in the Urban DICTIONARY was spelled femefatale, but I can live with hott. I’m assuming it’s twice as hot as the regular hot )


    2. She likes muffins. “Kristy likes muffins.”

    I chose to ignore the definitions of James when the first sentence read, ‘someone who is unusually well hung.’ (and I went with the pen name since my real last name hasn’t been given a definition yet).

    Love your Urban Word Wednesday’s, Natalie!

  11. I should have known to take a pain pill before reading your blog. You know I can’t laugh after having surgery – it hurts – dang it anyway. I must remember to approach with caution!

  12. This is way too funny. I must share it with all my friends on Facebook! What were you thinking, Scott?

    You hurt Sheri? Stop being so damn funny, you two.

    I looked up my name and thank god there isn’t a definition. I would hate to think I’d be something like an anal ring. Dying. D.Y.I.N.G.

    • You must Facebook all your friends about Scott’s new name…ROFL!!!

      Yes, thank God for small miracles, eh Tameri. I should have noted, for my first name…I was pleasantly surprised:

      A very sweet girl. She’s very smart and tries to be nice to everyone. A beautiful girl who’s always trying to make people happy. A good friend whom you can trust. An animal lover. She loves being with her friends. She is only mean when you annoy the shit out of her. A fun-loving girl that loves everybody and doesn’t take crap from anyone!

      Damn Straight!

      Hartford: Capital city of Connecticut and…one of the worst places to live in the country.


    • Hubby aka Blog Heckler says:

      Heaven forbid Tameri….nobody should have that definition. I ran into a friend of ours at lunch and she said she looked up her husband Roger….apparently his name is a sexual act….I must investigate maybe Natalie is super good at the ol Jolly Roger and we didn’t even know…..I must go investigate now!!!!

  13. Oh, poor Scott! Hilarious, though! And I’m glad Kristy looked up ‘James’. That’s my hubs first name and he’ll be thrilled that his name means well hung! (psst-it’s an accurate definition, too)

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