Urban Word Wednesday: Helicopter

Welcome to Urban Word Wednesday! New words, phrases, and sayings I am learning (and using in my day-to-day life) brought to you by ME…and the Urban Dictionary. You are gonna love these!

Helicopter: 1) When you swing your penis around in a circle and make the noise of a helicopter. 2) Sexual act with the female on top. The female does a split and inserts lubed penis into vagina. The male then grabs hold of the female’s legs and spins her around rapidly, similar to that of a helicopter’s blades. Has a high failure rate, roughly 100%.

Examples Of Use:

It all started with August McLaughlin’s post on girl boners on Monday. I read it, loved it, commented and went on my merry way. That is until hubby and I hit the movies. We went to see Flight on Monday evening and went early to ensure we got optimal seats. There we sat munching our popcorn when hubby decides he and I are going to be part of the movie pre-show for all the other early birds.

He pulls out his Galaxy III and reads out loud the following comment fun he had enjoyed on August’s post earlier that day.

Then we proceed to have this conversation.

Me: I cannot believe you mentioned the Helicopter on August’s blog. My god. You know there are probably 18 kinky/nasty things that it means online…good lord, now all the blogosphere is going to think you and I are into even weirder shit than they already do.

Hubby: girl boner in theory is all fine and dandy but I’m sorry…the visual of you growing a wang to suds up in the shower and twirl around and around to do the Helicopter was too much to bare. I lost my shit a little bit.

Me: well duh…I don’t want a physical manifestation either but I think August’s point was more to women’s pleasure being higher on our radar from day 1.

Hubby: and I am all for it…but the term girl boner…I couldn’t get past it.

Me: hopefully Kristy doesn’t think we are into the sexual act of the Helicopter…I mean, who at our age could do the splits and hold the pose while getting turned around on a dick?!? Sounds more like Mission Impossible than the Helicopter to me! We are definitely not into kink like that!  

Hubby: what’s with the “we” shit? I’d totally be into that!

 Me: I bet you would since you wouldn’t the one having to do the splits and get swung around…

Ever seen a version of the Helicopter? Think you’d like a girl boner? Your partner more kinky than you? How do you balance your different needs? Come on…share the wealth…

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  1. Holy Toledo!!

  2. Hey, no fair posting about games we girl’s girls can’t play. sheesh!

  3. You two have the best conversations in public!

  4. Oh we know that you’re into “mission impossible”. 😉 You can’t hide that from your hubby!

  5. I’ll never be that limber, unfortunately.

  6. ROFL! Well I was hoping my GB series would stimulate conversation! Little did I know you two would have me laughing myself off the elliptical machine. Hilarious-copter!

    And here I was thinking the helicopter was a solo act. Hmmm…. I’m inspired. I’ll leave it at that.

    By the way, points to your hubby for joining in the GB fun! (Puns all over the place. LOL) And to you, doll, for the ever-awesome support.

    • Hubby AKA Natsman says:

      Hey August – traded in your treadmill for an elliptical eh? Ellipticals don’t fire those mid-western missles like a treadmill! LOL! Still one of the funniest blog posts I’ve read!

    • August, your GB post has sparked many conversations this week and some stranger than the pre-show that we put on. LOL!! We love it…keeps us on our toes! 🙂

  7. The second definition doesn’t sound like it’d even be fun. Sounds painful, actually. Not somewhere I’d want to pull a muscle. The first one sounds like something every little boy does. Like the time my step-mom caught my little brother peeing circles onto the bathroom curtains. 🙂

    • I couldn’t agree more Emma. I think I’d permanently injure myself. LOL!

      I have teased hubby for years that his helicopter move was something learned as a child…no doubt!

      OMG love the little brother story…stellar! I hope you’ll tell that one at his wedding. LOL!!

  8. Natalie:

    Love the blog both you n hubby doing. Gives me some interesting reading ; – )….Keep it up doing good job! Drive Safe, Drive Sober and if you suspect someone of driving impaired, please CALL 911

  9. um…no. LOLOL! =8-0

  10. Helicopter! I’m going to have to ask Mr. Urban Daddy to demonstrate definition one for me. Off to read about girl boners…

  11. Never a dull moment on your blog!

  12. LOLOL…I actually made it into one of your crowd-shocking conversations, hmm? Sweet! After Googling ‘define sexual helicopter,’ I did not think that you and Scott were into it. In fact, I figured the only people brave enough to try something with a failure rate that high were likely to be both drunk and stoned…and UNDER the age of 17. Probably gymnasts in training for the Olympics.

    It does sound similar to a hanging basket thing that was suggested to me by an old boyfriend once. I passed on the opportunity. Now I’m wondering if I should have said okay? 🙂

    • Yip, we took you to the movies with us Kristy and worked you into a little Urban Word fun! Yes, I’d have to be substantially younger and in much better physical condition to give the sexual helicopter a try….scary! LOL!!

      HANGING BASKET?!?! Ok…now it’s me who is off to Google…FUN!! LOL! 🙂

      • Have fun on Google. I first heard about the (basket-just felt the need to whisper, sorry) a long time ago. I think I was 19…and would have tried it, had the boyfriend in question actually invested in one. Hmm…

        • Ok Kristy…not able to find much other than something (Bavarian hand basket) that involves ripping out pubic hairs…I can’t imagine this is what you are talking about given you said you might have tried it back in the day. I need details or a link…ROFL!!

  13. Baaaaaaahaha! This killed me. Were it not for the little being nearby I would have read this to hubs – bookmarked for later. 10-1 he wants to test the 100% failure rate. And 10-1 I will l blindfold him and throw the dog on his lap. Therefore, the odds are 5-1 that I would be served divorce papers in the morning.

  14. Oh my God! Have mercy on my poor abs!!! Between the wheezing, the tears and the abdominal spasms from laughter, I’m lucky my husband didn’t call 911 to report seizures and airway obstructions. You guys slay me! After finding out today that the oldest member of our writers group (literally…he was 100) passed away, I needed the laugh. Thanks. You always come through for me. 🙂

    • AWWWWW…so sorry to hear of your loss Kitt and thrilled to know I was able to help ease a little of the pain with some laughter!! Sending you big hugs! 🙂

      • Thanks, though it’s hard to feel sad for someone who defined living life to the fullest, especially for that long. Instead it makes you reflective about your own life and if you’re fully living your life. Thank you for sharing your moments of laughter with me. You have no idea how often you’ve made my day.

        BTW, when your hubby said “speak for yourself”, do you think he was considering the strength and effort helicopter #2 would take on his part? He’d have to have the strength to hold you up while in the splits position, then the power and coordination to maintain his hold while propelling you in a circle. I think I’m glad to be the girl if ever I had to try this. Imagine what inevitably would happen when he weakens, loses grip or balance and you start to fall? Not only would it be his fault, but he’d also be the unfortunate person who got to cushion your crash landing! LMAO… The images…

        • Kitt, it totally makes my day to know how often I’ve brought a smile or laughter to your day. Rocks!

          I agree, when someone passes that has lived a long and full life, it’s nice to take pause and reflect on our own and to ask those tough questions about the direction our lives are going. It’s so wonderful to take a moment and evaluate and to do so in the memory and honor of one you’ve respected is a beautiful thing.

          Lord…I can imagine hubby totally thought the entire thing out and feels that A) it’s totally worth the risk and B) what risk??? He likely believes he’s penal superman able to leap tall buildings and hold his wife on his dick in any position…BAM!

          You gotta luv men’s penal ego. LOL!!!

        • Just let him know to be careful…there IS in fact something called a penile fracture. (And here I thought it was all blood, veins and cartilage) I worked in a hospital back in the day and was in charge of bed control. Surgery called me post op to get a bed for a guy with that diagnosis. Sad to say I thought 2 things. First, Ouch! Second…well, lets say I just pictured that unit in a cast and laughed myself silly.

  15. Raani York says:

    Okay… here we go – I started reading August’s blog – moved over to yours, laughed my butt off and will now go back to tell her why exactly. ROFL.
    Oh – and in between somewhere I followed your blog.
    Thanks for sharing this and making me laugh until I cried!!

  16. LOL!!! Love it!!! Coptering is the best!! There’s something special about feeling like the record on a player. The way your man gets that 360 degree view while you try and spot each turn as to not get dizzy and fall off the wang…..It’s just…so…..**Waking up…..stretching….why am I so hot??….what-ev, time to start the day…**

    • ROFL!! Molly…I LOVE IT!!! “Feeling like a record on a player…while you try and spot each turn”…OMG!!! DYING here. Love it!!

      I hope that it was the best way to start your day…ROFL!! 🙂

  17. This brilliant! Girl boner and the helicopter I gotta see to believe! My other half has issues with sex. I think she won’t let herself go.


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