Hubby’s Corner: What’s crack-a-lackling?

Happy Blogday to me!!!  Today’s post marks one full year since I posted my first Hubby’s Corner.

Now I know my 12 posts do not compare to Natalie’s 400+ posts but I still feel a sense of accomplishment and pride as I think back to the fun and laughs I’ve had over the past year and the sinking realization that our lives are just simply crazy and full of surprises, embarrassing moments, and little incidents that make you belly laugh to the core while tears run down your cheeks.

Just such a moment recently transpired.

Let me paint the mood. We just left our favorite Chinese place where we had a great supper with our friends Laura and Jeremy aka Laremey (portmanteau = Laura + Jeremy). We arrived at our local theatre, cutely titled “The Playhouse”.  We hand over our tickets and are escorted to our seats by a vest clad, flashlight-holding, middle-aged man.

The seats are plush, the lights are dim and we are all snuggled up tightly in our theatre style seating. We’ve got our usual crazy chuckle banter going on amongst ourselves. Always aware of my surroundings, I notice the seats in front of us are occupied and new patrons have just been escorted to the row in front of us. As the people currently seated rise to a standing position – it happened!!!

Directly in front of Natalie’s face – only mere inches away – was a big hairy, toothless grin of an ass crack! So with cat-like reflexes I nudge Natalie’s arm and like a deer caught in the headlights her eyes bulge and her mouth drops and remains open for several seconds. Laura seated next to Natalie, almost simultaneously discovers the spectacular view before her as well.

As I look over at the two of them preparing themselves for the inevitable ‘sit down’ my inner devil is tearing at my flesh in an effort to ask the pair of them “What’s Crack-a-lackling Ladies!” but alas I cannot. As I opened my mouth in an effort to speak nothing came out as the gentleman was in the initial launch sequence of the seated position and WHOOP THERE IT IS!!

We were all a captive audience to this indecent exposure several more times over the next 15 minutes period. Every time a person wanted in or out of the row in front of us, we knew what was coming and we all braced ourselves; white knuckled in our chairs. Some of us squinted, some of us looked away, but then you’d catch someone or someone caught you stealing a glance and the four of us would break out in hysterical laughter and tears.

We went to see some comedy at “The Playhouse” that night but what we couldn’t have guessed was that the most laughs of the night came from “Johnny Ass-Cracker” seated in front of us!

Writers Note: I try to reach out and touch all my readers, never letting any of them fall through the cracks. I do not claim to be a writer but I always take a crack at it. So please don’t crack down on my writing; stay calm; crack open a drink, crack some jokes, crack a window and crack a smile….causing you never know what’s crack-a-lackling here at Hubby’s Corner – a place for pondering!!!

Ever get a nasty, incidental moon show? Come on…share the wealth…

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  1. Natalie/Scott:

    Happy Birthblog Day to you both!!

    Just read the entry and it is hilarious! Glad that after all we’ve been through, that there are times when people can crack ; – ) a joke or funny story which makes our day. Look forward to more the same!!

    Sue Drive Safe, Drive Sober and if you suspect someone of driving impaired, please CALL 911

  2. HA-larious. 🙂 A friend and I used to yelp “Say no to crack!” at the Minnesota State Fair way back when, because man, did many guys forget their belts.

    Happy birthday AND blogging birthday! I’m feeling a little nostalgic, as I’m pretty sure I caught your first one. Keep up the awesome-sauce!

    • Hubby aka Blog Heckler says:

      My first one…ah yes *wind chimes*….the elusive partridge! We had one cone out of the woods and make its way to the bottom of the stairs off our back deck over the weekend…Nat teased that it must have seen me in the window and felt reassured it would not be harmed

  3. I’m cracking up! Did you see the ads this weekend for the long tail shirt? Supposed to reduce plumber’s crack! LOLOL!

    • Hubby aka Blog Heckler says:

      I’ll be sure to check em out…never know when something like this will make the cut for Nat’s Twisted Tuesday!!!

  4. Oh I hate it when that happens! That’s just SO disgusting. They need something like house dresses for men who don’t wear long enough shirts to prevent crack attacks on poor, unsuspecting eyes. Yuck. Thanks for the shout out, Scott. 🙂

  5. This post is 100% pure cracklesauce! Seriously, you’re cracking me up here. That view they gave you was simply specrackular! I mean, totally one of a cracking kind.

    I’m so glad you’ve been delivering cracking posts for a year now! Wow, you totally rock. Like, cracktastically rock.

    Okay, I’ll stop now. But I’ve got more if you need them. Always happy to fill in the cracks, you know. 😉

    • Hubby aka Blog Heckler says:

      Thanks for stopping by T-Bird….get that foot healed up sooner than later! Are you writing while on those pain pills? Could make for an interesting read!

  6. Oh, yeah ~ so are you and Natalie…

    Scotalie? Natalott? ScotNat? NatScot? HartKenny? Kenford?

  7. happy blogversary…lots of fun, as always.

  8. I can’t believe I missed one of your posts, Scott.

    I can’t believe someone in your group didn’t accidentally spill an iced drink down that crackling arse. Too late now, but think about the possibilities…


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