An intimate apparel overhaul

A weekend for a total intimate apparel overhaul

We laugh a lot about underwear here and over at Jenny Hansen’s (her undie chronicles are a staple in blogosphere hilarity). Here, we’ve partied to the panty anthem (you know…music that makes you want to take em’ off), panty’s for two (oh yes…get jiggy with your favorite person), kegel panties (cause tighter is always better), famine undies (cause we all got some nasties in the drawer…you  know you do!), and who could forget c-sting undies (the stand-alone thongs).

Today, I want to talk a little more seriously about the underwear drawer.

When hubby and I first got together, my underwear drawer consisted of a colorful collection of Hanes bikini undies in pink, white, black and blue. I am ashamed to admit, most of them were in famine undie state but whatever…they were comfortable, right? Broken in. Like an extension of my ass.

That was until hubby told me that those undies were like putting no-name steak sauce on a piece of Grade A steak.

Ever since, hubby and I have been in a panty drawer battle. I upgraded from Hanes to Calvin Klein bikinis with a 3-year-old nude bra. Voila, right? Not quite what he had in mind but he seemed to acquiesce. Then, last week, hubby said something to me that stopped me in my tracks.

I don’t get it. You are so into fashion, sexy, cute and sparkle when it comes to your clothes. You love feeling gorgeous. I don’t get why that doesn’t translate to your under clothes. I’d have thought you’d have wanted to have fun and feel super cute and pretty with bras and panties that sort of complement your personality.


I knew he wasn’t talking about sultry sous vêtement for him…in a sexual, lingerie-wearing kind of way. He was talking about me wearing things that make me feel as beautiful on the outside, as I do on the inside, from tits to toes.

I think I’ve always sort of categorised fabulously fun bras and panties as “uncomfortable” while cotton and plain with comfort. But…when I really stopped and thought about how my constant companion Calvin’s and brutal beige bra made me feel, I wouldn’t have exactly equated them with sexy, fun or fabulous. More like beige blaze.

I “save” my fabulous knickers for those special occasions, which just so happen to come around about twice a year. And although I’ve written about my realizing that no matter my size, I can wear clothes that make me feel uber hot, I don’t think I translated that lesson into my intimate drawer. I’ve told hubby time and time again that when I drop 30 pounds, I’ll expand my bra and panty repertoire.

Huh? What does being smaller have to do with it? Don’t chubby girls have the right to feel fabulous underneath their curvaceous clothes?

The scene from The Devil Wears Prada comes to mind.


I am definitely more like Anne Hathaway right now but I am realizing I want to transform into those sexy undergarment wearing models…only a plus size version (or real size as I like to call it).

I want to break out my “saved” fancies for every day wear. I want to find gorgeous, cute, sparkling bras and undies that are ALSO comfortable. I want to feel hot in my business suit and underneath it.

I set out on a mission this weekend. I hit the local intimate apparel store and tried on 20 or 30 bras in search of those that I could meet my criteria of A) comfortable and B) fabulously fun. And you know…I found a bunch! I stepped up my game with a palooza of matching panties in a variety of styles (no bikini) to experiment with what styles I find comfortable.

I came home and gave my intimate apparel drawers a total overhaul. Now when I open them, I see a cluster of color and sparkle. I am excited to embark on this new journey and will keep you posted on how I make out.

I do want to put a call out to the intimate apparel stores like La Senza, La Vie en Rose, Victoria Secret etc. PLEASE adopt a REAL-size line of products and marketing that reflects today’s REAL women! Come on people…full figured women like to feel pretty underneath their clothes too.

What does your panty drawer look like? Is it in need of a total overhaul? Do you think your under garments play a role in how hot you feel, no matter your size? Do you believe sexy and comfy can co-exist in intimate apparel? Do you save your fabulous knickers for those special occasions? Come on…share the wealth…

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  1. Good for Hubby – saying it in a way that made sense but didn’t make you feel bad. Love that man!

    I found the cutest Bali bras this year – I couldn’t believe how adorable they were on AND cozy. Pretty much if my bra is black, I feel like a sex goddess. (I don’t know why.) Ditto if my bra and undies match.

    I’ll tell you though, after more than 2 years, I STILL cannot wear any bikinis where the edge touches my C-section scar. It’s crazy uncomfortable. So, I’m not as skimpy as I once was…maybe some day. 🙂

    • Yes, he’s a total keeper. And then to take me shopping for like 3 hours while I tried on half the store…a saint! 🙂

      LOVE it Jenny!!! Cute bali bras…they sounds fabulous. I hear ya on the black, it’s definitely an upgrade from wearing nude ALL the time. LOL!! And add a cute black panty and BAM, you feel like Jessica Rabbit. And isn’t that what it’s all about…feeling hot in your own skin!

      Ouch – I bet that would feel weird. Well hubby reminded me it’s not about buying skimpy….It’s about making an effort to step out of the box and do what feels uberliciously fabulous. And I’ve come to realize that that feeling can be found in every single shape, size and model. So here’s to celebrating your Goddess Divine! 🙂

  2. Man! I need to go shopping! I always go for the neutrals… Yours is like a Victoria’s Secret shop!

  3. prudencemacleod says:

    Oh dear gods, Natalie. Your hubby is so right. I read this then took a sneak peek into the undie drawer. There were ogres looking back at me, old ogres. What a wonderful excuse for a major shopping spree and I am definitely going to have one very soon. Thanks for the great post, sexy lady.

    • OMG Prudence – you crack me up! “There were ogres looking back at me, old ogres…” ROFL!!! Well girl, you got yourself a GREAT excuse to hit the shops. I want to see a post with a picture of brand new colorful undie drawer! FREE the ogres!! LOL!!!

  4. My underwear drawer is like Nightmare on Elm St.—a dark, scary place most people would prefer to not go. 😉 Kidding, sort of. I’m such a bargain hunter, and investing in high-quality, awesome-looking/feeling underwear has always seemed impractical. But you know what? I would feel better and stronger with a little more TLC in that regard. And believe it or not, I’ve always felt like the Ann Hathaway character. (Many presume that anyone with modeling experience would feel the opposite—so not true!)

    I’m inspired, Natalie. Thanks for this post!

    • NO WAY August?!?! Now that I would have never guessed. I think you are right…I would have presumed you were big into the fashion and clothing. How fascinating!! 🙂

      When it comes to cost, on the one hand, I can see your point. It’s underwear…who sees it etc?!?! It’s such a small amount of material…most of it isn’t made SUPER well….But on the other hand, it is the stuff WE wear most and…feeling great about what we have on (from tits to toes) does rock. I am learning that….it feels fabulous!!

      So….get out their and splurge! And you never know, you mind find a few fab sale items while you are at it. My bras were buy one get one half off…or $10 off…so it wasn’t too bad. Hubby reminded me that it doesn’t always have to be a shopping spree…when I am out and about, I need to check the sale racks to slowly keep building my attire one garment at a time.

      Can’t wait to hear how you make out!!! 🙂

  5. OK I need to know what kind of bra you found that was cute AND comfy! And does it come in a D? I have the hardest time finding cute/comfy bras. I agree with your hubby…every day is a special day because YOU are special. So wear the pretty under things! Now I need to go shopping too!

    • Melinda, I have the perfect bra for you! Victoria’s Secret Body by Victoria bras are SO comfy and not only do they come in D, but DD or even DDD (online only). If you need more than a 38, then you have to order online, I think it went up to a 44 or something.

      I’m telling you… I can wear these puppies all day and feel nothing but bliss. That hasn’t happened in forever.

      • What GREAT advice Tameri!!

        I haven’t tried their bras but have ordered their swimwear and returns are easy-peasy! I’d order in a couple in a variety of sizes until you figure out what your VS size is…and then you are good to go! BAM!!!

        They have SUCH beautiful styles and colors. OMG!!!

        I think I just found my next shopping spree…LOL!!!

    • Girl…I hear you!!! I will admit, I did see some Ds out and about but not many. It’s tough for us more voluptuous girls. My ladies aren’t that huge but I am big around the ribcage (38 but I usually end up putting extenders in). So it’s hard. No question but…don’t let that hamper your quest. I would shop around, and keep at it. Maybe try some online stores. It may take some ordering and returning until you get their sizing figured out but I guarantee when you hit the jackpot, it’s worth it!

  6. As for most women, underwear was the last thing I spent much money on. My undie drawer was b-o-r-i-n-g! tons of white and nude….until I found myself single again many years ago. Buying pretty new panties and bras and teddies made me feel prettier and sexier. Definitely worth it! Now that I’m married again, I’m slipping into my old ways. Time to spruce up that drawer again! I’m right there with you on telling all the ‘beautiful people’ stores to get real and carry sizes for everyone!.

    • I think it’s a natural ebb and flow Marcia. We get comfortable. LOL!! The periodic sprucing is genius and you are right – there’s nothing more wonderful and empowering than making yourself feel sexy and HOT! BAM!

      I KNOW, eh?!?! Jeeze people….step into the 20th century and get some REAL sizes in your store with REAL models!! Good lord. It’s not just tiny tots shopping any more…LOL!!!

  7. I have total lingerie drawer envy! That is one gorgeous looking collection of undergarments. Love!

    As I mentioned to Melinda above, I discovered Body by Victoria bras and am in lust with them. I would say love, but they make me feel so uber sexy it’s got to be lust. You are so right, just because we aren’t pencil thin doesn’t mean we can’t wear fun, sexy under things. I love, love, love how Hubby explained it to you. Such a keeper!

    • Forgot to add… last night at book club I was so excited about my new pink bra that I had to show everyone ~ it has rhinestones on it! You totally need one, Natalie.

      • ROFL!! Girl…are we sisters from a different mother? At dinner Saturday night, I was so excited about my new “me” that I showed my best friend and her hubby a hint of my new bra…LOL!!! At a restaurant…LOL!!

        RHINESTONES?!?!?! PINK?!?!?!

        Must. Have!

        I am lusting after your bra….LOL!!

    • LOVE you Tameri!!!! You are soooo right….and I am totally feelin’ it! I can’t WAIT to buy my first VS Body by Victoria so that I can be in lust as well. LOL. 🙂 Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..

  8. Coleen Patrick says:

    I need to go shopping too. My drawers (and my “drawers”) are embarrassing! 🙂

  9. Hubby aka Blog Heckler says:

    Well his has been a blogucation!!!
    I learn so much on this blog 🙂

    A nude bra is like camo to a red neck….girl why are you trying to keep those ta-ta’s incognito. Blending them in with the rest of your natural skin tones….its like playing Where’s Waldo….ya know they’re there but ya gotta squint to see them as they just blend in with everything else around them.

    Haha ok enough fun…glad you are stepping into your Goddess Divine with a little extra fun and spring in your step.

    We had a lot of laughs in that 3 hour shopping spree.

  10. I have a couple of pretty black bras (one underwire which I probably shouldn’t wear outside during STORMS, hmm? LOL…lightening rod bras…jeez!). Anyway, the ‘drawer?’ If underwear were potatoes, my drawer would be the Irish potato famine. Enough said. Except maybe someday I’ll have one that looks like yours. 🙂

  11. Funny you mention this Natalie – I was just thinking i need to get some new bras. But after reading this I will likely try for matching sets. I’m the queen of white cotton….LOL hmmm, time for some color. I’m always afraid I’ll wear a hot pink bra under a white blouse and the whole world will know…but I guess they already know i’m a. female and b. have breasts. what was I thinking?

    • I totally get you Louise. Hence the reason I wore nude 90% of the time. I told hubby on the weekend that I was going to wear a white t-shirt with a black bra just to BREAK OUT!! Now, I don’t think I’ll go quite that far but…I think I am going to worry about it less and have more fun because YOU are right, people know I am wearing a bar. LOL!! Now…having pink thongs showing through white pants or peaking out the top of my jeans, NOT in my lifetime!! 🙂 The undies gotta stay low key…hehehe
      HAVE fun shopping and definitely pick up a few color pieces…

  12. your hubby is so sweet! I think he needs a thunder hug. Or shirt. Or something. the view looks good from here! Rock on, girlfriend!

  13. I admit to buying some nicer stuff in recent years, although I still like nice comfy cotton. You can also throw in a lace trim to pretty it up. But I had a real issue with spending so much money on a bra for a lot of years. I finally cracked and have found myself more comfortable than ever and my bras lasting a lot longer. My go-to places are now Victoria’s Secret (and they are great about helping you find the right size, which is a BIG part of comfortable) and Dillard’s.

    So glad you upgraded, Natalie! That drawer does look like you. 🙂

    • BAM…you got it Julie. I agree, it sucks to pay so much money for such a little bit of material but…it has a big impact on how we feel so I think it’s totally worth it.

      Wow, I have never tried VS bras but after hearing your and Tameri’s experience, I am super tempted to give them a go. They have the most amazing styles, colors and fits!!!

      Love it…my colorful drawers match my colorful personality. LOL!! Thank you Julie…sniff…so nice! 🙂

  14. Since I’ve lost a lot of weight my panty drawer went through a necessary overhaul because everything I owned was way too big! It was needed, though. Now I have a much more respectable panty repertoire. 😉

    • Love it Katie.

      A refresher is always a wonderful way to treat yourself after attaining such an incredible goal. Not to mention…a necessity. I am totally pumped to hear you are proud of your panties. 🙂 Luv it!

  15. I definitely think you are right. We should be able to wear undies that make us feel good. The problem for me is that it is far down on the priority list. If I have to choose between a top and undies or shoes and a bra, the undergarments are always going to lose out. I always tell myself as soon as I have some more money, I’ll get some new undies. Maybe it’s time I start upgrading my wardrobe, one pair of panties at a time. 🙂

    • Emma….I totally GET that! I normally feel the exact same way, especially given my clothing obsession. LOL!! But, I gotta say this morning when I slipped into this gorgeous embellished silver satin bra with matching silver cheeky panties…and put on my black pants and gray knit turtleneck…I felt incredible. Simply delicious. Like I was the complete package. I mean…no else but me (and hubby) knew and that was ok – I felt fab and walked with a little extra pride in my step.

      I definitely think upgrading one panty at a time is the way to go. Especially if you can tap into great sales here and there. Before you know it, you’ll have a bounty of beautiful intimates. Here’s to finding room in the budget for that little extra pizazz. 🙂

  16. Karen McFarland says:

    Okay Natalie, did ya leave any underwear at the store? Cause it looks like you bought the place out and are set for life. LOL! How do you now make the choice as to which color you’ll wear? Or does Hubby get to pick it out? Hmmm????

    Seriously, they look lovely. Now you’ll feel all pretty from the inside out. And you deserve it!

    See, I love bright, colorfull undies. And I love the lacey ones. Less is more I say. Yes, I’m a bit older than you, but since I’m petite my hubby says I can still wear them, so I do. It’s the bra that kills me. Every time I find a awesome, sexy bra that fits right, they go and change the style and I’m forced to spend an enormous amount of time trying on bras. Again. This happens all the time. I am convinced that men design these things. They have no idea how hard it is to find just the right fit. You know, so that the back’s not too snug, or that the cup fits properly across and supports the girls. So no, I do not have many bras. But I have a coupon for Victoria Secret and that’s my next purchase! 🙂

    • Here is our decision process.

      Me: Ok hubby, here is the selection of 20 bras to choose from – I like them all and they fit great – which would be your top 5 picks.

      Hubby: get them all!

      Me: no no…I can’t…no seriously…really…I only came in to get a couple…no really…seriously??? You mean it???

      Hubby: get. them. all.

      Me *grinning*: ok!

      LOL!! Hence the reason I got a drawer full. LOL!!!

      GIRL, YOU are my hero in the panty department. Look at you go and OF COURSE you can still wear them. You can wear them till you are 90 girlfriend…work it!! Always work it!!

      Sadly, I hear ya on the bras. Good lord, why can’t they stick with some staple styles that they just keep. I’ve suffered the same way you have and it’s likely why I don’t shop for bras too often….what I’ve realized however, is that although the time investment sucks, it’s worth it and it just must be done!

      Sounds like VS is the BOMB so good luck shopping up a storm and getting some fabulous finds to take your panty party to the next level! BAM!

  17. OMG, Natalie, I agree with Jenny – your hubby’s a keeper!

    A look thru my undie drawer is a scary thing…we’re talking…ahem, HOLES. Definitely, replacements are in order.

    For me, underwear is the intermediary between my inner Nature Girl and civilization. Clothes are only okay if the undies are comfy. I only feel right with the outside world if I’m not being pinched/pulled/ridden-up-on. (Ever try pulling down the back of your bra strap in church – DISCREETLY?

    For me, cotton rules, along with waistbands/straps/hooks, etc that don’t rub or pinch. Comfy panties are fairly easy to find, but a bra…? I think it was Amber West who likened strapping on a bra to caging squirrels; after giving birth to 3 children, that’s kind of what it feels like to me, LOL. And I have the same ribcage issue you do, Natalie! I have to have a 38, and even then it feels like I have to break it in. Sigh.

    Glad you found some great stuff! Enjoy!

    • HOLES?!?!?! Replacements in top order Kathy. LOL! 🙂

      I hear ya Kathy – comfort is key and I am here to tell you, I definitely found a few super comfy bras that are colorful and embellished so happy hunting! It sucks that it takes so much time but the finds are well worth it.

      I hear ya. I get the extenders so I can make my 38s a bit looser. I am shocked they don’t come larger in basic stores nor are most bras made with the softest, most stretchy material?!?! If only….maybe someday! 🙂

      Happy shopping!!

  18. Oh my. I seriously need a undie drawer overhaul. Hormones, pregnancy, long-time nursing, all of it has caused so many changes and left cute underthings low on the priority list. But I really do need to get some cute, comfy underduds.

    Especially undies. That drawer is a nightmare.

  19. “Broken in. Like an extension of my ass.” You are a genius.

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