Worlds collide: pajamas and jeans

I am all about fashion and comfort colliding. At home on the weekends, I live in yoga pants, a variety of sweats, ball caps and sneakers or flip-flops. When I head out to catch a movie or see friends, I toss the comfies aside and although I don’t go high fashion, I usually shower, toss on some make-up and fix the hair, whip on a pair of my favorite jeans, cute top and some heels.

But what if these two worlds COULD collide?

What would I give to have my favorite jeans FEEL like yoga pants?

Does such a world exist?

Apparently it does. Hubby fired me a cryptic text on Saturday that said “blog post…pajama jeans…” I was stumped but my fav gal pal knew exactly what he was talking about.

OMG I’ve totally heard of those,” she said. “They are jeans that fit and feel like pajama bottoms.


Online I went and lo and behold, there is such a thing as Pajama Jeans (US site here & Canadian site here).

Creaters claim that Pajama Jeans are the most versatile jean ever; made for work, play, working out, travel, and even sleeping. Wrinkle resistant they are tailored with high contrast top stitching, brass rivets, and back and front pockets that give them a “European designer” look. They have a mock fly, no buttons and a hidden front draw string.


Ummm…these are sounding a lot like the comfy jeans that my bestie mistakened for maternity jeans.

They are made with a cotton-spandex-denim blend and lined with Dormisoft that not only stretches (my fake maternity jeans do that) but is also super soft on the skin. Ummmm…tempting!!!

In Canada, they come in boot cut and cost around $50. In the US you can get them in boot cut or skinny jean and they cost around $40. They are available in sizes from XS to 3X.

Unfortunately, they only come in 31 inch inseam (for all sizes) so that sort of sucked the excitement out of me. I don’t buy a pant, comfy or not, that has less than a 34 inches inseam. I might be comfy and able to roll out of bed and onto the runway in Pajama Jeans but with a 31″ inseam, I’d be looking like I was prepared for the next great flood. No thanks.

I am not so sure about the infomercials claim that they are“the fashion sensation that fits every figure perfectly” but the “smooth butt lifting design” is certainly appealing. Who doesn’t want their ass lifted while wearing something that feels like jammies?

Anyone try this “fashion sensation” yet and care to share a review? Would you be happy to combine fabulous jeans with comfy PJs? What’s your favorite multi-function fashion must-have? Come on…share the wealth…

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  1. My wife has two pairs of them. She absolutely loves them! And, you can find them in the “Made for TV Aisle” at CVS so no need to pay shipping.


    • Brilliant Steve. Great to hear a real-world review and nice to know they can be found in a few stores to save the shipping. Luv it! Thanks for swinging by and sharing the deets. 🙂

  2. they look comfy 😀 !

    • Don’t they though?!?!?! I might get a pair, even though they’d be slightly “floody” on my just for have to lounge around the house!! Anything that stretchy and soft would be a delight! 🙂

  3. Hubby aka Blog Heckler says:

    So would this be more ‘urban’ or ‘redneck’?
    I can’t decide…AGH!

    I guess with these you really could just roll outta bed and head off to work.

    What’s next? High heeled slippers?
    One piece business suit with the trap door in the back?

    Where does the insanity end….it doesn’t end here that’s for sure…Hubby’s Corner perhaps??…not a chance!!!! KA-SNORT! (In Gloria’s name….AMEN!!!)

  4. Coleen Patrick says:

    I love my yoga pants too, but I do have a pair of jeans that are so soft and stretchy I actually can exercise in them! 🙂

  5. I don’t know why you’re so worried about it. Just wear the pajamas. People around my neck of the woods wear them all the time in public. Kids wear them to school. Moms wear them to the market. God knows EVERYONE wears them to Wal-Mart.

    I have seen people wearing pajama bottoms into the courthouse!! Hopefully they are not attorneys or court personnel, but who knows. Here in California we’re all for – if it feels good, do it! (Just for the record – I have never worn pajama bottoms in public.)

    And yeah – one size does NOT fit all. I’m short, but I still have issues with pants that are too short. I’d rather have the hems draggin on the ground than riding above the backs of my shoes.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • I didn’t know you were in California, Patricia! What part?? (I’m in Orange County)

    • I am totally moving to your neck of the wood Patricia! I think I’d fit RIGHT in. That’s one motto I can really get behind…IYKWIM!! LOL!!

      Girl…I hear ya on the length and could NOT agree more! Too short is just nasty and not much one can do about it. It’s not like we can glue material ON whereas if it’s too long, we can roll up or get hemmed…why do retailers NOT get that yet?!?! Beyond me…

  6. You could not, repeat, not, pay me to wear those. I love yoga pants — even to travel in, especially with a well cut top and jacket, that is super comfortable. But I want my jeans to be jeans and my pajamas to be pajamas. I’m a purist (totally not, I just wanted to say it). 🙂

    • ROFL!! A jean and PJ purist…LOVE IT!! Say it girl…gotta exercise our favorite words. The other week I was all over plethora for some reason. 🙂
      I hear ya…I’d have to try them just to see before I say “yay or nay” but…I have a sneaking suspicious they wouldn’t quite measure up to either my fav PJs or my fav jeans but?!??!

  7. Hmmm…. I love comfy jeans, stylish yoga pants, and vice versa, but don’t think I’ll be sporting these any time soon. LOL Interesting idea, though! It’s amazing what people come up with, and gets sold. And wow, I’ve never spent $50 on PJs. Am I a loner on this?

    Fun post, lady! Thanks for the fabulous shout out. 🙂

  8. Sounds like a great idea. I would love to try it if given the opportunity to do so but I will be so confused, “Should I wear it indoors or outdoors?” 😛

  9. “smooth butt lifting design”? For $40?! Sounds like a bargain to me.

  10. The only saving grace on these IS the idea of “smooth, butt-lifting design!” I still wear my maternity jeans because they’re so cozy but they scoot down over the butt if I’m not vigilant. These would not.

    Price to not have my BFF threatening a closet intervention? PRICELESS. 🙂

    • ROFL!!!!! PRICELESS is RIGHT!!! 🙂

      I wonder just how “lifted” things get?!?! More research and personal testing required. 🙂

      I hear ya…the draw string would be key to saying “no” to crack. LOL!

  11. Hmm.. They definitely look a little maternity for my taste. I think I’ll stick with my oversized sweatpants and yoga pants on my around-the-house days!

  12. Okay I ordered some and I hated them as jeans. Maybe they’ve improved them since then, but they weren’t jeans I’d wear out and about. And I didn’t need them as pajamas. I just wanted comfy jeans. I got GREAT comfy jeans from Coldwater Creek and they work as jeans, too. LOL!

    • NO WAY?!?! Finally a real live tester. 🙂

      Yeah, I was wondering how they’d fair in doing double duty. My thoughts was they’d struggle to be a great pair of jeans and/or a great PJ…but fall somewhere in the middle of both where it makes sense to just keep the two separate. The concept itself is fab but wasn’t so sure on execution. Sounds like your experience is just that….

      Coldwater Creek…hmmm…must go google! 🙂

      • Yeah, I returned them (the pajama jeans) really fast, but LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Coldwater creek jeans. And they hold their shape pretty good for all day wear. Maybe its my age–and relationship with gravity (strained)–but I need more than pajama material between me and the world. LOL!

        • I am going to have to invest these fabulous jeans you mention!

          Girl…I know what you mean! I don’t think pajama jeans would have enough spandex to really suck and pull in what I need sucked and pulled in! LOL!!

  13. I live in an area of Indiana where some women actually do wear their jammies to the grocery store. OY! Usually it’s flannel pants and slippers… no nighties yet. I have had the pleasure of seeing the subject of your blog and I can tell you that they aren’t jammies, they don’t look anything like jeans ( except maybe the faux stitching and pictures of grommets on the pockets, lol) and they aren’t yoga pants either. Sorry to burst your bubble. They sound like a great idea but until someone improves them I think I’ll stick with my yoga pants and real jeans.

    • Who are these women going to the grocery store in flannel and slippers?!?! Seriously?!?! I am stunned. LOL!! Perhaps I need to lower my standards?! 🙂

      Ahhhh….I agree the concept sounds just delicious but…perhaps some improvements required before they actually fit the bill. Here’s hoping someday. LOL!!!

  14. Skidding in before the closing bell rings and Urban Word Wednesday goes up tomorrow.

    Phew! So glad I read the reviews before I purchased. All that time wasted, tho’. Wandering about Starbucks seeking help measuring 31 inches stern to stem…IYKWIM.

    One of the regulars at MY Starbucks comes in every morning around 10:00 dressed in flannel PJ bottoms (lovely bunny, floral, peace signs) in pastel colors She has a variety of restaurant, bar, and slogan tee shirts. Color coordination is not a consideration. Nor is coming one’s hair. Bunny slippers! She needs bunny slippers instead of her manly brown slip-ons. I love her because…

    She has a nice smile, and…

    She makes me feel good — even on bad hair, and puffy tummy days.

  15. I have a pair of leggings that are printed on like jeans. They are hilarious and sooooo comfortable!

  16. I had to laugh when you said you don’t buy anything with a 31″ inseam because you’d look like you were preparing for a flood. When I read 31″ inseam, I thought “I’d have to hem them and that’s extra work.” I now feel like a midget 🙂

    Thanks for the shout-out!

    • LOL!!! Too cute Marcy!!

      Well, 31 inseam wouldn’t likely be tooo bad with flats but…one wash and they’d be done cause ya know everything seems to shrink and inch or two. Personally, I like all my jeans nearly dragging on the floor while wearing heels hence the reason I go for 34 inches…hehehehe…it’s me who’s the freak here. LOL!!

  17. Susie, are those jeggings? I’ve heard of them and these wackadoodle pajama jeans. I’m with Amy ~ No freaking way! Even with the butt lifting, I’d never wear these out in public and if I’m at home, I’ll wear my comfy pjs where no one can see me but the dogs and my family. Yikes!

  18. Could really be the perfect writer jeans.


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