A girl needs her nest

Last week Jenny took over my blog and we all had a blast tearing it up in the comments section. If you haven’t stopped by for a read yet, I highly recommend it. But set your drink down first. It’s a definite snorter.

In part of the comments, Amy started a discussion about vajazzling (y’all know I am a huge fan…I’ll BeDazzle anything). Jenny did not like the idea of putting glue on her hooha and assumed she’d have to get a Brazilian (you know…wax the vajayjay bare…) to vajazzle. I assured her that a) with a little soak in the tub, those little gems would fall right off and b) in my humble opinion, there’s no need of a Brazilian to vajazzle (perhaps just a little tidy and trim before you dress up the kitty cat). Vajazzling isn’t just for bald girls.

Then Kathy drops a bombshell that had howling in laughter!

“Brazilian – those look like naked armadillos. A girl needs her nest.”

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. This is going to be my new life motto.

I do have a couple of gal pals who swear by and love Brazilians. They do them for a number of reasons. One finds that the lack of hair has reduced her yeast infections. Another just loves the look and feel. Both swear that once you get used to it, it doesn’t hurt. Another has gone so far as to have electrolysis to make her bald muff permanent.

And I say “you go girls!” Ya gotta do what feels right.

But for me, Kathy’s totally got my vote; a girl needs her nest. I think it’d feel weird to look down and see…no hair?! Mind you, I am all about keeping kitty clipped and snipped; all the better for vajazzling, right?! Just like a girl needs her nest…a girl needs a little glitter.

Now, if only someone had the solution to ingrown hairs, I’d be set.

What’s your vote?

Have you tried a Brazilian? Was it as painful as it sounds? What would ever prompt you to try one? Any secret weapons against the bikini line ingrown hairs? Come on…share the wealth…

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  1. Ha! You crack me up. So does Kathy.

    I went for a “painless” wax last year for kicks. (Lordy. Auto-correct just changes ‘kick’ to ‘licks!’ LOL) It was so painful, and I bled, a lot. I’ll take nest over distress any day. 😉

  2. Oh, wow, Natalie…you and Jenny are sooo inspiring when it comes to the kitty-cat topics! I guess, once you get me going, look out! I live vicariously through you guys. ME-OWW!

    Thanks for featuring my comment in your post today! I’m getting a little verklempt… 😀

    I hope none of the Brazilian gals were offended, because you’re right: it all comes down to a girl doing what’s best for her – whether smooth, fluffy, or bedazzled. Girl power!

  3. Comments on that blog will live in my memory for a long time, Nat and Jenny. Tooooo funny! LOVE IT that Kathy brought her wild side to the party.

    Okay. Confession(s) time.

    First confession out-of-the-box (IYKWIM — a Ka-Snort to Cowbell Jenny on that one). Way back in my twenties, I had a boyfriend who apparently spent far too much time with Hustler Magazine, IYKWIM. One prod led to another and I shaved my way to Naked ArmadilloVille. Yep. No. Lie. I now understand why men say their beards itch in the early stages of growing one. Never. Again. Ever!

    At least men can itch their chins in public. Not quite the same for women in pubic public.

    Second confession: I had a gig for a while writing marketing copy for a local salon in exchange for free styling. One of those marketing specials included a Brazilian Blow-out. Hmmmm. I knew what a Brazilian was. Was a Brazilian Blow-out an extension from there to all other body hair? I queried my friends. Nobody knew. The deadline approached for the marketing piece and I could not ask the male owner what it meant.

    Google to the rescue! Phew! It’s a process used to tame thick, unruly, curly hair…

    The long kind. On the head.

  4. Ouch…Mind you, when I was young, hubby and I plucked a small, discrete heart up high in the nest. It was great fun until I had to go to the doctor. LOL no bedazzling, plucking or dyeing for me. (You do know that the nest changes as you age, right?)

    I have learned to never read anything you write with hot fluid anywhere near me – it always ends up on my monitor. LOL

    Thanks for the shout out Natalie.

  5. gingercalem says:

    Between you and Jenny, I’m having a blast this morning laughing my kitty off. 😉 Literally guffawed at ZKullis’ reply, ‘I’m half Brazilian and we take our kitties very seriously’. Nearly fell out of my chair!

    Ok, here’s my tip and probably far more than anyone wants to know about my nest-management. I spend a good portion of my year in a bathing suit. And not just lounging and reading (which I LOVE) but crawling all over the boat, reaching for skis, digging for ski ropes … you get the idea. Fly-aways from the nest would not be welcome. I use a depilatory like Veet (and scissors). Works awesome. No bumps, no itching, just smooth where you want it to be smooth. Leave what ya need.

    Finally, super big thanks for the shout-out. Honored to be in such great company. HUGS!!

    • Veet works?!?! Seriously?!?! I don’t know how many times I have stared at the bottles and wondered and then…walked away. All this time the solution was staring me right in the face. Fabulous. I am so glad you shared Ginger and I’ll be hitting the drug store this weekend and hooking myself up! BAM!

      My new motto: just smooth where you want it to be smooth. Leave what ya need.

      I know…Zack had me HOWLING!! LOL!!!

      You are so welcome…HUGS back! 🙂

      • gingercalem says:

        Yep, it works. I use the cream. Apply it where I want. Putter around in the bathroom sort of getting ready for shower, etc. Then shower, shampoo, shave, etc. … then with a wash cloth, rub off the Veet and be left with smooth where you want.

        • Shut the front door!?!? Dreamy!! I am picking it up tomorrow and going to give it a whirl. Brilliant Ginger…thanks for “laying it bear” here! 🙂 My poor bikini line thanks you!

          GOOD LUCK next week – you are going to rock it out!!! 🙂

  6. It just keeps getting funnier! Ouchie on the ingrown hairs, I do like my kitty pretty — but, back in the olden days of birthing, they’d shave you clean, but, er, not in a delicate way — think of this sound: shqeeg, shqeeg… Yowza! So that was my introduction to the Brazillian, no thank you — they didn’t even offer me a cocktail.

  7. Natalie – You are light years ahead of me. I’m not doing anything with glue anything. Of course that might have to do with my pending surgery. Can you imagine me showing up in the surgery suite with beads and bangles for a hysterectomy and the surgery crew saying what’s this woman up to now–I want them focused on the business at hand–not on what I’ve picked up from your blog–no matter how funny it is:) So for the meantime, I think I have to stick to passing on advocacy pointers and let the wild child items go over my head. The stuff you guys come up with is such a hoot!

    • Sheri…I think that’d certainly raise some eyebrows…LOL!!! Dang girl…you totally should just to see if anyone says anything and if nothing else, give them someone fahhhbulous to chat about all day long. 🙂 But you are right, they should be more focused at the job at hand. 🙂
      Wow – I hope everything goes smooth and well with your surgery. I hear it can be a long recovery so be sure to take care of you and give yourself time to heal before jumping back into activities. I’ll be thinking about you and sending you healing vibes!!!
      Your advocacy tips rock…I’ll take all the help and guidance that I can get so keep em’ coming!!!

  8. Definitely never gone armadillo. I do recall seeing a product, a hair dye, so your “rug can match the curtains.” LOL!

  9. Nat, do they have Bikini Zone up in Canada? Here’s the link: http://www.bikinizone.com/anti-bumps-shave-gel.shtml

    I use this after any shaving, Nair-ing or waxing and it keeps the bumps from happening. It’s magical stuff. Try it and let me know if it works. 🙂

  10. I have gone the Brazillian route. My husband’s reaction – “Oh my God, what the hell happened?”

    Image his response if I – um – decorated? It’s not worth the risk. At his age he can’t handle those kinds of shocks very often. Besides, glue and that part of my body just don’t mix. I’ve learned to glue responsibly. Besides I pick at hang nails, I’d probably be walking around like a duck with something foreign stuck down there. Makes me shiver.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • No, no glue – they’re more like stickers. Not that I’m trying to talk you into it.

    • OMG Jansen, your hubby CRACKS me up! I’d say if the Brazilian stopped him in his tracks, vajazzling would most certainly put him over the edge. No need to chance it.

      But I am with Amy…if you ever want to go for a little shock and awe in the boudoir, you can get BeDazzles that are just stickers you can remove right after you pick his jaw up off the floor or put a pillow under his fainted body. 🙂 Viola, no duck walk for you…LOL!!!

  11. Mother. Effer. This entire conversation is absolutely BRILLIANT.

    I’ve gone the full-shave route (whatever, I was young and naive) and ohhhhh, that grow out period. So. Damn. Painful. But my nest tends to get a little wild, so a trimming is definitely a must. However, as I am allllll about the bling vajazzling is definitely on my list.

    Thanks for all the laughs, ladies!

  12. No. Just no. Wax applied…and ripped off certain places is just WRONG. Maybe I’d try it if I knew for 100% sure that Nair would make me walk like a bowlegged cowboy because of an allergic reaction, I’d give the look a try…but it just seems to me like trimming works. At least for this coward.

    It was fun reading about it though…and laughing over the comments again. 🙂

  13. That was awesome! I love your new motto! I agree that bald isn’t where it’s at for me. I don’t want to feel like I haven’t gone through puberty. And any guy who wanted that would definitely creep me out. But I do get waxed. I like to have a landing strip, right down the middle. That way you never have to worry about any stray anything and you can look and feel like a grown woman. And it helps keep me warm in the winter! 🙂

    • ROFL!!! Winter warmth. Damn straight…it’s a real issue here in Canada…I hear ya girl! 🙂

      A landing strip is both lean, mean and clean yet womanly. I couldn’t agree more Emma. It’s the best of both worlds. BAM!


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