Urban Word Wednesday: Voicemail Voice

Welcome to Urban Word Wednesday! New words, phrases, and sayings I am learning (and using in my day-to-day life) brought to you by ME…and the Urban Dictionary. You are gonna love these!

Voicemail Voice: A more serious, professional tone of voice typically reserved for voicemail greetings. It’s often misused in casual, less business-oriented settings.

Examples Of Use:

Hubby and I were at the airport gearing up to fly home after an absolutely stellar weekend at the MADD Canada leadership conference. We were catching a connection in Ottawa and were running late. I stopped to grab a quick coffee and the barista noticed my new, pink and white I Promise bracelet. We enjoyed a little chit-chat while she prepared my caramel macchiato.

Barista: OMG that is so cute. What’s the promise for?

Me: I know…isn’t the pink and white fabulous. The bracelet signifies the promise I’ve made to drive sober.

Barista: really? Wow. That’s kind of cool. I didn’t know there was such a thing. Where do you get them?

Me: oh you can get them from the company’s website. It’s www.ipromisemom.com and the bracelets cost $5 with $2 going to MADD Canada. They have a ton of colors. You should check them out. They even have key chains and you can custom order a bracelet.

Barista: soooo cool!!! Thanks…

*I walk away to join hubby and head to our gate*

Hubby: look at you little I Promise sales rep!

Me: gotta spread the word big guy!

Hubby: absolutely…I think you did a great job but what was that voice you were using? High pitched and all excited…you were like the ultimate used car sales person….schmoozing her right up!

 Me: that was my voicemail voice. I thought it sounded more professional. Too much?

Hubby: never too much…maybe you could bring that voice to the bedroom…and sell me?!?!? Very hot!

Do you have a voicemail voice? When do you break out the ultimate professional tone? Do people tend to respond to you differently based on your voice and approach? How would make out as a sales person? Come on…share the wealth…

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  1. The voicemail voice – I think I have to practice mine.
    Thanks for the shout-out!

  2. I have ‘voicemail/phone voice’ too. It’s what I use when actually on the phone with someone, and it’s not as serious as when I leave messages, but it’s professional, sweet and very pleasant. I learned it taking angry phone calls for one of my jobs, and now I can’t seem to shake it! It’s a complete switch from my normal voice. I get teased a bit for it.

    • No way?!? That’s so cute. It’s amazing how once trained, some habits are super hard to break, eh?!

      Hubby has a very unique voice and drawl whenever he gets on the phone with his Dad. I can be anywhere in the house and if I hear that “drawl”, I know he’s talking to his dad. The redneck version of the voicemail voice, I’d say. LOL!!!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting Addy…Nice to have you here. 🙂

  3. prudencemacleod says:

    Hmmm, I’ll bet that voice is indeed sexy. Now I really do have to make that trip to NB

  4. Ha! I love it, Natalie. I should probably don my voicemail voice more often. I did have to work hard to keep my cool at the dentist yesterday when hubby’s 15 minute appointment turned into 4 hours. (More details, not worth sharing. ;)) Does that count???

  5. Love how the hubster takes advantage of every opportunity, LOL! Voicemail voice instead of bedroom voice. 😉

    I definitely have a “professional” voice that I used while teaching, and I think it’s sneaking in when someone asks me what my novel is about. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. Hmm…

    The bracelet is super cute, too!

  6. I’ll bet you could use a helium balloon voice on the hubs and sell it. One senses he is HUGELY smitten with you and that always makes me smile. A hubs should be smitten with his SO. Rock on both of you!

  7. I hate my voicemail voice! Maybe I need you to do my voicemail since you seem to have a sexy voicemail voice. I sound like a dude in recordings. Not sexy or cool. At all.

    I love my ‘I Promise’ bracelet! I got pink and purple. They rock.

    • Sounds like dude?!?! NO way…LOL!!! I’d happily record some sexy voicemail voice recordings for you. LOL!! I can just hear it now…all breathy and hot! LOL!!

      Awwwww…LUV it Tameri!!! MWAUH!!! xox

    • Hubby aka Blog Heckler says:

      That must have made for awkward phone sex operator voice…but I guess there is a market for everything these days.

  8. I just ordered a bunch of I Promise bracelets to give out at Hallowe’en to the older kids … who shouldn’t be out trick or treating anyway! You’ll have to send us an audio file of your voicemail voice, Nat!

  9. My voicemail voice is the one that contains no profanity. I don’t use it as often as I should.

    I work in a law office and am responsible for answering the phone. Don’t think I have to remind myself, every single time the damn thing rings, to use my voicemail voice.

    My friends don’t especially like the non-voicemail voice (my regular voice) when their children are around, but hey, what can I say? I gotta be me right? Like their precious little brats have never heard mommy and daddy swear.

    I’m only exaggerating a little bit. I love my friends’ kids. Most of them. And I can refrain from swearing when I set my mind to it. It’s just so dang freakin’ hard to remember.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • ROFL love it Jansen!!

      You have no idea the struggle…ok, you obviously do…it is to maintain my voicemail voice (and keep a lid on the potty mouth) at work ALL day every day. It’s like torture.

      So come the week nights and weekend, I am sorry but I let er’ fly. If a person feels their children are just too sensitive for it, my advice is to keep them away from ME! 🙂

      Well…like you I do try but having no children, I often forget those little ears are listening for my one slip up to then torture their parents with.

      Just the other night at a restaurant (where it was kids eat free Tuesday), two young women and their toddlers had the misfortune of sitting next to hubby and I when I bit my lip (HARD) and my restaurant voicemail voice flew out the window as I said, loudly and with force, “mother f*cker!”! Dang….did I ever get evil eyes but man…it hurt!!!

      Ya win some, ya lose some! Besides, you can’t tell me they don’t hear worse at school! LOL!

  10. Oh, I totally have a voicemail voice, but it doesn’t work in person. It comes out whenever I put a phone to my face and it goes away as soon as I’m off the phone. I think if I tried to use it in a face to face interaction I wouldn’t be able to take myself seriously!

  11. I LOVE to turn on my voice-mail voice just to mess with entertain people. Hey! I have slow days. Boring days. I feel like misbehaving days.

    “Hello, you have reached the office of Gloria Richard. I’m sorry, she’s not interested in taking your call at the moment….”

    “Hello, you have reached the offices of John Richard. He’s not available to take your call at the moment because his morning coffee kicked in. Please, leave a message at the sound of the flush and he’ll get back with you.” BLEEEP!

    John needs to make some new friends, tho’. I’m running out of target audience candidates.

    L.O.V.E. the idea of Helium Balloon voice. I think that’s one you and Scott should try in public.

    If you ever get over your reluctance to attract attention in public.

    • LOVE it Gloria…girl’s gotta find fun where she can. LOL!!!

      I know, hubby and I are such WALL flowers. We really need to get over it and branch out. LOL! Love the idea of using helium balloon voice in public. That’s if I could stop laughing long enough…heehee!!

  12. Almost typo’d “pubic” on purpose in that last sentence. Then, I thought better of it. Then, I thought what the cluck.

  13. Natalie — are you sure that was voice mail voice and not ‘I’m so excited to promote something I honestly believe in?” It’s not often we have the honor to feel good – the warm feeling we get from head to toe and makes us all tingly and I’m not talking about sex – feel good. I’m speaking of the joy you’re finding in volunteering and believing in a cause. Keep it up, the joy spreads.

    • Awwww so true Sheri! It might have been all the joy, honor and pride just busting out. For sure. I think enthusiasm is contagious and I love to share and spread the wealth. 🙂

      Thanks for the vote of confidence and encouragement. Luv it and so appreciate it!

  14. Trudy Pickles says:

    Just ordered our iPromise bracelets / keychains for stocking stuffers, Thank You Natalie and Scott for prompting this wonderful organization. Love you both.

    • That is AWESOME news and what a FAB idea Trudy!! I’m gonna have to place my bulk order for XMAS gifts!! Woot woot!!!

      LOVE you too…thank YOU for all your amazing support!! xox

  15. ‘voicemail voice’ never heard of it. depend on you, Natalie

  16. I don’t know if I have a “voicemail voice,” but I do try to tone down the Texas accent when in a professional setting. With my good friends, I’m all “Hey, y’all! How’r you doin’?” Then when I’m all business, it’s “Hello. How are you this evening?” LOL.

    • LOL!! Oh Julie, I think your Texas accent would be just delicious!!!! There’s nothing better than a southern drawl!!! But I hear ya…love how we all seem to have a voicemail voice that’s a “toned” down version of our real-life, relaxes selves. 🙂

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