Missed Connections…the truth revealed

Yesterday, Jenny and I shared a little Missed Connections fun with y’all and I have to say, you guys leave the BEST comments. Here and over at Jenny’s, I’ve been rolling on the floor laughing my butt off. Love it!

So today, as promised, the truth shall be revealed.

Let’s start with my post.

Which Missed Connection was fake?

  1. REAL: I missed you…shit  23.53% voted for it being the fake…But it’s real (although the post has been deleted by its author, it was the real deal).
  2. REAL: The big blue box  11.76% voted for it being the fake…But it’s real. I can’t even begin to imagine what this big blue box is…a new term I am unaware of? Must investigate further!
  3. FAKE: To the cute guy in lime green tank at gym by 6 am  41.18% voted for it being the fake…You guys are BRILLIANT and totally picked me out. All I did was write about what I want to do to hubby…all the time…growl! Maybe that was the dead give away as Gloria suggested in the comments…dang! I am so transparent.
  4. REAL: Just can’t get my head around  5.88% voted for it to be fake. But it’s real. Sounds like this lady has had a bit of a rough time. I’d say go with option 1) the guy is a jerk.
  5. REAL: You stuck my flash drive in your vagina  17.65% voted for it being the fake…but it’s real. I know?!?!?! Who does that and who then WRITES an ad about it?!?! Although this post is from 2010 and no longer featured on Craigslist, it is/was definitely real.

And which one did y’all find funniest?

Now…let’s have some fun with Jenny’s Missed Connections.

Which Missed Connection was fake?

  1. REAL: I Saw Your Thong  13.04% voted for it being the fake…But it’s real. I give the guy points for his sense of humor. Perhaps if he paid homage to Bathtub Jesus, the God’s would shine on him and answer his Craigslist prayer.
  2. FAKE: Naked In The Trash  26.09% of you nailed it – total fake! Well, partially. This Missed Connection was inspired by Jenny’s hubby who did see a naked lady change in the trash area outside his work. Although it was not a missed connection experience…more like a 16-year-old boy getting his first show!
  3. REAL: My Next Happy Meal  43.48% voted for it being the fake…But it’s real. I know…like who posts on the web only being able to last 2 minutes?!?!
  4. REAL: Strong Legs On Kelly Drive  17.39% voted for it being the fake…But it’s real. I hope he helped the poor girl up after her near miss of duck poo!

And which one did y’all find hilarious?

  • I Saw Your Thong  52.38% outstanding choice y’all. I’ve been busting my gut all day about this one.

Be sure to visit Jenny’s Blog on Friday where she’s going to do a compilation of all our Missed Connections fun so you can vote on your ultimate favorite. Then…stay tuned for Monday’s post here where I…with all my esteemed experience and knowledge…will offer some dating advice to the winning Missed Connection. Of course with my own urban redneck flare. Should be…interesting!

And since it’s Twisted Tuesday, I leave you with this Craigslist Missed Connections parody fun:


It’s your turn…why don’t you take a crack at writing your own Missed Connection – fake or real? Or take a few minutes and find a favorite or outrageous one to share with the group…there are so many out there ripe for the picking! Come on…share the wealth…

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

More blog deliciousness here:



  1. ROFL, Natalie! I only had time to stop at Jenny’s yesterday, so sorry I missed your “connections”! (Missed Connection…get it?) 😀

    Jenny faked me out big time…I thought for sure with her previous “Christian panties” blog posts that the Bible-dropping thong-wearer was the fake! LOL!

  2. The Big Blue Box? Totally referencing the Tardis from Doctor Who. I really thought that was the fake one. Loved these Natalie 🙂

  3. Love the Doctor Who one. 🙂

    Hmmm…I’ll have to think about creating one. Before craigslist was “all the rage” I read a newspaper missed connection that was about me.

    It described me, my car, and the spot I went for lunch almost every day perfectly.

    (At which point I switched lunch spots for a little while. 🙂 )

  4. I was so wrong! But never had so much fun being wrong! LOLOL! Thanks for all the fun!

  5. You ladies slay me!

  6. Okay, here goes:

    I saw you at the vending machine yesterday. Your ass is a little to big for your jeans, but I like how the string of your thong showed over the top. I noticed you chose the cookies. Oreos are my favorite too. I was the guy with the plaid shorts hanging below my knees and the black tank top. If you saw me you would have noticed that I have a lot of hair on my body. I think we were meant to be together. If you feel the same way, meet me tomorrow at the same place. I’ll buy you Oreos and we can talk about waxing each other’s bodies.

    Eww, that’s just gross. If I had more time I’d come up with something better, but I’m sticking with that one for now.

    I guessed right on yours from yesterday but wrong on Jenny’s. I’ll try harder next time.

    Thanks for the fun. Good reading again today.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  7. I gave it all I’ve got to give with my mixed connections offerings on both sites yesterday and on your first blog post on this topic, Natalie. Woot! I guessed right on yours and I second-guessed right on Jenny’s. It was her “Boy, Howdy…” that made me rethink my vote.

    Yesterday was a riot! Loved it.

  8. Flash drive tampon was REAL? Yipes. That’s crazy. The person didn’t even sound crazy, grammatically. For some reason, I’d expect that sort of message from someone who spells ‘flash drive’ with a silent K or something. LOL Such a fun blog game, Natalie. WOOT!

    Thanks for the awesome shout out! The new season of Revenge starts next week! Get your sassy sexy dresses ready… 😉

    • I KNOW?!?!?! Near died reading your comment when you wrote about the grammar thing. Definitely something you’d expect but I figure since someone was stealing his flash drive, it must have been corporate espionage meaning this guy was gainfully employed some place yummy. LOL!! I mean….why else would you steal a flash light…using your vagina?!?! HAHAHAHA!!!!

      YES!!! I told hubby we need to rent season 1 so we can get up to speed and start watching it weekly….maybe I’ll “dress” up for each show. He’d be on board then. LOL!!


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