Digging the letter “J” and Kathy Owen

I am not sure how the whole thing got started but there’s a little game flying around the blogosphere where peeps get assigned a letter and share their top 10 things that start with said letter. I first came across Myndi Shafer’s love affair with the letter B and then…Kathy Owen’s follow-up frenzy with the letter R.

Well…not wanting to be left out of anything, I begged Kathy to assign me a letter and let me play along.

She gave me…the letter J! Squeee!

I am so excited because the letter J is uber sexy (I mean…look at those curves….) not to mention, there are a ton of fabulous things that I love that start with the letter J. Today, I shall share with you my top 10. Buckle up!

1. Java: Girl gots to have her java! I am not the ultimate java drinker like my blog BFF Jenny Hansen (who is a fabulous J herself…she actually dreams of bathing in java). But I do like my one cup a day in the morning. It’s like I can’t really get started till I’ve sipped away a hot steaming cup of java. Yum.

2. Jacked Up: I love TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress and when they launched the Atlanta version with Lori and Monty and their beautiful southern accent…well I just about died and went to heaven. A PVR staple in my house, these two also coined the term “Jacked Up” which is all about bedazzling their brides…LOVE IT! I like to get jacked up all the time!


3. Jewellery: well duh?!?! Of course jewels are in the top 10! The bigger, brighter, fanciers, and flashier…the better!

4. Jackpot: what I hope to win someday but also one of mine and hubby’s fav slang sayings we use to indicate we found something that’s either A) fabulous or B) has been lost and is now found.

Me: Hey hubby…get in here…and bring the olive oil.

Hubby: Jackpot!

5. Just sayin’: another favorite slang saying that I am wearing out. It’s my cover when I know I am being too blunt with someone.

Me: You totally need some extensive therapy to deal with your daddy issues…just sayin’!”

Goes well with a triple z snap and some head bobbing.

6. Jiffy Pop: Hubby and I have a little story about Jiffy Pop. Y’all know we love camping. With no microwave, Jiffy Pop is a fantastic popcorn treat to cook up over an open fire. But…one needs to shake the Jiffy Pop over the heat so the kernels don’t burn.

No problem. Most campground fire pits have a grill top so you can cook on them. Or set Jiffy Pop on them and use a stick to shake it.

One night camping, hubby and I got a little tipsy around the fire (shocking…I know…). And of course, we got the munchies. So…we decided to whip up some Buttery Jiffy Pop. The only problem, the fire pit didn’t have a grill top…and we didn’t have anything to put the Jiffy Pop on.

Not to fear, hubby (the ingenious little bugger that he is) rewired the Jiffy Pop’s handle around a long stick so we could hold it over the open fire and “shake” as required. With the butter sizzling and the kernels just starting to pop, we awaited snack heaven with bated breath. However…in our excitement, we accidentally pierced a hole in the container. DANG! Before we knew it, all that delicious popcorn and butter poured into the fire…

But that wasn’t the worst part.

Seconds after…FLAMING popcorn started FIRING out of the fire.

We literally had to dive to take cover.

Jiffy Pop has been a fav in our house ever since. You can’t buy that kind of entertainment!

7. Je t’aime: I love you in French. I love you in any language rocks!

8. Jell-o Shooters: a party staple! My fav…strawberry with coconut rum. Yum! Looking for some recipes to try? Check out some ideas here.

9. Jansen, Jenny, Jami, Jennifer, Jillian, Jody,and Julie: DUH?!?!?! Some of the BEST bloggers around!!! And people I’d totally share my Jell-o shooters with!

And last but not least…cause y’all know I love to laugh…is:

10. Jeff Dunham: one of my most favorite comedians EVER! He is a ventriloquist with characters he’s made himself that totally come to life on stage. You forget they are dolls…it’s amazing. Hubby and I saw him last year and near fell off our chairs laughing. If you ever get the opportunity to see him, GO! He’s probably most known for his character Achmed the Dead Terrorist but I loved them all!

So what are some of your favs that start with the letter “J”? Stories behind the pick? Feel free to play along in the comments…or I can always assign you a letter so you can play on your blog (or pick your own and join in). Ask and you shall receive.

More blog deliciousness here:

  • LOVED Julie Glover’s post on why we cuss – totally thought-provoking!
  • Lisa Hall-Wilson’s post on raising expectations Pretty Woman style reminded me a lot of my post on how buying clothes for my bigger bode really helped fire up my confidence. Loved it Lisa!
  • Absolutely stupendous post by August McLaughlin on loving ourselves…just as we are!


  1. Awesome job on the list! I’d never heard of Jacking up a dress before. Loved it! Jacked up where I come from is more like Gretchen Wilson’s song…:-). Now I may have to check out that show…

  2. I bet if you did a campsite survey, you could gather a multitude of Jiffy Pop stories, no problem! We have tried to make it for years, and almost always ended up with a stinky, burned mess. Ah…memories! I think the best effort, though, was when my brother in-law wrapped a towel around the handle, which was WAY too hot to hold and ended up scorching a flaming hole through the lovely bath towel AS WELL AS burning the popcorn! I suspect he buried the towel and never told my sister in-law! Here’s hoping she doesn’t read this blog!!

  3. Natalie! Fab post, girl! I loved them all. You did a terrific job. 🙂

    The Jiffy Pop story just had me ROFL; I could totally see you two diving for cover as flaming kernels of Jiffy Pop Death whistled through the air! LOL!

    Thanks for the fab shout-out, and have a great week.

  4. P.S. – Maybe you could do a “Camping Chronicles” series on your blog from time to time…I’ll bet you’ve got a multitude of fun stories to share (loved the caterpillar one, for example)!

  5. Ska-eeee! New “J” blogs to visit. If you love ’em, I know I will. I found you through comments on Jenny Hansen’s Cowbell Clang. (I’m addicted to her blogs.)

    *sad face*

    My laptop, Huey P ACKard, does not like to play videos. I’ll have to wait until someone with a connected laptop uses the facilities at Starbucks today. Just sayin’…

    Imitation being the sincerest form of compliment and all that jazz.

  6. I can see the popcorn jets of flame shooting out into the night. ROFL. too funny girlfriend. I love Achmed. my nephews introduced me to him a few years back and he always has me holding my tummy

    • It was life and death at the campground Louise. Dangerous stuff. Who knew?!? LOL!!

      I didn’t even really know who Jeff was to be honest. Hubby got us tickets and I was like “who is this guy???” Well…I LOVE him and can’t wait to see him again. His talent is outstanding. Especially when he gets 3 and 4 dolls going at once. Impressive and hilarious!

  7. My favourite word that starts with the letter “J”….John!!! My wonderfully, fabulous, loving hubby!!! 🙂 I feel for him sometimes, though. His name is also referred to as a bathroom (Excuse me, I have to go to the John), a customer of a prostitute (self explanatory), and the brunt of all the “little Johnny” jokes that go around. I also have a brother named John and one of my son’s has the middle name John. It is the best “J” word for me!!!!
    I would have loved to have seen the popcorn fireworks!!!! Hilarious to visualize!!!!

  8. My daughter’s name starts with “J,” as do my brother’s name, his son’s and my fab departed Mommy. So yep, I’m a big J lover. And JAVA…oh mama, that makes me happy! Thanks for the link!!

    p.s. “N” for Nat and “S” for Scott are now two of my fave letters. Plus, I decided to play along and Marcia assigned me T, so stay tuned. 🙂

  9. Justifiably jiving and jumping jack-injuding, Natalie! I’m DIGGING these letter-love posts. What we we writers and readers do without them? I’m sipping java right now, actually. Another favorite J-word for me is Johnson—as in much of my family, not the band aids. Ha. T

    Thanks for the awesome shout out! I think of Lisa every time I hear “Pretty Woman” now—rockin’ post. And I can’t believe I missed Julie’s cuss-fest. Off to fix that. 🙂

  10. Thanks for the shout out. I’d never heard of Jeff Dunham before – that was pretty funny! Loved the jiffy pop story btw.

    • Oh Lisa…I hadn’t either till hubby took me to a show…he is outstanding and his talent is jaw-dropping especially when he gets 3 and 4 dolls going at once. You’ll definitely have to check him out if you ever get the chance…
      Tks…hubby and I always seem to find adventures even when we are doing the most mundane activities. LOL!!

  11. oooh, what wicked fun! J is an awesome letter. My son’s name is Joshua, so that rocks for me (we named him after the cat, so I really like that name). J is for Jamboree – cause I’m always up for a festival of some kind anywhere! Especially music.

  12. Coleen Patrick says:

    I agree jeff dunham is hilarious, but your flaming popcorn story had me going today! LOL

  13. A great response to your letter Natalie! One day I’m getting “I kill you” for a ring tone, LOL

  14. Great J’s. Love the Jiffy Pop story! Duck and dodge flaming popcorn. Cheap fun. And Jell-o shooters are an anytime favorite of mine.

    Keep the good stuff coming.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  15. Natalie – I save your blog until around 6:30 p.m. – that’s the time of day I really want to run away and hide from the keyboard. After reading your blog–I’m charged up again and ready to work. You are one fiesty girl and I love it. By the way–soon as I can drag hubby out of his Jewelry studio where he works with precious gems (designing and manufacturing) although he hates the word manufacturing because it’s all hand work – I’ll have him show me how to post that picture I promised you of the lawn ornament:) And, I am truly happy your J words included Jewelry – matter of fact – I love many of your ‘J’ items.

    • Sniff. Sheri…Nicest compliment EVER! Thank you so much. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your words. Totally moved me and lifted my spirit. Thank you…so much!

      It takes a fiesty girl to know one!!! 🙂

      Your husband makes jewelry…that’s incredible! So does my step father…Of COURSE it had to be a part of the Js…love it!!!

      I can’t WAIT to see that photo…LOL!!

      Again…sniff…thank you for the kindest words ever. Made my day!

  16. Great job with your letter, Nat! I LOVE Jeff Dunham! He’s the most amazing ventriloquist! I also love jewelry and Jammin’ bands. I remember the days when there were tons of bands to watch locally and especially loved it when a few would get together for a jam session!

  17. Great post, Natalie. Used to love Jiffy Pop and haven’t had it in forever. And YES on Jeff Dunham. We just watched one of his specials the other day and even Grace loved it. Silence! I kill you!

  18. Hubby aka Blog Heckler says:

    What about ‘H’?

    HA HA: what Nat says when I ask her to do ‘Blue Jobs’- (that’s not a typo – Blue Job =opposite to Pink insignificant things ie start BBQ instead of reorganizing the makeup drawer)

    HONEY: The word I use before or after ‘Would you start the BBQ?’

    And my favorite ‘H’ combo….
    HOT n HORNY: Nuff said!

    HH: bra size?

    And let’s not forget…..

    Blog Jack? HELL yeah!

  19. Love your J words, Nat. Sorry I’m a bit late here! My favourite J-word is “Jack” – one-half of The Adorables, my 4-year-old grandson.

  20. Karen McFarland says:

    “Flaming kernels of Jiffy Pop Death!!!” I am so glad that I didn’t miss this! I had forgotten about the flaming kernels. I grew up on that stuff. And it just about burned down our house! I guess I would have to say one of my favorite “J” words is Jolly! 🙂


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