Hubby’s Corner: One person’s junk is another person’s treasure!

Here at HC Headquarters we’ve previously detailed the relationship differences of Hot vs Cold.  Today we are dumpster diving head first into the relationship difference of Junk vs Treasure.

I’ve been a die-hard dumpster diver from as far back as I remember. It all started back when I was a kid and my father would take me along to our weekly dump run. While Dad was off-loading a truck full of boring garbage bags, I was lost in a fantasy world of wrecked metal cars and scrap metal looking for that one significant object that could be used for unimaginable fun; building something uber-cool! The possibilities – endless!

After the truck was empty, I’d throw my treasures in the back and Dad would always chuckle and say “I came to drop garbage off – not bring it home!

And that’s where it all began…

My sweet wife Natalie – let’s just say, does not share the same vision and imagination when it comes to my “treasures.”  She likes things fashionable – great packaging – showroom condition and top shelf all the way!

More than once I’ve brought something home from walking the dog on garbage night. Only to hear “they threw it out for a reason!

{Note from Natalie: let us not mention the broke-ass screen tent that you brought home and spent hours putting together only to discover, it really was a piece of shit. Don’t even get me started on the junk Christmas tree stand you insisted was fine. Might I remind you of the pine needle explosion followed by the emergency trip to the hardware store to pay top dollar for the last remaining deluxe tree stand that you tip your hat to every. single. Christmas! I will however concede that the washing machine inner drum that you literally dumpster dove for WAS in fact…genius! It served us for many a wonderful fires. All that to say…the treasures do NOT outweigh the trash albeit, the adventures are always good for a zillion laughs! And ain’t that what life’s really all about.}

One of many “treasure” signs you can find at the Flea Market

Our differences in this area were never more apparent than recently when I took Natalie to the NB Antique Auto Club annual flea market in Sussex. This place had it all; $5 parking, $10 admission, food vendors, and a full afternoon of junk treasure exploration in the 4-6 hours range. There was bounty as far as the eye could see.

We are talking knick-knacks, antiques, car parts, etc. Anything my wildest imagination could muster – I’m sure it was there…and up to me to uncover and discover.

Then I saw it – THE LOOK – it was the same look I got when I returned from walking the dog on garbage night. Similar to Lynnette Conroy’s Look of Death!

It was then that I knew that my little Love Peddle…my Flower…was not having it and not feeling the same excitement and magic as I was. I will say, my little Trooper held on for a full 2 hours below waving the white flag!

We still had a great day together holding hands and laughing. And as I walked through the flea market, I recalled the day we first met….and I realized Natalie must have been dumpster diving and thought to herself “one significant object that could be used for unimaginable fun; building something uber-cool! The possibilities – endless!“ when she stumbled upon me.

And I obviously thought to myself “hmmm! Fashionable – great packaging – showroom condition and top shelf all the way!

So I guess we aren’t that different after all and one person’s junk IS another person’s treasure!

What are some of the different quirks or interests between you and your partner that you indulge? Do either of you like to dumpster dive or hit flea markets? What trash treasures have you brought home? Come on…share the wealth…

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  1. Hubby aka Blog Heckler says:

    Hey there was a working drill too that I still have today….just needed a new cord 🙂

  2. Oh, Scott! I’m SO with you on this! Since I began writing a few years ago, I haven’t had time to indulge much. What I used to go after were old chairs in decent condition. I paint them and put on new seats or I make the seat area into a planter with chicken wire or cut a hole in the wood seat and place a plant pot there. Then I’d sell them. (I still have a dozen chairs in my basement to work on-but no time) I used to take my son to the flea market with me. He’d look for cool knives and I’d scout out interesting pieces of furniture that i could repurpose or fix up. I also look for unique dishes since I like to set a colorful, mismatched but coordinated table for company. And then there are old mason jars which can be used for a million things! And antiques! Years and years ago when the country/rustic style of decorating was “in”, I loved hunting down antique tools and decorative pieces for my home. I guess I just love turning something old or in poor condition into something useful and gorgeous!

    I love that sign! And that Auto Club Flea Market? I would have been as excited as you to dig for treasure! Nat’s a good sport to go with you and my Hubs is, too, when he goes with me. But they just don’t understand, like you said, “the possibilites” really are exciting!

  3. I never find anything worth it when I go junk shopping myself. For a few years, however, I ran a massive garage sale for our church preschool, and, without much digging at all, came across a beautiful suit which I still wear, wall sconces that hang in my guest bathroom, and a set of stoneware that matched what I already had thus doubling my place settings.

    Typically, however, I’m all about newness and packaging. Unless, of course, you call it antique or vintage, and suddenly my interest is piqued. Somehow “vintage” sounds so much better than “used.”

    SO love the conclusion, hubby.

    Thanks for the shout-out! Gotta love that 80s fashion. 😉

  4. LOL, you are a treasure!!!

  5. Okay, that’s just sweet! And romantic! Your guy is a keeper, for sure. Hubby is a geologist, so much of his “treasure” is in rock form. Boxes and boxes of them that will perhaps become a memorial fireplace some day. (grin) Our children view them with horror, so that option isn’t open to me.

  6. Aww…thanks for the mention. 🙂

    Do I dumpster dive. Nope. I did ONE time…and that was in the broken-down-cardboard-box-only dumpster behind the dollar store. Gotta have boxes when you’re moving, and you can pack a lot more into your car if they’ve been broken down first. 🙂

    Anything else? Sometimes, when I’m in a mood to redecorate, I’ll hit the Hospice store. Not long ago, I picked up a huge, framed pastel painting of a turn of the century beach scene (NOT the most recent turn of the century).

    And I like buying blue jeans that are literally on their last legs. With a 100 pound pit bull mix that loves to chew…there’s never been an indestructible toy that he hasn’t chewed to bits in short order. Soft toys…his favorites…only take minutes. So I’d rather spend a couple of bucks on an old pair of jeans that my daughter and I can knot a few times, than $15.00 or $20.00 on rope toys that he’ll have shredded before the day is over. Old sheets work, too…and you can usually get 3-4 good sized knotted toys out of them. The secret is to NOT leave more than an inch or two between the knots. 🙂

  7. This is a post after my mother’s bargain-hunting heart. 😉 My hubby is definitely more interested in getting the best quality product, where I seem to have inherited my mama’s gene. Attitude seems to play a key role in what one finds at sales (and in my mom’s case, at people’s curbsides, too.). I swear, she dreams up something fabulous she “must have” and it appears at a garage sale for 25 cents.

    So glad you both had fun at the flea market. With that sale title, I say she earns fab wife points for attending. LOL Great post!

  8. Hey, Blog Heckler Hubby (and Nat)!

    It’s such a shame you don’t live closer. We routinely put stuff at the curb hoping someone will pick it up. I used to add “Free to Good Home” signs, but discovered that’s not necessary. You’d have a rocking new BBQ (propane tanks not included).

    If nothing else, it would replace your washing-machine-drum-as-fire-pit. When my hubby is cranky, I try to get him to stand out there, but he refuses. Go figure…

    Pound your chest, clever man, for the relationship tie-in at the end on junk-with-potential and high-end-packaging. Nice!

    I will expect an Urban Wednesday post with similar word play on You Pick ,’R, I’ll Dick ‘R. The unsuspecting public deserves a beer spew or two over what the two of you could do with that one.

    • Hubby aka Blog Heckler says:

      I think it could be a new game show!

      Does your friend have a history of nasty pick ups?
      Does he pride himself on his gruesome female picks?
      When out on the town is your friends motto: “go ugly early!”

      Well get him to a casting for “You Pick’er and I’ll Dick’er” or its sister game show “Take’er Easy and If She’s Easy….Take’er Twice!”

      Haha – Thanks Gloria *pounding chest*

  9. Ohmygawd! I’m crying laughing here. You are so freaking funny, Scott AND Natalie. I love your analogy. If I ever make it to Canada, or you make it to SoCal, we HAVE to go flea marketing. You and I could be dangerous. I’m always finding things and thinking,,, hmmm, what could this be used for? It usually ends up on the side of my house for an undetermined amount of time and then my hubs will throw it out. Needless to say, I rarely notice when he does. I think you and I are in love with the possibility of what something could be. I am curious if you have ever made something amazing from your treasures? Except the fire thing, that does sound cool. Anything else?

  10. Shy – never. Getting rid of ‘stuff’ is never difficult if your career moves you across the pond a lot. Each time we were due to move back to the states, somehow, ever so mysteriously, at least one and sometimes two of my ex-husbands crates would go overboard never to be found again. What can I say — lost at sea. I know, my things never went overboard. Strange how things like that happen. Of course, to claim reimbursement with the government, you had to be able to prove you owned the stuff in the first place. I had the biggest inventory of receipts and recorded pictures you can imagine–but alas, never of the stuff that went overboard. After all, most of it was from many moons ago or collected from foreign garbage. There’s more than one way to take care of the problem.

  11. Hubby aka Blog Heckler says:

    In my childhood – creations usually had something ro do with home made go carts…or building something motorized/mechanical.

    In my later years – its mostly about unique junk that might be used to get me out of a jam. I rebuilt a bbq with copper tubing off an old shower and some wire. I’ve used a piece of an old fishing net to repair a gas line.
    I coming up short on the creative creations…I guess I’ve always been more hooked on the possibilities than the actualities. Nat says I just collect junk.

  12. I freaking love haggling. Whether I got a deal or didn’t get a deal, the “Dick’R” is the key. That being said, I do love a good deal. And I like to think about all the crafty projects I will do, even though I never actually DO them. It’s a good thing I have a “top shelf” man…like your lady, he keeps me in line.

  13. Thanks for the fab shout-out, Natalie and hubster! Loved how poetic hubby the blog heckler was. Who knew? 😀

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