Tasty tacos and tube steak delight

So yesterday I was talking about how I’ve recently discovered olive oil as a fabulous new sexual lubricant. One of the great things about using it in that fashion is say mid-session you or your partner wanna head downtown for a little nibble, you can. No more worrying about ingesting store-bought lubricants. You can lower your cholesterol with heart-healthy olive oil while you pleasure your partner. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

I mean, hell, why not toss some garlic or oregano down there and make a salad out of it?!

Ok, maybe that’s pushing the olive oil envelop since I doubt my hooha would appreciate being sprinkled with garlic…nor would hubby be thrilled with me making his rod a balsamic salad stick…

But…this did get me thinking.

God help us!

I got to thinking about products that enhance that taste of giving oral pleasure. I’ve never found the intimate canned whip cream too tasty (go for the real deal on that one) but hubby and I have tried some flavored gels that work wonderfully. Chocolate, mango, BANANA…yummy!!! Though if you plan on getting back to basics afterwards, not so sure I’d want that sticky stick on the inside, if you know what I mean?!?! And although they might “enhance” the flavor…they don’t always completely hide the taste…

Till NOW that is…

One of my loyal readers (THANK YOU) forwarded me this fabulousness: MASQUE Sexual Flavors.

Developed by a team of scientist and researchers, MASQUE is like the fellatio version of Listerine dissolvable strip. It’s an engineered formula that combines individual taste blockers which are microencapsulated on a paper-thin, orally dissolvable strip that you place on your tongue moments before the big event. It’s specifically designed to completely conceal the taste of semen. Shut up?!?! Seriously!??!

The strips enhances the taste with either chocolate, strawberry, watermelon or mango flavors (all with a slight hint of mint) while, supposedly, completely neutralizing flavors associated with oral sex on men, especially the taste of semen (salts, bitters, and proteins).

Although not designed to be used the other way around, if you want to pleasure your lady friend and send her man in the boat sailing, the FAQ portion of the website says that they’ve received reports of women enjoying the hint of mint in the downtown region.

And they last up 15 minutes.

Although if hubby last 15 minutes, I won’t be talking right for a week!

How do you keep things spicy in the bedroom? Know of any fabulous oral pleasure taste enhancers? Would you give MASQUE a try? Come on…share the wealth….

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

(P.S. I LOVE it when readers come across little delights and forward them my way…if you find something you’d love to see featured on a Twisted Tuesday, send it over via the Contact Me form)

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  1. Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

    Is this the equivalent to taking your sex-ed book to school and “educating” your class-mates???? Things never change!!! The blogosphere will never be the same again! LOL!

  2. OH, I just laughed thru this entire thing! Strips? REALLY? This could change the course of Blowjobdom for all men everywhere!

  3. Great post, Natalie! I think trying new things, in and outside of the bedroom, can really spice things up. I read a cool study that showed that dopamine and other falling-in-love hormones spike in couples who’ve been together for years when they tried even the simplest new things, like a new restaurant. Not quite as saucy as flavored lubricants (LOL) but I find it exciting. 😉

    I think empowering ourselves by viewing our sexuality as something we have individually, and not just with our partners, can also help women. Reading or watching empowering erotica, writing sexy scenes—about us our partners or not, and running around naked for the fun of it… Whatever floats your inner-sexy-goddess’s boat!

    I love that you talk openly about sexuality. It’s so important, and you really open the gateway (WIDE! lol) for conversations and thoughts worth having. Thanks also for the fabulous shout out!

    • You are so right August…anything couples (and singles) can do to keep things spicy, vibrant, and alive is alllll good and worth trying. There is nothing quite like having FUN in the bedroom…

      Awwwww so glad you appreciate the “wide open” posts…LOL!! I say…why the heck not! Someone’s gotta talk about this stuff…why not me, right?

      Hubby is right, in elementary school my Mom gave me a book that outlined where babies come from in a child-friendly book. I took it to school and ‘educated’ all my friends….teachers and parents were not impressed…LOL!

      Happy day….

  4. Now I know what I didn’t know! Flavor enhancers, who knew?!? I love what August said, you are awesome for posting about these things. Sex isn’t some scary, dirty thing not to be talked about, it’s fabulous and finding ways to make it even better? Bonus! Can’t wait to see what you have next week. Thanks for the mention, it totally fits with today’s blog topic!

    • Awwww THANK you Tameri!!!!! Sex is something to celebrate and have FUN with…absolutely!!!

      Next week….hahaha!! I will have to see what I can find…LOL!

      Loved reading more about your WIP today…wow…a long time in the making but sooooo worth all your efforts! I want to be one of your FIRST buyers!!!!

  5. Natalie, you are just a breath of fresh air, and I love your posts. I wonder if those “infused” olive oils would make things interesting? 🙂

  6. So let me get this straight. You’re pleasuring your man and then, before the big moment, you excuse youreself to open a foil packet and pop in a flavor strip. Hmmmm. It would probably take me 15 minutes to decide what flavor I was in the mood for and by then, well, the big moment would have already happened and I’d have missed it. Or, as my luck be, the foil packet wouldn’t open and I’d have to get up and get the scissors and . . . oh I don’t know scissors on the bed could be somewhat dangerous. This sounds a little complicated.

    Some pre-planning is necessary I see. These couldn’t work for those spur of the moment quickies. Let’s say we’re watching a movie and we’re both suddenly horny as hell. I rip open my husband’s fly and . . . wait, the flavor stips are upstairs. Damn! “Honey, start without me!”

    Fascinating product. Again – who thinks of this stuff?

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • ROFLMAO!! OMG your comments are seriously hysterical!!! Soooo true, I think these products do require a bit of pre-planning…

      But you could come up with two options for your darling husband:
      1) The pre-planned full meal deal!!! Oh yes…
      2) The spontaneous “I don’t swallow…this is just foreplay…” good times…

      Best of both worlds. LOL

      And I agree…there is no place for scissors in the boudoir…

      Fab comment Jansen…keep em’ coming!!!

      Life Out Loud: be yourself…everyone else is taken
      A blog by Natalie Hartford

      • Well, I’ll tell you if my husband finds out about these, he’s just going to stick them on himself and present them to me for savoring. Husband – “Hey Baby, want a little mango smoothie?” I can just see it know. Please, do NOT pass this information along to my husband.


        • OMG Patricia…ROFL!!

          No worries…it stays between you and me darlin’!!

          Hubby found out the FAB folks at MASQUE are sending me some samples (aren’t they awesome) and now he’s waiting by the mailbox for his blowjobs…LOL!!!

          I wouldn’t inflict that on you…ROFL!!

  7. GOOD information to know, Natalie! Hopefully they’re not as strong as Listerine strips because I think hacking like you have a hairball, and fanning your mouth with your hand would take something away from the moment. 🙂

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