Celebrate national underwear day with a panty party for two

I can’t believe both Jenny and I missed that it was National Underwear Day (NUD) on August 5, 2012. Alas, all is not lost. Jenny gathered the troops and we are going to do some panty partying like there’s no tomorrow. She kicked things off with a little belated NUD shindig with 8 hilarious undie facts and today, she took it to a whole new level with a post on VIBRATING panties. I gotta be honest. I think I want a pair!

Well dust off your tiaras and whip out the feather boas, it’s time to rock the panty party with Fundies; the underwear built for two!

They may look like unsuspecting plain old cotton undies but these super-sized, four-legged banging briefs will have you and your partner setting the sheets on fire.

No arsenal of erotica is complete without a pair.

Not to mention, the versatility. You and your partner can wear the briefs front to front or back to front depending on personal preference and favorite position.

My concern is mine and hubby’s propensity towards clumsiness. It’d definitely be interesting trying to maneuver into these orgasmic undies. I pray they are made with lots of spandex. Albeit, getting IN them would be half the frisky fun. I am not sure we could do it and stay vertical but hey, it’s all about getting horizontal, right?!?! It’s getting back OUT?!? Let me just say, I’d be keeping a pair of scissors handy for an easy exit.

Any Fundie fun to share? What’s the wackiest underwear adventure you’ve ever attempted? Think you’ll add these to your boudoir box of love? How are you celebrating national underwear day? Come on…share the wealth…

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

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  1. Starting the playlist for these undies…

    I think [I can’t get no]Satisfaction definitely falls off the charts. Come Together would be a good one followed by Let it Be

    Especially if you can’t find those scissors, Nat!

    After this and Jenny’s Vibrating Undies post, I’m flummoxed on what I can bring to the Undie Chronicles Party.

    Repeating my comment on More Cowbell…

    Do you suppose I could get away with the doohickey balls featured in Fifty Shades? I could Someone might attach them to undies, right?

    ERK! I Googled for the correct name (Ben-Wa) and can’t imagine the nature of emails I’m about to receive. Just in case you’re curious…

    Sales have jumped since the release of Fifty Shades and they have free two day shipping on Amazon. It’s gonna be a long drive home from Pennsylvania…

    I wonder…

    Must not go there. Must not go there.

  2. Oh my Lord. Hubby and I would be tripping and falling all over the place, lol. And add the balls? Wow!

  3. All I can say is oh my. I’m laughing too hard for more. I think The Undie Chronicles needs to be a reality show. I mean, seriously, now much of this stuff actually, er, works as advertised?

    • I forgot to follow comments, so this is a random post so I can. LOL!

    • I know…I’ve often wondered the same thing Pauline. How I wish I was independently wealthy so I could spend my days actually BUYING and TRYING all this stuff! Can you imagine the FUN!
      Hi…yes…who do you work for?
      Oh me…well, I’m a self-employed undie/sex toy product tester!
      WAHAHAHAHA!! Some day!!!

  4. It would be funnier than sexy to use those undies! But then why bother with Fundies…nothing at all is just as much fun!

    • HELL yes Marcia – so true!
      I will say, there’s nothing quite like giggling with hubby to get my mojo going. When we laugh together, it’s like an aphrodisiac so maybe there’s something of value to the fundies cause there’s no doubt, we’d be LAUGHING. LOL!!!

      • Anything that makes intimacy more fun IS worth it, Nat! 🙂

        • AMEN Sista!!! 🙂

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  5. I’ve been permanently scarred by the undie posts from you and Jenny! It just feels so wrong now to put on a normal pair of panties. Where’s the challenge in THAT?!!! LOL. Seriously, I thought leopard print undies were edgy at one time in my life; boy, have I gotten an education! I don’t think the Fundies are practical, but practical isn’t the point, right?

    Okay, here’s my offering. I’d like someone to make a pair of guy’s undies with a cape. Seriously, men think their little guys are like superheroes anyway; so let’s go with that and let them live the dream. I can just see it now: Hubbies everywhere proclaiming, “I’m Mighty Spouse, and I’ve come to save the day!”

  6. I wonder if they come in other colors. I mean I’d have to match my cupless bras and mile high stilettos, not to mention the velvet hand cuffs and other accessories.

    And are they one size fits all? Because seriously, my husband is quite a bit taller than me. We don’t exactly meet in the same underwear wearing spot when we’re standing face to face. In order to get him into those things in a size that fits him, I’d be like wearing a one-piece bathing suit.

    Fifty shades of ugly is what we’d be.

    I wsh I had some fun underwear escapades to share, but alas I don’t. As I always say, nothing really fun happens when you’re wearing underwear. So you wanna have some fun? Off with your shorts.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • ROFL!!! GREAT visuals Patricia. I am dying here just thinking about your hubby in the undies which makes you in a bathing suit. O.M.G. Stellar. Sounds like perhaps instead of stilettos, you might need stilts.
      If they don’t come in other colors, I suggest you head to the wash bin downstairs and try tie-dying a pair yourself. I plan to BeDazzle mine. I mean, it’s all about customizing, right? 🙂
      Off with your shorts…AMEN to that!
      Thanks for the FABBB comment. I’ll be giggling all day! LOL!

  7. Ha!!! I can just see my hubby’s face once I whip those bad boys out. 😉

    The whackiest undie fun I’ve had was a frozen underwear sword fight (the undies were dipped in water then frozen in sword shapes) on a friend’s roof. Besides that, the parade we’ve been chatting about might top the charts!

    Thanks for the fun post and awesome shout out. 🙂

  8. You would have thought that by now I knew not to drink anything while reading the undie posts on your or Jenny’s blog! There goes another keyboard 🙂

  9. Gloria’s playlist is awesome! These panties are way too much fun. I think you’re right – getting into them is part of the party. Getting out? Why would you want to do that? They keep you nice and close. Reeeeeeal close.

  10. Keeping the scissors handy, Nat? Promise me you won’t go Loreena Bobbit on hubby!


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