MADD about virgin drinks

It’s summertime. We are hosting BBQs, family get togethers, and parties of all shapes and sizes. Everything we host is BYOB (bring your own booze) and I always have some pop, water or juice on hand for the non-drinkers and designated drivers.

Then I realized what a douchebag hostess I was being. Yes. A douchebag!

Water. Pop. Juice.

Come on….I can do better than that to support those people who are committed to driving sober.

Meet the MADD Virgin Drinks! Aren’t they PRETTY?!?!? Love!!!

MADD Virgin Drinks are mocktails – delicious non-alcoholic drinks that are just as fun and fizzy as their sister cocktails. You can get red or white wine, different varieties of specialty wine like sangria, margaritas and mojitos, champagne, and lime beer (one of my personal favs)!!!!

The company was inspired by MADD Canada. In acknowledgement of the work the organization has done to educate the public about impaired driving not to mention the thousands of lives that have been saved from their efforts, MADD Virgin Drinks was conceived to support the work of MADD Canada both philosophically and financially.

Philosophically, MADD Virgin Drinks provides a fresh and fabulous non-alcoholic drink option that still pumps up your party. Financially, the company contributes 10% of their net sales to MADD Canada.

Shut the front door!

That is fantastic.

I went on the company’s website and was totally blown away when I read the information about Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsible Entertaining. It warms my heart to think that there are companies out there that are not only trying to create a financially successful and lucrative venture but are also giving back. I am blown away by companies that are keeping the communities in which they live and work along with the fundamentals of social responsibility at the top of mind; ingraining those ideals into their corporate philosophy. Total win-win!

For Canadians, you can find MADD Virgin Drinks in a number of retails stores in Albert, BC, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. Check out their store locator to find a retailer near you.

For those of us who aren’t near a local retailer, or are in the USA, we can still purchase and support MADD Virgin Drinks through their online store. They have a Canadian online store and a USA online store. SWEETNESS!

They also offer trade and volume discounts. Love that!

What are some of your favorite mocktails to serve? Have any fabulous recipes to share? Know of a company that’s making a social difference in your community; giving back in some fab way? Show them the love and pimp them out here in my comment section and be sure to link to their website so we can all shower them with support.

On August 1, 2009, my beautiful mother-in-law’s life was cut tragically short by an impaired driver and my stepson’s life changed forever. In honor of Donna and Jordan Kennie, please don’t drink and drive. Impaired driving is 100% preventable. Think about it.

Support MADD Canada and follow them on Facebook, Twitter (@maddcanada), YouTube, and on the Web.

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  1. This is great, Natalie. Smart entrepreneurs! I think you can use the ingredients to any martini and just substitute the alcohol with a little citrus juice for a pretty and delicious mocktail. When it comes to Margaritas, I prefer the non-alcoholic version because tequila doesn’t like me. But I still feel like one of the crowd because my drink looks as good as everyone else’s. I’m going to check out those MADD drinks, especially the Sangria! Yum!

    • Thanks Marcia. That is true, nearly any drink can be made as a mocktail. I just never even think and this company has certainly opened my eyes for how much FUN we could all have with our mocktails…squeee!!!

  2. I am still in search of a good-tasting non-alcoholic white wine. I adore white wine, but don’t like to overdo it. Most of the ones I’ve tried are too sicky-sweet for me. I’ll have to check out their online USA store. Thanks, Natalie!

  3. Love the sound of some of those mocktails (what a great word!) and will definitely give them try. I love to party as much as the next person but discovered many years ago that I can have just as good a time – and *bonus* – no hangover – without the booze. So after an alcoholic beverage or two I switch off.
    Natalie, on the holiday weekend in Ontario 130 people were charged with DUI and one terrible accident just north of Toronto resulted in a father and teenage daughter killed by a 19-year-old drunk driver. WHEN WILL PEOPLE LEARN???? Keep spreading the word and you know we are right there with you!

    • This makes me sad to read, Patricia. Indeed, when will people learn. It’s just not worth it! Two lives for what? A night of partying with friends? So tragic, so unnecessary.

    • I know…isn’t mocktails THE best! I love it. LOL!!!

      I am with you Patricia, it’s all fun and games to party like a rock star but the 3-day hangovers are sooo not worth it! I have definitely slowed it down considerably in the last few years and having fun mocktail options will just make it that much easier to indulge…but not really! LOL!

      I am sooooo saddened to hear about that story coming out of Ontario. 130 people charged with DUI in one weekend….sad…how are people not learning and seeing the devastation enough to make smarter choices??? I don’t understand. And then to hear of a 19 year old driving impaired and killing a father and teenage daughter. My heart BREAKS! What that family must be going through. It brings tears to my eyes…will people NEVER learn?! It’s just not worth it…senseless…

      Thank you so much for letting me know Patricia and for the support…it means the world to me! HUGS!

  4. You are certainly the hostess with the mostest! Mocktails, what a great idea. The Kid always orders a virgin strawberry margarita (or daiquiri, depending on the bartender) and we rate them. So far, the California Grill at Walt Disney World has his favorite, but Roy’s in San Diego is a super close second.

    I’ll be honest, I never thought of serving virgin drinks at parties, either. With these fabulous little ditties, now we can. What a great option from the usual juice, soda, tea, etc. AND 10% goes to MADD? Suh-weet! I’m going to order some right now so the next time we entertain, I’m prepared. Thanks for the great info, Natalie.

    • Hostess with the mostess…squeee!!! Here’s to that! 🙂

      OMG the kid is on to something – those sounds DELICIOUS!!!

      I agree, I’ve never been one to think about serving or having mocktail options on hand but…it’s brilliant really! And to be able to support MADD to boot, that’s fantastic! I am so happy you are game…tks for the support Tameri!! MUAH!!

  5. Hi Natalie! Love that you provide the virgin drinks 🙂 Any alcohol gives me migraines, so I usually go virgin!

  6. What an awesome idea! It’s one thing to preach not to drink too much, and another thing (a much better thing) to offer great alternatives. Fabulous, Natalie! I’m seriously going to look at that.

  7. I guess this is where I confess all my drinks are virgin. LOL! Never had alcohol outside of a piece of cake. LOL! But that is a great idea. DUI laws here in Texas are quite severe, so it is nice to be able to drive with a clear head and without worry. 🙂

    • Shut the front door Pauline?!?! Well that’s fantastic. I say stay virgin and celebrate that. 🙂
      I am with you, it’s nice to drive worry-free knowing you are being responsible and mindful. HUGS!

  8. Fantastic idea! I bet those drinks would make many of us as happy/loopy as booze, minus the hangover. 😉 I love mixing sparkling water with green tea and fruit juice—pineapple especially. Add a sprig of mint and vwa-la!

    Thanks for the wonderful mention, Natalie! Hope your weekend is off to a GREAT start.

    • Absolutely August. I am happy-go-lucky sans booze and much prefer to have a clear head the next day as well! 🙂 That little mixer of yours sounds fabulous. I am definitely going to give it try this upcoming weekend. YUMMY!!! Thanks for sharing…hope your weekend rocked!

  9. Very cool! I love fizzy, sweet drinks.
    Thanks for the shout out about the post. YOU rock!

  10. Natalie – Thanks for another great product placement. I love doing business with a socially responsible company and will definitely add this one to my list.

    • Wonderful Sheri. I agree. I love supporting businesses who are socially responsible and community-aware as well. This is definitely one I’ll be buying from. Tks for adding them to your list. 🙂

  11. Karen McFarland says:

    Have I been living under a rock? Mocktails are new to me! And I love it! My personal fav in the hot summer months is a lime tonic. Yep, no gin. It’s refreshing. Thanks Natalie, as always! 🙂

  12. Those drinks look amazingly yummy! And I love your mash-up! Read all those posts and they were the the creme de la creme of blogging! Thanks, Natalie!

  13. Hi there Natalie,
    Are you sure these drinks are 100% alcohol free or is there 0.5 % like many other non alcoholic beers and wines. I am asking because I am pregnant. Thanks in advance!

  14. Hi Natalie,

    Thank you for your supportive blog post and for the wonderful comments shared by your readers. We have recently updated our website, and as you can see, the product line up has evolved since this photo was taken and our initial launch. We also now feature a delicious MADD Virgin Brut (champagne), which replaced our MADD Virgin Bubbly, and is getting rave reviews from our customers. Hope you, and your readers, will check it out!

    Here is a link to our Facebook page, which provides details on where you can purchase our products and meet us at upcoming shows!

    Thank you again.

    ~ heidi

  15. We need access to this product in the UK I would not order it online and pay mega shipping costs it would not be financially viable , alcohol free .. good alcohol free options that are actually close to tasting like the real thing and not boring fruity tasting same old same boring grape juice in nice bottles YUCK!! No wonder people drink alcohol based drinks alcohol free total zero content is hard to find here in the uk we can get 0.5% but we want 0.0% we want MADD products here especially the virgin brut my fave here in our supermarkets here in uk or our vegan supermarkets or Holland and Barrett health store it’s really taking off here especially as it is also suitable for vegitarians and vegans please please PLEASE!!!! … If you don’t market the product it ain’t gonna sell and if it doesn’t I will buy it all haha!!!! …. ME LORVE!!! 😬

    • Love this stuff!!! … Bought it before Christmas in poundstretcher in uk now it’s out of stock no longer available NOooooo!!!! 😦

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