Urban Word Wednesday: Duck Dress

Welcome to Urban Word Wednesday! New words, phrases, and sayings I am learning (and using in my day-to-day life) brought to you by ME…and the Urban Dictionary. You are gonna love these!

Duck Dress: A dress or skirt so short one can almost see your stuff.

Examples Of Use:

Hubby and I are always stunned by what people will wear. Just incredible. While out camping this weekend, we hit the very busy canteen for the to-die-for chicken strips and onion rings dinner. Sitting at the picnic table with another couple our age (strangers), hubby and I enjoyed the following conversation.

Me: my God….and Mom used to be outraged by what I wanted to wear when I was 15. I was practically dressed like a nun compared to what girls that age are wearing today.

Hubby: I know…it’s crazy. They are showing more skin than ever.

Me: I mean I am all for the mini skirt but check out those two over there. They can’t be more than 15 and they are wearing duck dresses for God sakes!

Hubby: duck dresses???

Me: you know, a dress that’s 1 inch below their quack!

*Hubby and the couple sitting with us near died laughing!*

Me: it barely covers their clam burger and their ass is about to fall out. I mean…if they drop a quarter, they are shit out of luck!

Are you stunned by how short girls are wearing their skirts today? Ever wear a duck dress and spent the evening tugging at the hem? Come on….share the wealth…

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  1. Whooo! Natalie, you’ve outdone yourself with this one. Too frikkin funny! An inch below their quack ~ I am so using that one. Yes! The girl’s dresses are way too short. They sneeze and it’s all over, that poor little strip of fabric never had a chance. I bet that couple is still talking about you! Thanks for starting off my Wednesday with a huge wallop of humor.

  2. LOL!! Still laughing. Great post.

  3. I kept trying to figure out what a duck had to do with it until I read the quack comment. Nearly fell off my chair (again while reading your blog). I am also horrified at what some young “ladies” (and I use that term loosely) wear these days. Others are doing a rather nice job with their fashion, despite the challenges of the junior department.

    Of course, you know now young men will be signaling each other to check out young women with a a simple “quack, quack” muttered to one another. Good gravy.

    • OMG “quack quack” is the newest signal! LOL!! Hubby and I will likely start using it ourselves to indicate an inappropriately short dress/skirt. LOL!

      Hubby and I went out dancing with friends a few weeks ago and I was stunned to watch a young girl get out of a cab with her ASS literally hanging out of the skirt…she walked almost right into the bar like that before one of her friends clued in and tugged it down for her. So sad….truly sad!

      I may have dressed a tad skanky in my days but I didn’t have “parts” hanging out.

  4. I cringe whenever I see kids wearing ” duck” skirts! I can’t imagine being comfortable like that! You gave that couple the giggles for a week!

    • I know – I can’t imagine being comfortable!! Not with my butt cheeks nearly hanging out and my cookie catching a breeze…

      Oh yes…they’ll be giggle for days to come…LOL!!

  5. Stunned doesn’t begin to cover what I feel at sight! LOL! I was in high school during original mini skirts and some of them went to dangerous heights, but these days? Makes me feel old! LOL! Also hate the pants on the ground syndrome!

    • The pants on the ground are the WORST!!! I hear ya Pauline…

      • I have to say, I am old enough that gravity has a good grip on my butt cheeks. I got this twitter follow from some place that sells tape to get them back up again. I had to laugh. I doubt there is enough tape in their stock to get mine where they look young again. LOL!

        • We gotta find you some fancy new butt panties!! Hmmmm….I see a Twisted Tuesday post in the future thanks to you Pauline! LOL! We will get them cheeks perky and perfect before ya know it…LOL!

        • LOLOL! I remember this comedian I heard some time ago talking about when her a&& fell. She bent over to pull on pantyhose and wonder who the old, jowled man was with the bad mustache. I try not to look at that moment. LOLOLOL!

        • ROFLMAO!!!! O.M.G.!!!! LOVE it!!! LOL!!! Hubby is gonna DIE when he reads that…priceless Pauline!! Priceless! LOL!!

  6. So glad I have boys and just have to worry about them wearing their jeans around their knees, LOL. I’ve never understood how girls/women can wear clothes that short, I’d be constantly tugging the hem down! Love Duck Dress though…perfect term!

    • HAHAHA!! Good luck with that…The Dude wasn’t bad but it was still a challenge to watch him walk out of the house with his underwear hanging out. Like…how is THAT cool??? LOL!!!

      I know…I near died when I found it!! Perfection…LOL!!

  7. Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

    Quack! Quack! When Nat were’s them she makes me DAFFY!

  8. Yeah, Natalie, pretty soon you’ll be graduating with a degree from UDU — Urban Dic University (DIc is short for dictionary of course).

  9. KA-SHNORT!!!! I am so going to use this on unsuspecting strangers.

  10. Good thing most of us have learned not to have a beverage of any sort in hand when we read your posts! Too funny! I totally agree. The miniskirts we wore in the ’60’s were almost modest compared to the fabric strips some girls wear today. My husband has commented a number of times “Hey, she forgot to put a bottom on.” I’ll tell him now just to say “Quack, quack.”

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