Hubby’s Corner: As legends has it…

In today’s today’s society, we run across the phrase “As Legend has it…” all to often followed by some urban myth or a wild tale of a tribal object holding mystical powers.

Every corner of the world has great local legends and stories that are passed down generation to generation. Each tale told holding onto a little thread of hope, doubt, possibility and uncertainty.

It is no secret that Natalie and I love to spend our April wedding anniversary in the tropical land of rum and white sandy beaches. That’s right Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

And today I pass along a Dominican legend! A drink called Mamajuana.

Yes…this is a bartender holding up a jug of Mamajuana!

Mamajuana is a combination of dark rum, red wine, honey, bark (yes…bark), herbs, leaves, sticks and roots (yip…you read that right…see the picture to the right).

As legend has it, Mamajuana has mythical powers that can cure many ailments; the flu, prostate and ovarian disorders, digestion and circulation aid, blood cleanser, and kidney and liver tonic. BUT the most famous power is quite evident by its unofficial local nickname; “Dominican Viagra”.

This little ditty is normally served as a shot. So swim over to that pool bar and slap down your dripping wet dollar bill and cry out “MAMAJUANA POR FAVOR” and watch the eyeballs of your Dominican bartender come to life with a smile like no tomorrow!!! It’ll be combined with fist pumps, blowing it up, secret handshakes, wink and point combinations, innuendous looks, and celebratory hip thrusting as the bartender pours your shot and usually one for him/herself as you cry SALUT!!! And slam it down!

On one of these trips, I got quite a taste for the Mamajuana. It was the day of our anniversary when Natalie, our friend Mel and I swam over to the pool bar and in appropriate celebratory fashion I slapped down my dripping wet dollar bill and cried out “THREE MAMAJUANA POR FAVOR.”

The bartender quickly lit up and after a combination of fist bumps, blowing it up, secret handshakes, wink and point combinations, innuendous looks, and celebratory hip thrusting, Francisco started pouring our 3 shots into regular sized plastic beer cups. I….feeling a little adventurous (and a bit drunk)…said “No! No! No! Francisco…Fill those puppies to the brim…it’s our anniversary!!

I thought Francisco was going to die! He pointedly grinned at Natalie and assured her in his limited English that she would be having a good time that night and proceeded to indulge both of us in a combination of fist pumps, blowing it up, secret handshakes, wink and point combinations, innuendous looks, and celebratory hip thrusting.

After we left the bar Natalie and Mel refused to drink their Mamajuana, so I did the most logical thing I could think of. I drank all three of those bad boys. Duh!

Ever since that memorable day and every trip to the Dominican since, I have not been allowed to par-take in even the tiniest sampling of their sweet Mamajuana.

Natalie will not allow it.

Now…whenever the topic of Mamajuana comes up and I get asked “does it work? Is it really like Viagra?” my usual answer is a combination of fist pumps, blowing it up, secret handshakes, wink and point combinations, innuendous looks, and celebratory hip thrusting….

Followed by the phrase:



Know any “as legend has it…” stories that you found out were true…or false…or better yet are SELF MADE??? Have you ever tried Mamajuana and lived to tell? Come on…share the wealth….

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  1. Hahahaha…what a gentleman. You never drink and tell, right, Scott? So, I wonder why you aren’t allowed to have any more…perhaps it has something to do with clinging to the “porcelain throne” for dear life afterward?

    Sounds like a fun drink…in moderation!

  2. gingercalem says:

    Awesome! The fact that Natalie ‘will not allow it’ does make one say, “hhmmm????” 😉

    Thanks for the shout out as well. I appreciate it.

    • Hubby aka Blog Heckler says:

      Apparently even though it’s the Dominican Viagra….there’s no 1 800 number for when the 4 hr side effect happens. Haha!

  3. ROFL! I’m wondering too…I suspect if I or my husband drank that much, we’d just pass out lol. You have to be awake to appreciate Viagara, I suspect lol. Too funny.

  4. Ha! Sounds like mamajuana needs a serious mama-java chaser. 😉 Love the story, and your tradition of spending your anniversary in Punta Cana. I spent a week there on a job. Even getting up at 4am (required by the gig) was worth it…the colors and fresh air—heavenly! I sincerely hope to sit and enjoy a less restricted drink with you two someday. Thanks for the fab post and shout out!

  5. Elena Aitken says:

    Favorite line…”Natalie does not allow it.”

    ha ha ha.
    I don’t think we wanna know. 🙂

  6. NOT that I bring personal experience to the comment-block-party, but…

    Based on well-read and publicly disclosed knowledge of the two of you, I take a S.W.A.G. that Nat’s refusal to permit consumption of mamajuanas had nothing, nada, zip to do with the what happened in the sack.

    And, that nothing, nada, zip may apply in that context as well.

    Just saying…

  7. Hubby aka Blog Heckler says:

    H.C. Editor’s note:
    There was no passing out or puking in the making of this legend. Only the endurance and stamina of a Tour de France competitor (reference to TdF is for Tameri – there’s perks for being the creator of Mr. August.)

  8. Having heard the tale of Mamajuana from Nat, I have to wonder why you’re holding out on your peeps!!! Enquiring minds want to know, dude…

  9. You may have had the stamina of a Tour de France competitor, but I don’t think that palm tree appreciated it. And the splinters! Oy. Those must’ve been horrid to get out.

    My Hubs and I have a very strict rule: One is not allowed to drink unless the other one is drinking otherwise there is a unbalance in the Force. Unfortunately, we both think we’re hilarious when we drink, even if it’s one glass. Inevitably, if only one is drinking, they are annoying to the one who is not drinking.

    I’ve noticed Natalie is very quiet in the replies… perhaps you have bribed her to remain so? Now that you’ve put it out there this far, we need all the deets. Spill, dude.

  10. Simply reading the ingredient list made me want to hold the top of my head! Of course, I have a good 25 years on you and Natalie and I appreciate the ‘legend’ value on many a story.

  11. A little late to the party but I just wanted to thank you for the mention! Great story, btw. Drinks in tropcial locales can lead to interesting things… not that I would know anything about that. 😉

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