How far would you go to spoil your furbaby?


So y’all know I’m a bit insane about my furbaby, Tess. She’s the apple of my eye, my baby girl, my delight! Last year, she had knee surgery to repair a blown ligament and about a week ago, she had another surgery to remove two lumps.

We knew the two lumps were benign and we’d have left them alone. Older dogs do tend to get “lumpy” as they age but the large one on her hind end had grown from nothing to about a pound in weight in 8 freaking months! The vet recommended immediate removal upon a consultation. If you follow me on Facebook, you know this whole surgery experience was quite traumatic for me (Tess was fine…it was my anxiety that was sky high).

We picked the poor thing up after the surgery to take her home. She greeted us wearing a CONE and a drain in the back where the large mass had been removed. Given that fluid had been pumping to it for 8 months, they put the drain in so that the incision wouldn’t swell up.

Well…let’s just say that my idea of a “drain” and what the drain actually was were two different things. I expected a tube like “thing” attached to her collecting the “fluid”. But when they brought her out to me, there was Tess with two holes on either side of the incision and a rubber band thing that went through the two holes, tied in a bow…so that fluid (mostly blood) could just ooze out the little holes!

Tess after her lump-removal surgery.

I near fell over. A woman picking up food asked me if my dog had been in a car accident. It looked that nasty.

I was devastated. She looked like she was in so much pain. But I will say, after being home for a couple of hours, and getting that cone off (which I think traumatized her the most), she settled in and really didn’t seem to be bothered by it or in any pain what so ever. She was her usual happy-go-lucky self, if not a tad drugged up, dripping and smearing blood all over the house.

Whatever. Blood I can clean up. Dog I can’t replace. Bleed away baby!

ALL that for 1) your pity and dog-mother-of-year chants but also because 2) it made me want to spoil my baby girl and have I FOUND the perfect way to treat her.

Pet Loungers; modern pet furniture and accessories!

Let’s kick those sub-par “doggy beds” to the trash and treat our furbabies RIGHT!

OMG don’t you just think they are the perfect way to say “I love you” to your pooch or kitty! My issue will be choosing only one.

I can almost HEAR hubby groaning “ohhhh god noooo!!” which makes them that much niftier!

It was a tough call between the Bambú Hammock and the Bambú Daybed….but I think the Daybed screams Tess! It’s so…regal!

She’ll sleep easy and comfortably on this daybed created with solid bamboo and an ORTHOPEDIC memory foam mattress. How awesome will that be on the new knee and those sore incisions!!!

After her surgeries, it’s the least I can do! And although she’s healed beautifully with the new knee, the low-to-the-ground profile will make it easy for her to get up and down. Not to mention, the cushion is removable, washable and is stain-resistant, made from high quality ultra-suede fabric (so if she oozes from her drain, I can just whip this bad boy in the wash and voila, it’s like brand new).

And it comes in PASSION PINK!!!

Need I say more?!?!? Seriously!!! She’ll love it!!

Well…at least her Mom will!

For only a nominal fee ($249.99 us) you too can have one for you furbaby!

And of course, if we go with the Bambú Daybed, she’d totally need the MATCHING Bambú Angled Diner! DUH! It MATCHES….I mean…not getting it would be…well…like wearing pants without a shirt. They are a pair. A set. They go together! It’s only another $79.99 US…and at this point, that’s chump change!!!

It’s been 12 days since the surgery and Tess is doing wonderfully. Both incisions are healing beautifully (she gets her stitches out today) with no sign of infection or problems. We have been told that although the lumps were benign, we should expect them to grow back (given the type of lump they were). Dang! Not sure how we’ll handle that going forward. Tess would be a champ no doubt but her mother not so much…

What nifty gadgets have you treated your precious furbaby to? Ever had a lumpy dog/cat – how did you handle it? Come on…share the wealth…

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

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  1. Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

    There is a time to be subtle and a time to be direct – UMMM No! especially after this mornings vet visit! The lounger will have to wait! LOL!

  2. Glad the baby will be alright, we had a lab for 17 years that had those bunches appear now and then, and we had to do the same treatment. I love those little pet beds, but they’re never big enough for the dog we have now – she’s a St. Bernard. Though she WANTS to be a lap dog, her size means we have to limit her lap time for fear of permanent nerve damage or suffocation. But I found an awesome alternative to poor Nibs sleeping on the floor. We bought a king sized canvas bean bag chair. Or rather I did, and when I brought it home, hubs took one look at it and made me swear that if she pops it I have to clean up every last foam pellet by myself. Totally worth it.

    • Oh that eases my heart to hear about someone who’s been through it. Phew.

      BRILLIANT idea Lynnette!!! A bean bag chair. But yes, if it blows, you’ll be cleaning up those beans for years to come. LOL! Love the idea and that’s perfect for a dog that size.

      Hubby’d give me a glare and similar deal if I brought one home. LOL!!

      Tess is about 50 pounds so I think the loungers would work great. But alas, we found out this am that she needs around $700 of dental works so…the pet loungers will have to wait. Dang!

  3. prudencemacleod says:

    Our cottage is small so not a lot of room for fancy doggy beds. Instead we bought several memory foam bathmats and strewed them around the house. They love them and I can toss them in the washer. Life is good. What’s that? The BBqed steak this morning, oh, that, well it was just the extra one nobody ate last night. Can’t throw it away, right? The boys like a bit of steak with the kibble

    • Those memory foam bath mats are GENIUS Prudence!! I have one in the bathroom for myself that Tess has all but claimed.

      Awwwww….BBQed steak for beaky…they aren’t spoiled at all, now are they?!?! Luv it!!!

  4. winnwords says:

    Well Natalie – you always manage to surprise me! The product sounds great, but I have to admit that when I read your blog title (with no picture downloaded), I thought this post was about a different ‘furbaby’ entirely. 🙂

  5. Aww! Poor baby! She certainly deserves to be spoiled. What a trooper. Glad both of you are over it!

  6. What a neat bed! Because this is Texas (and it’s hot most of the time), I’ve thought about buying Cosmo one of those Kuranda dog beds. The thing we run into is that he usually just wants to lay on a surface that feels cool–which often ends up being his crate with no mat inside. He has one of those plastic floored crates, so the plastic probably feels cool to him.

    How spoiled is Cosmo? Well…

    Cosmo has a couple of fashion dog carriers. These usually run around $100 a pop. And he has a special carseat. He has a dog trainer with whom we meet every few weeks to learn new stuff. I make him special treats to use during his training. He eats dog food that costs $15 per 4 lb. bag. He gets his hair and teeth brushed every day. He has more toys that most kids. Cosmo is so spoiled, he’s rotten.

    I hope Tess makes a full recovery.

  7. I think the daybed is perfect for Lady Tess! Sorry to hear that your baby had to have surgery. My little terrier Earl is almost blind. He finds his way around our house and his perimeter outside but put something where it shouldn’t be or change the lighting and he’s bumping into things. It’s sad. I told my husband I’m a seeing-eye person for a blind dog. He’s portable enough that I can just pick him up and carry him when he’s completely blind and I intend to do this until the day he dies. I totally understand your need to spoil Tess right now because our dogs give us so much and don’t ask for a thing. Well, maybe a milkbone or two. LOL No matter what type of crappy day we have one look or lick from them and you know the world is going to be ok again. Have you ever read The Art of Racing In the Rain? You and hubby would love it, it’s a sad/happy book from the POV of the family dog.

  8. What a beautiful dog! Sorry to hear about her surgery. 😦 But I think that day-bed will be the perfect pick-me-up for her! It looks fabulous.

  9. My cat scorned anything I bought for him. He looked for “toys” that would provide most annoyance for me, or were hard to clean up. LOL! Glad your furbaby is doing better. That looks like it was traumatic all around!

  10. I’m glad Tess is recovering so well from her surgery. It’s amazing how much fur babies become part of the family. Just last night my daughter and I were worried because Jasper (feline baby) wasn’t meowing right…and sleeping a little more than seemed normal. Was he sick? No. But he sure got a lot more attention.

    Someone at the animal shelter, where we got Shadow (black lab), thought she was 6-8 years old…making her 11-13 now. She has a fatty lump hanging from the front of her neck that looks like a fur covered golf ball, and sways back and forth when she walks. I checked into having it removed, but the vet said unless it really bothered me, to just let it alone. It wasn’t hurting her and, why risk surgery at her age? So there it stays. She’s nearly deaf now, and some people think we should have her put to sleep. Yeah, not.

    Anyway, I’m too tired to be posting an answer so I’ll stop after saying I’ve spent a small fortune on pet beds. Shadow usually makes a point of throwing up on them…and she NEVER throws up-unless I buy a pet bed), so I’ve admitted defeat. Jack would never use them anyway, so I’ve stopped wasting my money. 🙂

    I’m going to have to look into memory foam bath mats though. I’ve never heard of them. And I’m thinking they sound perfect to put in front of the sink and stove. 🙂

    • Awwww Jasper and Shadow sounds awesome!! I don’t blame you for not putting Shadow down. He can still lead a long, fulfilling life even deaf. It just takes some adjusting like Kate has done with her blind terrier.

      Yeah, we wouldn’t have removed either lump had the one on her hind end not gotten so big and continued growing. Tess has a bunch of other ones that don’t seem to grow past their initial size that don’t bother her. But with the big one, the vet was worried that it was attaching to the skin and given it’s growth rate (zero to a pound in 8 months), we knew it’d was starting to cause issues given the amount of additional weight Tess was having to carry around on that leg. Dang. Here’s hoping nothing like that grows back!!!

      LOL!! Tess barfs on hers as well. What is it with dogs and barfing on stuff?!?! She could be laying in the middle of the hardwood floor but if she’s to throw up, she’ll get up and walk to a rug to barf on!! LOL!! I don’t blame you for giving up after all that.

      Try the memory foam mats, they are awesome!!!

  11. I am so glad your lovely little girl will be ok and recovered so well!!!! I am a big dog lover and have two dogs of my own, Zeus and Lucky. They are so funny, loving, and snuggly! I love them with all of my heart and soul! I have started a blog for my Rottweiler Zeus called Saving Zeus. He has a rare genetic disorder and we are trying to raise funds for the medical tests and treatment that he desperately needs. Also on my blog, I have funny stories and really cute photos of both of my boys. If you would like to help us save Zeus or would just like a laugh after reading a funny story, visit my page. Since I am just getting started on my blog, there will be many more stories to come so check back every once in a while!
    Ps. I too spoil my dogs as much as I can because they deserve it!

    • I am so sorry to hear about Zeus and his rare disorder. That is so sad!! I can only imagine how devastated you have been. I’ll be off to check out your blog this week to read his story!! Thanks so much for swinging by and sharing…

  12. Aw… I relate to your love and ache, Natalie. After my furbaby had surgery to repair a torn ACL, my hubby and I literally moved into the living room to keep her still and calm. She was only allowed 2 five minute walks per day for the first month, and normally sleeps in our upstairs bedroom. Rather than go on a honeymoon we had Zoe-Moon. 😉 It was well worth every dollar and minute.

    And when she had eye surgery, I swapped her hard plastic cone for a cushy comfy cone. (She’s already deaf and couldn’t see a thing with the plastic one.) My husband teases that she gets more “spa treatment” than we do—her own AC and fan, two beds and frozen sheets during hot summer months. But what can I say? She gets hot! 🙂

    I hope your furbaby heals up well. No doubt your loving care will make way for it. Thanks for loving animals and sharing your cutie pie with us!

    • Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

      I wanna be August’s dog!…could use some AC and frozen sheets.

    • Girl, I knew you’d totally get it!!!

      A Zoe-moon….love that!!!

      Frozen sheets, I didn’t even know of such a thing. Brilliant. There’s not too much we wouldn’t do for our furgirls. They are such a bright shining light, eh!? I love how you spoil her…and love her…

      I hope she’s recovered well from her ACL and eye surgeries…I’ll be thinking about her! 🙂

  13. So glad to hear Tess … and you … are on the mend!

  14. Yay Tess! I’m so glad she’s healing up well and that her mommy is getting better, too. Surgery is no fun for them or us. Give her a huge hug from me. I am all for spoiling our fur babies! I’ve seen little beds that are like princess castles, ornate daybeds made of wrought iron, little chaise lounges with all sorts of bling on them… all waiting for me to order them. I’m hesitant since the big dog might get jealous or try to sleep on them. He has no idea how big he is.

    More hugs to Tess and to her fab parents. Thanks for the shout out!

  15. Glad to hear Tess is doing well post-op. Was it a blood tumor? My Heeler had one on her hip. It was nasty looking and she ripped it open a couple times. I had to make the hard choice of quality of life vs. surgery for her.

    As for the dog bed, I have yet to have a dog who’d sleep in something like that over sharing my bed, LOL.

    • Both were lipomas – fatty tumors that are totally benign but grow in older dogs. It’s a tough choice to put your dog through surgery but when quality of life comes into play, it’s a no brainer. I would have never put Tess through the surgery if I didn’t have to but…we knew this lump just wasn’t going to stop growing and it had started to change. I knew the additional weight on her leg was going to start to cause her a lot of pain so the decision was pretty straight forward although I hated putting her through that…

      I know, eh?! Dogs will always choose sleeping BESIDE you!! LOL!!

  16. It’s amazing what we will do for our pets. I’m glad your sweet dog is okay. Meanwhile, we recently put my 15-year-cat on anti-anxiety meds. Yep, you read that right! He’s always been skiddish, and now in his old age he’s a mess and starts peeing everywhere if he’s not on mood-enhancing drugs. Sheesh!

    • Oh Julie, I am sorry to hear your cat’s been having such issues. That’s a sin. Tough on you guys and tough on him. Here’s hoping the meds do him the world of good!!!

      We had Tess on anti-anxiety meds for about a year to help her get over her insane fear of thunder storms. After about a year, we were able to wean her off and although she doesn’t like thunder and lightening, at least she doesn’t lose control of her bowels now.

      So I hear ya…

      We will do just about anything to keep our furbabies comfortable!!!

  17. I’m always devastated when I lose one of my furbabies. (We have a full house with a Great Dane and three cats.) I’m so glad Tess came through all right. I think you should spoil away!

    I have a feeling those loungers don’t come in Dane size…

  18. Oh Natalie, I hear ya! Everyone who follows me on Twitter knows how obsessed I am about my furry babies. We have 80-pound Oscar, the dog who secretly wants to be a purse dog and Diamond and Jedi, two 3-pound bunnies that I rescued and nursed back to health. With our upcoming BIG move to Saudi Arabia everyone keeps asking, are you taking your pets? The answer is a screaming-from-the-mountain-tops YES!! We are spending a little over $5,000 to take them with us but it is so worth it. Not only do my my husband and I love them but our 2-year-old little girls loves them as well. This is a major change and we are trying to keep things as smooth as possible with it. Keeping our entire family together is a must for us and that includes our furry babies.

    They are about to be the most spoiled pets in Saudi Arabia!


    • I was totally wondering if you were taking them with you Natalie. Awwwwww LOVE that and you are right, the expense will be worth it to have your entire family together. I love that Oscar wants to be a purse dog. LOL!! Toooo cute. And those BUNNIES must be ADORABLE!! Here’s to safe travels for everyone and be sure to keep us posted on how they make out in their new environment.

      So excited for you and your family!!! HUGS!!!

  19. I am ridiculously in love with my dogs. They do not require their own furntiture since they have basically taken over mine. Mine are cairn terriers, 7 and 8 years old.

  20. Natalie – I can’t afford to read your blog – but I keep coming back – are you going to sell me something each time I read with you? Speaking of our furry loved ones – it stared with Mortichi my tabby cat . . . at 35 pounds and I was on assignment in Germany – the German vets wouldn’t treat him and his bladder wasn’t working properly. So – as any good American pet owner would do – I headed to the Frankfurt airport fully intending to get the first ticket available to the U.S. Met a great ever-so-young ticket agent with father a vet in Paris and Mort and I went to France for 6 weeks – Mort had his necessary surgery and I spent 6 weeks exploring Paris and surrounding country. During the following 10 years – Morti had several subsequent surgeries including: pacemaker and complete makeover of his bladder. Each time my job moved me (every few months) of course there was no consideration of leaving Morti behind – he had to fly first class because of his pacemaker. My world traveling cat lived to be 27 and visited 19 countries! When it came time to let Mortichi go – my hubby was convinced the only original item left of Morti was his name – and perhaps it was. He was truly one of a kind. Now I spoil the dogs equally.

    • I LOVE it Sheri!

      …he had to fly first class because of his pacemaker.

      Fantastic!!!!! LOL!!

      That is like THE BEST pet story ever. Mort sounds awesome and you definitely took exceptional care of him. I am amazing at how well travelled he was. Fantastic!! I can only imagine how well treated your dogs are…wowzers!!!

      You’ll have to do a blog post on Mort sometime with pictures…he sounds incredible!!!

      GREAT comment and thank you so much for sharing his story with us. Love it!

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