Sometimes the grass IS greener on the other side

Honestly, there is nothing I hate worse than clutter. A long reformed slob, it drives me absolutely batty (shut up hubby!). Now with all our electronic gadgets, our kitchen island has become a mass charging station. Two Blackberries, 1 Samsung Galaxy, 2 digital cameras, iPods, Kindles, laptops, tablets…the list goes on and on.

I swear it looks like we are gearing up to power the next space shuttle. It’s an endless collection of gadgets that sends my visual senses into overload. When I come into the kitchen in the morning greeted by the sight of oodles of metal, chords and blinking lights, I cringe. Not the way to start the day…no sirree!

There’s got to be a better way!

You betcha!

Decorative Things Grass Charging Station (

Allow me to introduce you to the top of my Christmas wish list (cause it’s never too late to start wishing): the grass charging station by Decorative Things.

For $28 (plus shipping), I can create a zen-like charging station in my own home! Thassss right!

In this nature-inspired oasis, the coiled wires are hidden in the bottom while all my gadgets sit pretty on the grass charging away. Genius people!

I definitely need a couple for the kitchen but hell…I might just get one for every room in the house. Ya never know when ya gotta do an emergency charge, right? Might as well look good doing it!

And…It comes in WHITE and a MINI version people!

It’s gorgeous and so…calming! Now I’ll actually look forward to plugging in my gear in at night.

Sleep tight Blackberry….night night iPod…rest easy Kindle…sweet dreams tablet…I hope y’all are comfy in your grass bed! I am the world’s best gadget mom!!

How do you handle all the electronics clutter in your home? Do you have a dream charging station or do you just plug them in where ever you have a free outlet? How do you handle clutter? Come on…share the wealth…

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

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    Love it. Nope, don’t love it. LURRRRRRRRVE it!

  2. Hubby aka Blog Heckler says:

    Something else to mow!
    I like our little “space control centre”…it’s the hub of house…..Shield up Spock!

    PS: Reminder of the day for Aug 6th- Hubby’s Corner- Atlantis sank into the ocean …. as legend has it!

    • This grass doesn’t grow so no fretting hubby so no worries there….see it’s perfect for us.
      Shield up…MY POINT exactly!! LOL!!!
      You are a shameless self promoter…are you in marketing? You should be! ROFL!!!

  3. That’s so cute! Definitely a solution to an ugly cluster of wires.

  4. You find the coolest stuff, Natalie! That puppy is so much cuter than my drawer-o-thingies-with-chords. 😉 Thanks for the super shout out. Your support means so much. Lots of love!

  5. Definitely a must-have!

  6. Love it! The fact that it comes in white and there’s a small one sold me! I only have an ipad and iphone (hubs has a 10yr old cell and no other toys). Of course the ipad probably wouldn’t fit in the grass, but it would be so cute for my iphone!

  7. We’re so low tech here, LOL. We don’t have a land line anymore so my phone gets plugged in when I go to bed, one cord on my nightstand. Kindle and Nook get plugged into the laptop charger as they need it. So no space station. But man is that a cool little gadget! You come up with the greatest stuff 🙂

  8. What a fun idea! (I’ve been out of town! Been reading you, but not always able to share, etc.) I have so much stuff, I have a surge protector by the bed and just give the stuff turns. I love my tech. LOL!

  9. charitykountz says:

    Oh my goodness Natalie – only you could find something like this! ROFL! Ironically, if you had an iPhone you wouldn’t need all of those gadgets. My iPhone fills all of my needs – digital camera, book ereader (has replaced my Kindle). The only thing I’d possibly do is get a tablet for its size and longer battery life. And yes, I too sleep with a surge protector beside the bed. Hubby has one on his side too. lol

  10. This just went on my Christmas list! What a fabulous idea. I love how cute it is with the stuff charging. I might actually like seeing our gadgets charging, now.

  11. Trish Loye Elliott says:

    What a great idea! Though our kitten would probably try to eat the grass. But it might be worth it to get rid of the dangling white tentacles on my counters.
    BTW, Thanks for the link love!

  12. This is a great idea and I want one or two or maybe three. Speaking of being neat and tidy – I’m into pile management for my office, the table in the living room by my chair and even the dining room table. I’m thinking of giving up the dining room table (although it’s gorgous and purchased back in the days when wood was really wood all the way through) and buying an antique wine tasteing table for writing (of course). The shape of the wine tasteing table should be just right to keep everything I need within arms reach. Now that would spell perfection for me.

  13. I absolutely love this! It’s going on my Christmas list and I’m going to give one to each of my kids. I don’t like clutter either but I do have a tendency to build “nests” of all my writing and reading stuff in my office and in the family room. By the end of the week I dismantle and start all over again on Monday. I’m not weird or anything am I? LOL

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