Urban Word Wednesday: Foo Foo Drink

Welcome to Urban Word Wednesday! New words, phrases, and sayings I am learning (and using in my day-to-day life) brought to you by ME…and the Urban Dictionary. You are gonna love these!

Foo-Foo Drink: An alcoholic beverage that is way too pretty or feminine. These drinks are usually characterized by lots of whipped cream, multiple fruit decorations and/or umbrellas. Also, they tend to be low in alcohol content.

Examples Of Use:

Hubby and I went to the liquor store last night to purchase some samplings for our upcoming beach/cottage weekend; much to the amusement of the staff. This is the convo we had at the cash register.

Hubby: what in God’s name are those?

Me: Blue Curacao and raspberry Sour Puss…why?

*handing bottles to the guy at cash*

Hubby: what concoction are you going to make with those?

Me: holy water.

*guy at cash near spits out his water*

Hubby: holy water????

Me: remember the foo foo drink I had at the restaurant last week? The blue and red thing that you scoffed at till you tasted it?

Hubby: yeah…

Me: it’s called holy water. It’s a shot of Blue Curacao, raspberry Sour Puss and sprite. I’m going to add some fresh orange pieces and real raspberries and maybe some of those little umbrellas to really dress it up. I mean…wouldn’t that make a great beach foo foo drink for this weekend? A taste sensation.

Hubby: couldn’t just be easy and take beer, eh????

Me: I wanted something tasty…and pretty….

*hubby looks to cash guy who nods his head in total guy understanding*

Me (to both of them): whatever…just ring in my bottles!

What are your favorite summertime foo food drinks? Come on y’all…share the recipes!!! I need to keep hubby on his toes.

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  1. Men don’t understand that women get the urge to dress up everything, even drinks. Thanks for the shout-out! Can’t wait to go read those other links.

  2. Ah we use foo foo drinks all the time at the bar! We also say “would you like a girlie beer or a big manly one” if we’re talking to a particularly burly guy who wants a draw beer. And now we have an entire contingent of men who want margaritas, but don’t want one in one of those “foo foo” glasses….=)

    • WAHAHAHA!! Don’t want one in those foo foo glasses. Luv it!
      You always deliver up TONS of great foo foo drink ideas on your blog, Carrie. Many I’ve tried and tested. YUMMY!!

  3. So, in our house, my hubs enjoys the foo foo drinks. I can taste them, but that’s it. The mix of sugar and alcohol does NOT make me a happy camper.

    I’m more of a scotch/whiskey girl myself. (Although my summer drink is Gin and Tonic with a twist of lime…or a Vodka martini, extra dirty)

  4. Natalie's Hubby says:

    Rolling my eyes as only a loving spouse can do.

  5. prudencemacleod says:

    Ah, come on, Natalie’s Hubby, live a little. Take a tough guy to wear pink and make it work, but when it works. I think what she described sounds awesome. I want one!

    • YUMMMY Prudence. They are delicious!!!! Definitely give them a try….
      And y’all know hubby will be stealing sips and will be ever so grateful when it’s all said and done. 🙂

  6. See, that is exactly my kind of drink. I usually call them fancy drinks, swanky drinks, or just drinks because I don’t get the point in having a drink that tastes like alcohol. 🙂 And, for me, half of it is about the glass. I love to drink chocolate milk out of a martini glass. That feels foo foo to me, which is a good thing.

    • Girl…I LOVE YOU! Drink chocolate milk out of a Martini glass. AMEN to THAT!! 🙂
      I agree, I am not big on the taste of liquor so foo foo drinks all the way. And there’s something just that much more pleasing when it’s in a fancy glass with embellishments and maybe even a bit of bling. 🙂

  7. I knew immediately what you were talking about when I saw the title! Perfect name: foo-foo drink! I think foo foo drinks also have fun names. Beer is just “beer”–boring. But Mai Tai? Mojito? Appletini? Margarita? Those roll of the tongue like delicious delights in and of themselves. They sound like Latin dances (“What move is that?” “It’s the Appletini.” “Want to dance the Mojito with me?”). And whoever invented that little umbrella that goes in drinks should be inducted into the Bartender Hall of Fame. Love it, Natalie!

  8. winnwords says:

    LOL – great post, Natalie! I may just throw together some Holy Water myself this weekend!

  9. August McLaughlin says:

    I like ’em all, the foo foo-ier the better! Another fab post, darlin. 🙂

  10. In Bali 2 years ago, my beer-drinking DH ordered his very first FooFoo drink, a banana daiquiri. Quickly became his holiday drink. Served in a coconut, complete with flower garnish, oh yeah, I had to take pictures as proof…eh?

    • Look at him taping into his “other” self. Squeee!
      Hubby love the foo foo drinks when we are down south on vacay but he does get them in a black bubba keg mug so although it’ foo foo fun on the inside, he looks manly doing it! LOL!!
      Be sure to share that pic sometime Sherry! 🙂

  11. Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

    I save foo foo for the spring Dominican trip – throwing beer in a cooler is WAY easier than breaking out the “margaritaville” blender, honda generator, gas, coolers filled with “drink” ice, another cooler filled with bottles of different colored booze, a wagon load of drink umbrellas, citrus slices, cutting board, knives, bottle of cherries, and the packing of those oddly shaped “foo foo” drink glasses. I could have drank 2 beer just writing this comment.

  12. Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

    BUT!!!! Would I do all of it because I love my precious “foo foo drink” queen – you bet your sweet a$$ I would, have, will, and did!

  13. I’m jealous. I read that a possible side effect of Synthroid and alcohol is a facial rash. The odds aren’t really high that it could happen, but if there’s a unlikely, WEIRD reaction to a medication, I’ll be the one to have it. So it came down to a choice. Enjoy my favorite drink (creme de cacao and OJ, which is NOT pretty…it looks like mud puddle water, but is delicious!), and risk looking like…I don’t know what…or stick with water. Sigh. Why couldn’t the possible reaction be on the forearms? I don’t mind long sleeves. 🙂

  14. I love foo foo drinks! they remind me of the tropics, sitting a the beach listening to the ocean waves! It’s like a vacay in a glass! I’ll have to try this one–Holy Water. Cool!

  15. Karen McFarland says:

    I have to side with “Hubby” on this one. Beer is the way to go on a beach/camping outing. On ice, of course. Save the Foo Foo drinks for the tropics and vacation! Ah yes, something to look forward to indeed! Have a cold brew for me “Hubby”! 🙂

  16. I’ve got a friend who won’t even let me put lime in his beer (him: “It’s a beer, not a fruit salad!”) but I say, the dressier the better. I like 3 olives in my dirty martini and all kinds of yummies in my Bloody Marys.

    In my hillbilly voice: “I reckon I can turn most any drink into a Foo Foo Drink.”

  17. Our house is more like Amber’s, LOL. Even then That Man isn’t a big drinker of any alcohol. The lightweight! :snicker: My dad introduced That Man to CC & 7 when the parental units were last here. OMG, you would have laughed to see That Man’s face the first, and probably LAST, time he ordered one. Not to waste a perfectly good, if stronger than he could handle, drink I ended up drinking it.

    Though I will say I have fond memories of Rum Runners from Caribbean cruises 😀

  18. Foo Foo drinks totally rock! And you know what? Guys really love them, they just think they have to say they don’t. You go girl. Get your holy water on and ignore those eye rolls from the guys. They’ll be liking how you feel after a few foo foo drinks ~ darn sexy is how you feel!

  19. I’m late to the party! Are all the Foo Foo drinks gone? Yes? Well, then I’ll whip out my Official Certificate as a Member of the Screecher’s Club.

    Surely, you’re close enough to Newfoundland to know what that signifies, Nat and Heckler Hubby. My boss sent me as punishment to St. Johns back-in-the-day to conduct a training class. Little did he know…

    My dad used to have an annual Christmas party at the local Volunteer Fire Department Hall in rural Pennsylvania. Hey! He owned a trucking company. We are not talking high dollar digs, here. I have no clue why, but the bartender exited stage left before the party began. So, my four sisters and I became rotating bartenders for the evening. I was concerned with the massive number of Sloe Gin bottles by comparison to normal liquor. Turns out Dad’s advice from the State Store was right. We served so many Sloe Screws that night I stopped wanting to snort each time someone asked for one.

    What I threatened to say was, “Sorry. Those are popular. I’m booked solid until next Wednesday.”

    Oh, wait! What’s this doing in comments on your blog. Copying it now for future reference. For a Common Tater post. Toodles!

    • ROFL Gloria – stellar!! Sounds like you are the master of the sloe screw!! LOl! I couldn’t help myself….must try one! :))

      I have actually never been to Newfoundland and haven’t been screeched in…but no doubt someday!! LOL

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