Cell phone carryitis; yet again another female issue

Recently, I got a tweet from Julie Glover whose been suffering with cell phone carryitis. I know we can all relate. I mean, as women, where do you put the damn thing??? Our wardrobe isn’t always suited for the waist clip. Nothing takes away from the punch of a power suit more than a bulge at my jacket. Do you wear it under or snagged sort of over? And I feel for Julie when she talks about it yanking down her yoga pants. Been there, done that. Like Julie, I don’t always wear a bra to stuff it into (and who wants cell phone shaped boobs anyway??!?!).

So I went on the hunt for some options for Julie (who has a HTC smart phone) that I know all the ladies will love and adore (and hey…maybe some gents as well). The great thing, most of these come in a variety of shapes and sizes for different cell phone types. Let’s get started.

HOLY cow! Check out Story Leather. These folks custom make leatherware for your PHONES (and tablet or eReader….)! Seriously?!?! Yes! You can choose from a variety of options, every color known to man (lots of PINK to choose from), custom interior, and different types of closures (so you can bling it up baby!) You can also have them personalized and with your own logo!! Think…MONOGRAM!

Story Leather – Diamond (http://www.storyleather.com)

The options are endless! They run between $60 and $130 bucks!

My fav!!! Meet the Diamond (the name alone…hello?!?!) for $129.99. Squeee! Isn’t it adorable with its gorgeous blinged up strap for the fashionista in all of us? It’s gorgeous, classy and trendy;  it’s a mini purse for your phone.

Story Leather – Hot Pink (http://www.storyleather.com)

Or wait…giving up on customization, I could opt for the universal HOT PINK diamond puff leather case. Ohhhhh the choices…the options…

Wait. I am not shopping for me. Julie. Yes. Right. Sorry about that Julie, getting back to you.

Or perhaps you were looking for something wee bit more casual and hands free? How about the Cartera which comes in at a more modest $89.99 but still offers you all the customization so you can tailor it to your phone and your taste?

Story Leather – Cartera (http://www.storyleather.com)

What I like about the Cartera is not only is it a clutch (so it carries on your wrist easily…leaving you hands free), you don’t have to yank the phone out to use it. Flip it open and voila, text, talk, surf. Talk about convenient! Not to mention, you can put OTHER stuff in it as well so it’s super multipurpose (and y’all know I love multipurpose)!

I’m in love.

Want. One. Now.

LODIS – Crossbody (http://www.lodis.com/)

Another fabulous designer of smartphone cases that I came across is LODIS. Yummmmy! They have a variety of wristlet options (I mean, did you see the Austin one??? Doesn’t that just scream Natalie?!?! Oops…did it again…sorry Julie). I was thinking you might want to consider the tab chick olive crossbody.

It wears more like a traditional purse but substantially smaller and well suited for your phone. Yes, I agree, at $128 it’s pretty pricey but…it’s made of soft, smooth leather with shiny nickel hardware.

All For Color – Crossbody (http://www.allforcolor.com)

Or go ULTRA chic and cool with some less expensive crossbody versions ($18) by All For Color. They also have a ton of inexpensive smartphone wristlets to choose from.

But wait – let’s say you are looking for something a little less flashy? Something to wear around the house? Maybe something more casual and sporty? Why not try an armband? Something like the Arkon Universal Armband for large smartphones?

Arkon Armband (http://www.walmart.com)

I found this one on Walmart’s site. It fastens securely to your arm, great for a workout, run, or even if you are just zooming around the house or getting groceries.

It’ll go great with yoga pants and will make you look super sporty and athletic to boot (even if you aren’t). It’s lightweight and totally adjustable for your comfort. It also has a little spot for your earphones and a multi-touch display which also provides protection from fingerprints, dust and dirt.

Not to mention, a hidden key pocket!!! Yes…a secret compartment!!! Squee!! Strap this bad boy to your ankle and watch OUT James Bond! You are a serious writer packing some heat!

I can see it now….

You’re at the grocery store with your phone fastened securely to your ankle.

It vibrates (because all covert writers/spies have their phones on vibrate).

You look around. Is the enemy watching? This could be a potential agent calling? Maybe a new small press? You don’t want to give the edge to a follow grocery shopping writer…you look left…right…

Nope…coast is clear.

You prop that foot up on the produce fridge unit; give the lettuce guy a wink with a devilish grin.

He knows your hot…and important…and super secretive and sexy!

Flex the buttocks…why? Cause you can damn it!

You’ve got that twinkle in your eye.

You casually lift up the pant leg and…answer!

Covert phone tactics!

I mean…you are a writer…you gotta live this shit!

Seriously…for $13 bucks, you can’t go wrong! I mean…how much fun would that be?!?!

What kind of case do you use for your cell phone? Any great tips and tricks for Julie? Come on…share the wealth…

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

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  1. I love the cartera! Of course, if you have a fantastic rack, it doubles as a cell phone holder.

    (I kid. I mean, I’ve seen it done, but I don’t carry my phone betwixt the ladies.)

  2. Natalie's Hubby says:

    Does the arm/ankle band come available in an ‘upper thigh’ model for those ever sexy skirt or lingerie moments?

    PS: the covert suprmarket writer should totally be captured for your first vlog

    • Ohhhh…I bet if the armband one was adjustable enough (or if I didn’t have thunder thighs), it’d likely work. Perhaps we could add an additional Velcro strap to adjust to my thighs girth? WAHAHAHA!!!
      Perhaps we’ll do such a vlog someday hubby!! WAHAHA!

  3. HA! I love that you posted about that convo! I saw snippets on Twitter yesterday and thought it could get interesting. (Which incidentally made me realize Twitter makes me feel like I’m eavesdropping! Another thing to get all neurotic about). I was chuckling about it when hubs walked in and asked what I was laughing at. When I told him, he just rolled his eyes. “Women have a natural pocket. Natural pocket + Bluetooth What’s the problem?” And he couldn’t understand why I didn’t jump on board the conversation with that suggestion. The solutions you found are so much better.

    • Eavesdrop anytime. I know that tweeting is like holding a megaphone and shouting across a crowded mall to Natalie. Of course, you all overheard! 😉

    • I think that is what is the funnest part of Twitter, eavesdropping in on convos. I see some of the BEST stuff that way and next time, jump right in girl! The more the merrier. 🙂
      NATURAL pockets?!?!? WAHAHA!! Maybe for some but not for all, that’s for sure. And it quite frankly depends on your phone’s size/shape etc. I totally would not like my bejewelled blackberry tucked in my natural pocket…ouch! LOL!!
      LOVE it Lynnette!!! 🙂

  4. Natalie's Hubby says:

    I forgot to mention I saw a woman at the grocery store last week with cell clipped to her left cleavage/bra edge…wearing it like a badge!

  5. I think you’re bad, bad, bad. introducing us to Lodis. I am going to spend entirely too much time and money there.

  6. I love the cartera, too, but it’s beyond my budget. Thanks for including the cheaper ones. Great idea – I have a little wallet I carry and I’m always wishing I had something for my cell phone. Don’t always want to carry my purse. Thanks!

    • Yeah, some were definitely budget busters so I wanted to find some less expensive alternatives. I think the All For Color options are fab and I love that most double as a small wallet so you can bring some of the essentials with your phone…ENJOY!!

  7. Those Crossbodies are sweet! I’ve found awesome cell phone carrying options at camping stories—may sound odd, but everything is built for comfort, super high quality and cuter than one would think. (Have to thank my hubby for dragging me into those stores in the first place. LOL) I have a Patagonia purse that I’d take over Prada any day. Great tips and post, Natalie!

    • Camping stores. I never even thought!! I bet they’d be fabulous and functional and I’ve noticed more and more that they are gearing camping stuff to women making it cute and colorful. Fabulous August, I’ll definitely hit some stores to see what they got…
      A Patagonia purse would be super cute!!!!! Thanks for the fab ideas girl….

  8. The cellphone carrying options you list almost make me wish I liked my cell phone more than I do (I don’t like my land line a whole lot either though). If I were going to go for one of the things you found, though, I think I’d want to use the one that straps around the ankle. But not for the whole spy/covert experience. I’d want it to look like the anklets the police make people wear (can’t remember what they’re called at the moment). In fact, I think it would be fun to get a tough looking group together, strap on our anklet cell phone holders, head to the mall…and see if we could scare the shoppers. 🙂

    Okay, so I’m kidding. Mostly. Fortunately I carry my purse everywhere, so that’s where my cell phone goes. Not that it matters because the battery is often dead, and the only reason I like to have anyone call is because I downloaded ‘More Than a Feeling’ for my ringtone. 🙂

    • OMG Kristy. LOVE the visual and that is AWESOME! Totally something I’d love to do…WAHAHAHA!!!
      Yeah, I am much like you with my purse nearly everywhere I go. I sort of had to just succumb to it if I wanted to have my “stuff” with me but I think some of these options would really give the best of both worlds.
      I was more like you with my phone when it was just a cell. Hubby could never get a hold of me cause I’d never have the damn thing on. LOL! But now with the blackberry, I love it cause I can stay in touch on my email and surf the net too so it goes everywhere with me now. LOL!

  9. Note to self: When you talk about your bra in a tweet, expect it to be copied & pasted onto their blog. LOL.

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who finds this post helpful. Those crossbody options look awesome! I already started shopping on All For Color (they have ereader and tablet cases too!). While I’d love to have that LODIS, my husband might wonder if implanting the cell phone inside me would be cheaper. Thank you SO MUCH, Natalie! You are squee-worthy!!!

    And I’ll be watching the comments to see what other ideas people have. Great stuff!

    • WAHAHAHA!! Absolutely….always thinking about pinterest now so trying to have more visuals. LOL!
      That’s awesome Julie. I loved the crossbodies as well and the All For Color options are totally affordable. I agree, the LODIES and Story Leather ones are beautiful but pricey. I think hubby would have a coronary if I paid more for my blackberry purse than I did my actual purse. LOL!!
      My pleasure – I had a BLAST shopping….squeeeeee!!!!

  10. Karen McFarland says:

    A girl’s got to have her options. Thanks for narrowing it down for us. 🙂

  11. Awesome options Natalie! Schlepping my phone around can be annoying. Assuming, of course, I haven’t forgotten it somewhere!

    I really like the arm/ankle band but it’ll mess up the tan line 😉

    Oh, and I agree with your hubby, the covert suprmarket writer should totally be captured for your first vlog.

  12. Oh my goodness – with all of these choices I’m never going to get any work done now. I’ll simply spend hours trying to find the right shades of pink, blue, red, etc. to match all of my shoes. I mean you can’t wear purple shoes and carry that little hot pink wristlet phone thing. How fashion backward is that?

    You are simply the best, Natalie! Thanks for sharing your fun finds. Now I’m off to shop, shop, shop. Hope you snapped up that little diamond number already because if not, it’s mine.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • I HEAR you Patricia….matching to all the shoes and for many different venues and occasions is key. Just ONE simply will NOT due…..nope…nuh uh!!!
      My pleasure. Enjoy shopping. I’m off to order the diamond pink puff in the hopes there’s still one available. LOL!!

  13. Do you KNOW why this makes me laugh (even harder than usual)? My post next Monday is about this exact subject. I swear you and I are the same mind spread across two continents….

  14. michaela says:

    When i went to NYC last year i had a crossbody one. I got a lot of weird looks found out the strap was right between my boobs…ackward…i am by no means small chested .This year i used a vera bradley small purse ha i win no weird looks this time.But lots of compliments instead on my amazing patterned purse.

    • Ohhhh yes…I suppose the crossbody would wear quite awkwardly on women who are well endowed. LOL!! Ouch. But it gave you the excuse to get a gorgeous Vera Bradley! I went and checked out the website and I am in love!!!

  15. Late to the party!

    I have solutions that do not involve purchase of a new purse. Why? Because I purchased one for my trip to CANADA (The Land of the U hogs) a week ago. Bagellini. (sp? and too lazy to double check). The small one is PERFECT for bop-about. It’s light-weight, mud-puddle proof, and it has nifty pockets that are just the right size. I tested this before I purchased it at The Container Store. Yes. I found an empty surface and moved what I deemed to be essential items from my purse to the not-yet-purchased Bagellini (sp? same as above).

    [It was a bit off-putting to have a sales person covertly follow me for the balance of my Container Store browsing.]

    I bought two, but the big one is going back. It has so many pockets I get lost just sorting through all of the options. If only it had you are here dots. *Heavy Sigh* I know my dingbatliness-prone self would lose things inside my purse. Lose them as in cancel credit cards in a moment of adrenaline up/IQ down, and discover them ten seconds later.

    I always wear my BlueTooth (Dubbed the Blue Ant by AT&T. Yeah. I know. EW). To avoid drain bamage, I only wear it when I’m expecting a call. When I walk away from my phone, it tells me “your cell phone is no longer connected.” My home-alone jeans are roomy enough for a butt-bump. If you saw what I look like at home, you’d understand that’s the least of my concerns.

  16. Angela HOrcher says:

    I am a department manager for a hotel. On top of that I meet with lots of guests and event planners. I don’t wear a suit every day but I do need to keep my cell phone on me. The last thing I want to do is dig in my bra to whip out my cell phone in front of people. I have great solution for pants without pockets but am still looking for the fix for dresses since an armband doesn’t look professional.


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