Partying in the spam files

I’ve been ROFL ever since reading Jenny Hansen’s post about things she’s learned from her spam files and search terms. I instantly headed off to visit and play in mine. I’ve been having a grand time ever since; a little ego feeding is good for the soul, isn’t it?! Even if it’s poorly written flattery…

Dive into your comment section…

Andressa got a lot out of my Just shut up and cuddle post. She says:

this really is an awesome post, i’m happy i came across this. i will be back to look at out more of your articles later.

Well Andressa, you are welcome back anytime girl! Even with your poor grammar. Perhaps you should consider signing up for David Walker’s grammar series.

I loved Elisete’s comment:

great blog! the information you provide is quiet helpful, why i was not able to find it earlier. anyways i’ve subscribed to your feeds, keep the good work up.

I don’t know why you hadn’t found me till now. It’s not like I’ve been in hiding. It is a public blog after all. Regardless, thanks so much for subscribing to my feeds because it is the best way to be sure to get my uberlicious posts every single week (hint hint y’all…click the “Sign Me Up Baby” button on the side and you can join Elisete and get my posts emailed to you)! I will definitely keep up the great work. For you…anything! BTW, you may want to consider joining Andressa in checking out David’s grammar series.

I couldn’t agree more UAE escort when he (or she) wrote:

I think other site proprietors should take as an model, very clean and excellent user friendly style and design, let alone the content. You are an expert in this topic!

I gotta say, I kind of like my ultra pink layout as well so I’m glad to hear I am not alone. And an expert. Wow, here I thought I was just writing about the first thing that came to mind. I had no idea that made me an expert. Squeeee!!!

And…last but not least, Aniele says:

your blog happens to be not just informative but also very stimulating too.

Well now…Stimulating?!??! That’s new! I had no idea….I’m kind of speechless on that one.

Search Terms Insanity!

The search terms that bring readers to me was quite enlightening and entertaining. In this last quarter, the top way people found me….

  • women peeing

I’ve become the place to go when you want to know about women peeing. Hmmm…not quite the brand I was going for but hey…I’ll take it.

Other top search terms:

  • natalie hartford blog (Phew….)
  • duck dynasty
  • womenpeeing (more of this, eh?!?!)
  • women peeing outdoors (Ok…this is starting to get strange…)

Looks like I might want to consider doing some more posts on…women peeing. Gotta please the readers, right?

Ever spend anytime in your spam folder? What fun things have you found? Any outlandish search terms bringing the readers to you? Come on…share the wealth….

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  1. The “women peeing” thing is great. For some reason, every day at least one person finds my site through a search for anorexia or bulimia. And I don’t recall a single instance where I wrote about either…starting to think that there is hidden code somewhere. And my number two search term is ‘angry goat’ which kills me. I know why it is there, but I find it amazing that so many people LOOK for it. Unless they’re looking for the Urban Dictionary version. In which case, I’m pretty sure they are very disappointed.

    And thanks for the blog love, too.

    • Anorexia and bulimia…that is sooo weird Lynnette!!! LOL!!
      But yes, I get the “angry goat” – one of my FAB posts of yours. LOL!! But yes, weird that people even look for such a thing…like…hmmmm?!??!?! LOL!!
      Absolutely – it was a stellar post!

  2. Short comment today, Nat.

    Why? Because I have to pee.

    And, I’m laughing so hard, I fear leakage *blush* should I stand up right now.

    Then again. I’m outdoors and I think there’s a slight slope around the side of the house. It all starts with location, location, location, right?

    Gotta go! Yes. Interpret that however you choose. All will apply.

  3. My spam folder never fails to crack me up. You’d think they would find a way to be more original. And camel toe is still my number 1 search term. Sigh.

  4. lovemylonglegs says:

    Just the laugh I needed this morning! Lol. Is it weird that I wish I had spam to read?

    • That’s what we are here for! LOL!
      Nope, not weird at all. There’s some good stuff that comes through there. And don’t worry girl…your spam folder will be overflowing with juicy tidbits in no time! LOL!

  5. Well, Natalie, I took Elisete’s advice and signed up, but don’t send her your undying gratitude yet, ’cause I came over today with that intent already seared into my noggin’. Once again, Gloria sez, in chat, Did you read Natalie’s blog? and I sez, D’oh!.

    Your post inspired me to find the search terms. In the past, I’ve had some humdingers, but this time, not so much. But someone did find me by entering, ‘sherry isaac mission viego’.

    Only mission I’m on this morning is to fetch more coffee…

  6. I got you beat. Someone found my blog by googling “Lisa making love” hahaha!!! If they found what they were looking for than I need to seriously rethink my content. 🙂

  7. My spam folder is way too frightening and full to spend much time with. Then again, if doing so is entertaining as this post, I may save it for a rainy day. 😉 Can’t wait for that women pee post! LOL

    • Definitely check it out August. You never know what entertaining finds you’ll come across. Chuckle.
      God help me coming up with something else to do with women peeing but I’ll give it a go! LOL!!

  8. Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

    I’ve searched your blog using “Natalie Hartford’s Hubbys Corner floats my boat!” – just incase you were wondering where that came from!

  9. I’ve learned to be really, really careful about using some words, in tweets or even book descriptions. LOLOL! I wonder what they think to accomplish with such great writing? Other than to provide us with entertainment, I mean? LOL!

  10. Coleen Patrick says:

    So maybe there is a whole population of women who have trouble peeing, and they’ve heard your blog is stimulating for that purpose? This is great work you’re doing Natalie 🙂 You are creating quite the duck dynasty–that one really cracks me up, it is just so random!

    • ROFLMAO Coleen!! YOU kill me!! LOL!!!
      LOVE it!!!!
      Hubby did a post on his love of A&E’s new series called Duck Dynasty so I’m sure that’s where the search comes from but they’d pretty disappointed to find my girlie blog, I am sure. LOL!!

  11. You are an expert…apparently about women peeing. LOL. By far, the biggest search term for people finding my blog is “doppelganger” because I wrote about fiction dopplegangers. My post included a pic of President Obama’s doppelganger (and he really is!!!). Another popular one is candy heart sayings (or conversation hearts, candy hearts, etc.) for my Valentine’s post. Maybe I should do an Amazing Words Wednesday post on words for peeing: taking a leak, relieving yourself, answering the call of nature, etc. I’ll take more traffic however I can get it! LOL.

    • Doppelganger…OMG! LOL!! That is a right and candy heart sayings…amazing that you write about something once and BOOM! LOL!
      OMG DYING over your Amazing Word Wednesday peeing options. Stellar Julie. LOL!

  12. Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

    She wasn’t always the prolific Princess of pee; the Miss of piss, the Fizz of the whiz; the Sleek of the leak; the Extreme of the stream; the Flash of the splash; Queen fiddle of the piddle; the Twinkle in the sprinkle; the …

    There was a lot of trial and error(accompanied by pointing, laughter and ridicule), many a piss covered sandal and pant leg were had in the making of the professional subject matter expert you read about today!

    Long live her mastered techniques, and may your footwear, socks and or pant legs be no longer ‘islands in the stream’

    • Sleek of the leak?? You need Jesus, hubby, or a really strong drink. And Nat is the twinkle in MY sprinkle every day. 🙂

      p.s. I cannot even describe how many people get to my blog searching “fluffy kittens” and how few get there searching “more cowbell!” It’s sad, really.

      Thanks for the blog love, missy!!

    • DYING!! ROFL!!!!
      That’d be
      And quit sharing my FEW little mishaps…I was under the influence most certainly in each and every one of them. WAHAHAHA!!!

  13. asraidevin says:

    If you want blog traffic, write about 50

  14. asraidevin says:

    Grr my son hit enter on my keyboard. If you want blog traffic write about 50 Shades of Grey and canning, Tons of hits now, and I think I’m going to some more writing about BDSM.

  15. Elena Aitken says:

    Thanks for the shoutout darlin’!
    And yes…women peeing…clearly this is your niche. ha ha. 🙂

  16. I get a kick out of my spam folder too. The ones that really make me laugh are the ones that resort to flattery about topics I don’t even cover. O-kay!

  17. lynnkelleyauthor says:

    The spam messages are just plain creepy, especially two that were a message to someone else that they got a match and to tell blah blah to say blah blah referred them! Yep, that was thanks to my stupid move on Blogger to allow anonymous comments without having to use the captcha window. Next thing I knew, one of my friends who follows my blog sent me an email that she got an email from my blog, a link to a porn site, written in German. Sheesh! I changed my settings to allow Open ID. That seems to be working much better!

    The “women peeing” search item is pretty funny! I get some pretty random stuff, too, but the strangest one that comes up at least once a week is “Hairy toes.” Sometimes “hairy female toes.” Cracks me up every time!
    What a fun post, Natalie!

    • OH NO Lynn. That is awful but thankfully you got it resolved now. I can’t imagine your friends shock to get an email…from your blog…to a porn site. O.M.G!
      Hairy toes and hairy female toes…ROFL!!!!! Luv it. WAHAHA!!!

  18. I see you found my duck dynasty search. *grin* And yes, you are so knowledgeable and such an expert on spelling and correct word usage. All those folks should definitely follow you. They need resources.


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