Urban Word Wednesday: Hot Mess

Welcome to Urban Word Wednesday! New words, phrases, and sayings I am learning (and using in my day-to-day life) brought to you by ME…and the Urban Dictionary. You are gonna love these!

Hot Mess: When ones thoughts or appearance are in a state of disarray but they maintain an undeniable attractiveness or beauty.

Examples Of Use:

I got up Monday morning to get ready for work. I’m half asleep. Slightly irritated to see it’s Monday…already!?!?! Hubby was still in bed but wasn’t sleeping. Just sort of laying there watching me get out of my PJs and into my work clothes.

Hubby: honey…wait a minute…are your underwear inside out?

Me: no…they can’t be.

*stops – irritated – and looks*

Me: oh my god…yeah, I guess they are. Weird.

Hubby: what is with you and constantly wearing stuff inside out? Do you even look before you put shit on?

Me: no. I just grab whatever it is and put the damn thing on. At least now I can just turn these undies inside out and they are like fresh. I bet I could get two days out of every pair doing this. Think of the money we’d save in detergent and the benefits to the environment. I am amazing

Hubby: what you are is hot mess!

Tell me about a time when you were a hot mess? Or even better…someone else. I promise, your gossiping secrets are safe here…Come on…share the wealth…

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  • I know y’all must have seen it but I couldn’t help but point it out. Seriously the funniest book cover ever. We have Jenny Hansen to thank for bring it to our attention. AS IF that wasn’t enough, she followed it up with NEW definition for OMG. I’ve been ROFL ever since!
  • LOVED FringeGirl’s post on fat-fighting knowledge sharing. I especially loved her idea of specific walk times at the track (8-9 pm – all those who want to hide their fat under the cover of darkness). ROFL!


  1. LOL. Hot mess is one of my favorite terms. And sadly describes me more and more often these days!

  2. OK, Nat. Here’s one. True story. But, I was very young. Second grade young.

    We had a school assignment: memorize a poem to recite in front of the class. I wanted to be the best, so I picked The Spider and the Fly — seventy-two lines. The longest I could find. I memorized it while my classmates went for Haiku’s and such. Play-ground, pre- showtimes. I chose to goof off and drink water on my way back to class. I planned to make sure was picked first, so there was no urgency to visit the restroom.

    Teacher keeps ignoring my pick me! pick me! waving hand. Now, I have no choice. I can’t raise the one finger code, because it’s too close to the end of the period. I’m stuck.

    I waddle-walked to the front of the class and recited my seventy-two line poem while my bladder relieved itself down my leg, over my sock, and gathered on the floor.

    I call that my Pride in a Puddle story. Beat that one!

    Hey! Haven’t heard back on the triple-dog-dare. Email me. Hope you’re feeling better.

    btw, a cc of this is going into a blog for future use. Thnx for commenting today.

    • NO FREAKING WAY?!?!? You poor thing….poor thing!! That was definitely a hot mess….LOL!! I love the Pride in a Puddle naming. Stellar!!! Oh yes – I’ve been meaning to write you back but got busy with a zillion things. Look for something soon. You totally KNOW we are in – just a matter of details. LOL!!

    • Thanks, Gloria. I feel so much better knowing that I wasn’t the only one who had a humiliating bladder incident in 2nd grade. But I am so sorry for you. I think we turned out okay anyway, right?

    • *moaning in sympathy*

      I’ve definitely been the hot gradeschool mess that peed at unfortunate moments but NEVER in front of a class during a poetry slam. Dang, girl…there are no words to convey my sympathy!!

  3. Yeah, you! It’s a twofer day.

    Adult Hot Mess story. Cocktail reception for big dog clients when I worked in Corporate America.

    (It’s sentence frag day in TX, btw)

    First Glass of wine in hand, I approached one of my major clients. He had a slight stutter. NOTE: I do not find stuttering to be laughable or a character flaw. Blame it on the second glass of wine. Blame it on my tendency to imitate. Anyhoooooo…..

    He smiled and said, “Hi, G-g-g-g-g-loria. How are you?” I smiled back and said, “F-f-f-f-fine, Ralph*, how are you?”

    *Not his real name.

    It was a brain fart. He didn’t even notice, so I kept blathering until I could snag someone to take my place.

    • ROFLMAO!!

      That’s shit I’d DO!!! Followed up with a “was that my outside voice???” WAHAHAHA!!

      Glad he didn’t notice…you’d have felt terrible…but great story for the blog now! WAHAHA!!!

  4. I don’t know about hot mess. I might call you a GENIUS.

  5. Ha! You and the hubs could be the basis for a sitcom. 🙂 I showed up to the gym wearing inside out shorts once. Talk about a hot and sweaty mess. lol Fun post!

    • Oh August…good one!! LOL!!!

      Nice to know I am not alone…

      Yes, I’ve gone to work, out shopping, groceries, to visit friends…all wearing clothes inside out. NO idea what it is. I’ve even put something on, THOUGHT it was inside out, took it off, switched it, and put it back on ONLY to have hubby comment an hour later – is your shirt on inside out?!? And low and behold, it will be. Meaning….I did it on purpose…WHAT?!??!

      LOL!! I just can’t seem to see seams….it’s gotta be a sign of super intelligence and creativity. At least that’s what I am chalking it up to.

    • Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

      August – you’re not having alot of luck at gyms girl!

  6. OMG. Pick your definition, that’s all I’m saying. OMG.

  7. August is so right.You guys should have your own show. 🙂

  8. amyskennedy says:

    Have you ever noticed how much FUN Hot Messes are to be around? Say anything, do anything…wear anything. Just saying. Sometimes though, certain Hot Messes who have not matured enough (my adult daughter) to fake it in society (posted on facebook a number of times ALL IN A ROW, and all in capital letters what a sh*t and a f*cker her exboyfriend was)– yeah, she’s calmed down now. I keep telling, “Er, honey, you can erase those posts, you know…”tend to make me tired. One could say: apple/tree. I go balistic in the comfort of my own home, usually alone — not on facebook.

    Hmmm, TMI? It’s all your fault Natalie!

    • Hot messes ARE tons of fun (aren’t we??)!! LOL.

    • I couldn’t agree more with you and Jenny – hot messes are WHERE it’s AT! We always have to keep a pretty good sense of humor cause lord knows we are always laughing at ourselves and the interesting stunts we pull…and we are walking, breathing, living entertainment for folks around us. I love it! WAHAHA!

      Oh Amy, there’s never TMI here! Apple/tree – LOL! Well like her Mom, she’ll live and learn and come through it wonderfully but it sounds like her path is gonna be loud and proud. LOL!! I was much the same at that age but thankfully we didn’t have things like Facebook or I’d have plastered all my drama all over the Web. LOL!

  9. amyskennedy says:

    Oh, and yet all the boys/men still lover her, because she’s unbelievably attractive and creative. Sheesh. Sigh.

  10. Cute! Yes, I’ve done it. And usually been mortified. These days, though, inside-out works. Frankly, I’d rather see seams than waistbands around knees. 🙂

  11. You’re HILARIOUS! I can’t wait to meet you! I predict lots of laughs 😉

  12. Now that I’ve tromped all the way through your comment section, thanks for the shout out!! 🙂

  13. LOL, I’ve heard that if you wear your undies inside out the faeries can’t get you. I do this regularly and as yet have never been gotten by the faeries. OMG, it actually works.
    Thanks for another great chcukle. 🙂

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