Urban Word Wednesday: Flavorgasm

Welcome to Urban Word Wednesday! New words, phrases, and sayings I am learning (and using in my day-to-day life) brought to you by ME…and the Urban Dictionary. You are gonna love these!

Flavorgasm: when eating food so good that you let out an involuntary moan, usually the first bite; also as an adjective – flavorgasmic.

Examples Of Use:

Last week I told you about hubby and I enjoying making our waitress bust a gut over our fartability conversation. Well, the fun didn’t end there. After our pizza was served, she, as is customary, came back to check on us.

Waitress: is everything ok? How’s the pizza?

Me (with mouth full of pizza): Ohhhhhh….ummmmm….YESSSSSSSSSSSSS….soooooo gooooodddddd!!!! 

*not quite When Harry Met Sally style….but you get the idea*


Hubby: I apologize for her…We were in the Dominican for 2 weeks and this is our first pizza since getting back….she’s been having a total flavorgasm each bite.

Waitress looks at me like I have 18 heads.

I stare up and start moaning again.

Hubby shakes his head giggling.

Waitress: uhhhh…ok. Can I get you a refill on your Pepsi?

Hubby: that’d be great!

What dish always guarantees you a flavorgasm? What’s your favorite flavorgasmic food? Ever actually moan out loud…in public? Come on…share the wealth…

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  1. LMAO. Pizza is my biggest food enemy. Total flavorgasm every time.

  2. Oh! Oh! Bouncing in my chair with hand raised. Pick me! Pick me!

    Dreyers (Edy’s in some markets) Slow-Churned Caramel Delight Ice Cream. So smooth. So creamy. So caramelicious. But, wait! There’s more! Throw some Heath Brickle Bits on top and it really pops…

    …the buttons on my blue jeans.

    And, not because my jeans are coming off for any kind of blank-gasm reason. Heavy sigh.

    But, wait! There’s still more. It’s 1/2 of the fat and 1/3 fewer calories! So, you can have two bowls. How cool is that?

    Now, I have choices. Non-fat vanilla yogurt or low-fat Caramel Delight Ice Cream for breakfast. You’ll know what I chose if you hear moans.

  3. Love that scene. Warm brownie (or chocolate pudding cake) with vanilla ice cream. Hot and cold does it for me….

  4. Y’know I don’t think I have any ONE food that does this for me. I’ve done it — though more ninja style, I do have kids after all — but it’s based off my craving at the time. However, That Man does like to tease me about a date night where the calamari got more action than he did…

    • Well NOW?!?! Calamari Gone Wild….I can just hear it now. LOL!! It must have been some kind of yummy….and you know what they say about seafood?!?! LOL!! Fabulous Raelyn, keeping your flavorgasms on the DL when the kids are present – smart thinking! 🙂

  5. I get laughed at for this because when I eat something really good I’ll close my eyes and let out an audible “mmm.”

  6. I DARE you and hubby to recreate the scene from When Harry Met Sally the next time you’re at a crowded restaurant. Video proof would be great. 😉

    Hot bread, fresh out of the oven used to do it for me. GF bread sucks so now I have to find a new flavorgasmic food.

    • Well that’s quite the dare Kristy. I honestly don’t know if hubby (and more specifically ME) have the guts to do a re-enactment. LOL! I’m all for being bold and shock and awe but….ohhhh…I don’t know about that one but I’ll keep it in mind. 🙂
      HOT bread. YUM! Total fav. You definitely need to find yourself a solid replacement! 🙂

      • I’ve been reading Urban Word Wednesday for a while now. I suspect that once you wrap your minds around it, you and hubby would have a lot of fun with this. You could enlist the help of a waitress to tape it. I think you’d have a lot of fun with it. LOL…okay, I’m kidding. In real life you’d probably be kicked out of the restaurant (which means if you DID go for it, you should eat first). 🙂

        Yes, I definitely have to come up with something to replace the bread. I made a carrot cake that was so close to the real thing that people who don’t know what gluten-free is didn’t notice a difference. THAT is what I want for bread. 🙂

  7. LOL. I must admit — I’m guilty of experiencing flavorgasms.

  8. Natalie's Hubby says:

    I had a stodgy comment about flavorgasmic morsels all ready to roll but being the gentleman that I am – I thought better of it!

    Now where did I put those gummy flavored lifesavers – oh yes!!!
    OooOoohhh Naaaaatalieeeee!


  9. I am SO guilty of the in-public flavorgasm, although mine is usually accompanied with the “omg-so-effing-tasty” chair wiggle. This is a little awkward when you’re, say, out on a date with a guy you’ve just met, but luckily, my friends understand. 😛

    • A CHAIR wiggle – priceless. I must add this to my flavorgasm repertoire! That would totally take it to the next level. And any guy who can’t appreciate your total, full bodied love of food…even on the first date…ain’t worth your time. Good way to weed the losers out. He should be right there with you enjoying seeing you so…pleasured!!! LOL!!

  10. HILARIOUS!!! Natalie your posts crack me up so much and especially this one. Deprived of pizza and then getting some definitely leads to flavorgasms.

  11. Oh. P.S. I’m with Leanne – hot and cold does it for me especially when its hot brownie with maple or caramel ice cream! YUMMMM

  12. I read a YA this month and the main boy character says, “Did you just have a foodgasm?” Main girl character then professes her love for a panini. I laughed out loud.

  13. Natalie's Hubby says:

    If there are any ‘gams going on – I’d like a full vlog of the event!

  14. Elena Aitken says:

    Um…this is me with cheesecake. I often need to be alone. 🙂

  15. Great word! There are so many foods that do that. Most recently, I would say my disovery of salt and salted things as a dessert, including dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds, and salted caramel gelato. Holy crap!

  16. What a fabulous word! Godiva chocolates get me every time — flavorgasmic for sure.

  17. It’s been awhile since my last flavorgasm. Maybe tonight when we go out for our Anniversary meal I’ll get one. It’s hard to have a really great flavorgasm when your kids are at the dinner table with you. But then, it’s never really stopped me before. Still, we’ll be alone tonight so it will be all the more special. Know what I mean? 😉

  18. Flavorgasms (in Canada, flavoUrgasms, eh?) rule! No day is complete without at least one!
    A challenge now for you, Nat, and the Hubster – what is the ‘…..gasm’ when we hit that perfect golf shot? You know what I mean … Several friends have attempted to coin a word without any great success. If anyone can come up with it, you can!

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