Hubby’s Corner: The Law of Opposites

German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Hegel once said: “Contradiction in nature is the root of all motion and of all life.

The world has countless examples of opposites where one could not exist without the other. Light could not exist without darkness; north-south; east-west; ying-yang; male-female; even our wedding vows are usually riddled with opposites; Better-worse, sickness-health, richer-poorer, joy-sorrow…..even the famous words representing life and death – until death do we part!

But Nobody! Not one person ever included anything about internal temperatures differences. You know what I’m talking about – the differences in you and your loving partner’s core internal heater or air conditioner.

Being a man of slightly larger girth, I am sporting a built-in sweater you might say – my heater runs hot 24/7. I don’t even own a sweater. I could sport shorts and no shirt 3 seasons of the year and a shirt and jeans for the 4th season. Rarely do I wear gloves in the winter. Basically it’s all hotness all the time over here in Hubbyville! (Calm your c-strings ladies – I don’t foresee myself being featured on Jillian’s MANDAY MONDAY quite yet!)

Now this is what I need:


Over in Natalieville – her internal air conditioner is pumping out the BTU’s like no women’s business. Hot baths to get her core temp up are a daily occurrence. Blankets are her best friend – they are littered throughout our house on couches and chairs for their frequent usage. She could wear this robe 24/7 and be quite happy as long as it came in pink and she could get matching heels:


Here is a great example of our internal heating differences documented. It’s a canoe trip we took last year around late-May/early-June. You’ll notice the extreme differences in our apparel:

*** You can bet there are thermal underwear under there!***

Hence the marital battle of thermal opposites commences:

  • In the vehicle the temp controls get more usage than the steering wheel – hot-cold-hot-cold.
  • The bedroom blankets become a human cocoon.
  • Windows are constantly opened and closed.
  • One of us is always sweating or covered in goose bumps.
  • Debates on the weather are a common occurrence – is it too hot to do this? Is it too cold to do that?
  • Come on in the pool is great – Brrr! That’s freezing!
  • Come on get in the tub it’s just right – Holy F! that’s boiling!
  • Around camp fires Natalie sits really close and I sit several feet back.
  • Natalie snuggles into to me to get warm – the extra body heat has me boiling.
  • And the saga continues…

So when Georg Wilhelm Hegel said: “Contradiction in nature is the root of all motion and of all life“…

Hot Hubby says “it’s our opposite traits keeping our marriage exciting as we find ways to compromise to keep things in motion in our relationship – for the rest our life – until death do we part!”

Long live the Law of Opposites – they do attract!!

What are some of the opposites with you and your spouse that keep things spicy? What’s your secret to marital/relationship bliss? Come on…share the wealth…

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  1. Great post, hubster! LOL! Just wait until she hits that “change of life” – those hot flashes will level the playing field! 😀

    • Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

      I feel like our very own little homestead panhandler – wandering around the house saying “Got any CHANGE!?”

  2. Hubby and I battle this all winter. He usually loses;)

    • Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

      LOL! I bet he does! I win fairly often as Natalie’s view is she can put on more clothes but there’s only so much I can take off!

  3. Aw… Great stuff! I love reading about you two and your relationship—chock full of love, fun and hilarity. 😉 My hubby hates the AC, particularly at night, which is when I LOVE it. And I’d much prefer to stay awake 24/7, whereas my hubby will take all the naps and sleep he can get. I now have Paula Abdul’s “Opposite’s Attract” in my head. LOL Thanks for the fun post!

    • Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

      Ah Yes – we have a slight nocternal difference as well – I can live off 5-7 hours no problem – Natalie could sleep 12-14 hours a day – if only she didn’t have to eat or pee! hahaha!

  4. We almost always run opposite in this house, too. I once told my hubs that my cold feet and hands were just my female body sending all the heat to my midsection, to protect the womb. So, whenever I would stick my cold feet on his side of the bed, he’d yell at my stomach, “There’s no baby! Stop it!”

    We are odd in this house, too.

  5. Love it, hubby! I think a lot of pregnant women want that air-conditioned suit too. Thankfully, this is an area about which my husband and I agree. We both dislike the cold and keep our thermostat at a toasty 74-78 degrees Farenheit year-round. I know families who have it at 68 (which would make me an icicle).

    Our opposites attract is more likely the I-can-talk-up-a-storm vs. fewer-words-are-always-better. I’ll go off on some monologue for several minutes and turn to him expecting a response. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. If asked, he often says, “I didn’t have anything to add.” What?!! I ALWAYS have something to add! LOL.

    • Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

      Nat likes to have our house at 77 (25c) at all times, so that equates to the eletric heat jump pumping, the propane fireplace just a humming, the blanket cocoon, thermal drawers, and snuggled up to me trying to absorb my body heat all at the same time!

  6. My internal thermostat is screwy. If it’s under colder than 20 degrees (sorry, I don’t know Celsius), I freeze, although I will never, ever, EVER turn the heat on in my bedroom. I want the temperature to be just shy of being able to ‘see my breath.’

    If it’s over 65, visions of snowstorms and winchills dance in my head. Eighty and over? I’m hugging the air conditioner like a long-lost friend. By the way, only 116 days until October 1st. God only knows what will happen to me when menopause rears its ugly head here. Maybe I’ll actually enjoy summer for a change. 🙂

    Fun post, Natalie’s hubby. 🙂

  7. Coleen Patrick says:

    I like the baths to heat my core too! My hub and I are opposite in our introvert and extrovert personalities–which ok doesn’t always work, but I like to think I get out of the house more (LOL) because of him and he learns to enjoy quiet time too. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing my blog–you guys are just awesome!

  8. Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

    I hear ya – Natalie is very extroverted (SURPRISE) but I’m not as much and I tend to get “peopled out” WAY before she does – so quite often I have to ask her to put the brakes on when booking, lunches, dinners, events, get-togethers, and the list goes on and on! I need some down time damn it!! LOL!

  9. Karen McFarland says:

    Great post “Hubby!” Yes, opposites attract. I think it’s a scientific phenomenon and part of a plan to drive each other crazy! LOL! 🙂

  10. Umm, you’re saying all this like it’s a bad thing. YOU are obviously the one with the problem since I see nothing wrong with Natalie. My Hubs is a lot like you… you men are all total freaks. Put on your big boy A/C suits and deal with it!

    If I want the A/C on in the summer (to keep the house around 72, my favorite degree), then I WILL! Conversely, if I run the heater in the winter (to keep that house at 72, again), then I WILL! It is not for you to whine or complain, but to wear absolutely nothing around the house if you’re too hot. Which, if I have the temp just perfect, might mean you get some nookie. Win-win!

  11. Scottie the Hottie!

  12. Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

    Thanks for all the comments and another great Hubby’s Corner! Check back on July 2nd – for the next espisode of Hubby’s Corner! In the mean time entertain yourselves with Natalie’s regularly scheduled posts! She loves hearing from you all!


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