What do your shoes say about you?

I think clothes have a big impact on a person’s first impression about who we are. They are a very in-your-face, visual statement. And whether right or wrong, people likely make assumptions about who we are based on their interpretation of our clothing. Am I a girlie girl, comfort is key, designer all the way baby, hiking is my thing, or tomboy kind of gal. Does she dress like me? Do I wish I dressed like her? Does she dress like my brother?

So what about our shoes? I mean, don’t they speak volumes as well? I know I don’t always do a close inspection but I can say that a nice pair of shoes always catch my eye (same with a fab purse but we’ll dive into that another time).

So I did a little research to see what my shoes say about me and you know what? Most of it was pretty bang on. I turned to two sources, millionlooks.com and sulekha.com, for the shoe personality deets.

Pumps & Comfies – 40% wear rate

At my day job, where I put in about 40 hours a week, I usually wear comfortable pumps or wedges. If we have a swanky event or an important meeting etc, I might dress it up but for the most part, comfort is key.

What they say about me?

Comfortable sexiness. Women who wear wedge shoes are usually straightforward, confident and love power. However, when it comes to decision-making they tend to hesitate. In relationships they seek for reliability and trust. The person who wears platform shoes relays the same confidence and sexiness as stilettos, but under a more practical and sure-footed nature. It also denotes ambition and determination.

Dead on! I definitely have confidence (not so sure about the love power thing), sexiness, practical, ambition and determination. Amen to that. And I do hesitate when making decisions.

Flats (or close to flat) – 30% wear rate (it’d be higher IF our summers were longer)

I know, I know, you’ll all be stunned but I do own a number of flats or close to flat flats. I love my flip-flops, low-heeled sandals, Birkenstocks, and my dreadfully ugly, yet wonderfully comfortable, loafers (even hubby said UGH when I bought them). These are what I wear to the mall, to go shopping, when hitting a movie, or just touring around.

What they say about me?

Dandy-girl. If you like loafers and Oxford shoes you belong to a group of women who are undemonstrative and prefer hiding their feelings even if their souls are in flames. Flats-lovers are usually sweet, friendly and a little boring. Women who like flats are usually great fashionistas who are fond of wearing new clothes.

The flat shoe/sandal wearer is steady and grounded in life. This person is often energetic; high paced, and exudes a zest for experiencing life to the fullest. On the other hand, flip-flops symbolize a youthful, mellow, and money-conscious, person. While maybe considered a bit unpolished at times, the flip-flop bearer is easy to please, and even easier to get along with.

Ok, so I am soooo not undemonstrative nor do I hide my feelings while my soul is burned in flames. LOL! And I don’t think I am even close to boring. And I know a ton of “flat” wearers who would never be classified as boring so that’s definitely way off the mark! But….I would consider myself a great fashionista, LOVE LOVE LOVE new clothes and HELL yes I am easy to please and get along with (SHUT UP Hubby!!)!

Stilettos – 15% wear rate

I know…shocking I don’t wear them more often, eh?! You already know I love anything that sparkles so I definitely have more than my fair share of stunning stilettos with oodles of bling. But I don’t wear them every single day. I find them comfortable in a wear-for-couple-hours kind of way. But these aren’t shoes I could do for 8 or 10 hours in while at work. These are the shoes I break out when we head out on the town, dancing, or on vacation.

What they say about me?

Stiletto as a weapon. If you love stilettos you are most likely a vivid and extraordinary person who longs for attention. You can be capricious and a bit spoiled but you always get what you want. You are confident about your powers and sex appeal. However, some people take you as a silly and shallow girl.

The stiletto, i.e., height is often associated with power, self-indulgence, and pride. It signifies that its wearer is assertive of their sexuality and personality and is not afraid to show it. The stiletto demands attention, and the more flashy it appears, the more pain it may inflict, as it walks over whoever or whatever stands in the way of getting what it wants.

The first paragraph is likely quite bang on although I don’t think people take me as silly and shallow but hey, maybe when I am stilettos, they do?!?! On a good note, in regards to paragraph 2, I don’t own many super HIGH stilettos. Most of mine range from 2 to 3.5 inches. I am not a 5-inch stiletto-wearing crazy person! And a lot of mine are somewhat platform making them even LESS high to my feet.

Boots – 10% wear rate

I have a slight obsession with boots; tall, low, stiletto, wedge, open-toe – you name it, I love them all. I could happily fill my closet with them delightful treasures. That being said, most of my fancy books only get brought out for special occasions, while the more comfy versions (wedge or low heeled) get paired up with jeans for just about any occasion – shopping, dinner with friends etc. So the wear rate could be a bit higher.

What they say about me?

Biker-style queen. You are reserved and a bit egocentric. You don’t trust people and prefer doing everything yourself. But at the same time you are smart and sensitive and often worry about your relations with other people. You get sincerely surprised with rudeness and inadequate behavior.

OMG hubby is going to read this and say I should be wearing boots 90% of the time – egocentric, prefer doing everything myself?!?! YIP!! But on the positive, I am smart and sensitive at the same time.

Sneakers – 5% wear rate

I am not a huge sneaker wearing girl. This is probably because I am not overly athletic but I do own a pair or two for going for walk, sporting stuff, or for heading out to the camp.

What they say about me?

Tomboy. Girls who have a weak point about sporty footwear are normally creative and sociable. They love traveling and feel extremely bored when routine makes them stay at the same place for long. You need to always be among people who love and respect you. The sneaker wearer is hip, youthful, playful and busy.

Ok…I’ll take that. Maybe I need to wear these more often!

So let’s summarize. Basically my shoes say that:

At work during the day, I am comfortable sexiness. I am straightforward, confident and love power but struggle with making decisions.

At home and at play, I am, for the most part, a dandy-girl big into fashion and wearing new clothes. I prefer stability and security to being a big risk taker. I am energetic; high paced, and exude a zest for experiencing life to the fullest.

When I am going out on the town or vacation, that’s when my vivid and extraordinary side comes out to play; always longing for attention. I am confident about my powers and sex appeal and I want to be unique and make a statement everywhere I go.

But on the flip side, I can also be a bit of a biker chick/tomboy. I get a little egocentric and prefer doing everything myself. I get bored and want to go go go! I invest in my relationship with others.

What do you think? Is the shoe/personality analysis dead on? Do the descriptions match your personality and style? What do your shoes say about you?

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  1. Nancy J Nicholson says:

    I guess I’ve skewed the results by being the first to vote, but in reality, my shoes say I’m a cruiser. Truth be told, my feet spend a lot of time bare.

  2. I wear flats – I’m tall, and my feet hurt in heeled shoes. I don’t agree with the type description, though – I like to see it as an Audrey Hepburn kind of look!

  3. flats, flats and more flats. I gave up heels because of some back problems and never started wearing them again. In truth, if we had more summer in Calgary, I’d live in flip flips – every style, color and with lots of bling.

  4. My feet are bare or in flip flops much of the time too (waving to Nancy!!). That being said, my footwear changed a LOT after I got DVT’s. I gave all my heels to my BFF. It killed me, but I did it.

    There is nothing over 2.5 inch heels in my closet these days and I mostly live in sandals unless I’m at work (pretty loafers or boots) or tennis shoes…I have to be able to wear (and hide) my compression hose.

    I do spend an awful lot of time barefoot around the house and garden though…

    • I hear ya girl…but it sounds like you’ve made the best of a tough situation. Especially now, there are so many comfortable and fancy, sparkly flats, flip flops and sandals out there to choose from. You can bling up all your flats etc…
      There is nothing sexier than a gorgeous babe, covered in gardening dirt, barefoot…HOT HOT HOT!!!

  5. I think it sounds pretty dead on. I’d have to say that anyone who wears the same shoes all the time is boring, so maybe that’s what they mean by flats being boring. I definitely like my heels and wedges, but I also love ballet flats and flip flops. It all depends on the outfit. occasion, and weather. But, I really don’t like boots and I only wear tennis shoes to the gym. I call them gym shoes. And, I wouldn’t be caught dead in Birkenstocks or Crocs! Ugh, those are some seriously ugly shoes. Seriously, if I die and someone sticks them on my feel, prepare to be haunted! What a super fun post!!!

  6. During the winter, I wear a lot of Sketchers and boots. The boots sound dead on. Summer is almost exclusively sandals, some crappily comfy and others sexy and slightly uncomfortable. I don’t do more than a wedge heel because of back issues. I love, love, love shoes and have way too many, so I really liked this post!

    • Love it Stacy! Well there are a ton of low-heeled gorgeous shoes out there now, eh?!?! We can fill our closets with a variety of colorful and stylish shoes that are also super comfy, supportive and not hard on the back!

  7. I’m forced to wear sneakers and flats due to a bad back, but I love heels and pumps. So, do you go by what you would like to wear or what you must?

    • Dang. Well like I’ve been saying, there are a ton of gorgeous flat options out there now so you can still have dressy shoes that are comfortable and easy on the back….
      Ohhhh…that’s tough! I usually go by what I think looks best with the outfit. 🙂

  8. What a bunch of comfy shoe wearers we are! I had my heels everyday phase, which was great for my calf muscles while tromping around NYC, but not so great for my feet. I do love the idea of stilettos as weapons! Great for following our instincts, when they speak of danger. Thanks so much for sharing my link! We should yelp out a good luck, “YINX” today. 😉

  9. Now see this is hard…I have heels, boots, flats, a pair of runners, and just about every last pair of those are holdovers from when I lived in a cooler climate. In the desert, I live in flip flops and bare feet. I also no longer work outside the home so a lot of my shoes aren’t necessary anymore, really should go through the closet and donate those suckers. So, what’s that say? I have no idea, LOL. Fun post Nat!

  10. Ah, shoes. How I love thee and loathe thee. Like Jenny, after my surgery I had to give all my super cute shoes away. I mostly wear Birks now because that’s what Frankenfoot likes. If I had my druthers, I’d totally be wearing cute sparkly high-heeled shoes. I’m finding more and more cute shoes like Birks and other ‘orthopedic’ type shoes online, so my closet is getting cuter by the day. I would love to run around barefoot again, but it hurts too much. Dang foot. Fun post, though!

  11. I bought a pair of HIGH heeled shoes once, wore them for a few hours…then threw them away. I decided at that point that the comfort of my feet was far more important than gaining a few extra inches. So I pretty much wear flats of one sort or another. ‘Normal’ flats, hiking boots, buckle shoes, flip-flops, and sneakers. Flats don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand with boring. There are many cute choices out there. 🙂

    My preference would be just to go barefoot but, after having a mouse run over the top of my foot when I still lived in town….

    Thanks so much for the shout out, Natalie. 🙂

  12. I love this topic, and i thought I had a good handle on what my shoes said about me–and wore them accordingly. However, I have a wonderfully comfy and cute pair of black Dansko clogs that I adore, and they go with almost everything. Plus, they are SO comfy on my beleaguered feet. But someone told me clogs are totally hippyish and casual and say you’re someone who is all about comfort and nothing else. I was thinking, but these shoes actually look stylish? So, I guess sometimes it’s in the eye of the beholder.

    • It’s all definitely about the eye of the beholder. LOL! More than once I’ve put something on, thought it was fahhbulousness only to have hubby ask me “where is your head???” LOL!! I hear ya…
      In the end, what matters most is what YOU think and how your shoes/clothes make you feel!

  13. Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

    Analyize This:

    Insulated Rubber boots
    Rubber boots
    Steel toed camo work boots (woodland and real tree)
    Sneakers with the backs cut out so I can slip on for the garage or chase the dog
    Grass stained Lawn sneakers
    Grass stained Lawn sandals
    Snowmobile boots
    water shoes
    Bare feet
    Camp slippers

  14. There’s what you wear and what you WANT to wear. I’d wear boots and wedge sandals almost all the time if I could. But I don’t. Thankfully, writing at home, my choice is often barefeet or slippers. What does that say about me?

  15. Bare feet at home but the list is long once I head out the door – golf shoes, tennis shoes, sandals, boots and yes … I still love to slip on the stilettos when we’re being fancy schmancy. It’s the only way I get to feel kinda sorta tall!

  16. Hah, you wrote this post with me in mind, Nat. Admit it, girlfriend! 🙂

    I love shoes. No – I am ADDICTED to shoes, and not to just ordinary ones. You won’t find in my closet anything hideous, no matter how comfortable. I love comfortable shoes but stilettos are on top of my list. Although I don’t wear them everyday (I own a lot of gorgeous flats), I own some 10 pairs of super sexy 5+ inch heels! I have two pairs of running shoes though, and tons of boots too 🙂

    When I know I will be on my feet a lot, I opt for comfort or bring a pair of “easy-on-the-feet” to change into when I absolutely have to.

    • I actually totally thought about you Angela because I know you are my shoe addiction sista!! Woot woot! 10 PAIRS of 5+ inch heels – Girl – you are my hero!!! LOL!!!

  17. Karen McFarland says:

    There’s those cute boots again I see! Sure, just waive them in front of us! LOL!

    Even though I’m getting older. Okay, I admitted it. That wasn’t so hard. Anyway, I still love my high heels and I will take ’em anyway I can get ’em. I love platforms, wedges and stilettos! And hubby likes them too cause they make my legs look really long. He, he, he. Yep, I cheat. Caught me. Dang. LOL!

  18. I’m a flats girl — flip flops and ballet slippers. That’s all I want to wear.

    “If you like loafers and Oxford shoes you belong to a group of women who are undemonstrative and prefer hiding their feelings even if their souls are in flames.” — so not true at all. I probably share my feelings and thoughts more than I should!

    “Flats-lovers are usually sweet, friendly and a little boring.” I may be sweet and friendly, but I’m definitely not boring. LOL

    “Women who like flats are usually great fashionistas who are fond of wearing new clothes.” Not at all. So horrible with clothes. Give me a tank top and jeans and I’m good to go.

    “The flat shoe/sandal wearer is steady and grounded in life.” VERY true.

    “This person is often energetic; high paced, and exudes a zest for experiencing life to the fullest. On the other hand, flip-flops symbolize a youthful, mellow, and money-conscious, person. While maybe considered a bit unpolished at times, the flip-flop bearer is easy to please, and even easier to get along with.” I am mellow but goofy…so I guess this combination could be a bit true.

    Fun post!

    • I am totally with you on the loafers and Oxford shoe thing because I wear them and everyone always knows exactly what I think and feel. Couldn’t shut me up with duct tape. LOL!!
      And Tiffany, when I think of you, I definitely DO NOT think of boring. 🙂
      Glad you enjoyed the post. FUN!!


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