The latest innovation in women’s panties gives new meaning to wired up

My good friend Jenny Hansen is the queen of all things underwear related. Her multiple volumes of the Undie Chronicles feature gems like Christian panties, garter-string knickers, thunderwear, portmanteau-mania, knitted man styles here and here, and incredible edibles and naughty knickers for men. They are hilarious. She even coined the Twitter hashtag #pantypeeps (long live the #pantypeeps).

In honor and admiration of the Undie Chronicles, today I’d like to feature the latest innovation in underwear. Allow me to introduce you to….the C string Thong.

I know. At first glance you might think “Ummmm…I don’t think so Natalie” but wait. Give them a chance.

We are all looking for the best bang for a buck and I am telling you, these delicate drawers are super multipurpose. They are…3 products in one!

They are underwear!

Say goodbye to nasty panty lines and uncomfortable straps. With C string Thongs (also known as the strapless thong or the world’s smallest thong) you will enjoy a new kind of panty freedom. They are made with a flexible internal frame that is shaped to hug your body and stay in place securely and comfortably.

These bad boys definitely give the g-string a run for its money in the barely-there category.

Although websites tout that the C string Thongs can be worn under all your fav clothes, I think I’d be a wee bit hesitant. I’d hate to walk into that all important meeting only to find my panties fell out of my skirt and bounced on the floor. Or perhaps just slipped out a pant leg? Eeeekkeee…how potentially embarrassing.

They are swimwear!

C string Thongs can double as SWIMWEAR (for those of you who are super brave)! I am not sure I agree with the website’s claim that they are “Comfortably secure so your modesty remains safe” since to me, there’s nothing “modest” about the C string Thong but hey, to each their own.

They are headwear!

Not to mention if something happens and you are having a bad hair day, you can whip that bendable brief out and suddenly it’s a Fascinator. Sweep those nasty bangs back and grin and giggle while you receive compliments from your coworkers. You’ll be thinking to yourself “if only you knew where these have been…” And if nothing else, you can give the royal wedding a run for its money!

You heard it here first. It’s a panty, a swimsuit, and a Fascinator.

That’s 3 unique uses in ONE product. Like….where else can you get that kind of VALUE people?!?!

But Wait. There’s more….

C string Thongs are now available for MEN!

Yes, you read that right. Since I know hubby will be dying to see me pouncing around in these pretty little panties, now I can get him the MATCHING pair so he can enjoy all that coziness and comfort as well! I mean, what couple doesn’t want matching undies, right?!?!?

On another good note, I think the C string Thong would definitely show off my vajazzling!

Think you’ll head out tanning in the C string Thong anytime soon? Is that modest enough for you? How far will you go to attain no panty lines? My question is this, if I am THAT concerned about panty lines or about being comfortable, why not just go commando?

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

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  1. OMG 😀 that’s all I have to say

  2. gingercalem says:

    Well now, isn’t that freaking brilliant! I love the multi-purpose, since I’m a practical girl! Might have to hubby and me a matching pair!

  3. prudencemacleod says:

    Oh me, oh my, shakes head sadly and covers eyes. I just had a visual of the guy next door in one of those tiny banana hammocks. I’m feeling ill. I need chocolate and a mind scrub. gaaahhh

  4. Tia Bach says:

    I am equally amused and nauseous. 😉 How have I been missing Jenny’s Underwear Chronicles? I must check them out.

    I always love stopping by here. Thanks for keeping me updated on all the newest items. I think I’ll be skipping this one. At least for me. I’ll have to show them to hubby and see if he wants a pair for Father’s Day. 😉

    • Oh Jenny’s will keep you in stitches Tia – enjoy that read. 🙂
      Yeahhh…happy to have you swing by and leave a comment. I think a pair for hubby for Father’s Day would be lovely. Make sure he opens his gift in front of LOTS of people and get the camera ready. That’s on expression you’ll definitely want to capture forever. LOL!

    • *waving hi*

      Tia, I’ve never been able to decide on a favorite Undie Chronicle, but I think comment-wise “The Portmanteau Era” and “Man-Style” have it over the rest. The Hartfords here did the best blogjack since my sexting post on those.

      I believe it was Nat who thought up Panty-structions, a portmanteau of “panty” and “instructions.” Here I am, six months later, laughing again.

  5. God, I just KNOW those would fall right down my pantleg and onto the floor during a training session. And one of my students would pick it up and say, “Wow, it looks like a sparkly pink pantyliner…don’t you think, Madge?”

    That’s the way things roll in my world. Fabulous Undie Chronicle…just fabulous!

  6. Oh. My. I don’t think I’ll be trying those out – not even at home. Eeek. Great post though, very funny.

    • No? They don’t appeal to you? Weird, I thought everyone would be all over them. LOL! NOT! The wire up the butt just does not look appealing in any way shape or form. LOL!! Glad you enjoyed the post….

  7. Oh Natalie, you’ve gone and done it again…I have coffee on my good blouse after picturing these on the heads of the royal princesses…Oh. My. Word.

    • Oh no…not coffee on the blouse…dang! But that is a fahhbulous visual Sabrina. I’ve been chuckling all day. Squeee!

      • Sabrina, I just followed you on Twitter (because how could I resist a fellow coffee-snorter?) but if you’re in the US, you can buy BIZ. It gets out everything – just soak in it for a few hours and pour it in the wash. 🙂

  8. Natalie's Hubby says:

    I don’t even know what to say about this one!

    Here in Hubby’s Corner we took a vote and feel this product speaks for itself with 3 little words – A. MAZ ING!!

    That’s Hubby’s Corner – right here – first Monday of every month! Come laugh, tee-hee, giggle and re-blog (thanks Gloria)!

    In the mean time – you can continue to checkout this blog during the rest of the month – it has cool stuff too!

  9. Too funny, Natalie! Actually I think it looks kind of pretty, but that wire between the cheeks — urgh.

  10. annettegendler says:


  11. I’m so honored to be mentioned in a sparkly hot pink panty post! Those bad gals might be a smart leap for this writer. LOL Actually, they look not terribly comfy to me… That said, I can’t imagine not smiling all day knowing my underwear are so radiant and flamboyant. 😉 You always introduce us to the zaniest, funniest – even practical stuff! Thanks for being the hot pink you ya are.

    • Well, this is true. The inner knowledge of your brief bravery would definitely put a smile on your face. And hell, who knows…maybe the wire is easy to get used to?!?! LOL!!!
      My pleasure darlin’! Your blog is just all kinds of fahbulousness with chocolate sauce!
      Hot Pink ME…SQUEEE!! Luv it!

  12. I’m speechless. And speechless doesn’t happen often for me, so it tells you something, haha.

  13. That just made my day. Made. My. Day. Hahahahaha….I think I lost it about the time you turned it into a fascinator. A fascinator, people! In all seriousness, all I could think was, “I need that…and maybe three or four more.”

    • I agree, Paige! And, in fact, think every mom should have those in the sparkly pink as well as some break-your-heart tart red and mermaid green. What do you think?

      • I think I’d take it in mermaid green. Although, the last time I tried to flop around in the tub and do my best Disney impression, Husband threatened to make me bathe outside with the hose. He also didn’t take to kindly to me screaming, “Prince Erik, get me a towel!”

    • HAHAHAHA!! Paige, your comment totally made my day. I am thrilled you loved it. I almost waited to do the post until I ordered one in and took a picture of me wearing it as a fascinator in the mall just to see if people said anything…but…I couldn’t wait. LOL!!

  14. Um … no thanks! (But thanks for the laughs you always provide no matter how crazy the product!)

  15. I think if you are THAT worried about panty lines you might as well go without altogether! ROFL great addition to the Undie Chronicles!

  16. No. Freakin’. Way. A headband too!?!? That’s hilarious!

  17. Um…no! I would go without instead. I can’t imagine feeling sure they would stay on!

  18. lynnkelleyauthor says:

    Hilarious! I wonder if you’re more at risk for getting struck by lightning when wearing these, just like they say we are with underwire bras! Maybe this company needs to consider disclosing this to their customers. After all, we have a better chance of being struck by lightning than we do of winning the lottery. And lightning does strike in the strangest places! LOL! Just playing!

    • OMG a total lightning risk, I never even thought Lynn but so true. Can you imagine? “I’m sorry, I can’t go out in that storm. My panties are like waving around a metal wand.” LOL!!!

  19. LOL! You are TOO funny…a FASCINATOR? HAH!
    Frankly, I’d be scared, like you, that it would fall down as I entered a room…

  20. No, no, a thousand times no. And if I see Jenny with a pink bedazzled “fascinator” on her head at DFW Con, I will point and laugh…loudly. Then again, if anyone could pull it off, it might be Jenny.

    Who thinks these products up? Was there a huge cry for a “strapless thong”? Did someone look at their teeny-tiny thong and think, “The problem with these is the band”? You find the most amazing stuff, Natalie! I’m shaking my head and laughing.

    And a note to Sabrina: I learned that lesson the hard way. No drinking liquids while reading Natalie’s blog. 😉

    • OMG I sooo hope Jenny wears on and you take PICTURES! You are so right, she could totally pull it off!!
      I know, I was at a loss. I think it’s way more popular in the UK but still, no idea who comes up with these things and then…who buys them?!?! LOL!!
      Awwww…maybe I should change my blog logline to “coffee snorting fun”! LOL!!

  21. Late to the party. ARGH! I read this yesterday and, like most good little writer people, I had to visualize how my character would feel and what they would do while wearing these.

    Okay. So. Keeping them in place would require a strong pucker factor. Not good, if your butt (in it’s most tensed state) has more dimples than Shirley Temple. Then, what happens to the front? Wouldn’t pucker action create a front-forward reaction? Not good, in these days when gender is not always evident by clothes choice.

    The Fascinator option appeals to me as an alternative. I could use it as a headband, a rocking chair for my fuzzy monkey writing mascot, or a stand for printed pages.

    Or, I could lay it on the table beside my laptop at SBUX and place my Iced Vente Zen Tea in the middle of the circle. This would be restricted to use during those times I’m writing my steam scenes. [Yes, I write those. Yes, I like to write those.]

    If asked, I could explain with a straight face that I’m keeping my Zen in the Zone for my writing.

    • O.M.G. Gloria…DYING at your comment. I LOVE IT!! WAHAHA!!!
      Pucker factor creating a front-forward reaction – ROFL!! This is true. Not to mention the “stick up the ass” strut you’d have which would be most unattractive.
      I definitely think you need one for keeping your Zen in the Zone. Keeping a straight face would be half the fun. I definitely want to come and watch people’s expressions – PRICELESS I can imagine!
      FAB comment girl…total coffee snorting worthy! LOL!!

      • I can’t leave male inspiration out of certain scenes, Nat. I’ve decided to add the male version — with a muffin in the middle.

        My Zen Zone with a Stud Muffin on the side. I can feel the steam now.

        MasterCard cycles tomorrow. I am so buying a set. Yes. There will be pics.

        • Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! I can’t WAIT to see PICS!!!
          Zen Zone with a Stud Muffin….I nearly lost my shit!! LMAO!!
          I can’t WAIT to see this Gloria…classic and fahhhbulous…

  22. Those are wrong. Just wrong.

  23. Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

    I feel I finally know how a woman’s mind works – Nah! who am I kidding?? I’m as lost as ever!!! Puzzling creatures you ladies are!

  24. Oh my. I do enjoy the sparkly bits.. LOL You always make me think about the weirdest things… thanks, I think….

  25. I don’t know, Natalie…I’m fairly liberal, but….even I’m thinking I’d like the security of an extra string or too. And the wire thing… And though I hate the thought of having VPLs when I’m running, these probably wouldn’t be a good choice of under attire for those 10Ks. 🙂

    • Oh Diana….I’d have to agree. I can’t IMAGINE how these would stay in place as you pound down the pavement for 10K?!?!? Nope…stick with the panty line…better safe than sorry! LOL!

  26. O.o That’s true crazy ____ right there!

  27. I looked at those and the phrase…when hell freezes over…came immediately to mind. And what’s up with the ‘more likely to be struck by lightening’ if we wear UNDERWIRE bras? Would that be considered flashy underwear? 🙂

    • ROFL!!! I know…I sort of thought much the same thing. Not in this lifetime! LOL!!!

      Flashy…ummm…if you ever had the courage to show someone, yes, I think it’d qualify as flashy! LOL!!


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