Multipurpose memorial stones

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there!

On Saturday, hubby and I went out shopping to pick up a few Mother’s Day items. We got my Mom a beautiful pot with spring flowers already blooming. While we were searching for a tombstone spray of flowers to put at Mamma’s K’s grave, we happened upon a beautiful man-made rock with a “memorial” phrase engraved.

When we both read it, tears sprung to our eyes. Had anything else said it so perfectly? Nope. It was so good; I got one for my Dad’s grave site as well. Hubby and I were very proud of our sentimental find.

So yesterday morning, we took my Mom for a brunch at one of our long-time favorite Mother’s Day buffets. There was every breakfast item one could imagine and then some. Plus they featured a huge lunch buffet which consisted of every kind of seafood, meat and chowder that was to die for. The dessert table was a dream come true. It was delicious. It was wonderful to spend the morning relaxing, chatting and just hanging out. Poor Mom was sick with a bad cold so we didn’t keep her out for long.

After dropping my Mom off at home, we headed off to honor Mamma K. Hubby planned a fabulous afternoon. We drove to Sussex (about an hour or so away) and hiked up a stunning mountain trail to a gorgeous bluff look-out. The sunsets are spectacular. It just so happened that when we got there, we were alone, which was lovely. We enjoyed the vista and spread some of Mamma K ashes under a bush where she’ll be out of the elements but will have an amazing view of the valley and the sunsets.

Hubby spreading some of Mamma K’s ashes

Mamma K’s View

Then we set off to visit her grave in St. Martin’s to lay the engraved rock.

There we were in the truck heading on our way. I reached in the back to get the rock to take the sales sticker off the bottom. I flipped it over and started to peel the ticket when something caught my eye. Right next to the price, it said “Memorial Stone Pet”.


Me: Hubby….ummmm…did you see the price sticker on the bottom?

Hubby: No, why?

Me: Well….it says here it’s a ‘Memorial Stone Pet’

Hubby: Really?

Me: Yip. The little gold paw prints up the side sort of make sense now.

*Both giggling at this point*

Hubby: Well…now that you mention it…that does sort of make better sense. Leave it to you and I to get my mother an engraved memorial stone for pets.

Me: Regardless what it was meant for, the engraved phrase is beautiful and sums up how we feel…so I say we stick with the plan.

Hubby: You know, if nothing else, Mamma K would get a kick out of it!

We chuckled the rest of the drive and we did leave the stone at her gravesite because regardless of what the intent was, the sentiment remained the same.

I am sure Dad will love his too!

How did you spend Mother’s Day? How do you honor your Mom (here or gone before you)? What gravesite memorials have you seen that caught your eye for one reason or another?

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  1. LOL, Natalie! Before I got to the end of your post, I was wondering to myself, “Why are they getting a pet marker for Mamma K?” (I’ve seen them at pet stores a lot). When I got to the part of your post where you say, “Those paw prints kind of make sense now,” I nearly fell over laughing!

    I love you guys! You know how to celebrate your loved ones, but not take yourselves too seriously! LOL! So glad it was a great day.

    • I know…we couldn’t believe we missed the OBVIOUS! LOL – oh well – Mamma K would definitely have gotten a kick out of it.
      Awwww…thanks so much Kathy – we luv you too! 🙂 Hope your Mother’s Day was FAB!

  2. You made the right decision. The sentiment is so meaningful, pet or no pet. What a beautiful view for Mama K. I spread my parents’ ashes in the Pacific off the coast of Vancouver Island where they once loved to live. We honoured absent mothers yesterday as we celebrated with our kids and grandkids (including The Adorables, of course) and had a fab day. I’m glad to hear yours was such a good one too!

    • Wow Patricia, your parents are swimming with the dolphins in one of the most beautiful places in the world. What an amazing way to honor them.
      Sounds like it was a FAB day – so happy to hear it!

  3. What a sweet (and funny) post. Love Mama K.’s view! Fortunately my mother is still here, and I was able to talk with her a few times yesterday. We went to the Amana Colonies for some shopping and good food, and then just hung out at home. Glad you had a good day:)

  4. LOL! I’ve often wondered about those stones, as well. I think Mama K would love it, too. Sentiment is sentiment be it for a fur baby or a person.

  5. Natalie, you know (I hope) that I’m a fan of your blog. You make me LOL and Tues and Wed and also make me think on Friday. You’re so versatile so of course I had give you a Versatile Blogger Award!

  6. LOL, yeah, the paw prints kinda give it away. It is a beautiful sentiment though. Glad you guys had a great day.

  7. I think I totally would’ve missed the meant-for-pets bit. LOL Such a gorgeous post and tribute to Mama K. If she’s as sweet and fun-loving as she seems, she’s dancing around in glee at all of it! That photo of the view is priceless… So glad you guys had a special Mother’s Day! Thanks for the super shout out and support. Means extra-lots coming from you. 🙂

    • Yeahhhh…we aren’t alone in our total oblivion! LOL! And you are right, Mamma K would have been totally giggling over the whole thing.
      You are most welcome – love your blog darlin’! Hope your day rocked and here’s to a fab week ahead!

  8. Love the verse and love that you guys decided to go ahead with putting them on the grave sites. Mama K had to be grinning down at the two of you.

  9. That’s classic! I was wondering why you didn’t remark on the paw prints, but figured you just liked them. Too funny that you only noticed it when you saw the price sticker!

    I think Mamma K would get a huge giggle out of it and I think you and Hubby are way too adorable for giving her a fantastic view. Your love and compassion know no bounds!

    • Classic all right. LOL!!! Only us…heeeheee!
      She would have absolutely grinned down on us…and that warmed our hearts for sure. 🙂
      Awwww…thanks honey…Mwuah! xoxox

  10. lynnkelleyauthor says:

    I noticed the little paw prints on that rock and I wondered, but I would have bought it, too, because the message rocks! (Haha!) No, seriously, I love that engraving! I spent Mother’s Day at Dodger stadium. I hadn’t been there in 40 years! My daughter and son-in-law took us, along with his parents and sisters and we had a great time. But it was hot in the sun and dizzy being up on the top level! Yikes! I was so glad I took my little travel spray bottle full of water to help us cool off!

    Thanks for those links. I haven’t read their posts yet. Take care!

    • HAHAHA!! Yeah, ol’ hubby and I were totally oblivious. But yes, I am glad we still got it because the engraving is amazing…and it captured exactly how we feel so…it’s all good.
      Wow – what a Mother’s Day Lynn! That’s fantastic. To go back after 40 years must have been like taking a trip back in time. Memories flooding back etc. Sounds like a perfect day…squeee!
      Enjoy the blogs – they are all fahhhbulousness….
      Take care as well and thanks so much for swinging by…

  11. 😀 That’s funny – cute. Or is it cute – funny? Dad and Mamma are smiling at you guys. Hehehe

  12. Karen McFarland says:

    Aw! What is the old saying? It’s the thought that counts! And when our emotions flair up, sometimes we miss those little footprints of life. Beautifully said Natalie. 🙂

  13. I ended up really, really sick on Mother’s Day, and I was afraid that if I tried to cook I’d infect everyone else. I also didn’t want to go out and spread my germs around, so my husband suggested we just order in and treat my parents to Chinese. Since we have a lot of good family memories from my childhood around Chinese take-out, it turned out to be the perfect solution.

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