Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

This simple phrase that Thomas Jefferson cleverly crafted into our neighbor’s Declaration of Independence has always been woven into the inner fabric of my soul. It’s more than just a phrase of individual rights. It’s a core belief, a set of values and it can be a defining way to live one’s life.

I like to think of myself as a fairly happy person. I live a great life. I’m healthy. I have solid marriage. I have great family and friends, and support from both. I live a comfortable life financially. I’m active in my interests and love to laugh on a daily basis. I also try to not take life too seriously and ask myself often ‘does this really matter?’ But there will always be the pursuit…

This pursuit is not a unique idea, dream, or achievable goal. If you asked almost anyone: “would you like to be happy?” they would answer: “Most definitely!!”. Yet even though most people want to be happy I find there are fewer people who are willing to actually pursue happiness, focus on it, work for it, or even simply demand happiness in their lives. Most (including myself) are all guilty of this at some point in our life.

Now we all know redneck blood flows through my veins like moonshine through a copper still – so I wanted to share with you a redneck’s pursuit of happiness. Recently I’ve stumbled across a new A&E show called Duck Dynasty.

For those that do not know – it’s a show about a Louisiana redneck family that strikes it rich with a unique duck call design. This is a rags to riches story. But being rednecks – they never let the money change their pursuit of happiness in maintaining a light and simple life surrounded by family.

The show is full of redneck characters, life lessons, and family values – it’s more or less Redneck Cosby’s reality TV. So if you haven’t seen the show, below are a few video clips of the family members and their dynamics:

Phil Robertson – the Father:


Miss Kay – the Mother


Willie and Jase – sons/brothers


Uncle Si


Family Values


Now I realize this show will not be everyone’s cup of iced-tea and it’s not intellectual TV, BUT you cannot help but to fall in love with these characters. They are simple people with simple values a strong sense of family and a continuous pursuit of happiness. Every episode leaves me with a few laughs, a few redneck inspirational moments/quotes and the desire to have a family dinner. I guess what I’m saying is – Duck Dynasty adds to my pursuit of happiness and I hope in some small way this has added to yours as well…QUACK! QUACK!

How do you pursue your happiness? What adds to it? Have you seen Duck Dynasty yet?

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  1. OMG, Hubby! I watched every clip. What I especially loved: 1) the look on the grandkid’s face when Phil’s chopping up bullfrogs and talking about women; and 2) the last clip, where he pitches the kid’s cell phone! LOL!

  2. I need to watch this show. Previews look hilarious, but I’m a Nazi about watching shows from the beginning. Need to see if I can find them on Netflix or by other means. Great post, Hubby!

    • Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

      I believe A&E has all of the episodes on their web site – google duck dynasty – enjoy!

  3. Ah, happiness. Why do we feel we must ‘pursue’, rather than ‘be’, as though happiness is some elusive, unattainable thing. Be thankful in the moment, and there you will find your happiness.

  4. I think I’ll pass on this one…LOL

  5. OMG, the guy blends in with his chair! Hilarious! It sounds like the male version of the Real Housewives shows. I don’t actually watch reality tv, except for HGTV, but i bet guys like this show.

  6. O.M.G. The looks on the grandkids’ faces are priceless! Love these people. I’m guessing we’re related.

  7. gingercalem says:

    I can’t say that I’ve heard of Duck Dynasty. I can say that I may have run across some of those folks during my summers in the hills of TN. 😉 I love when Kay says, “It wouldn’t hurt your manhood none if you did some dishes … and some other stuff.” hahahaha!!

    And, thanks for the shout out! I appreciate it, a LOT!

    • Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

      We’ve often talked about a summer trip to Bristol for some camping and you guessed it NASCAR!!
      Hello Rednecks!

  8. I actually watched each of those videos. Fascinating …

  9. Am I imagining things, or did I just hear a guy say his perfect soul mate “loves to eat bull frogs?” LOL It’s amazing how one person’s idea of happiness is another’s of EW, NO THANKS! 😉 If we we were all the same, the world would be a very boring place… Thanks for the super mention, lady! Friendship, support and posts like these add to my happy-treasure-trove big time.

    • Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

      LOL! She thinks squirrel’s good eating too! haha!
      Happy-Treasure-Trove = I’M BLUVIN IT!!!!

  10. I love your new logo! Too funny that you guys made one for you, though. 😉

    I can’t get the videos to work, but I’ll pop over to A&E to see them. This looks like a hilarious show!

    • Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

      Thanks for the Bluvin on the logo – I worked on it hard and got it just the right PINK to be consistant with my host blog colors! LOL!

  11. Elena Aitken says:

    Awesome! I was completely sucked into those videos. My favorite part, the look on the kids face when the cell phone went flying. I’ll have to check out this show, pretty sure hubby will like it too.

  12. Duck Dynasty is in the fabric of your soul??! That’s just…there are no words. Come to California so I can straighten you and your Duck Soul out!

  13. Karen McFarland says:

    I’m right behind you on that one Jenny Hansen! But will coming to Cali really do it? LOL!

    Hey, different strokes for different folks, yes? I don’t have T.V. so I’ve never seen this show. It’s wild! But if it makes people happy…

  14. Can NOT believe I missed this one. I love the clips. I love the family values. And, the look on those grandkids faces when they had to work? Priceless!

    I sent this to The Hubster so we can add it to our To Be Watched roster. It’s better than the SWAMP people he watches. Geesh! How many times can one person watch a near-toothless man wrestle a ‘gator? Me? Once. Hubster? Who’s counting?

  15. Reblogged this on Gloria Richard and commented:
    I would have asked Natalie Hartford’s permission to reblog this post from May 7th, but I feared she would say no didn’t want to disturb her.

    She’ll find out soon enough.

    I simply love the messages imbedded in these video clips of the new A&E Show, Duck Dynasty.

    This post was one of her Hubby’s Corner, Bad Hubby Bad themed posts. While Natalie’s Hubby can definitely get his raunch snark on, this post gets a five star from me. How about you?

    • Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

      It’s all about balance Gloria!!!
      My “reblog” cherry has now been officially popped! A little raunch never hurt anyone! haha

      • Psst! Personal & Confidential to Hubby aka The Blog Heckler:

        Don’t tell Natalie, but…

        This was my first time, too. I’ve never reblogged before. Ever. Was it good for you, too? No. Don’t answer that.

        Whoop! Hey, Nat! Just playing with your raunchy hubby on your blog.


  1. […] Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness! from Natalie Hartford’s Bad Hubby tells us about the colorful down home folks of Duck Dynasty. What a hoot! I actually know these people. Not these exact people, but their personality doppelgangers. Enjoy this sample and check out Bad Hubby’s post for more. […]

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