Get to know me with a fun game of tag

There is a fahbulous fun get-to-know-you game of tag and something called “11 questions” going around the blogosphere that I thought I’d take part in.

1. You must post the rules. CHECK
2. Answer the questions and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged. CHECK – although I didn’t create new questions since there’s a slew for y’all to choose from.
3. Tag eleven people and link to them. Since just about everyone I know has already been tagged by either game  – consider this an open invite to play along!
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them. N/A

Stacy Green tagged me here, Fabio Bueno tagged me here, and I loved Emma Burcart’s interrogation questions. See all my answers to their combined questions below.

If you could live in a fictional world, where would that be?

You mean I don’t live in one already?!?! Shikes! Ok, well I guess I’d love to be a part of the Na’vi tribe living on Pandora. The beauty of the people and the planet and their connection to nature draws me in. I could watch the movie a hundred times and never tire of it.

Do you read in noisy or quiet places?

I prefer to read in quiet places but…I can read anywhere!

What was the first book you ever read?

Seriously? Lord. I have no idea. I believe it was the Pokey Little Puppy. Does that qualify as a “book”?

Favourite author?

Oh gosh. John Grisham, Nicolas Sparks, Nora Roberts, Jody Picault, etc.

Do reviews influence your choice of reads?

Ummm…I would say not really. I like to make up my own mind so if I’ve come across a book I’m interested in, I’ll buy it regardless. But I will say good reviews from people I know definitely influence me. If a friend of mine says “I just read this awesome book,” even if it’s outside my normal genre, I’ll give it a try.

Fiction or Non fiction?

Both! I tend to read more fiction but I love biographies and true stories as well.

Have you ever met your favourite author?

Nope. Not even close.

Audio books or Paperbacks?

Paperback although I think I’d love audio books, I just haven’t tried one yet. I can’t read while laying in the sun so I think audio books on my iPod would rock!

Classic or Modern Novels?


Book Groups or Solitary Reading?

Solitary thus far. I’ve never been a part of a book club.

What is your favorite historical period and why?

The here and now baby. I am all about reality.

List your top five favorite movies.

Pride and Prejudice (new and old), Notebook, Ever After, Flying, and Bridges of Madison County

Your house is on fire. Your loved ones–humans and pets–are already safe outside. They have your driver’s license and a flash drive with all your backups (files and all the media you own). You have time to save one more object. What would you get?

Family photos.

You can invite any three people in the world for a dinner – anyone alive. Who are your guests?

My Mom, Hubby and Oprah.

Congress/the gods/smiling extraterrestrials said you can only have one type of food every meal for the rest of your life (they’ll supplement your diet with vitamin pills). Which food would you choose?

Chinese….oh yeah!!!

In an episode of “Friends”, they all reveal their freebie list: five celebrities with whom they can hook up without upsetting their partners. Who’s in yours?

Sorry but hubby is my very own in-house, superstar celebrity!

Some people think the Hunger Games is bloody. In Harry Potter 6, fifteen characters die. In HP7, the body count is over fifty (see here). JK is rewriting the series, and she let you choose one character from any of the seven books to get a reprieve. Who would it be and why?

Y’all are going to fall over but…I’ve never read the Harry Potter series and haven’t really watched the movies either. I know I know…insane isn’t it!?!

What’s your worst fear?

Hubby dying suddenly/accidentally.

You can choose your own nickname, with an assurance that no one would ever mock you. Tell us your choice.

Princess. I know, not very original but I love it.

What’s the best vacation you have ever had?

My wedding trip to Punta Cana

If you could write yourself into any TV show or movie, what would you choose?

Eat Pray Love

What is one thing you’ve always wanted to do but been too scared to do?

Write a book. LOL!

Would you rather get a pedicure or go hiking?


What is your favorite part of a man’s body?

Shoulders – O.M.G.

If you could be trapped anywhere with anyone, where you be and who would you be with?

Beach resort with hubby – funny – heading there tomorrow. LOL!

What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

Took a cramp while up in the trees doing Tree Go (obstacle course in the trees). I barely made it to the ground and when first aid got on scene, she thought it was menstrual cramps that had me crawling on the ground on the verge of passing out. She told me the nearest bathroom was 20 min away. I told her…”I am not going to make it…” By this point, I had attracted quite a crowd – all very concerned. Hubby knew what the issue was and quietly explained things to her. She pointed to the thick woods – I took off at a sprint….can you say HUMILIATED!

Sweet or salty?

Salty all the way!

What was your biggest childhood fear?

Water where I could not see bottom

If you were a shoe, what type of shoe would you be?

Strappy stileto sandal with tons of bling. See above picture. One of hubby’s most fahhhbulous Christmas presents to me.

What is your nickname, and where does it come from?

Nat. Everyone has always called me Nat – way boring, I know.

If you were a character from Sex and the City, who would you be? (Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, or Samantha)

Sooooo funny you’d ask. I have a friend who tells me ALL the time how I remind her of Samatha in my tone, style etc (not in the have hot sex with everyone kind of way). She’ll comment on different photos on Facebook “SAMANTHA!!!” LOL – so I am going with that!!

If you want to take part in the game, no need to wait to be tagged. Do a self-interview with a few or all of the questions and consider yourself tagged by me! Or answer a couple in the comment section.

More blog deliciousness here:

  • Carrie Spencer has got incredible fashion sense and loved the video on 25 ways to wrap a scarf! So fabulous!
  • Ever hit a fancy, high-end mall just to see how the other half live? I vicariously live through Piper Bayard and her daughter as they toured the Country Club Plaza.
  • OMG, can you imagine taking every 7th year of work OFF to nurture your creative side. LOVE it! Ingrid Schaffenburg showcases a video of Stefan Sagmeister where he talks about the value of doing just that. And I gotta say…I WISH!!


  1. I have those shooze!

    Seriously. Haven’t stopped to read the post. I have those shooze, I love those shooze. At Moonlight & Magnolias last year, Alicia McCalla insisted on taking a picture of those shooze.

    My shooze are famous. First Alicia, now Natalie! WOOT!

    Okay, going to read the post now.

  2. Okay, post read.

    The ‘who is your favourite’ question. I can’t pick my favourite author, song, TV show, movie, food… Answer, and guaranteed, a different favourite will come to mind 3 seconds later. Perhaps I don’t understand the definition of favourite. Fun questions, fun answers.

  3. amyskennedy says:

    Well, now I know soooo much more about you! Some of the answers, though I think I could have guessed, like what kind of shoes…sheesh! What fun, thanks for sharing.

  4. You are too funny – and we share a favorite movie! 🙂

  5. It’s always fun to learn more about you, Nat! Loved your response to the freebie list question … no surprise, just love the gusto!

  6. Great answers, Natalie. And I can’t believe you’ve never read HP. Seriously, read it. READ!

  7. Fun! So nice to learn more about you. And I’m with Stacy…you Harry Potter. The movies are good but the books are Oh. So. Much. Better.

    BTW: love the shoes but I’d probably break my neck wearing them 😆

  8. I’m so glad you played, natalie. I hope you had fun.
    Your choice of books and movies (and several other answers) tells us that you’re very romantic.
    Oh, and you should read Harry Potter this summer!

  9. That is the second person who put Ever After on their best movies list. I must see that one!

    I love that your hubby is your in-house celeb. I’m the same way. I may have a celeb crush or two, but when it comes down to it, I would never act on it. Even if it was a “freebie,” I’m kind of happy with what I got. I think it’s like Paul Newman said: Why go out for hamburger when you can come home and have steak? (Shoulders, yes. My hubby’s are broad and bee-yootiful.)

  10. You are so frikkin’ hilarious! I adore the fact that Hubby is your very own celebrity. You two just are so cute. Those shoes. Oh, how I wish! They are gorgeous, but make my feet hurt just looking at the picture. I’m in a little bit of shock you’ve never read the HP books. Still love you, though!

  11. Loved your answers, Natalie! Especially your favorite time period and dinner guests. 🙂 I’ll happy help serve that meal! lol Fun to learn more about you, always.

  12. So glad to discover that I’m not the only writer on the planet who’s never read any Harry Potter or seen any of the movies. (Never saw Star Wars, either.)

    • I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you! No Star Wars? Whyyyy? I’m tempted to pack up my DVD collection (or VHS if you aren’t up on the latest technology, or Blu-Ray if you’re WAY up on technology) and fly out to your house tomorrow. We’d have ourselves a Star Wars marathon.

      If you’ve never seen Star Wars then my post on Wednesday won’t make sense to you. Hmmm, I might have to put a video in it for peeps like you. Haven’t seen Star Wars. Sheesh. I can forgive you the HP thing, but Star Wars? My heart hurts now. 😉

    • I am not alone…YEAHHHH David!! Phew…we’ll have to stick together although…I must say, I have seen ALL of the Star Wars so you are in the cold on that one. LOL!!

  13. Coleen Patrick says:

    Looks like we have the same tastes in books! And I would so love to be written into Eat, Pray Love too–oh that pizza scene and the traveling. Yes to it all! 🙂

  14. What fun! I so enjoyed getting to know you better. Your worst fear is a scary one.

    • Thanks Debra! 🙂
      Yes…I think it’s my worst fear because I saw my Mom live it….and it’s left terrified. Although…I am much better and have restored my faith and trust in life greatly, it still haunts me slightly.

  15. Karen McFarland says:

    Wow, do we ever have a lot in common. Authors, Princess, Stilettos, Movies, Murky water-that is why I hate swimming in Lakes. And my deepest fear of losing my hubby. That’s a scary one Natalie! I knew there was something I liked about you! 🙂


  1. […] that? Natalie Hartford has a pair just like them? What can I tell you? Clearly Natalie is a  woman of taste. Share […]

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