Vacations that rejuvenate the soul

So hubby and I are back from our 2-week trip to an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It was blissful. Heavenly. wonderful. There is something truly magical about disconnecting completely for a period of time. While on vacation, I don’t go online at all so no Facebook, Twitter, Email, Internet or news. If we watch TV in our room, it’s movies only; no news or worldly happenings. It’s a total and complete disconnection from the outside world as hubby and I just tune into each other and zone into 100% relaxation and connection mode.

I think every single person and couple needs that. Whether it’s going away on a trip or taking a weekend to go camping, we need to take time to disconnect with everything around us and connect intimately with the people we love most. It’s about letting go of work, life, news, worries, anxieties and just…having fun! Laughing uncontrollably together. Hugging for long moments because there’s no rush to go somewhere or do something. Talking for hours about everything and nothing. Laying side by side in silence just enjoying the presence of one another. Dancing in the rain. Holding hands. Kissing for hours. Dressing up together for dinner over candlelight.


I wish we could afford to go twice a year.

For those of you who haven’t seen my photos on Facebook, here’s a little photo-tour!

How do you disconnect from the pressures of life and reconnect with loved ones? What are some of your best vacations?

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