Hubby’s Corner – Supply vs Demand

As this big ol’world turns, there is one constant concept that remains untouched – and that concept is supply and demand.

Many things will change in this world over time but the primal concept of supply and demand will always come out the winner. If you want it – there will be somebody there to provide it. Simple! Quick! Easy! Right?….Wrong!

As you may or may not know here at Hubby’s Corner we live our lives to the fullest. We are very active and have many interests. Some of these interests include: tubing, stock car races, canoeing, fishing, BBQing, kayaking, camping, bicycling, music concerts – you name it and we are into it. And at most events there is group that accompanies us and the one question that always arises at every activity/event is…

Who’s gonna be the Designated Driver?

And since we usually end up taking many vehicles we usually require many designated drivers! AH-HA! We have DEMAND!!!

It was at this point the hand of God reached down and touched my soul and presented a vision! A dream you might say! There in the corner of the parking lot of our local Canadian Tire shadowed by clouds and illuminated by a single ray of sunlight engulfing it entirely sat my chance to SUPPLY! There sat an old shorty school bus like the one here.

Yes! It needed a little work but at a mere $2000 purchase price, how could we go wrong?

I pitched the idea to my lovely wife that we could buy this bus, and transform it into a functional transport device that could take us and all our friends to activities and events and with only a single designated driver.

Voila! Perfection.

Natalie quickly thought about the idea….

And *poof* came back to reality and quickly opposed the idea as ridiculous. I on the other hand began brainstorming:

  • We could tie tubes down the sides.
  • We could put bikes on top.
  • We could put canoes/kayaks on top.
  • We could all go in on it together to reduce the cost.
  • The list went on and on.

And as Natalie’s eyes rolled back into her head – I was already off in fantasy land, conjuring up ideas and inventions on how to incorporate this vessel into our daily living.

I even came up with a way for it to become revenue generating by converting it into an “after bar” transport taxi called the FRY N’RIDE! My vision; for a “nominal fee” clubbers could get a French Fry and a ride home. This idea was followed by hideous laughter – not quite the support I was hoping for! And as the idea churned out the worse it got.

  • We could build a deck on the back with a BBQ.
  • Instead of shooter girls we were going to have “Fry Girls”
  • Disco balls, stripper poles, lights, music –  the works!

It quickly became a running joke between the two of us and eventually all of our friends and family. Every once in a while we’ll see some grease wagon or fry truck and it will resurface or the occasional dig; “If we only had the Fry N’ Ride!

So there I stood….one defeated man…ONE VOICE…ONE HEARTBEAT….ONE DREAM!

And then….



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  1. Ah man, ya gotta have dreams, right?

  2. Put Natalie on the line with me, hubby.

    Hello? Hello? You there, Natalie?

    What were you thinking when you denied Hubby his mini school bus? Does he not ever annoy you deserve guy time? And, I think he’s on to something with the ride and fry. Pole dancers? Not so much.

    OH. I hear you.

    It’s your reputation as a staid, sane couple that’s at risk here. Just an opinion, but…any chance you no longer had that to lose after the Costco Five Alarm F*** Caper?

    Which illogically leads to role-play opportunities in a mini school bus. Put hubby back on the line, please.

    • Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

      No “Staid, sane, or reputation” on our end – we shed that many years ago! LOL!

  3. I think it is an awesome idea! It reminds me of the Chivas in Quito, double decker party buses with a dj or band and plenty to drink. They drive you through the city and have designated stops where you can get off and act like an obnoxious drunk. Not that I remember most Chiva rides I’ve been on. But, the addition on snacks would make it perfection! I say go for it! Oh, and thanks for the linky love. You rock, Natalie!

    • Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

      Emma – I knew I was ahead of my time for our little small town! – The Fry N Ride will forever live on!

  4. Oh, I want hubby to have the bus, too! Then you can blog about it, Natalie. If you trick it out right (a futon, mirrors, LED candles, speaker system), it could become the LOVE BUS. LOL!

  5. Hah…friends of mine have a bus ….they put a deck on the side of it that folds up and down, another on top that they can sit up on and watch football games. They take it everywhere. It’s a blast. Buy the bus!

  6. gingercalem says:

    Awesome! I think you need the bus. — Natalie, get the bus! hahaha

    Thanks so much for the shout out and link-love. I’m is such great company that I feel all special and cool. 😉

  7. Karen McFarland says:

    This is funny. I can see it now. A bus parked outside your front window. LOL! I do like the pink one. That seems to fit in with everything else around here. Hubby, I have to say I don’t think the bus is a bad idea. Sorry Natalie. The bus sounds like fun! Just sayin”. 🙂

  8. Think that pink wonder would make it all the way to California??? If so, I say GO FOR IT—just not to the chagrin of your lovely wife. 😉 Maybe you could bedazzle it up and add a suite for her dog, as well as fabulous gifts and a mini-spa for Natalie and her friends…

    • Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

      Now August! There will be no bedazzling on the Fry N Ride – well ok maybe a little! If it wouldn’t make it to California – I’d have to get out and push the Fry N Ride and my queen the rest of the way!

  9. I vote for the bus!

    • Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

      Thanks Patricia – Natalie is hanging her head in shame today with all of this support!

  10. Jenn Hood says:

    BUY THE BUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

      Sadly the potential Fry N Ride has been sold but it’s memory and potential lives on! – Thanks Jenn!

  11. Coleen Patrick says:

    I think you just described my husband’s idea of retirement–especially with the added bbq package! 🙂

  12. I think you’ve got a fab idea here, Hubby! The canoes, the tubes, the stripper pole, all of it’s amazing and just think of all the use that little blue bus would get. The Fry N Ride needs to happen. Just for Natalie you need to bedazzle the entire thing. Then she might be onboard. Don’t give up on your dream! Make it happen. 😉

    • Natalie's Hubby says:

      Haha. Even if the Fry N Ride never comes to be! It’s been one hell of a good time tossing the ideas around and joking about it with friends and family – even the blog family now! LOL!

  13. Oh man! I took one of these in New York. A party bus. It rocked! They say when you have a “novel” idea, at that moment like ten other people have the same idea. Very few actually act upon the idea. Go figure 😉

    • Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

      Great insight Ingrid!!! I need to act on these dreams more often (I can see Nat’s eyes rolling already! haha)

  14. I am wondering why you want to settle for the little bus. You should be dreaming BIGGER! You know with your charisma the business would be booming in no time and you would have to expand shortly anyway. I’m just saying. Think bigger bus, hummer extended limos, toy haulers. Don’t limit your imagination. 🙂 You have a good idea going here.

  15. I’ll reiterate the masses on this one – BUY A BUS! Attach the hitch stripper pole to the back and hang Go Girls by each door in case of emergencies. Paint it pink to please your wife and upholster the seats in some rad animal print. Take out the seat right behind the back door and install a bar/fry area.

    You’ll make a mint, and be a VERY happy Fry Daddy. 🙂

    • Natalie's Hubby says:

      Hey Jenny – thanks for the support!
      PS Go Girl and Fry Girl competitions start soon – get your application in! LOL!


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