Keeping your blogging mojo alive and burning

The ever fahbulous Jenny Hansen recently wrote a post on how being an introvert or extrovert can affect your blogging. In the post, she talked about a conversation she had with someone in regards to their struggle to keep the passion for blogging alive. The ever pressing question “what do I write about today?!??!” was killing her friend’s blogging mojo.

Ugh! I hear ya girl! It can be tough to keep the blog fires burning. I remember when I started out blogging in August 2010; I came out of the gate swinging. I was all fired up. I was pumped. I was a posting maniac. The ideas were endless. I had enough topics to blog for YEARS!

Not so much. After about 5 months, my blogging excitement waned, my posting schedule became erratic and slack, and my greatest fear started to be realized; I was running out of things to say!

WHAT?!?!? “Natalie ran out of shit to talk about?” I know…I was just as shocked as you. That does not happen to me! I am the type of person you can’t shut up. I was frightened. What was happening? Where was my blog mojo going?

That’s when I asked myself a question that totally changed things:

“When I am with my friends/family (cause that’s when I never run out of stuff to talk about),
what conversations do we have that I enjoy most?

My answer: it’s when I am making people laugh over some latest insanity (entertain) or when we have those deep and introspective conversations (inspire). BAM…That’s when the lightbulb went off.

I realized those were the types of convos I wanted to have here! And to do so, I had to think of my blog and my readers as my BFFs. I stopped worrying about saying the wrong thing, the right thing, too much of this or too much of that. I started to shoot the breeze with my BFF with the goal of either entertaining or inspiring. That’s it.

Now I think of my blog as the place to chat, hang out, and have amazing conversations about the most insane, mundane, tame, lame, and zany stuff. It’s where I come to talk about love, romance, fantastic shoes, amazing food, embarrassing moments, peeing outside, retarded redneck products, new sayings, funny/inspirational videos, writing, etc. WHATEVER!

There’s no pressure. It’s just me and my blog/BFF sitting around the table with a good cup of coffee (or maybe a cold beer) chatting about the stuff we LOVE to chat about! I don’t have to pretend. I don’t have to censor myself (ok, well maybe I don’t swear as much here as I do in real life). And it doesn’t matter what we are talking about, I can guarantee you it’s always interesting. I mean seriously, when have you ever had a boring chat with your BFF?

Sometimes when I discover a great urban word for Wednesday’s post, I’ll run it past hubby and he’ll kind of step back with a “you aren’t actually going to post that on your blog, are you?!?!” a tad surprised. Hell yes!!! My BFF and I have no issue talking about vajazzling, peeing outside, or farting. I mean, there isn’t much that’s taboo around here and that means the topics are endless.

And that dear friends is how I keep my blog mojo going!

How do you keep your blog mojo burning bright? How do you come up with topic ideas? What keeps you from burning out?

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  1. Nancy J Nicholson says:

    And I always feel like a BFF when I drop by. Nice post.

  2. You always make me feel welcome, Natalie! I’m a bit shyer, though – I definitely am not brave enough to talk about some of the topics you cover, LOL! I was thinking of you, btw, when I was walking around the wooded lake, with very few bathrooms along the trails, haha. I was dying, and trying to remember all those tips you’d posted!

  3. Hey ya, Natalie! Personally I don’t know if I’ve ever gotten my blog mojo going, myself. It’s been a struggle. I feel bad when I compare my poor little blog to other peoples because it just doesn’t seem to be catching on, but oh well. It gives me the chance to connect with fahbulous folks like you!

    • Callene, are you on Triberr? If so, what tribe(s) are you in? Also, do you LIKE blogging (a lot, a little, hate it like poison…where do you stand?)

      I’ve seen that you work at it, so I want you to feel like you are on FIRE. 🙂

    • Girl, your blog totally rocks and I think the key is to just sticking with it. Being yourself and posting consistently and it’ll come. No need to compare your blog to others…just focus on you and having fun and the rest will take care of itself! We totally need to get you into Triberr so we can all give you some luv and show you off so others can discover your greatness!!

  4. Fantastic post, Natalie! I was just going to echo Nancy. It’s no wonder you feel like you’re chatting with friends. We feel the same darn way, and it’s fabulous.

    We all think about so many things on a routine basis, so there’s no reason our blogs should run dry—not if we view them as extensions of ourselves. Yet many writers grapple with “what do I write about?” This post will be a valuable asset for sure. Speaking of all of this, I believe that writing about everything/anything we’re inclined to will also enhance our author/book selling success. I know I’ll stock up on your books…and I have no idea what they’ll be about! LOL

    Thanks for the warm shout out! Timely, too, as I just started re-reading The Gift of Fear. 🙂

  5. you accomplish the goal of making everyone a friend so well Natalie. this blog is chatty, warm and inviting.

  6. Such great advice, Natalie! Thank you for that. I am going to write that down and post it by my computer so I always remember. I guess it is really just about us being ourselves. That is probably why yours is one of my favorite blogs.

    • Emma, you nail it on your blog every single day as well. When I swing by your digs, it’s like stopping by a fab BFFs digs to have a rave. 🙂 You are definitely one of my favs to dollface! 🙂

  7. I think you nailed it, Natalie. Oh! I recently confirmed (as you allege) that spontaneous potty humor is popular. Put up a title with LOO in it, and traffic increases.

    I totally agree that you write as if you’re talking to me. That’s why I get a glee squee when I see a new blog post from you.

    But, oh-wise-one, what if conversation with my BFF often involve conversations about The Planet of the Hubs?

    Oh, wait! He doesn’t follow my blog. Bonus! I can use Deborah from Everybody Loves Raymond humor. NOTE TO SELF: Purchase tee-shirt. CALL YOURSELF AN IDIOT. I’M TOO TIRED.

  8. Crap crumb, crumb, crumb about paragraph #3.

    PROOF before sending, Gloria. Proof!

  9. gingercalem says:

    100% LOVE! This is how I view my blog too, just me chatting with my peeps! You make everyone feel like a BFF and that’s why your blog is so fun and a place where people want to hang out. Love you for that! You set an awesome example.

  10. Shannon Esposito says:

    Yep, you are totally the blog world’s BFF! Love hanging out with you! My problem is I’m always the one hanging back, listening, watching and not talking so I’m much better at blog stalking than blog mojo 🙂

  11. Karen McFarland says:

    There is certainly a lot of cyber love at your hang-out Natalie! It’s always exciting, warm and inviting! It’s just you being yourself! And we love that! 🙂

  12. THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about!

  13. Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

    AND as a bonus – there’s always Hubby’s Corner! BLOGJACK! – Your my BFF too sweatheart!

  14. My blog on my website is only 4 months old, so I’ll have to get back to you another 2-3 months down the road 🙂 Sounds like you have the right idea though. I’ve always figured that my blog is an expression of me 🙂

  15. And it completely comes though Natalie! Kudos!!

  16. It definitely comes through, Natalie. You do a great job of personalizing your blog:)

  17. Remember when you were just getting started and being kinda shy … yup, shy! … in Kristen’s class last summer and then suddenly you burst out of the starting gate in a blaze of giorious blogginess, all pink and bedazzling! You just keep getting better (Hubby too … under your tutelage of course)! You can tell from everyone’s comments exactly how we feel about you so thanks for being the gift that keeps giving …

    • HAHAHA…me…shy??? Yip, and then I got my blog voice under me and went to town. LOL! But it’s been all of your support, encouragement and enthusiasm that’s made such a difference and helped me build my confidence. Without y’all, I’d be lost.

  18. How cool is this? You just put so much of my blogging life in perspective for me. Sometimes I truly stress over what i write on my blog and often find my best posts are not the ones I slave over but the ones that are written off the cuff or because I’ve read something that’s inspired me. Now I know the reason for that!!! It’s because I’m excited, I’m chatty and I want everyone to know about this or that cool thing I’ve discovered. It IS exactly like talking to friends over a beverage of choice.Thanks for the great tips and for bringing it all home to me Natalie!

    Thanks for the blog love too!

  19. Well, since I’ve already completely tromped through your comments section, I’ve got nothing else to say except that YOU are one of my blessings in life. I adore my online community, and I’ve certainly had fun romping back and forth between our blogs. 🙂 You’re the bomb, girlfriend!

    • You’re both the bomb, Jenny. I laughed so hard when I read your blog today, even my fingers were speechless.

    • AWWWW…I love it when you tromp all over my comments section girl. There’s nothing that say friendship like a good old fashion blogjacking. LOL!
      You are absolutely a blessing in my life as well and I feel so overjoyed and blessed that you’ve come into my life. There’s nothing quite like tearing up the blogosphere together. Woot woot!
      YOU rock girl! Total inspiration!

  20. Coleen Patrick says:

    Yes, you friendly bff style shines through–awesome 🙂

  21. I love the idea of comparing the blog audience to my friends. You’re right, Natalie – the best bloggers just “chat” in the most relaxed, conversation-inducing manner 🙂

  22. Oh girlfriend, I LOVE this post! How very true. When I first started wanting to post on language, I had a narrow vision about being the grammar lady. But soon, I realized it wasn’t about that part of language usage at all. I wanted to post things that would get people as EXCITED about words and language as I am! I wanted to make language (and yes, even grammar) FUN! I have topics coming out of my ears now because I love the subject, I take the approach to both inform and entertain, and now my friends throw ideas at me from time to time as well.

    When I come to your blog, I get a sense of who you are and how you write. Perfect! I learn, but we connect. Keep doing that thing you do, Natalie!

    • LOVE that Julie. BANG on! I love your language/grammar posts because YOU and your voice makes them FUN and interesting and your enthusiasm totally SHINES through. I get a sense of who you are. You could be writing about the MOST boring subject and I’d still read it and enjoy myself because it’s YOU! 🙂
      Gotta luv the connection – I feel the same way I swing by your digs! 🙂

  23. And this is why we love you! I always know that when I come here it’s going to be an amazing time. I love the idea of just thinking that you’re hanging out with your BFF. Meeting you is one of the greatest things to ever happen to me and the entire online community! You are such an inspiration, a breath of fresh air, and a genuine lady. We’re so lucky to have you in our lives.

    • Tameri, I feel the EXACT same!! You coming into my life has been such a blessing and gift. You are a force of nature and being around you here, at your digs, on twitter or FB is like having a bright happy light shined on my heart…you just make everyone around you smile…a gift!
      Love ya bunches!

    • No fair…Tameri made me cry!! I’m gonna punch her arm when I SEE HER FOR LUNCH ON FRIDAY!!! WOOT-WOOT…so excited!!!!

  24. Ugh, I know exactly what you mean. I’ve recently entered the “erratic blogging schedule” territory. I think it does come with a little bit of burnout though.
    I’ve found that I’m much more prolific when I relax and not stress about what I’ll be writing about. Something always pops in my head, whether I’m beating it against a wall or Thanks for the great post!

  25. You have the right idea. Wish it came as naturally to me. I’ve been feeling so tired lately. 😦 Need kick in the pants.

  26. Late to this party but wanted to tell you I always feel at home here. Visiting your blog is very much like visiting a friend’s home – laughter, warmth, and happiness. ♥

  27. I think one of the best things people can do to make it easier is ease up on the posting schedule. I post once a week and that’s worked very well for me. Sometimes people guest so that means 3 posts in a month from me. This way each post is quality and (hopefully) worth the reader’s time. I honestly think readers also appreciate not being overwhelmed with posts to catch up on.


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