Real men wear tights

So, you find your man eyeing your sexy undies, your cute thongs, your darling little boy short bottoms. And not in any homosexual way but in a metrosexual “god those look cute and comfy” kind of way. He’s jealous. He’s a bit put out. I mean, what are his choices, right? Boxers, briefs, or thongs while we ladies get an eclectic array of undergarments to hold us in, make us feel hot (physically and psychologically) and even accessories our outfits.

If it’s undies he craves, send him over to read Jenny Hansen’s Undie Chronicles for a couple of ideas on an undie makeover that will leave him speechless.

But for the very fashion forward man in your life, why not hook him up with some mantyhose? Yes, you read that right. Mantyhose: pantyhose for men!

Mantyhose by Emilio Cavallini
Thanks to Kathy Owen for turning this little ditty my way!

Mantyhose haven’t really made it to mainstream fashion quite yet but according to the news pieces on Web (and we all know anything we read on the Web is true), they are gaining quite a following of men who like to wear hosiery to layer, stay warm, and be stylish. Think long johns…on speed.

Yes, Italian designer Emilio Cavallini unveiled his unisex line of hosiery in June of 2009, and it has turned out to be a success. He claims that purchases from guys makes up 2 to 3 percent of the million tights he sells each year. Well now?!?!

And although basic black is the bestseller, Cavallini offers an array of funky patters and style for that adventurous man in your life.

He can pair them with a pair of shorts or surprise you just before bed when he unveils his secret style as he strips off his business suit. Maybe he can channel his inner Robin Hood and you can be his trusted side kick.

Better yet, buy you and your guy a matching pair and make a real statement about your couplehood.

Couples who wear tights together; stay together!

To my male readers, think this is something you’d give a whirl – why or why not? Ladies, think you’ll buy your man a pair? Better yet, will he wear them? (Be sure to take some pictures…all in the name of fashion of course!!!)

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

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  1. As you would write……” SQUEEEE! Hers and Hubby’s!!!!!!”

    Haha – Not!

    PS: thanks for not using your usual Nat vs Hubby conversation sample on this one! I have a rep to uphold…although those boy shorts do look comfy! Hahaha

    • I am going to knock your socks off (literally) this Christmas, just you wait!! LOL!!!

      • Pantyhose is definitely rising in popularity with men. It’s amazing the double standard that we have in society today, women have adopted (more traditional men’s fashion over the years, slacks, ties, shirts etc.) but it’s frowned upon for men to wear pantyhose. Why? Obviously, as a pantyhose enthusiast, the texture, silkiness and feeling is incredible when wearing a pair of hose, especially the “shiny” hose and I believe integrated correctly with shorts, looks stylish as well.

  2. Well, I don’t have any mantyhose, but I DO have some tights and several pairs of cycling shorts (I’m wearing some as I write this). Not sure I’d go for the mantyhose unless they were three kinds of wild. (Come to think of it, I had on pantyhose when I asked my wife to marry me… hmm. I’d forgotten. Thanks for the reminder… I think.)

    • Well now…very interesting Kent!! 🙂

      • for me I love pantyhose and tights in fact I probably have more hosiery than most women its not a fetish thing. I just love the support the feel and the way they make my legs look plus the warmth on cold days. but I don’t buy mantyhose no thank you I like womens pantyhose and tights there’s more colors and styles to choose from and yes am a straight male it’s just a shame that men can’t wear openly in public but in good taste no one wants to see a mans package. I have taken many pics covering the rights areas so I say cut loose guys and wear

  3. I think exotic men’s undies are available in the stores, they’re just hard to find. Just the other day I was in a store and asked the sales clerk where they were hidden and when he answered, I replied, “under where?”

  4. One word: NO! Unless he is filming a remake of Robin hood, and even then I don’t want to see it. Tights are not for ordinary men. They are for male ballet dancers and only when they are on stage. And how many of us have crushes on male ballet dancers? Not me, that’s for sure. Men look hottest in draw string pajama pants.

  5. Okay…I, as a woman, detest pantyhose. Tights only slightly less. If a man wants ’em he can have the whole stinkin’ lot of ’em! So NOT buying his and hers!

    And, um, could the patterns on those things be any more gaudy?

  6. Elena Aitken says:

    Oh my the Mantyhose.
    I can’t stand pantyhose and I can’t even imagine having a matching set with hubby. um…no thanks
    Hilarious as always, my friend.

  7. Your posts always give me a grin, Natalie.

    Side note to Hubby: I intended to send a tweet on St. Paddy’s day wishing your hangy-downs a perky up day. But, I thought better of it. Until now.

    Moving right along…

    It’s scary. I have a story about man tights. One Halloween, I invited three couples to our lake house. The costume twist? I assigned each spouse another person’s opposite gender spouse to dress for Halloween. The wife who had my husband’s name decided to dress him as a ballerina. Tiara, tutu, tights. I can not repeat what my then Asst. Chief of Police said while he tried to pull tights on his 6 ft 2 inch body. The only thing that saved his manliness that night was the cigar he insisted on chewing and his lace up high tops.

    Side note: If someone had asked me what career my future husband might have, police officer would have hit near the bottom of the list. I was a wild child. Oh, wait. Perhaps past tense is misleading on that wild child bit.

    • Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

      Gloria – I thank you and my hangy-down dangly parts thank you! hahaha

    • Soooo happy you enjoy the posts Gloria! And BTW, hubby would have LOVED that tweet and he’d have giggled for days!! Next time, fire away. LOL!!
      Asst. Chief in a tiara, tutu and TIGHTS?!?!?! OMG are there pictures??? Priceless.
      Girl, we can be WILD and responsible all at the same time so woot woot to that!!

  8. I wouldn’t even bother mentioning it to my all male husband. He wouldn’t even consider them.
    Too funny!

  9. Hahaha, Natalie and Hubby, you two are so funny. Natalie, you’ll be sure to let us know if you get him in to one of those MANtyhose, right? I knew you’d come through! Diggin’ the skulls, ROFL!


  10. Uhm… I would say these are an interesting answer to the long-johns needs, but they don’t rock my boat, haha. Good as a base layer for skiing though!

    Awesome blog links, Natalie. Going to browse through!

  11. ROFL! Imagining my hubby green-eyed with envy over my tights has made my DAY! If we end up in a matching set, I’ll let you know… 😉

  12. Haha. My husband would rather die. And I hate pantyhose so much that I can’t imagine a man voluntarily wearing them. Loved this post though!

  13. While my hubby has the legs for these…there is no way he’d put them on even just for fun! I desperately hate pantyhose and can’t imagine a man enjoying them!
    You always find a way to make us laugh,Natalie! Thanks!

  14. My husband would totally do this!


    He’s always cold…he even wore flannel-lined jeans when we went to Hawaii. I’m not saying he has the streamlined physique for these but he wears a kilt and swings a four-and-a-half foot longsword, so nobody’s gonna give him lip about tights. Well, they might if they can run faster.

    I must be the odd one out…I never wear pantyhose but I luv luv luv male ballet dancers and would be perfectly happy to see men adopt clothes that show off their bodies the way society expects to see ours.

    • OMG I LOVE your hubby and you are right, wearing a kilt and swinging a four-and-a-half foot longwood, ain’t no one gonna say a word about the mantyhose. I bet he’d ROCK them out!!!
      Girl, you are after my own heart!!!

  15. Well now, what a fashion statement this is! Wonder if they come in an XXXL for those – well endowed men? And matching sets – how clever!

    Natalie, you are so silly! What a fun post!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  16. MANTYHOSE!! What a perfect portmanteau…. I love it. And if I ever saw my honey in those things, I’d have to key his legs and run those suckers.

    Thanks for the linky love – you know I can never have enough UNDIES!!

  17. I refuse to buy my hunky guy a pair of mantyhose unless they come with a matching cape! We all know that tights are suddenly a-okay in the tough guy world if they include either a cool lair jacked out with cutting-edge techno stuff or a billowy cape to aid flying (cowl optional).

  18. Stop. It.

    Some things cannot be unseen. These are some of those things. If my Hubs ever came in the bedroom wearing these and ‘surprised’ me with them, I’d laugh so hard I don’t think he’d ever get his confidence back. And if I ever got some for him he’d probably throw them at my head in which case then I’d get a wicked cut and have to be taken to the ER and I’d be psychologically damaged forever. Yeah, I’m staying FAR away from these suckers.

    Seriously, who would want to have their junk all squeezed up into themselves? Pantyhose suck.

  19. This is so wrong, but you had me laughing so hard. You usually do. I’m always glad I dropped by here and today I gave you a little award:

  20. Karen McFarland says:

    Wow, those are the most aweful, loudest panty-manty whatever I have ever seen. Butt ugly. I know that my hubby wouldn’t be caught dead in those or I’d kill ’em. 🙂

    I’m back! I finally figured out a way to out-fox WordPress! Yay!!!!!!! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  21. Trish Loye Elliott says:

    OMG! Mantyhose! Love it. That was snort worthy.
    Thanks for the shout out. Glad you liked it.

  22. Natalie – I just heard John Tesh talk about these on the radio. You beat him to the story. You rock, girl!!!!

  23. You have a great outlook on husbands and wives. I wish I were as free as you are on the subject. I and others like me need your voice, cause ours probably ain’t gonna get there till we’re a 100. (oooops my “Georgia” jarg just slipped out. Ha!)

  24. It reminds me of Joey in one of Friends episodes! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

  25. My hubby has been wearing tights since we dated. He has restless leg syndrome and they greatly help with that. I’ll admit though, the first time he dropped his pants and I saw sheer nylons on him, I burst out laughing. I’m used to it now and prefer he wear them – otherwise I have to deal with his bouncy leg! They’re definitely the lesser evil, and dare I say, I think he looks sexy in them 🙂

    • Girl, it sounds like they have been a real life saver and helped increase his quality of life (not to mention yours) so I say rock the tights!! 🙂 And I love that you find him sexy in them…that is fabulous!

      Thanks so much for sharing!! 🙂

  26. LOL!! The tights in your picture would look goofy on anyone!! Seriously, ladies, tights don’t have to look feminine on men. Drab colors worn under ordinary shorts with crew socks and regular shoes, and they look fine. Also, men fit perfectly well in women’s tights – no need for “Mantyhose.”

  27. Hi, im male and usual wear tights with cord or denim hotpants and either pump flat shoes or flat heel boots that make me so comfortable, i used wolford de luxe 50/66, opaque 70, fatal 50, matt opaque 80 and cotton velvet tights cos it so soft as velvet that i felt great on my legs skin. tights are unisex as it just clothing we like to wear it also need change new fashion for me to replace boring old same underwear and trousers so change to make nice look 🙂

    • Hi Martin,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your comment. I couldn’t agree more. Tights are unisex and it’s all about wearing whatever makes you feel good and fabulous!!!

  28. Hi Girls,

    I would be happy to wear a pair of pantyhose for a woman if she asked. They don’t look that bad, hell it might even be fun. So bring it on… lol

  29. Mantyhose Is Real says:

    i BeLiEvE ThaT MantyHose iS rEaL …….

  30. I wear tights as regular fashion with boots ( 20 eye Docs) and Dickies™ shorts. Mostly I wear opaques in solid colors ( red, black, burgundy, purple, green). It feels amazing and when my wife and I both wears tights it is ecstatic on so many levels.

  31. I’m a man and I love to wear tights. I have always wanted to keep my legs covered, and people would always say that I should wear shorts in the Summer time. So, I finally said okay, I will wear shorts, but I still want my legs to be covered. My solution was to wear tights under my shorts. I like the opaques in green, navy blue, and red under my shorts. I wear them openly out in public, and never get a negative comment about it. The ladies like it. Now, my whole perspective on wearing shorts has changed. I can’t wait for Fall, as that is absolutely the perfect time to wear shorts and tights. Shorts and tights go great together! You only live once!

  32. Encouraged by my girlfriend and one of her friends I dressed as a cheerleader this past Halloween,
    full uniform with tights…first time for everything…going out in public was a weird feeling but fun !!!!

  33. Paul Blurt says:

    Yes to the matching hose. My GF makes me wear her older pantyhose and even thongs. At first was timid, but she loves it so I do it for her. If she saw these matching pairs, she would totally go for it. She loves panties on me because of how it accentuates my body. But at the same time, she prefers I wear pantyhose while lounging and she lounges in tights/PJs. Hey, whatever makes her happy makes me happy. Feels nice on you tho so I dont mind wearing them.

  34. I love wearing sheer black tights they make me feel sexy

  35. yes real men wear pantyhose and tights some for reasons i wont get into but there are men that wear just as clothing not fetish reasons myself am a straight male the loves wearing just cause i love the support, the warmth, the feel and the way they make my legs look i have over 400 pairs of different colors and styles love them all shiny ones most of all i wear at home when out under my pants to avoid public ridicule and name calling have more to say but will make it short

  36. men wearing pantyhose for nonfetish reasons is great but to each his own myself I wear for the nonfetish reasons look, feel, support and the warmth on cool days. I love all the colors and styles from matte or glossy ones that I do love most of all I really don’t like the ones for men cause they come in skin tones , blacks and gray plus cost more we men have legs to and we are not weird ,gay or bi we are not hurting anyone yes we do have to wear under pants so not to be name called and ridiculed

  37. I love wearing pantyhose or tights in any color or style I wear daily and I have over 400 pairs many benefits from wearing plus after all its just clothing its makes a womens or mans legs look great do have to say love the glossy ones most of all

  38. I wear tights or pantyhose always everyday love them many benefits in wearing

  39. to bad these tights don’t come in large/ extra large I sure would buy a few pair love the designs

  40. I wear tights for nonfetish reasons everyday and love it its a great fashion of course I wear them under my pants just cause of the public

  41. The biggest detractors, who criticize and ridicule men who dress high heels, do not know anything !!! the history, who played for tights (pantyhose) first, that they were men, not women and not realize that women us men stole nearly complete outfit, tie, jacket, trousers hats etc. !!!!
    Yet men women swore that men are to wear menswear !!! Even 2 years ago he applied the law in France from the 17th century that prohibit women from wearing trousers.
    Women think that only they have the right to wear what they sense but not men !!! They are calling for the emancipation of women, but only for themselves and for the emancipation of men condemn. It makes me sick such women. On my site is about the history of wearing stockings and articles for France.

  42. Hi Natalie, read almost all comments and think you are kind of wishy-washy. You agree with people who don’t like men wearing tights and agree with people who do. Also noticed you reply to almost all female comments and one or two male ones. Anyway, I’m male and love wearing tights to practice ballet in and lounge around the house in like ladies do with leggings but NEVER wear in public unless they’re part of a costume. I really don’t see why society has such a HUGE problem with men finding comfort in a pair of tights while women can wear whatever the hell they want with no questions asked!!!! Absolute BULLSHIT!!!!


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