Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my birthday!! I will turn 37 years old around 10:25 this morning and I can’t wait! I love birthdays. Squeeee!

I’ve always loved my birthday. No matter how old I am turning. Age has never been a big deal to me. And I know some of you groan “well duh, you are only 37 years old…” but I don’t think age will ever be a big deal to me.

Part of my joie-de-vivre comes from having the world’s best birthday role model; my Mom. I mean, this is a woman who knows how to embrace birthdays and aging in style! For her sixtieth birthday, she hosted a pole dancing party with one requirement: you attend, you work the pole. And work the pole we did. Whatever age she turns, my mother embraces the gift of life and living.

And I definitely take after Mom. I’ve never been one to want to stay in the same place (metaphorically speaking). To me, time passing and aging signifies growth and forward movement. To me, our age is like a badge of honor, something to be revered and celebrated! We made it. Another year under the belt where I learned, challenged, and pushed myself to do more, aim higher, and live louder.

I mean, I’ve already got plans for my fortieth underway so I am pumped to hit the next major milestone!

Here are my top 5 reasons for loving my birthday!

  1. The name of the game is GIFTS! Squeeeee. Whether it’s the gift of time with friends and family or the gift of jewellery (hubby always delivers spectacular on the gifts part ), it’s a joy to let your loved ones shower you with gifts. Some of my most treasured birthday gifts are cards I’ve received from my loved ones with the most beautiful and inspiring notes of family, love, friendship and sisterhood. I save them and reread them from time to time and my heart is always warmed with how blessed I am.
  2. It’s not a day, it’s a season! Thasss right. I like to draw my big day OUT! Although today is my actually bday, I like to start celebrating early and carry on through the big day and beyond. This year we started on Friday evening with dinner with friends, Saturday night was dancing with friends, Monday night dinner with the family, and this coming weekend, a hot tub party with more friends. Woot woot! And, if you can believe it, this will be one of the shortest birthday seasons ever. Usually I manage to save gift certificates from my bday to spend in August so I can extend the pleasures throughout the months! No joke…I like to draw it out!
  3. ME ME ME. I know, it’s shocking to hear it but I LOVE being the center of attention and what better day to scream “I rock!” from the rooftops than my birthday. On Saturday night, my BFF had the DJ wish me a happy birthday, there are tons of facebook messages coming in, hubby had a bday wish on the radio for me, and there’s a bday sign across my office door so coworkers will swing by all day with best wishes. And now all of my blogging family will swing by with loads of uber fabulousness. I mean…I am EVERYWHERE! Squeee…Love that! I love to shower people with love and adoration and I love to be showered. I mean, it’s all about give and take, right?
  4. Like a fine wine, I feel like I get better with age. Coming into my 30s was the best thing that ever happened to me. I felt like for the first time in my life, I finally settled into my own skin. As a woman, I grew into my bones and felt at peace with myself. My self-esteem soared and I found my self-confidence. I also became more adventurous and slowly but surely I let go of my paralyzing fear of abandonment and opened myself up to love. Love of myself and others in a deep and profound way. And each year, it only gets better.
  5. Any excuse to have a party! Birthdays are a fantastic reason to toss the diet aside for the day and indulge across the board. Food, friends, family, and fun – let er’ rip! Birthdays are a great time to throw caution to the wind, buy that new outfit, try that new restaurant, or toss that bash you’ve been dying to have. Seriously, we only live once so let the good times roll!

How do you celebrate your birthday? Does aging get you down or fire you up? What are some of the best birthdays you’ve ever had and what made them so special?

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  1. I so love your attitude. Happy birthday!!!!!!

  2. Hope it’s a fab day, Nat! Enjoy!

  3. Happy Birthday, Birthday girl! Enjoy the season!

    I’m on the “birthdays don’t bother me” side of the equation, Natalie. I don’t worry about the decades as they pass because I don’t plan to be old — as in, “I am too old to…” kind of way.

    I celebrate anniversaries of my forty-second birthday. Years ago*, when I turned forty-two, the saying “life begins at forty” was still popular.

    My thought at that time was, “if life begins at forty, I’m in my terrible two’s. How cool is that? Learning, investigating, establishing my independence, jumping in mud puddles, blowing bubbles in my milk, inventing new words…”

    And, this time around, there is no grumpy grown-up telling me to stop doing that.

    *not disclosing the number of anniversaries simply b/c your readers might assume I’m in my dotage.

  4. My dear Natalie, since you’ve already established yourself as the ultimate party girl, it’s no surprise that you would be the queen of birthday festivities.Your mom definitely is setting a fine example! It’s not about the number of years but rather what you do with them, so be grateful for every single one! Here’s a toast to you, my WANA711 sister ~clink~ enjoy every minute of celebrating you. Wishing you the best year ever!

    • Awwww…sniff…Thank you so much Patricia for your support and amazing friendship. Here’s to many more years and birthdays to celebrate together! CLINK!!! To the WANA711 Sisters!!!
      MUAH!!! xoxoxo

  5. amyskennedy says:

    Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!

    I tried posting this earlier, but WordPress was not cooperating…
    I adore my birthday too — as everyone should, it’s your birthday! My mom turns 90 this year, and she celebrates for a month, lunch with this friend, dinner with that friend, it’s endless…as it should be.

    I turn 54 this year and feel (just as you said) more and more sure of myself, happy in my own skin and I love the life I have now.

    A wonderful attitude you have my dear, and good that you’re spreading your birthday joy all over!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I guess you and you’re mom are two inspiring ladies! So full of live and enjoying every minute. Live it Up!!! Woot!

  7. Happy Birthday Natalie! I love your attitude about birthdays. Just remember that shouldn’t change as you hit 40, 50 or any milestone!

  8. fivereflections says:

    HB – me to (64) …

  9. Happy Birthday, Natalie! You are so funny, but I love your attitude! Birthdays, I think, give us that one day a year (or in your case…several lol) to be selfish and enjoy the day being all about YOU. (or me, or her…whomever). I didn’t do that this year (my bday was the 13th), but I should have. And you are so right…us beautiful women get better with age, don’t we dear? 🙂

    • AMEN to that…I think we all need to be a little selfish from time to time and indulge.
      A;pril, it’s never to late – just have a post-birthday celebration!! Dinner with friends, dessert date out, movie night – whatever!! It’s never to late (or too early) to celebrate YOU!!
      Happy belated…HUGS!!!

  10. HAPPY B’DAY NATALIE!! You little Pisces you. We’re counting down the hours already until your urban dictionary classroom opens its doors. So much to learn.

  11. It’s a party! Oh yeah, I’m dancing right along. I celebrate my January birthday from Thanksgiving to Valentines Day and have for years. I imagine that all the holiday parties I go to are for me. No shame. 🙂

    I also see the time passing as a blessing because I have peers that aren’t here anymore and have lived past stuff that could have taken me out. Why not celebrate the day of our births and all the days around it?

    *making a note about the pole for my sixtieth*

    • LOVE it Barbara!!! You are a girl after my own heart. A birthday celeb from Thanksgiving straight through to Valentine’s – AMAZING!! You know how to rock it out…luv it!!
      I couldn’t agree more – why not celebrate the day of our births and everything around it! Woot woot!!
      Yes – the pole dancing party was fahhublous. I’ll have to see if I can dig up some pics. LOL!!

  12. Love your happy attitude. I dread birthdays (will be 35 next month) because the time has gone by so quickly, and I used to feel like I had accomplished so little with my life. But now I’m starting to appreciate things more. Happy Birthday, lady. Have a wonderful one!

    • Thanks Stacy! 🙂
      Oh girl – living well and living happy is ALL there is to life and you are doing that beautifully so celebrate you and the beauty around you. It’s worth it. YOU are worth it! Here’s to my birthday bash bug nipping you and getting you all excited to rock yours out this year!!! 🙂

    • A constant B-Day partier chimes in…just being here having a productive life is the accomplishment, Stacy. Things are so different, fast-paced and crazier than 3+ decades ago. We are blessed to be healthy, in our right minds and doing what we love.
      *wanders off looking for birthday cake*

  13. Happy Birthday Girlfriend! I can feel your bright birthday light shining all the way to Florida! I can’t disagree with anything you said here about age. I never worry about it and it is just a number. Have a fantastic day Natalie and thanks so much for the blog love. You just rock!

  14. I love your reasons for loving your birthday regardless of the number! This year one of my friends decided to celebrate her husband’s birthday for a week. Each night dinner was one of his favorite meals and a small gift. They watch movies he enjoyed in the evenings or went out to his favorite activities. it was all about letting him know he was special and loved. I thought that was so great.

    • Awwwwww that is fantastic Marcy!! I love that. So special and wonderful. I’m gonna note that for hubby’s next celebration. What an amazing idea…Thanks so much for sharing…

  15. You have turned!!! I just looked at the time and it’s been your honest-to-God birthday for almost an hour! No wonder I woke up in such a great mood. 🙂

  16. p.s. As your first present from me, I gave you and hubby another Jenny’s Family story to laugh over. 😀

    • I see that. I haven’t gotten over yet to check it out but heading there next. I can’t wait. I read the headline to hubby on the way to work this morning and he laughed out loud (then we came up with terrible ideas about what it could be and spend the am GIGGLING our butts off). Can’t wait to have a read…

  17. Happy Birthday! I love that you love birthdays and have such a great attitude about age! I will try to channel you as I grow older and just be happy I’m getting gifts and attention. That’s the way it should be! Heehee.

  18. Aw! I KNEW there was a reason I woke up grinning today! It’s so like you to give us a gift on your birthday… 🙂 Thanks for the inspiring post!

    I’m with you 100%. We don’t deteriorate with age, but crystalize. And holy cow, am I in love with your mom! Not surprising that you’ve had her wonderful influence.

    Have the BEST birthday, beautiful, talented woman. You SOOO deserve it! *HUGS*

  19. Happy happy happy happy BIRTHDAY, sweet friend!! I’m with you – draw that sucker out as long as you possibly can…you’re TOTALLY worth it!!

  20. Happy, happy birthday, Natalie!! Love your humor and your attitude! I love birthdays, too! I’m working hard to be at my best come December for my 60th! I’ll be the hottest redheaded 60-year old in NY state!
    You are the Birthday Queen – a fun, loving, and giving friend and we all have good reason to celebrate you! I have a strong feeling this is YOUR year! Look how successful your blog is already and how much you’re learning about writing. You’re pretty amazing!
    Wishing a wonderful birthday season and many, many more! Hugs!

    • Ohhhh I love it. You WILL be the hottest, sexiest 60-year-old in NY State – SIZZLING hot!
      I love that you are on the birthday bash train.
      Thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes…here’s from your lips to God’s ears. LOL! 🙂

  21. Coleen Patrick says:

    Happy Birthday! Wishing you lots of awesomeness 🙂

  22. FAB list Nat!!! Happy, happy birthday. Kick up your heels and enjoy your day.

  23. tracibelltx says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!!

  24. Happy Happy Birthday! Happy Happy Birthday! Happpppppppyyyyyy Birthday to you!

    I love your attitude to birthdays and totally agree on every single point. (except the super fabulous mom thing. I’m going to adopt yours because mine is a stinker and no fun AT ALL!).

    Age is nothing, it’s how we feel inside. All my wrinkles and age spots are just physical evidence that I’ve lived a good life and I’ve got more good living to go. Enjoy your Birthday season (love that!) and have an absolute fabulous time tonight. Punta 2013, we’ll party together!!

    Love you sweetness and wishing you the best for this year and all those to come. Mwuah!!

    • LOVE it Tameri!!! 🙂
      You can totally adopt my Mom!! 🙂
      I couldn’t agree more on the war wounds. It means we are living large and hard. I told hubby, when he puts me in the ground I want my body to be all used up – not one more drop of fun to be squeezed out of it. LOL!!
      PUNTA CANA 2013…SQUEEEEEEEEE!!! That we will – a dual celebration!! I can’t wait!!
      Love you too honey bunny and here’s to YOU!! MWUAH!! xoxoxo

  25. Happy Birthday, Natalie! Today it should be all about you!
    But tomorrow, please go back to cheering us and inspiring us full-time. We need you.
    (btw, I learned how to use my twitter account to comment just in time for your birthday–that’s how special you are :- )
    Enjoy your day!

    • Yeahhhh FABIO!!! Nice to have you swing by and thank you so much for the fab bday wishes!! Oh yes, tomorrow we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming. LOL!! 🙂

  26. It’s your Birthday today? Dang! Wish I would have picked you up a little sumthin-sumthin! LOL!

    Haha – the best part about it being a season is – it’s never forgotten!

  27. Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday!

    I love how you celebrate. I don’t even come close to doing anything like this – I’ve even forgotten my own birthday! – so you are blowing my mind. (But, then, I hate to be the center of attention. LOL.) Have a magnificent birthday week, month, year, Natalie. You deserve every second of it.

    • Awwww…luv it Bridgette, thank you!
      Ok, forgot your own birthday?!?! Wow. Girl send me your date and I’ll start firing you reminder emails and ideas weeks in advance. I’ll even email your loved ones for you. LOL! But yes, if you hate being the center of attention, bdays can be rough. But as long as you celebrate in YOUR own way, that’s all that counts cause YOU are worth celebrating! 🙂

  28. Shannon Esposito says:

    Happy Birthday, Natalie!!! Keep on keepin’ on rocking that amazing attitude of yours, it’s contagious!

  29. I think the 30s are about loving ourselves as we are. And the 40s are about doing it with attitude. That’s my experience at the ripe ol’ age of 41.

    Happy Birthday from Canada, Natalie!

  30. Happy Birthday, Natalie. I love your exuberance with celebrating this special day. I know you’ll make the most of it. and I’d love to meet your mom.

    • She’s something else. I might have to get her to do a guest post so y’all can at least meet her virtually! LOL!! Thanks so much for the fab compliments Louise! Luv it! 🙂

  31. Happy, happy birthday! And, many, many, many more! I’m glad you can celebrate with your mother and family. I lost my mother in 2000. Mom and I used to celebrate our birthdays together, because hers was the day after mine. (To this day, one of my brothers calls me on Mom’s birthday to wish me a happy birthday.) She was 62 the year I turned 38, so we celebrated our 100th that year.

    A friend of mine says that she has two birthdays, one using the Gregorian calendar and the other using the Jewish calendar. I thought that was a neat idea, and decided that since I was born on Palm Sunday, 1956 (March 25), I could celebrate on March 25 and on Palm Sunday. This year they’re a week apart, so I’m having a festival.

    Again, have a wonderful day!

    • Awwwww John, that’s beautiful and I can only imagine how deeply you miss her. I am sure she’s still celebrating with you in spirit every single year! Love that you guys celebrated your 100th together – what a FANTASTIC idea. And I am totally investigating this two calendar idea – I could have TWO birthdays every year!?!?!? Well now – that’s what I am talking about. Although, I am not sure hubby could handle it. LOL!!
      Thanks so much for the wonderful comment and for stopping by with some fab wishes…
      Here’s to your FESTIVAL (soooo love that)!!! Hope you have a great day!

  32. Go Natalie! I have no doubt you had a fabulous birthday – now for the fabulous season!

  33. I could just copy this post and slap my name on it! It’s exactly how I feel about birthdays. (Well, except for the part about mom and a pole. Believe me!!!) Actually, the best gift I get on my birth-month is well-wishes from people I love and like. How cool is it for people to simply say, “I’m so glad you’re here!”? So I’ll say it to you, Natalie: So glad you’re here! Happy Birthday!

    • LUV it Julie!! Another member of the birthday bash train!! Squeee!!!
      I agree, the birthday wishes are THE best…it’s so cool and tremendously heart warming! 🙂
      AWWWWW Thank you Julie…and I am soooo glad YOU are here!!!

  34. Happy Birthday!!!

  35. Firstly….HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    I stopped liking my birthdays once I passed 25. All I see is more wrinkles and grey hair. But, you certainly do put up a good argument as to why I should love my birthday again. Presents, pampering, ME ME ME…..

    Okay, I will like my birthday this year 🙂

    • Thank you Donna!
      Well, if I have inspired you to embrace your birthday and fall in love with it again, then my job is totally done here!!! Luv that…it is the days when it’s all about you so definitely, find the joy and celebrate it! Woot woot!!!

  36. Ack, I’m late to the party!!! Is it still going on? Drats. Sorry, I was off-line yesterday and only Triberring. Sigh. But you know I love you bunches, no matter what day, rigth?
    So Happy Belated Birthday! Why not celebrate the day after, gorgeous lady?
    Smooch. Hug. Smooch.

    BTW, I can’t leave comment, unless I log in with Facebook or Twitter. Weird. Oh, well.

    • You are never too late Angela! 🙂 This party will be going on all week and likely then some so join in any time!! Squeeee….Thanks for the fahhbulous wishes and luv!!! HUGS!!!
      Yeah, everyone’s been having issues with WP lately – weird and annoying!

  37. Happy late birthday! Or maybe it’s not late, since the season isn’t over yet!

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