Urban Word Wednesday: ding-a-ling bling gone extreme

Welcome to Urban Word Wednesday! New words, phrases, and sayings I am learning (and using in my day-to-day life) brought to you by ME…and the Urban Dictionary. You are gonna love these!

WARNING: today’s blog features videos with explicit language so watch at your own risk.

Today is a special edition of Urban Word Wednesday. After Roy and Tameri made it known that last week’s nowhere story was a bit too light for their raunchy tastes (it’s ok guys, I’m a bit twisted as well), I am amping it up this week with a double whammy with…VIDEOS! Yes, you read that right. Buckle up folks, we are going hard core.

It came about when hubby and I were sitting on the couch last Wednesday evening and the following convo ensued:

Me: did you see my post on the nowhere story today?

Hubby: yes, and thanks for exploiting the “Sussex story”. Is nothing sacred between us anymore?

Me: no, my readers need to know baby. We have a responsibility to entertain and…I’m sorry but the shit you say is funny!

Hubby: how did the fans like it?

Me: pretty good except Roy and Tameri weren’t impressed with my PG13 style.

*Hubby pulls up blog post and reads comments”

Hubby: well, maybe it’s time….maybe they are ready…

Me: for what – you have a good one for me?

Hubby: how about….balldazzling?

Me: haven’t we done the nether region bedazzling to death?

Hubby: a) when is talking about decorating our nether regions ever enough?!?! and b) there’s a video!!

Me: I’ll bite!

Balldazzle: to bling out your balls; similar to vajazzle, but for men (ding-a-ling bling’s crack head cousin).

Me: SHUT up. OMG! Riot!! But do you think it’ll be too much? Can my readers handle this?

Hubby: well, they said they wanted it a little more “edgy” and that’s definitely over the top! Or you could always showcase penazzling instead. I got a video for that one too.

Me: what?!?!?!

Penazzle: when a man bedazzles his man region using any sparkly/bejeweled variety of body art (ding-a-ling bling’s adopted brother).

Me: oh. my. god. I love the theme music but hubby…do you think we’ve gone too far?!??!

Hubby: never…your readers demanded extreme and you will deliver Hartford! Cowboy Up and post the words WITH videos!

Me: okey dokey!

What do you think? Did hubby and I go too far? Did we offend or sprinkle a giggle? Now that’s you’ve seen it in action, think you’d consider getting blinged up?

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  1. Toooooooooo early for this! Half asleep, guzzling coffee and hating daylight savings time then BOOM – coffee out nose, laughing like a loon. I’m not sure what I was expecting in the video, but hot glue and broken glass wasn’t it. Thank you so much for starting my day with a laugh. I’ll just go change out of my coffee splattered shirt. . .

  2. Oh, and thanks for another bit of link love!

  3. To heck with palooza! It’s an orgy of portmanteau this morning! How many of the So Cal girls got up at 4am to be first to catch Urbsday?

  4. hehehe it is way too early in the morning for this. hehehe

  5. Thank you, thank you and thank you for being brave and true. I feel so much better knowing there is another of my species out there. 😉 Great stuff.

  6. I’m still trying to find a way to add ‘spark in your ass’ into my novel. I love this one. So please I wasn’t drinking coffee like Rant Rave Writes when I saw this!

  7. LMFAO. People are crazy. Thanks for making me laugh so early in the morning!

  8. Short comment: SNORT!

    Long comment: KA-SNORT!!

    No. You did NOT go too far. I may replay Penazzling with Paris many times in order to scribble down all the names he used for the hangy-downy parts.

  9. OMG, that was hilarious! Although I think more points go to the first video for making us laugh without hurting our eyes as much as the second video. That was hard to look at. Especially while trying to eat. I do love his observation about celebrities with three names. I wonder if initials count, cuz I bet Samuel L. Jackson would love some penazzeling!

  10. The guy in the second video really scared me there at the end, Natalie. LOL That’s come crazy $h*t right there.Thanks for the giggle.

  11. All I can say is “Yikes.” I can’t imagine that there is a long line of men waiting to be penazzled.

  12. Oooh-kayy…I think I lead a sheltered life, LOL. I haven’t heard so many names for guy parts (2nd video) since watching the Austin Powers movies! You and hubs really feed off each other, haha – you definitely belong together!

    Umm, wow.

  13. Well done, Natalie! I’m deeply honored to have helped to inspire this post. And I think we’re finally headed in the right direction. Not quite there yet, but getting closer. Ball and stogie worshippers everywhere will no doubt be flocking to your site hungry for the knowledge you provide on proper ball maintenance.


    Broken glass…glue… :snort: And then the second video…OMG, was he channeling Austin Powers or what?! Where was the conveniently placed vase or bowl of fruit? :snort: I’m so glad I didn’t stop by first thing this morning 😆

  15. There are no words…. And YOU are braver than I am. 🙂

  16. Elena Aitken says:

    OMG! I would expect nothing less, Natalie! Awesome. And so, so, WRONG! ha ha

  17. Speechless … *unstoppable snorting*

  18. *pretending to cover my eyes and ears* Eeek! Why would a guy balldazzle?! That’s just going to make a mess. It sure isn’t practical. *now imagining what I’d do if witnessing such festivity in person* :-O

  19. Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

    If Urbsday’s are too racey for ya…Be sure to drop by Hubby’s Corner for a quieter, more peaceful experience – a place to cuddle up and feel safe! LOL!

  20. All I gotta say is O.M.G. LOL!

  21. YES!!!! This is more like it. No offense here, just tons of laughter (so much so that my dogs are afraid for me). OMFG.

    Wouldn’t you know I picked yesterday to hide in the editing cave! You should’ve called me and told me to get out of there right away and check out these videos! OMFG. I’m still laughing at that last guy. Can you imagine the first girl to see that besides Paris? Who, by the way, played the stoic serious helper girl brilliantly. I would’ve been giggling like an idiot. Then at the end when he’s got it all tucked under? OMFG.

    I’m shocked, I’m humored, I’m jealous. Yeah, you read that right. That guy has some huge huevos to put that on the internet. And they’re sparkly, too! I could never…

    I’m so going to make the Hubs watch these tonight. In fact, I might stream it to the big screen! Wouldn’t you love to see this guy’s bedazzled junk on a 65 inch TV? Yeah, me either, but it would be awesome to make the Hubs watch it. He’ll die. D.I.E.

    Love you two!!!

    • WAHAHAHA!! Love it Tameri – my kind of girl!!! How did hubs like that on 65 inches??? I hope it rocked his world and he headed off to the garage to fire up the glue gun and break some glass. LOL!! Luv ya…MWUAH!!!

    • Update on the Hubs and Kid. They were not as amused as I was. Possibly because they saw the hot glue gun and everything just kind of turtled from there.

      I still think they’re hilarious.

  22. My weekend is not booked. Pictures to follow! Thank you!

  23. Okay…even I’m speechless on this one. Wow. Do you really think guys do that? ~giggle~ I would have a hard time keeping a straight face. Way to get raw, Natalie! *clapping wildly*

  24. Oh my lordy. Dare I hit ‘play’??? 😉 If you’re going to bite, I wonder if ding-a-ling bling should be edible, say…chocolate? The thoughts you inspire us! ROFL Thanks for another hilarious post!

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