Stinky flatulence got you down? No more!

So y’all know I can run into some issues with gas when I wrote about my fartriliquist abilities! I mean who doesn’t fart? There’s no way around it. It’s a bodily function we all deal with. It’s just unfortunate that sometimes we deal with it at the most inopportune time. Yikes!

I won’t lie. I’ve been faced with embarrassing situations where it was stay home with a case of raunchy gas or make it to a family gathering.

Or what about those times when you go to a friend’s house for dinner (with a bunch of other couples no less) and for whatever reason, the meal enjoyed reeks havoc on your system. Do you leave early and go home to be alone with your foulness or stay and pray you can pinch it off all night?

And what about those little doozies that sneak out with no dog to blame it on?

Or how about at work? You are in a meeting with just you and another person when you feel the gurgle and know in your butt of butts, it ain’t gonna be pretty. Pretty hard to put my fartriliquism abilities to good use when there’s just two of us in a meeting. Yikes!

You know what I am talking about. You know the shame.

Well my good friend Angela Orlowski-Peart turned me onto a new product that’s gonna relieve all of us from our fear of the smelly fart. Meet the Subtle Butt; disposable gas neutralizers.

Never be embarrassed by ‘escaped’ gas again!

Can I get an amen to that!?!

The ‘discreet,’ antimicrobial pad sticks to your underwear (even thongs) so you can relax and let er’ fly. Any odor is neutralized by the activated carbon layer. Now all you need to worry about is keeping it quiet. There’s even a product demo video (good luck keeping a straight face watching this)!


Honestly, what can a person say after that?!?!

You can order a packet of 5 subtle butts for just $11.95 each here. I might have to take out stocks in the company to cover the amount hubby and I would need to purchase but y’all might fare out ok.

How do you handle gas issues? Think you’ll try Subtle Butt or stick to blaming it on the dog? Any embarrassing farting stories to tell? Come on…share the wealth!

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

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  1. The name KILLS me!! Subtle Butt…I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall for that marketing meeting. 🙂

  2. OMG, Natalie! See how you have your minions roaming around loose, finding stuff for you? LOL! Angela really found a winner there – love the ad for it! Not buying the product, though – yikes.

    Thanks a million for the linky-love, hunny! 😀

  3. As a farter of two girls who compete against each other who can gas farter than the other… I thank thee for these wonderful pads and your hilarious words.

  4. Thanks for the belly laugh. Where do you find this stuff? Wait, I really don’t want to know, just keep it coming.

  5. OMG I nearly peed my pants laughing at the ad. good god. I don’t need such a product. never. no how. no way. not me. nope. no no no. LOL

  6. Jenn Hood says:

    OMG……you crack me up Nat!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Do they sell in bulk???? LOL

  7. Delete the “nearly” in Louise’s comment and you have my opener, Natalie.

    SO glad I found you through Jenny Hansen Cowbell. Your words. The promotional words for the product. Both had me howling before I got to the video.

    I didn’t have to click any of the links you provided in your mash up b/c I already follow those fun, funny people. [Cue Disney Small World music, please.]

    Love your blog. LOVE your theme and tagline. I recently completed Blogging-to-Build-Brand by Kristen Lamb and itching to find a fitting theme and tagline. My friend, writing buddy, and fellow BTBB participant suggested: THEME: Daydream Believin’ and LOGLINE: Natalie Hartford will let me steal hers. No? Rats!

    • Squeeee…a fellow WANA cousin – love it Gloria – welcome to my humble party! So happy you found me via Jenny (doesn’t she just ROCK) and here’s to a long and laughter-filled friendship. I am thrilled you enjoyed the post and got a great laugh.
      Thank you sooo much for your amazing compliments. So kind and made me all kinds of happy! LOVE the theme idea – sooo cool!! And absolutely feel totally free to borrow and use my logline to your heart’s content! Imitation is the greatest form of flattery and I am here to SHARE my world so enjoy…I’d be tickled pink to know I inspired! 🙂 I’ll be over to pay you a little visit soon! 🙂

  8. Good spotting by Angela! That product is meant for your blog. Now that’ I’ve cleaned my cafe mocca off my keyboard, I’ll get back to writing. Thanks for my morning roar of laughter and … oh yeah … and thanks for the stocking stuffer idea!

  9. Lol. Wow, Natalie. I’m sure my teenagers are going to love this one.

    Thanks so much for the shout out. Never thought our romance advice would be in a mashup on a blog about Subtle Butt, but I must admit, one would enhance the other. 🙂

  10. Natalie, now we’re finally getting back on track. This is the kind of post that comes from the heart or should I say comes from the fart. Needless to say I was enthralled by the video. As to Subtle Butt pads, well . . . I’m ordering a case today. Can’t wait to take these babies out for a test run at Taco Bell. Come to think, I may cancel that order. There’s nothing like seeing the look on people’s faces when you give them the nod after dousing them with a blast. You get their respect immediately. It’s a male thing. Lions do it. And so do all real men. Great post. You’re at the top my list, Natalie.

    • OMG Roy, your comment has had me in hysterics! LOL!
      You are right, nothing like the look on people’s face when you show them your “stuff”. Definitely a male thing…WAHAHAHA!!!
      I shall work hard to stay on top with more insane hilariousness.

  11. Natalie, I love it and that’s all I can say about that:)

  12. Elena Aitken says:

    OMG Natalie. There are no words. Seriously. HA HA HA

  13. LOL! Hilarious, yet oh so practical. 😉 I happen to know that the average person creates 2 pint of gas per day. God bless all bodily functions! Not just sneezes. 😉

  14. Seriously?! OMG Nat! 😆 I wonder if they make a dog version? That I might buy stock in :snort:

  15. When I saw an ad for the Subtle Butt in some magazine that I’ve browsed through (I wasn’t looking for the embarrasing gas-reducing products, haha), I immediately thought about Natalie. Errrr, I meant about her blog posts, hehe.

    Raelyn, I hope they make cat version too. My kitty could put it to use in a jiffy 🙂

    • I love that when y’all see these zany thing, you think of ME!!! SQUEEEEE!!! I am BRANDED….wahahaha…love it Angela – THANK YOU!! And if you see any other goodies, be sure to send them along.
      Note to y’all: send me the crazy stuff you see around…maybe it’ll get featured (and I’ll keep you anonymous if you want…hehehehe)!

  16. I just about fell out of my chair when I read “Subtle Butt.” Then I saw the video and fell over, clenching my torso. You have some of the most hilarious posts, Natalie! Oh my goodness. I think this would be a great gift idea.

  17. Ha! I sent the link for the video to a friend of mine whose husband…well…desperately needs them. We’ll leave it at that :P. Course he won’t use them. He’s proud of the noxious vapors that escape from the infernal depths of his colon. I swear, he has some kinda Lovecraftian horror up there. Course…I don’t have room to talk. *sighs* *clicks Subtle Butt link* 😛


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