Hubby’s Corner: Every superhero needs a villain

Brent Butt

Like many other couples in the world, we spent the weekend hanging out, relaxing, running errands, hitting the mall and getting groceries – preparing for the upcoming week. On Saturday we were out and about and I saw a poster that indicated the Canadian comedian Brent Butt was coming to town and it brought me back a previous Hubby’s Corner post where I hinted at my camp nemesis Brent!

Let me take a moment to give you a head’s up on Brent. Brent has a camp just two down from us. He is a mountain man, a man who could live off the land and thrive. He spends almost every weekend of the year at the camp where he eats wild game, bark, berries and washes it down with muddy puddle water. He shaves with a rusty knife. He fishes. He hunts. He works around his camp and gets up before dawn to gather firewood. He’s a man’s man. He’s handy. He’s resourceful. He’s knowledgeable. He’s every man’s worst nightmare!!

Natalie's dream - to meet Mike Holmes

At this point I’d like to take a small tangent in my story to tell you about one of Natalie’s great loves (other than me). She loves and I mean LOVES Mike Holmes, HGTV, TLC, and anything to do with MIKE HOLMES. Common phrases around our house are ‘That’s not up to code’; ‘Do it right the first time’; and ‘That’s not how Mike Holmes would do that.’

So it should not be any surprise that during our first camp project, when Brent stopped in to give his two cents worth, that he quickly became Natalie’s Mike Holmes.

Red Green

It was like Brent and I drank a magic elixir and Brent became GOD and I became Red Green! Canada’s Worst Handyman and a DIY nightmare!

I might as well dawned a cap, suspenders and a t-shirt with the phrase “If the women can’t find you handsome they should at least find you handy!” on the front.

From that point on, every camp emergency, project snag, and task that required some thought and planning was quickly followed by my ever so helpful wife’s inquiring and every man’s spine shivering question “Do you want me to go get Brent?” The phrase holds the same full body pain as the phrase “Do you think we should stop and ask for directions?

And in the spirit of Brent Butt, I have ever so cunningly turned Camp Brent into our very own inside joke comedy routine. Whenever we run into a decision or crossroad in our lives, I ever so seriously turn to my loving wife (who’s torn in a world of confusion and endless options) and I ask “maybe we should call Brent on this one!?

Who’s your Brent?

Prize Alert:
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Woot woot – congratulations to both of you. I’ll fire y’all a tweet to put you in touch with Virginia!



  1. Dude, we’re two women living together with four dogs. We need a Mike or Brent living next door. 🙂

  2. Hahaha! Love the Mike Holmes fixation! I can totally see how that would work. My hubby is handy (somewhat) and very patient, esp. when I’m always coming up with “honey do” lists for him! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your insight on Natalie with us, hubby!

    • Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

      I will say – Natalie has come along way on ‘project assistance’ – Blogging = Blessing for camp projects! BUT I will say she has saved my bacon on more than one project! Who knew pot lights could be a fire hazzard if installed incorrectly? LOL!

  3. Jillian Dodd - Glitter, Bliss and Perfect Chaos says:

    I don’t really bother with honey do lists anymore. I give them to a handyman. My hubby grew up doing construction and can fix anything, but he “chooses” not to anymore. Maybe you should just sit in your lawn chair, smoke a cigar, have a beer, and let Brent do the work.

    • Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

      LOL I couldn’t agree more however Brent, much like Mike, stops in long enough to give advice and give Natalie all the ammunition she requires for the rest of the project and then leaves!

      • Jillian Dodd - Glitter, Bliss and Perfect Chaos says:

        Ha. Hand him the hammer next time!! Tell him no more armchair quarterbacking!

  4. Ha! Totally get the Mike Holmes thing. I think That Man even has a guy crush on Mike Holmes. Not that he’s admitting anything 🙂

  5. Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

    PS: Brent if you’re reading – we love you! Well Natalie Loves you! haha I just like you alot!

  6. Is Brent available for hire? =) How does he feel about the midwest?

  7. Hmm… Well, my hubby is handy, but certainly not my nemesis. 😉 I compensate by manning the cooking and any computer problems that arise.

    PS Any dude who approaches or offers tips during a camping trip would probably irk my hubby. Where is the remote privateness in that scenario? LOL I, on the other hand, will take all the help I can get…especially in the wild outdoors.

    • Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

      After you “Gym” story – I think you could handle the wilderness just fine – especially with Nat’s instructional tips as of late!

  8. Never mind, Scott, as a good Canadian, Red Green is one of my heroes!

  9. My hubby can organize any room and build/fix any computer. I was completely shocked when he let it slip that he knew anything at all about home repairs. Couldn’t believe it! I’m still 90% sure he knows NOTHING about cars, so probably I need to have Andy Mechanic on speed dial.

    • Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

      Ah Yes the speed dial – ‘Other man’ aka BRENT! – he’s always a phone call away for advice! LOL!

  10. I’m proud to say that my Hubby IS the U.S. version of Mike Holmes! He’s been contracting and building for over 35 years. He does it all from grading, concrete, plumbing, electrical, drywall, roofing, flooring, cabinetry, etc. He learned how to do it all and is VERY picky about workmanship. I’ve always teased him by calling him Mike because he has the same work ethic as MIke Holmes. And I’ve been very fortunate to have lived in several homes that he built for us. (Sorry for rubbing it in.)

    But now if you say hunting, that would be an entirely different story. That, he’s never done. He’s not been very successful at fishing either, weird?, although I seem to be the one that catches the fish in our family, so at least we won’t starve to death. lol 🙂

    Who is Red Green by the way? I do believe that duck tape is good for all sorts of things, but I won’t go into that. lol

    • Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

      Great ot hear you have your very own Mike…comes in hadny for sure!
      Funny you mention duct tape – Red Green (canadian tv character) is the King of duct tape – YouTube Red Green…

  11. I’m lucky enough to have a handy husband, but my mom could use Brent 🙂 My mom’s the fix it person at her house, and while my dad has talents, they aren’t as a handyman!

  12. My husband is uber-handy. But getting him to do anything around the house is like trying to bleed a turnip. I call the handyman or the appropriate fixer and get it done. My sanity is important to me.

  13. I made a recommendation to your wife, Heckler:

    Next time she “does research” with Tameri, she should buy a Battery-Removable-Erect-Nifty-Toy. (You know, a BRENT.) Just for those times you’re out of town, you know…

  14. Never heard of Mike Green or Red Holmes, but Brent Butt is one of the funniest men alive. I wish I could find reruns of “Corner Gas.” I think I saw every episode at least three times before it went off the air.

    I’m an uberhandyman myself – trouble is, we never have any ubers that need to be repaired. For anything else, we call someone.

    • Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

      Great comment David – we laughed so hard when we read it – hahaha – we’ll be sure to hollar when our Uber goes on the fritz!

  15. a handy kind of guy is every single woman’s dream. give me Brent or Mike.

  16. I LOVE Mike Holmes! My very handy hubby poo-poos at his show saying ‘they tell you great things they did but they don’t show you the mess they made that the homeowner hast to clean up!’ Like Jen’s hubs, mine takes FOR.EV.ER to tackle a project. He’s uber particular and wants it perfect. We have a 120 yr old Victorian that he’s quite capable of renovating, If I ask when he plans to begin one project or another he just says “It’s on my list” and gives me a look!
    So, all that, just to say I’d like Mike to move in for a few months. 🙂

    • Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

      You should call the show – that older victorian would make a great show/project

  17. I am in love with David Bromstad, also from HGTV. I often think What Would David Do? when I have decorating questions. Did I mention I love him?

  18. LOL! Too funny. My Brent would be a family friend named Nina. She’s like yoda. Both my mom and I go to her whenever we need some clarity or general advice. She’s like a second mom to me. 🙂

    • Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

      The force is strong was that one! Nice to have someone for advice – it rocks most times! haha

  19. Oh my gosh, another super fabulous post that took me all day to come back to! I see it in the morning and think, I need to get over there, it’s going to be hilarious, and what happens? Jenny and Natalie sidetrack me with BRENT things on Twitter and then I’m all flustered and forget where I parked my car even though it’s in the garage like always. See? Too ADD people, don’t confuse the unmedicated woman.

    I have to say, I love Mike Holmes. Not as much as your sweet wife, but he’s up there. Not quite as up there as, say, Mike Rowe, but close. As for that Brent Butt dude? He drinks puddle water, no way is he getting a woman to kiss him with pond scum breath. Let him have his bark and do all the crappy stuff around camp. You can work on your tan.

    My husband, who can be handy when he wants to be, has a saying, ‘Why do it myself when I can get someone to do it for free’. Words to live by, my friend.

    • Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

      Yes – David looked pretty handy in that closet installing the shelving! Looked like he could have used Nat and Brent on that project!

  20. asraidevin says:

    We love Mike Holmes here as well (and Brent Butt but I’m from Saskatchewan …not the flat part part that Corner Gas is set in though).

    I once said to my husband that one of us could sleep with Mike to get some repairs down around our place. He wasn’t so much in agreement on That.

    Every man knows someone who is better at man stuff then them. Most don’t have the good fortune to live next door to said Other Man (unless they are on renovation realities).

  21. Gotta love Canadians – they got some good ones! I’m so lucky my “Brent” is a techy and then upon becoming a home owner he went to town to learn how to fix anything…which is wonderful as he is so patient and meticulous…while I just smash it with my fist to get it to work. LOL. I need to get him some more flannel shirts though for on the job DIY projects. He’s not the kinda guy that looks good scruffy though! Home Improvement was one of my fave shows ever! Now i need to check out this Mike Holmes…funny tale!

  22. My sweet husband loves to watch cooking shows and I love to watch DIY shows, because he isn’t much of a handyman and I’m not much of a cook. We call them our fantasy shows. 🙂

  23. Yay, I won a book! Thanks! 🙂

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