Urban Word Wednesday: Spark in my ass

Welcome to Urban Word Wednesday! New words, phrases, and sayings I am learning (and using in my day-to-day life) brought to you by ME…and the Urban Dictionary. You are gonna love these!

Spark in my ass: A sudden burst of positive energy; determined; a feeling of invincibility.

Examples Of Use:

Hubby: are you going to work out tonight?

Me: yip, I am planning on doing two rounds of Zumba Express and then my BowFlex routine. I am super pumped to get 3 workouts in this week and maybe walk the dog! Oh and I’m going to clean the house later to. And my WIP is screaming my name. Gotta hit my word count this week!

Hubby: who lit the spark in your ass?

Memy ROW80 cheerleaders and B12 baby! I’m like a new woman! You’re going to have to get your back healed if you want to keep up with me!

Hubby: I guess so maybe.

What lights a spark in your ass? Come on…share the wealth…

P.S. In case you missed Monday’s post where I spotlight author Virginia Ripple, you should definitely check it out. There’s a great giveaway! Squeeee…



  1. that’s an oldie but a goodie, Natalie. thanks for reminding me of one of my mother’s favorite sayings.

  2. And I thought a spark in your a** was something that happened after eating a whole bag of hot cheetos. I’ve learned something new today! What puts a spark in mine is thinking about fun plans I have coming up. A trip makes me want to exercise and a move makes me motivated to save money.

  3. Anal heat. It feels so right.

  4. Love it! I think I have a new favorite phrase…and this morning I did wake up with a spark in my ass, so it’s wildly appropriate!

  5. OMG! OMG! I actually knew what it meant! First time that’s happened on Urban Word Wednesday. Do I like win a prize or something? 🙂

    What works for me? A spider floating down in front of my face gives me one heck of a burst of energy. Glancing down to see a spider about to crawl up my sleeve not only gives me a sudden burst of energy but also motivates me to dance…in a jumping around, head-banger kind of way.

    Okay, what brand of B12 are YOU taking? Because I take two sublingual B12’s a day and I’m not experiencing that kind of energy. So I want the brand you’re having. 🙂

    • Woot woot – you definitely win a smiley face, Kristy! 🙂 That rocks!!!
      Spiders light a spark in my ass too girl…
      B12 – just Life Brand 1200 mg/day…and my doc put me on thyroid medication as well so I think the combo of the two is getting me GOING! LOL!! After feeling sluggish, it’s been a nice change…

      • Okay, so I’m going to be nosy here. Can I ask what thyroid medication (and how much) you’re on? My doctor put me on Synthroid last year (started at 25 mcg and have worked up to 75 mcg) and, while it’s making me feel better than I did, I don’t feel good yet.

        • No such thing as too nosy here Kristy! 🙂 The doc put me on .05 mcg/day of Synthroid and so far, it’s working great. She did say I didn’t have a ‘serious’ thyroid issue so hopefully this has headed off any issues. That with the B12, and I’ve been feeling way more energized. I hope you get it figured out soon. No fun feeling sluggish or under the weather. HUGS!

        • Thanks, Natalie! Hmm…I guess I’ll see what the numbers are in a week or so (getting a little tired of blood tests, lol). Maybe I’ll make a trip to the health food store and try a different brand of B12. 🙂

        • My pleasure Kristy!! Wow – weekly blood work. I think the doc put me on them for around 8 weeks before she tested my bloodwork but like I said, I wasn’t facing a serious condition. Talk to the pharmacist or nutrition expert and see if they can help you find a brand that works well.
          One thing to note, the pharmacist told me not to take my B12 as the same time as the thyroid meds – so I take thyroid meds in the morning and B12 with super.
          I also found it was like 8 weeks before I really noticed a difference and I have to take them every single night…if I forget for a week or so, I plummet.
          GOOD LUCK!!!

      • I’m on Levothyroxine myself. Have been for the last 6 months. It’s definitely making me feel more “Sparky.”

        • Thanks for telling me, Jenny. It will be a year in April and I’d really expected to feel a lot better than I do by now. I’ll talk to my doctor about Levothyroxine, although she seems to be very much into Synthroid. I’d originally wanted Armour Thyroid but she scared me out of trying that. Gotta make a change somewhere though. I have to much to do to keep messing around like this. 🙂

      • Uh don’t want to stick my nose where it doesn’t belong, but I take Armour thyroid and have been for years. It is a natural form of thyroid and does not let your body get dependant on it like Synthetic thyroid meds like synthroiid. Meaning, the Armour still lets your own thyroid work along with it. Synthetic thyroid shuts down your own thyroid gland and make you totally dependent on it. That’s what my doctor told me. Just passing the info girls. 🙂

        • Thank you, Karen! That’s pretty much what I’d found in my research but she started talking about it causing heart and other problems and I chickened out. With the dismal results over the past ten months, I’d planned to ask her to add T4 to it because something isn’t working right. Maybe we’ll revisit the Armour Thyroid issue. And between now and the 21st, I’m going to arm myself with some research to show her. 🙂

  6. Finally! I knew one of your phrases! (Although – I admit – the version I hear uses “rear” since children are listening, but minor technicality. I score on the Urban Word game! lol.

  7. Dang…pass the B12 😀 Love your Urban Word posts.

  8. These urban word posts of yours definitely light the SIMA! I’m so not kidding. 🙂 They make me eager to write creatively, share humor and use cool words like free-boobing. LOL

    Deadlines really spark that light for me. I had about a month to get a bunch of revisions, including about 25,000 new words, and sheesh! Have I ever been in hyper spazmo writing mode. Commitments, ambitious friends, movies, music and time off often have similar effects. I hope your own ass light (LOL!) is lit in happy, positive, non-stressed out ways! The best “embers,” if you ask me. 😉

    • Woot woot August – that’s fahhhbulous. UWW is good for the creative spirit…FUN!!
      Deadlines get me going as well…it sounds like you’ve been going a million miles a minute girl, wowzers!!
      Always upbeat and rockin’ out baby…

  9. LMAO. Your urban word posts are my favorite. Totally understand the spark in the ass, too. It’s amazing when that baby heats up and you want to do something!

    I need to set my own deadlines, because I do work better under pressure. And having to be held accountable every week – that’s why the diet works so well for me.

    Good luck!

  10. Your blog is one of the first I open on Wednesday because I know I will learn a new word and get a laugh! Thanks, Natalie.

  11. Love it, Natalie! I need someone to light a spark in my ass! I need to up my B’s too. Great new expression!

  12. Ahhh, Nat. I see a V-log in your future where you use your Urban Words in a sentence. It could be magic….

    And, yeah, completely in line for your brand of B12. Could it be they gave you a shot in the ass? Otherwise, enquiring minds want the link to where to buy it!!!

    • Ohhhh…LOVE that Jenny!!! I could see hubby and I doing a little on-site urban word v-log FUN together…..squeee…gonna have to ponder that one. 🙂
      I almost needed the shot but the doc said once I started taking the supplement, my levels raised up on their own. I just take the Life Brand (Shoppers Drug Mart) and I think it’s about 1200 mg/dose (I take it with super). The doc also put me on Thyroid medication so between the two…after about 6-8 weeks…I was finally starting to feel human again! Woot woot. Hubby’s been enjoying my new found energy. You’ll have to give it a try and let us know how you make out…
      Stay tuned for some v-log FUN to come….

  13. gingercalem says:

    Go Sparky!!!!

  14. Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

    The ol’ Hot pickled egg story – how it is burned into my….(nah! too easy)!
    This was the end of the hot pickled egg experiment – and the beginning of me protecting my “end”!!

    This smells like a Hubby’s Corner to me – although I’ve been dodging my HC duties lately due to BACK log of duties due to my BACK injury but – now that I’m all better as Arnold would say “I’ll be BACK!”

    See y’all soon….In Hubby’s Corner!

  15. I like it! Much better than a bug up your a** 🙂

  16. Hilarious! Thanks for the chuckle. Definitely not one I’m going to use in my house. I can’t imagine my girls would come across too well using this one, even thought I know they’d love to get their hands on it!!

  17. I love the term ‘Spark in your ass’. I’m currently writing a scene and this is something one of my characters would SO say. It’s going in! 🙂

  18. How did I miss this? Geez! i totally thought it was the Cheetos thing! Not extra energy (which, by the way, I’m going to get me some of that B12!)

    I’m going to use this word tonight on the ole Hubster. Oh, yeah! Annnd, I used ‘blogjacking’ on Jenny’s post today. I’m on fire! Now, if I could just work in a few more it would be the most awesome of urban word days.

  19. I would think that anyone who read your blogs would get a spark in their ass Natalie!!! LOL!

    Is it my imagination, or has Jenny Hansen hyjacked your blog today? LOL! Get busy making a vlog Jenny!!!!!! Or you can go suck a lemon on mine! LOL!!!!! You will please excuse me Natalie. After reading so many blogs today, catching up, I am getting a little punchy! 🙂

    This was fun! Thank you!


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