ROW80 – Round 1 – Check-in #16

Time for Sunday’s ROW80 progress update.

So…I suck! There…I said it. This week was nearly a total right-off. After a 3-day migraine (thank you for all your wonderful support and suggestions), I played catch-up at work and at home which meant that I barely kept my head above water to achieve some of my other goals. That’s like 3 weeks in a row I’ve not quite hit – grrrr – so I am going to have to hit it hard this week.

Now, on the plus side, I signed up for 2 online writing courses after the first was highly recommended by Carrie Spencer:

Writing Goals:

  • Complete outline of WIP
  • Write 1750 words a week, on average 250 words a day (can be on WIP or other writings like flash fiction, character development, world building etc)
    466 – yip – dismal
  • Finish James Scott Bell book (must finish soon)
  • Read 2 other writing craft books
    Done Will Write for Shoes: How to Write a ChickLit Novel
    1/3 through Save the Cat 

Social Media Goals:

  • Blog – post 4 times a week
    4 posts – total word count: 2248
  • Blog – post ROW80 progress reports twice a week (Sunday and Wednesday)
  • Tweet/Comment on at least 10 blogs a week
  • Comment on 1 new blog per week (ROW80 or otherwise)

Healthy Lifestyle Goals:

  • Cardio – 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday)
    1 cardio (told you I sucked)
  • BowFlex – 3 times a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday)
    Zero – (again…told ya…sucked hard)
  • Maintain a daily food/migraine journal

The wins:

  • Super pumped for the 2 writing classes.
  • I managed to keep up with blogging (mine and others) and social media stuff (although I didn’t tweet as much as I normally do I did try to swing by as many peeps as possible to read and comment).

Where to improve:

  • MUST write this week.
  • I’d like to spend some time on my craft books as well.
  • MUST work out – so non-negotiable – must get back into this routine!

How are you making out with your ROW80 goals?



  1. What are you talking about girl? You DO NOT SUCK!

    You did all that work and got all your post done and visiting, cause I know, you came to see me too this week. And with a headache, as in Migraine? Holy Cow Natalie. Relax girlfriend.

    I do hope that you are getting some rest this weekend. I just know that you are going to have a wonderful week. And congrats on the classes Miss Author! You really are an inspiration! 🙂

  2. I agree with Karen, you DO NOT SUCK!!
    You did accomplish a lot this week and with Migraines too- take a bow not a blow!!
    I’m looking forward to reading about your on-line classes, they do sound exciting!!
    Hang in there Natalie and keep moving forward
    oh and I hope those migraines are gone!!

  3. You got a lot done and with a migraine too! Shoot Nat…you rocked, not sucked. And this week can only get better 🙂 Go you!

  4. I find that working out and reading are the two things that drop off first for me, too. Recently I have started going to bed half an hour early and reading before I go to sleep. This is working for getting my fiction time in. I actually get plenty of non-fiction reading in, usually craft books. My secret is to keep the book I am reading in the bathroom. Most non-fiction books are broken up into sections so they are easy to stop and start. That way, when I am taking care of business I pick up the book and read a section. If you have a regularly functioning system that will give you some good reading daily. 🙂 Sorry if that was TMI. Now I have to figure out how to better fit exercise into my day. I’m thinking of pairing it with social time and working out with a friend as much as possible. I love double duty time!

    • OMG Emma – I ADORE you!! LOL!! There is no such thing TMI here!! 🙂 That is actually FANTASTIC advice. Now, I am not really “regular” however, I’d still make progress moving the books into the bathroom. Wonderful. Double duty absolutely rocks…
      Since I love TV, I need to find a way to work in my weights and cardio while watching some fav shows to kill 2 birds with one stone. 🙂
      Here’s to you mastering social time and working out as well…woot woot!

  5. Natalie, I’ve been a bit behind this week too and didn’t realize you were dealing with a migraine. So sorry! When you stop and look at all you have accomplished in the past year, a bad week here and there really don’t matter much. What matters is that you take care of yourself and, as the others have said, give yourself a shake girl … you ROCK big-time!

  6. First off…you don’t suck – you are making progress, just not what you want. Stay with it and keep that positive attitude. Success is just a matter of consistent effort and time.

    Have a great coming week, Natalie 🙂

  7. Aww, Natalie! Don’t be so hard on yourself, girlie. I cannot imagine having a 3-day migraine and getting as much done as you did this week! There’s always next week, right? That WIP isn’t going anywhere, LOL.:)

    Hang in there, hunny!

  8. I’ll join the chorus — you do NOT suck! You’ve signed up for classes and you have your writing on the brain. That COUNTS. Really. You want to move at a faster clip than you are, but you are making progress.

    Hope you have a migraine free week and get lots of exercise and writing done. Remember, you’ve even got an “extra” day this week since it’s a Leap Year. lol.

  9. You do not suck. and you must not say that. instead, how about a moment’s grace for being sick and doing your best?

  10. Ok, GRRRRRR at you for talking about my friend that way. Did we not just discuss positive affirmations, kind and benevolent tapes in your head?! Helloooooo…..?

    Anyway, ROW80 is the challenge that knows you have a life. As a fellow days-long migraine sufferer this week, it kind of jacks up your progress. So, you say, “Meh. That week was Not So Great. (But it wasn’t worse than Get Off Me!! )”

    You’re gonna get right back on your horse and start galloping. You’re about to take classes that will FORCE you to write, which is going to open new worlds for you. You are doing fine!!!

    • So true Jenny!! SO TRUE!! Positive affirmations….yes yes yes!!! Ok!! I am over the pity party and am focused on what I CAN DO this week to get things moving and shaking. Grrrooowwwwlll!! Tonight, I am sitting down and using some of Gene and Jane’s tips on making the most of the week and I am gonna ROCK it hard…woot woot!!
      Thanks for the pompom cheering! 🙂

  11. With a triple header (get it 3-day headache)…yeah not that funny. ANYWAYS, you did great this week regardless. I know if I was down and out for 3 days, I’d be frolicking the next day or two afterwards in pain-free joy. I would not want to be working also with the fear that the migraine would return after looking at the computer screen. That’s great about the writing classes. I really should do that too. 🙂 Have a great week.

    • Triple header – OMG I LUV that Nicole! LOL!! That’s freaking awesome – totally going to borrow it. LOL!!
      Yeah, I am pumped for the classes. I am enjoying reading the craft books but I am excited to see how doing a class feels. Squeee…I’ll keep you posted and you can always sign up and JOIN ME! 🙂 Have a FAB week ahead…

  12. Keep it up,matey. You’re doing GOOD!!!!!

  13. Hold on, Natalie. I’m gathering some screeching geese outside to chant your negative affirmation. Hmm…I offered treats and even said I’d let them chase me. No dice. Must mean that, wait for it, YOU DON’T SUCK. Ah… now the geese are nodding.

    Didn’t you push me these past few weeks, while I was sick, to take care of myself first and get some rest? Then, you even told me how I rocked on the goals I did hit. So, let’s breakout the pretty pink mirror and apply that same love at the darling looking back at you. Regular gets in the way. Unexpected life happens. If anything sucks, it is migraines. I’ve threatened them with all kind of torture, but they still creep back.

    So, you did great on the blog and social media stuff. I find that staying social helps when sick. It helps wipe away the alone feeling when trapped so many hours laying down in bed. Kudos on the course sign-ups. I saw Carrie rave about the first one too and might go for it. Take care of you this week and aim back at the goals.

    Okie doke. My job is done here. Wandering away to examine a newly received box of Girl Scout cookies. 🙂

  14. No sucking here. Just a down week, Natalie. They happen to all of us. You still got stuff done, and you’re facing a new week where fabulous progress can, and will, be made. Grab your PPA (pink positive attitude) and have a wonderful ROW80 week!

  15. Sorry I’m late to this, but don’t be so hard on yourself. We all have down weeks, and dealing with migraines is pretty awful. The fact that you managed to accomplish anything is awesome. Hang in there, and have fun getting stuff done this week!

  16. I know I’m the umpteenth one to say this but, YOU DO NOT SUCK! I’m surprised you got as much done as you did with a 3-day migraine! I know it’s frustrating when you have plans and you can’t follow through. But you did really well in spite of your obstacles. Don’t beat yourself up too much because then you won’t feel good enough to make some progress in the coming week. 🙂

    • HAHAHA!! Thank you Marcia. I just felt like I could have done so much more but in the end, it is what it is and you guys are right, no need to beat myself up. The best thing I can do is do better this week! 🙂 Woot woot! Thanks for the huge vote of confidence! 🙂

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