About me and the superhero formula

I recently watched Clay Collins’ video on how he accidentally created one of blogopshere’s most viral “about me” page. I thought I’d take a crack at re-writing my ultra boring About Me page using Clay’s five steps superhero formula.

Superhero Formula

  1. Establish a common enemy with target market – fight against the enemy for them. You go to battle for them! Specific or idea.
  2. Super power – show it off – how do you make miracles happen for yourself and others.
  3. Purpose – your target market needs to know you are doing things not just for the money but for a larger purpose – and you must be truthful.
  4. Fatal flaw – your kryptonite – it will help target bond with you.
  5. Your original story – explains how you went from ordinary to extraordinary – how did you transform?

My answers:

  1. Common enemy: together, we will fight against boredom and bland colors.
  2. Super power: urban redneck powered by a tacky sense of fashion (who said a cowboy hat with stiletto heels wasn’t hot!?? Is there such thing as too much bedazzling???) and a stellar sense of humor. My secret weapon: hubby.
  3. Purpose: to entertain you, make you smile, make you laugh and bring you joy.
  4. Fatal flaw: procrastination and temper tantrums which can lead to occasional bouts of negativity.
  5. Transformation: Thanks to Kristen Lamb’s blogging to build a brand course, I transformed from a bland blogger using basic colors, a plain header, inconsistent and deadly boring blubbering to a blogger extraordinaire with a flair for color, content and consistency. The 3 Cs baby!

How I put the formula to use.

Natalie Hartford

Natalie Hartford is an urban redneck; a cross-breed of city girl and redneck. She loves high heels, bling, all things pink and sparkly along with ball caps, 4X4ing, camping, and drinkin’ beer. She often mistakes tacky for fahbulous! An avid golfer, don’t let the stylish and colorful outfits with matching clubs fool you; she’ll wrap that driver around a tree in a temper tantrum in 2 point 5 seconds (hello…she nearly got kicked off a golf course for her potty mouth).

By day, she sports dress pants, button downs, and suits putting her bachelor degree in journalism to good use working in public relations. She slings words for fact sheets, press releases, and powerpoints. From chairing meetings, to organizing and emceeing events, she rocks the corporate communications world.

By night and weekend, she used to flail around in cyberspace until she ate from the forbidden fruit and channeled super human blogging powers. Now her blog is a pink pallooza of fun bringing color and comedy to all the lands. Where once lived a bland blogger with inconsistent and deadly boring blabbering now lives a sparkling pink goddess blogger divine battling against the seriousness we all face in life spreading laughter, smiles, and zany word fun all over the blogosphere.

At the same time she sets fire to the page working on her first novel. Torn between chick lit, women`s fiction and paranormal, she`s getting to know characters, drafting scenes, sampling dialogue and plotting to her heart’s content.

She doesn’t do it alone. Her secret weapon, the Robin to her Batman, is hubby. He keeps her calm, neutralizes nap time, and blasts her procrastination. Second time around for both of them, they rock the romance by living and playing large. Best friends forever; you complete me; yin to my yang; K.I.S.S.I.N.G. When they aren`t having “shock and awe” fun sampling Natalie’s urban words in public, they sneak away to their rustic camp hidden deep in the New Brunswick countryside (so deep, there`s no cell reception or Internet). There they spend their days tearing up the trails in their 4X4 Rhino and nights pondering plot possibilities, cuddling and hanging with their trusted side-kick Tess (their beloved Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever). Ahhh…the life!

If you want more of Natalie:

Visit her at: http://nataliehartford.com
Talk to her at: natalie@nataliehartford.com
Follow her on twitter at: @NatalieHartford

What do you think? Did I rock the super hero formula or make a mess of it? Suggestions to improve? What do you think makes a kickin’ About Me page? Know of any fahhhbulous examples that rocked your read? Share the wealth…

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  1. Oh, boy, Natalie, you certainly have grown to be a force to be reckoned with! Your posts are exciting and informative and truly inspirational to say the very least. There is some high-powered energy behind your posts. Yeah, you done good. You be like the Pink Power Ranger. 🙂

  2. Hey there, you certainly have made great strides and, as Diana says, have become the Pink Power Ranger. You have also given me much food for thought. Thanks for another great and entertaining post. (Yes, cowboy hats and heels are sexy, especially if the hat is pink.)

  3. Too, too funny! I may have to try this formula myself…but I’m not sure how all the manure will apply!

  4. You make a great superhero

  5. Freaking fabulous!!

  6. Love this! You make a great superhero, and you’re definitely in tune with your blogging style. Great job:)

  7. I LOVE it! You have the funniest way of phrasing things! When i first read the tips you were going to use, my mind went directly to the serious side of things. That’s probably the best About page I’ve ever read! You. Are. Fabulous!

  8. Love it!

  9. Very cool. It is fun, engaging, and funny. Yet, it is all true and all about you. Kind of the perfect bio, I say. Well done.

  10. Luv it. and your blog. well done

  11. Lol! Love it. Great use of alliteration too. 😉

  12. This is fantastic. I love your voice. You inspire, inform and give courage to your readers. Thanks!

  13. I’m a little late getting to this … so what more can be said that isn’t already posted in the comments? You did it, girl. Bullseye!!!

  14. MAJOR superhero-ness, Natalie! Love that “shock and awe,” LOL.

  15. OK, Wonder Woman…I love it and (being me) am going to send you a few streamlining ideas via email in a few days when I come up for air. 🙂

  16. Reblogged this on Hunter's Writing and commented:
    Natalie Hartford creates a bio based on Clay Collin’s superhero formula, a really cool idea I must try out.

  17. What a super awesome idea! I looooove your ‘about me’. Super hero Natalie to the rescue!

  18. Now you need a bedazzled PINK POWER button to toss out like Batman’s KAPOW!
    You’re so much fun.

  19. I love being a super secret weapon – I’ll reload the bedazzler!

  20. Ooooh, fantastic “about me”! I just did one, after how many billions of months? These are great tips and I’m definitely sharing!

  21. Lol, Natalie, this is brilliant. I may just get you to write mine!

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