Mastering social media madness

I got a special treat for y’all today. Normally I don’t post on Thursday’s but when the cats away the mice will play.

Elena Aitken is on vacay (hope you are enjoying Elena – don’t worry about us – everything is just fine over here!!!!) and she left a few of her peeps in charge of her blog while she’s gone. I KNOW?!?!? Can you believe that?!?!? Squeeeee!!!

Ok, so it’s called guest posts but I prefer to think of it as “running the show/head honcho/woman in charge/hero”…it’s all the same, right?!?!?

On Tuesday, Jillian Dodd did a fahhhbulous post on showing your significant other the love. Not just on Valentine’s but all days of the year! Love all your amazing tips and tricks Jillian. Hubby will be jotting you a thank you note shortly!

And today, yours truly is running the show with a post on my techniques for mastering the social media beast (so it’s not mastering me)! You won’t want to miss it!

RUSH right over and monopolize the comments section so she knows how much y’all missed her!!

See ya there!

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