A palooza of romance: hubby’s top 5

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and I’ve got a week-long love fest planned for you. Buckle up for a palooza of all things romantic, sappy and corny. We are going to kick off the week with the top 5 romantic things hubby has done in our over 7 years together.

1. Nat’s Day – Letters of the alphabet. Very early on in our relationship, hubby planned and executed a day-long scavenger hunt. All day long I received different clues and deliveries that led me to flowers, love notes, cards and presents all with these little foam letters attached. Each letter came with a note. “A is for how adorable you are; B doesn’t begin to describe your beauty” etc. At the end of the day when I got home with my entire alphabet, I found the original alphabet form to put all the letters in. When I did, and flipped it over, there was a message to meet hubby at his place. There he had dinner, dessert and an evening of the Notebook all planned for us.

Nat's Day - Letters of the Alphabet

Nat's Day - Letters of the Alphabet

2. Nat’s Day – Keys. Another day-long scavenger hunt for little gold keys (you know, the ones for those tiny luggage locks). Throughout the day, I came across them in a million different ways; packages delivered by co-workers, in the trunk of my car, and hidden in flowers. At the end of the day, all of the keys unlocked a box which promised a night of romance.

Nat's Day - Keys

Nat's Day - Keys

Nat's Day - Keys

3. Nat’s Day 3 – Mission Possible. This time it was a scavenger hunt for CDs. Each CD was part of an all-day mission for Bruce Easily (hubby) and Fatality (me) to hook up for a night of romance. And each CD contained hints about where and when to find the next.

Nat's Day - Mission Possible


4. A day for Dad. My Dad was killed when I was 16 years old. One year, on the anniversary of his death, hubby gifted me with a large picture frame that he put together with a picture of my Dad, a few of me growing up, and the poem I wrote for Dad’s funeral. He also gave me my first orchid (my Dad grew orchids).

A day for Dad

5. The millions. The millions of flowers I’ve received; the hundreds of romantic messages in dreamy cards; the foot rubs, massages, and spa evenings; the never-ending surprise dinners; the engagement proposal; and….the never-tiring cuddles, snuggles, chick flicks, back tickles and hair pulls.

Hubby’s talent for all things romance makes me a very lucky lady indeed. There’s nothing that makes a gal feel more special and loved than surprises and unexpected gestures of adoration. And I gotta say, hubby delivers in spades.

How do you breath romance into your relationships? What’s the most romantic thing someone’s ever done for you?

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