Happy Birthday Hubby!!

Natalie & Hubby


It’s a big day in our house. It’s hubby’s BIRTHDAY!! Eeeekeee!!!

Happy Birthday Hubby!!!!!! My soul mate and life partner. YOU are MY world! I love you more than words could ever come close to expressing. MUAH!! xoxox

I hope you’ll all join me in some wonderful, zany, crazy birthday wishes for the big boy! He’s been flat on his back since Saturday with a pretty severe pinched nerve so he’s in need of lots of extra, special adoration and attention!!! So lay it on thick y’all! He’ll put up a fuss but deep down…he LOVES it!!!

Have a fahhhbulous weekend!!!


Former beauty queen sings for MADD Canada

Two years ago, my beautiful mother-in-law’s life was cut tragically short by an impaired driver. In honor of Donna Jean Kennie, please don’t drink and drive. Impaired driving is 100% preventable. Think about it.

In 2007, Sara G was crowned Miss World Canada.


Sara G blew the judges and audience away with her amazing voice; winning the talent segment and ultimately taking home the crown. At age seventeen, she was the youngest female in Canadian history to win the country’s oldest and most prestigious pageant.

Well, y’all know I have a serious love for all things pageant. So I’d admire Sara G just for kicking pageant butt but then she stepped it up a notch on my admiration scale. In early December, she partnered with MADD Canada and put her singing talents to work to create an amazing public service announcement.

Check it out:

How uberlicious is that?!?!

I hope you’ll take the time to visit her website and other music at Sara G Music.

What do you think of artists who put their talents towards raising awareness around important social causes? Know any you’d like to give a shout out to?

Support MADD Canada and follow them on Facebook, Twitter (@maddcanada), and on the Web.

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